Saints Row The Third and saints row 4 will never top Saints row 1 and 2
2 years ago  ::  Aug 6 2012 - 5:07AM
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As some people are aware saints row the third was a let for some people as the game felt unfinsished as the story did not make sence and pop in  was worser  than ever, the city does not feel right but hey that might be my oppion but each there own. What i loved about saints row 1 and 2 was its humor which was great the game felt balanced compared to the third and you felt more in a gang compared to srtt for saints row 4 i hope you go back to stilwater and find there about five proper gangs and five seperate story lines and im not saying over the top is bad but to much of it gets old very quick saints row 4 needs saints row 1 multiplayer  saints row 2 open word feel and saints row the thirds over the topnes
and for the game to be longer hitman needs to be seperate people then it feels longer the map needs to be bigger than ever crib custimaziton would be nice and you should be able to start a online gang like saints row 1. the game needs better AI and  people in the game have to be different in stead of five default players in the game. gat needs to return as of DEX as well that why i bought saints row third but alase he is not mentioned in game at all. 4 player  co op would be nice saints row 4 can be the ultimate package!

good single player
4 player co op
online gang / multiplayer
*$?!*@ mode advance

Some of you people might not agree with me but as i said each there own there is somthing in the text you agree comment what you think 

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