Out Now on Steam!

Out Now on Steam!

This city, ain’t what it used to be… its way, WAY better.

A year on from the launch of Saints Row and oh boy has big change come to the streets. Through 4 major updates we have tweaked, added and elevated features and gameplay to give Santo Ileso the love and attention it deserves. We don’t know what you heard, but Saints Row never felt so good. And it’s now available on Steam for PC too!

New to the world of Saints Row? Or just never jumped in last year? Lets give a recap:

What is Saints Row?

Saints Row is an open-world crime-fest with an emphasis on pure fun. It’s time for a modern refresh, and poking fun at the 2020’s and modern attitudes is a key comedic theme. Every corner of the world is designed for player enjoyment – from the stylish driving, stunts and combat to physics, encounters and hilarious environmental storytelling. This is the story of four ambitious people, fighting to survive and starting their own criminal organization, chasing the money and power that come with it. But with great power comes even greater enemies…

The journey in the past year

After launch and throughout this year the team have been hard at work, not just on DLC, but on making the core game experience even better for the players including several new features and free content. We have deployed:

Quality of life & fan requested features


• Cheats, selfie mode, even MORE city, emote wheel, combat refinement and loads more

• Loading a save game with the "Swing Away!" Signature Ability applied to the Dustlander Sword will no longer crash the game when equipping the sword.

• Attempting to load saves made from the initial launch-day version will no longer crash the game. 

• Thousands of enhancements over 4 major updates

 • 2 new city districts new missions and content for all players 

• 1 brand new single player mode

• 2 exciting Story Expansions, with new baddies, new cutscences, and more

• LOADS of free additional cosmetics (adding to the millions of ways you can customize your Boss)

As we celebrate the launch of Saints Row on Steam, we have also added new content for every platform for you to enjoy for free! A new Criminal Venture awaits you in Vallejo – head out there to see if something sticks out.

PLUS – this October there will be something for all the spooky Bosses to have fun with as one of our favourite cosmetic packs lands on stores.

To everyone who gave us feedback and helped us improve, thank you! Now go out there and have some fun!