Body Body Body

Body Body Body

Make the body you have, the body you want or the body you really don’t want.

The first step in creating your Boss is giving them a body – very useful for things such as running around causing mayhem, looking bomb in whatever clothes you put on them, and yes, doing crimes. Let your imagination run wild, you can pretty much make anyone.

The body is the core of your creation, so you need to think very carefully (or recklessly) about who (or what) you really want to be; this is where you can truly begin your journey to becoming your own Boss, self-made in every respect, if you will.

Let’s take a look at how you can make your Boss your own, you don’t want to be a basic default, do you?*

When it comes to your Boss’s build, use the build triangle to adjust your Boss’s build - ranging from lean, to large and muscular, while the figure slider scales shoulders and hips to give you whatever silhouette you desire for your Boss. Ultimately, there are no gender boundaries or restrictions; goodbye binary!

There’s a lot of skin types to choose from and base skin options are all tintable – any color can be applied to create your perfect tone. And advanced material options allow for something more other worldly too, as you earn rewards in-game , your look gets rewarded too - choose from options including lava and galaxy if you are feeling it. Plus we have added vitiligo skin types to your arsenal.

Your Boss hitting the gym, or are they hitting up FB’s next door? Choose your muscle definition and vein prominence to fit your Boss’s backstory. Plus surface tools invite you to adjust the surface of skin, color, metallics and glossiness, and add personal touches as well.

There are options to add body hair to your boss for the first time, something which was added by our modding community in the past, now its official – break out that whole body rug or make your Boss smooth as a dolphin, fresh out of the waxing salon. Add body scars to create a unique look, with, road rash, slashes and stitches all available, along with tattoos for the head, arms, torso, back, and legs.

Chest and groin size are customizable as they have been in the past, but with a little extra - modesty options allow you to decide whether you want underwear or not, freeing the nipple when you go commando, or to cover up with an array of emotes (we will stress that full frontals are off the table, you’ll just have to use your imagination).

Things start to get even more interesting when you explore the prosthetics options for arms and legs, with blades and shells in an array of colors and materials.

We love that there are countless modification options and we can’t wait to see what crazy shit you all come up with.

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*it’s obviously okay if that’s your bag, no judgment 😉