A Song of Ice and Dust – Out Now on thy magic machine

A Song of Ice and Dust – Out Now on thy magic machine

The brazier has been lit for House Sandy Kraken, thy final expansion to the world of Saints Row(eth) hath finally arrived. Rejoice in a tale of a marriage, betrayal and uneasy alliance as you embark on the Dustfaire, an event so grand it unveiled a new district in the south-west of Santo Ileso. A new questline has unlocked, A Song of Ice and Dust, and we begineth in dramatic fashion.

As thee reigning ruler of these Dustlands, with great power doth come greater responsibility. Thee will embark on a journey to save this wonderous world as we know it from the malignant Chill Queen, one who’s heart doth more frozen than the ingredients at Chicken Ned’s, and together with her army of Frostlanders she doth wish to break the sacred oaths of the world in which we do dwell and take the Dust Crown for herself by any means necessary.

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To complete thy task you must first have earned your crown by questing through the Dustfaire’s main adventure. Then, earn your place as the Dusfaire’s true hero; compete in the faire’s challenging games, use your wit to solveth a murder most horrid, use your wiles to heisteth items of power and keep them safely away from the Chill Queen’s icy clutches. Deliver (and milketh) the most rousing of speeches and depart many Frostlanders to the great unknown to earn the right to wield the great Ban Hammer, the only weapon forged that can defeat this chilling threat. Prithee are the up for thy challenge?

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For your efforts, you will recieveth thee most coveted of prizes which thee can taketh into the world, for you, your castle and any loved ones left. And keep the Dust Crown firmly on thy head.

So venture forth, thee have been chosen, and remember – Dustlanders never die, they just re-roll.

Includeth in thy package:

• 5 new quests and a new enemy faction

• The Ban Hammer weapon

• Frostlander Axe

• Frostlander SMG

• Frostnade skill

• Galitrax helicopter

• Frost Chariot golf cart

• Frosty Grandad truck

• Sandy Grandad truck

• 3 Dustlander garbs

• Frostlander outfit

• Pillow Yeti outfit

• 3 outfits for your fellow adventurers, Neenifer Leadfoot, DJ Keviticus and Elijah the Wise.

• 14 more cosmetics and castle ornaments.

A veritable treasure trove of rewards, worthy of this long-awaited finale.

Download forthwith on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Its can be found in thy Expansion Pass.