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Latest news on updates for Saints Row

Hey Saints, thank you for your immense support for the global launch of Saints Row – it’s been amazing to see so many of you finally playing the game and sharing your experiences with us whether chatting, streaming, posting screenshots, and more! We’ve been reading all your comments and feedback and aware of the issues some players have experienced, as well as suggestions for future content.

We’re already working on a series of updates for all platforms which we’ll submit and release over the coming days and weeks. These may roll out at different times on different platforms because of the different submission processes. It can also sometimes take a little time to test, verify, fix and test again before releasing new updates!

Check back here or the usual community channels for rolling updates and patch notes. Stay tuned too, for an update on Saints Row’s post-launch roadmap of content in the near future.

As ever, if you wish to give direct feedback or are encountering any issues please visit our support page. Please share as much info as you can so we can make Santo Ileso even better!

-The Saints Row Team


Year of the Rabbit

A free cosmetic update celebrating the Year Of The Rabbit has been released and can now be found your inventory. This update includes:

• Year of the Rabbit mask

• Large Rabbit HQ collectible

• Fireworks emote

• Lantern lighting emote

• Confetti throw emote

• Red envelope “make it rain” emote

We have also released a small patch to further address stability in Santo Ileso! Check out the changes below:


Fixed a crash when shooting the Pugnus Sanctus Dei through the Quantum Aperture Skill

Fixed a potential drop in framerate on the PS5 during the side hustle Riding Shotgun Davey


Fixed a crash that could occur after destroying the statue in the mission Severance Package

Fixed a crash that could occur when customizing Gabriel’s car in the mission Neenah’s Car

Fixed a crash that could occur while wingsuiting to the radio tower near Old Town

Fixed an infinite load that could occur when the host would reach a cinematic while the client was on the waiting to join screen

Fixed an infinite load that could occur when starting the cinematic for Saints Tower

Fixed an issue where the host was unable to invite players through the Xbox system UI


Fixed an issue where the game would open on the main monitor despite being set to the secondary monitor

Fixed an issue when applying a change in Fullscreen mode wouldn’t always change the display

Fixed an issue with Vulkan where the player could notice performance issues when attempting to change between FSR: FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 settings

What’s coming in the November Update

It’s been a few weeks since we talked about our intentions for this year’s Saints Row content and beyond, so today we’d like to give a little more detail about what you can expect from the November Update which has been completed, tested, submitted and arrives later this month.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience while we got this update ready for release, it includes over 200 fixes and quality of life updates, so it’s a beast!

Here’s a preview of what to expect when the update drops later in November:


Co-op has been a huge priority for us. Significant effort has gone into ensuring that this is working as intended – including connectivity, mini map issues and proper credit of player rewards. Fun with a friend in Santo Ileso should be a much smoother experience going forward!

Challenges & Collectibles

Another hot issue in the community has been challenges and collectibles – these should now track properly, and will be awarded to you retroactively if you have already completed the requirement, so make sure you update your game to get that all important 100%!

Quality of Life & New Features

Of course, we have been looking at your feedback and implementing our first set of Quality of Life changes and new features in Saints Row including:

  • Combat encounters that are better balanced, more fun and more rewarding in terms of progression
  • More Saints roaming completed districts, as well as introducing new district tiers
  • Loads of new ways to manage your incredible fleet of vehicles, including more slots to use and 7 new garage locations
  • You should see more pedestrians and police, collectibles should be easier to find, and you’ll be able to escape notoriety levels more easily
  • A voice pitch slider! One of the most requested features, you’ll be able customize your Boss’ personality even further
  • Haptic Feedback for PS5 DualSense controllers is being added back in for weapons
  • Plus tons more improvements based on your feedback…

We will of course release full change notes alongside the update, get comfortable, because it’s a big one!

Stay tuned to our community channels for the latest news on all our updates and improvements so you don’t miss a thing.

What we're working on...

Hotfix #2 has now been deployed for Epic Games & PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia are in the approval process with the platforms and we will update you when they are available. 

Version Numbers:

Epic Games:


PS4 :



Xbox One:

Xbox Series X|S:


We will update this section when the Hotfix is available for Stadia

Download Size: Approx 4GB

Fixes and changes:

Co-op Fixes

Fixed an issue where the host could crash in the Casino instance of the Mayhem Criminal Venture.

Fixed a case where the APC sometimes failed to advance during the objective “Protect the APC” in the mission “First F@cking Day”.

Fixed an issue where the client may become unresponsive when progressing through the Mercado instance of the Jim Rob’s Criminal Venture.

Fixed an unresponsive state that could occur when dismissing a second game invitation attempt.  

Fixed an instance where the client could lose functionality when performing a flaming punch while the mission is being restarted in the Dojo Criminal Venture.

Fixed a case where enemy NPCs could sometimes fall through the map preventing the threat from being completed in the Monte Vista district. Sneaky move on their part but it is no more!

Mission Progression

Fixed the dialogue not triggering that prevented progression during the objective “Talk to Kev” in the mission Fast and the Foodiest. Not being ignored by Kev – life goals.

Fixed an instance where the Nahualli could become trapped behind the wall of the HQ after the mission Corporate Retreat.

Fixed a case where the player could not progress during the objective “Let Grandma Handle This” in the Wanted mission Millennial.


Fixed a crash that could occur during the objective “Defend the Castle from Phoenix” in the mission “Unto the Breach”.

Fixed a crash that could happen while opening the full screen map after an extended gameplay session.

Fixed a crash when driving to the start point in the mission Unto the Breach.

Fixed cases of infinite loading screens that could occur within missions, side hustles, and criminal venture activities.


Fixed an issue with the police spawning outside the mission area in Drawing Heat. The heat will indeed be drawn now.

Adjusted the spawn point where enemies appear on the overpass instead of where you are during the objective “Take Out the Cops” in the mission “Drawing Heat”.

Fixed a partial loss of functionality when pressing the Back button multiple times in the style customization menu.

Fixed instances of unresponsive controls that could occur with player navigation and melee. 

Fixed instances of NPCs not spawning correctly during some missions.

Addressed performance issues that could occur after hours of extended gameplay.

Fixed an issue where some of the Marshall attackers were unable to exit vehicles during the mission “Take Me to Church”. 

Adjusted the APC health total in “First F@cking Day” to be more forgiving.

Fixed NPC vehicles incorrectly despawning  during the objective “Defend Hank & Claude” in the mission “Donut Run”. 

Fixed partial loss of functionality with community sharing when applying a boss and backing out of the apply menu at the same time.

Fixed partial loss of functionality when jumping at or trying to climb unclimbable walls.

Fixed the Playlist App not working when unlocked in the first session of gameplay.

Fixed camera behaviour when attempting to vehicle surf during the objective “Go to Silver Gulch” in the mission “High Noon”.

Lessened the frequency of the player getting staggered by doors when exiting vehicles. Your vehicle is now a friend rather than foe.

Fixed a rare case where reloading animations prevented the player from using equipped weapons.

For a guide to co-op – visit this page! 

We have more updates and fixes planned and we will have more news to share on that in the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you spot anything please report it through the channels on the support page. 

2. Hotfix #1

This week: Hotfix #1 will be submitted and deployed across multiple platforms in the coming days and will address camera issues, animation bugs, PC Launch issues and crashes. These need to go through approval for each platform so may be staggered releases on each, but they are coming for all!

Version Numbers:

Epic: 1.1J.4.4380107  

PlayStation: 1.1J.4.4379066

Xbox: TBC - keep checking for updates

Download Size: Approx. 5GB

Hotfix #1 is here for Epic Games and PlayStation – Xbox is in the approval process and will be released as soon as possible, but the fixes will be the same as below.

  • Stops issues when launching via Epic on DX12
  • Fixes a crash when the player uses the Star Launcher after customizing it.
  • Fixes default camera sensitivity being too high
  • Fixes vehicle hijacking animation issues, you will now sit in your new stolen vehicle, not stand next to it
  • Localization & font issues as well as cut off text on Epic – because reading is what? Fundamental
  • PS5 Adaptive triggers – we have made the decision to disable these whilst we fix the inverted axis issue when toggling “resistance”, we fully intend to get this back in, stay tuned for updates on it.
  • Fixed instances where Riding Shotgun was entirely too difficult on Sensei difficulty.

We are working hard on Hotfix #2 and we will get it out to you as soon as possible, stay tuned.

1. Thursday August 25th: Epic update released world-wide.

World Wide:

Japan: 1.1.2J.4376604

Patch Notes:

  • fixed a crash related to using the Idol´s Star launcher grenade launcher.
  • modified the Game launcher to be more reasonable with the needed permissions response time, and added extended log functionality. We are keeping an eye on this issue, and aim to apply further fixes to resolve this completely.
  • Fixed a Localisation issue, that caused the game launcher to display corrupted symbols for certain languages.

Latest Patches and Notes

We will continue to update this page as we go with the latest patch notes and hotfixes!

In the meantime – if you do see an issue with your game, it is important that you report it through our support page so we can log, test and investigate bugs.

See you in Santo Ileso – keep it strange!