Update 1.6 Patch Notes

Update 1.6 Patch Notes

Alongside Saints Row releasing on Steam – we have also dropped some new content and fixes for all players on all platforms, update your game and head towards Vallejo to find a brand new activity!

Plus you can now manually save using Dirty Cheats!

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Plus we have deployed a small patch that addresses some more minor issues, read on to see everything included:

·       The player is now able to change hair color when customizing character when wearing certain hats. 

·       Players are now able to download the SteelSeries DLC on the PlayStation Store.

·       Fixed an issue with Doc Ketchum’s voice lines and subtitles being out of sync.

·       Fixed an issue with players unable to edit hair style when using the mouse to click on the hair menu in the Head Clothes Option menu.

·       Fixed an issue with upper underwear item from store being seen on player in the style app even if it isn’t purchased.

·       Players can now continue through pranking tutorial when being joined by a co-op player while looking at the empire table.

·       Fixed an issue with players not being able to enter vehicles when entering a garage in the same vehicle in co-op.

·       Enemies will no longer despawn in co-op when doing a Wingsuit Sabotage.

·       Removed debug text from multiple collectables.

·       Fixed an issue with Chaps, Gunslinger and Bandoliers disappearing.

·       Henley shirts will no longer display the nudity mosaic.

·       Fixed an issue with UI not updating during the “Defend the Dustfaire” objective.

·       Players will no longer crash when placing multiple ventures without teleporting to them from the empire table after completing the game.

·       Controller layout on PC will no longer reference the PlayStation controller’s touchpad.

·       Fixed an issue with the Producer Credit achievement not awarding properly.

·       Fixed a crash when players are driving towards the Rojas Desert North Choplifting activity.

·       Kevin will now launch when using the ballista in Unto the Breach.

·       Players will no longer hit an infinite load while attempting to start Riding Shotgun instances.

·       Players will now properly die when falling off the train in The Great Train Robbery.

·       Players can now manually save while dirty cheats are active. Autosaving still remains disabled while dirty cheats are active.

As always if you have noticed something that doesn’t seem right – head to our support page to report it!