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Messed up female animations
2 years Il y a  ::  Jul 12, 2012 - 10:34PM #1
I recently tried using a female character for achievement whoring then I noticed when you use a female character you get many animation errors such as:
When dual wielding a weapon and standing still, your character suddenly forgets how to manage 2 weapons at the same time and turns the left weapon into a dud, which drops the fire rate down, since dual wielded SMG's share the same animations as pistols, the SMG does not fire properly while not using fine aim. 
When holding a 2 handed weapon that has a grip(Basically anything besides a grave digger), your character seems to bend her back and lean her shoulders in some distorted way.
When walking with the grenade launcher, your character's left elbow seems to rotate in a strange way every 2 steps she takes.
You share the same animations as males when:
You sprint with a non dual wielded pistol
You're using the predator drone 
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