Ben King's side quest The Climax
1 year ago  ::  Aug 26 2013 - 2:56AM
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The third wave, King of the Hill, I'm just not seeing how it can be done.  You only have fists and Powers to defend a circle.  Meanwhile, there is an ENDLESS supply of Monster Girls with TK and Fire Blast coming at you.  If you step out out of the circle to go after your opponents, you lose any time you've built up towards defending the circle.  But if you _don't_ go and kill the attackers nearby, they'll knock you out of the circle anyway.  You can literally kill scores of attackers and it gets you NOTHING towards "defending your area".  And if you try to defend using TK with the giant balls, while you're engaging one, three others are attacking you with their superpowers.

If there's a surefire win strategy, I'm not seeing it. And if the strategy is based on continual consistent pinpoint accuracy with the TK power, I can concede this already.

1 year ago  ::  Aug 26 2013 - 9:49PM
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Got a clue by watching a YouTube video:   The key to King of the Hill is to NOT kill the Monster Girls.  If you kill one, another immediately respawns nearby.  Instead hit the opponents with a Freeze Blast while standing in the circle.  If all of the Monster Girls are frozen, they're not attacking -- and you are gaining precious seconds of defending your circle.  When they thaw out, freeze them again.  You only need to do it 3-4 times until you've satisfied the condition of defending your territory.  After that third wave, dealing with Julius is a piece of cake.

1 year ago  ::  Aug 27 2013 - 12:13AM
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I just tossed em out with tk, end of story. Got gold on the third try after a bit of effort making my kill spree faster