SR IV: glitches and bugs.
1 year ago  ::  Aug 23 2013 - 5:25PM
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My problem on PC :
1.: Melee/Unarmed combat has no audio samples at all

2.: I cant fu@?ing switch off the damn radio when im on foot.

1 year ago  ::  Aug 23 2013 - 6:41PM
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My Issues On The XBox 360:

- Every Time I Load My Saved Game I Hear "Vice President 2" Audio Log Play Once As Soon As The Game Loads.


- I Can't Hear Voice Audio In Image As Design Customization.


- Game Freezes From Time To Time (I Notice It Tends To Do It During The Auto Saving).


Let Me Guess... I'm The ONLY One With The First Two Problems, And These Issues Won't Be Addressed.

You aren't alone with those first 2 bugs, although I don't really mind them much.

Well I'm Glad I'm Not Alone At Least.

The First One Just Gets Annoying. The Second One Is Bad Because When You Try To Adjust The Pitch Of The Voice You Can't Hear It.

A Bug Is A Bug...They All Need To Be Fixed If We Are Paying $60 For It. Quality Should Be Mandatory.

1 year ago  ::  Aug 23 2013 - 9:49PM
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Where's My Cape? achievement doesnt pop after buying all upgrades. Alot of people on and other websites are having the same problem. Please fix this!

1 year ago  ::  Aug 23 2013 - 10:30PM
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Hi, I am having a problem with one of the powers. For some reason Telekinesis will not work anymore, even in activities made for it like TK Mayhem. I am on the last mission of the game and (SPOILERS) cannot use telekinesis to throw the CIDs back at Zinyak. All of the other powers work. Also, When I equip TK the charge bar is blinking (but full) and the TK logo is shaded out. Please help, and if it matters at all, I am playing on the 360.

1 year ago  ::  Aug 23 2013 - 10:38PM
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Game will not run above 10 fps for any setting on a GTX 660.

1 year ago  ::  Aug 23 2013 - 10:50PM
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When I try to use the "Disable Generator" prompt it will fail to complete and will restart the process, even if i don't get hit or release the key.  This will still work on rare occations, but i will usually be forced to watch my guy go through th animation of punching into the machine and having the bar NEARLY fill before he acts as though he was just shot.  This sill happens even if there are no enemies left so i have little choice but to brute force it and hope for it to work after a dozen tries.  I'm now stuck on the final boss and can't disable the generators because of the infinitly, and rapidly respawning enemies.  PLEASE fix this i am so angry.

I'm running into the same problem on the Batteries Not Included mission. I spent about 40 minutes on this before giving up. Even with no enemies on the screen, I can't make it past about half way before the animation is interrupted.

1 year ago  ::  Aug 23 2013 - 11:00PM
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I'm having the Matt Miller bug as well, except I just crash to desktop shortly after I kill the first tank in the top down tank mode just after you go into his world.

No error message or anything just a "Saints Row IV has stopped working" generic windows message of happiness.

Obviously am playing on PC, graphics card is a geforce gtx660 if thats any help. Any words of wisdom?

1 year ago  ::  Aug 24 2013 - 12:05AM
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Xbox: Damage-Fire 4. I still flail around in fire.

1 year ago  ::  Aug 24 2013 - 12:18AM
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I'm playing on the Xbox 360, after completing all Challenges the Life Stealer Buff power did not unlock for me. And whenever I go to check the Challenge List, it displays 0/0 Challenges Completed.

1 year ago  ::  Aug 24 2013 - 12:25AM
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I'm having a Notoriety glitch where it would suddenly come up even when I just stand there and do nothing. It decays but suddenly fills up again. What's uo with this? No golden CID spawns either.