Finally Saints, the day has arrived - Saints Row® The Third™ Remastered is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and PC! 

Expertly handled by Spearasoft, the remaster has transformed Steelport's environments, character models and visual effects, along with injecting enhanced graphics and incorporating a new lighting engine to really make the streets of our beloved city shine. 

Saints Row: The Third Remastered includes all DLC, remastered of course, that came with the original release of the game 9 years ago, so players will get the full, enhanced, package. 

With multiple interwoven storylines, the game takes a different route depending on decisions made; seasoned Saints players may even find their storyline takes on a new arc, resulting in different missions from previous playthroughs based on choices made in-game. If you have never played a Saints Row game before - it's your time now, let's get this started!

Experience the madness and mayhem of Saints Row: The Third like never before - The 3rd Street Saints never looked so good.