things that made you angry in sr3
2 years ago  ::  Jun 17 2012 - 4:58PM
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1 gat died why
2 dex was nowhere to be seen
3 no ben king or old fan favs
4 no undershrits and over shrits options
5 no fight club
no fuzz
no crowd control
no septic avenger
6 no foods shops
7 good cars from saints row 2 are not there
not as many guns

but other than them saints row 3 is awesome

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2 years ago  ::  Jun 17 2012 - 6:45PM
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I don't know who here reads the Walking Dead but its one of my favorite modern comic book stories, as well as one of my favorite shows at the moment.  Why?  Because Kirkman tries to keep things real by having lead characters die quite a bit, which would happen in the type of world they live in.  It would be horribly unrealistic if all of the lead characters remained safe in that world and well, the same thing goes for the world of the Saints.  They're criminals who break the law and go against other gangs, so there's going to be times when members of the gang are killed and that goes for the core characters.  However, there's a chance Gat isn't dead.  I don't recall ever seeing his corpse and I wouldn't be surprised to see Gat return in SR4 as some mysterious new leader to a gang going against the Saints.  Gat was sick of how things were getting with the Saints, so I wouldn't be surprised if he decided it was time for him to go off on his own and start his own gang.

But other than that...

SR3 doesn't make me angry but I do miss..

The food shops..
The booze/drug animations..
The indoor mall and hidden shops...
The ability to layer clothing..
Fight Club
The Fuzz..

I also liked the hitman interface better in SR2.  I liked how I had to go to certain locations to get updated lists, it just gave the whole activity an extra layer of wickedness.

However, SR2 for the pc had soo many flaws.  For example, as much as I miss some of the cars, the car physics and controls were soo piss poor, I feel the improved physics and controls in SR3 make up for the loss of those cars.  And I didn't like how a lot of the activities had a timer, I like to take my time to go homicidal but the timer made me have to rush through everything.  I also hated the missions where the bad guys would try to speed away and unless I kept up with them they'd get away.  It may not have been bad if the driving controls were better but since they were ass, it was annoying.  The mission I hated the most was the one where the Yakuza like gang were headed to the Saints HQ on motorcycles and if I didn't kill all of them within a certain amount of time, I had to start over. 

There was a trainer to freeze the timer on some of the activities but on the missions where they can get away, the freeze timer thing didn't work.

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2 years ago  ::  Jun 17 2012 - 6:51PM
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Top 10 things I miss the most 

1 Gat (why did you leave me ?)

2 Eliza Dushku

3 Secret missions

4 Double Katanas

5 Super cars

6 Ultor

7 Hood gangsta

8 Ghetto blings

9 mate lipstick

10 Aisha

I know my way of my babylon
All demons know, my booty show
Girl dress to kill Im hell on heels
So come with me, well go oh
Sometimes I feel lm close to explode
Sometmes I feel like never grow old
Sometimes I feel I have to go on!!!!!!!
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2 years ago  ::  Jun 17 2012 - 10:50PM

.1 Gat Died (so they say)

.2 Crib Customisation was one of my favourite things in SR2 f**ked off it wasnt in SRTT

.3 Gangsta Theme

.4 Old Weapons from SR2 bring back the proper AK47

.5 Boat and Plane Customisation 3 games of just Car Customisation that all seem the same

.6 SR2 you felt like the boss but in SRTT the Protagonist is just a b***h who does everyones b***h work and takes orders from Pierce

.7 Seriousness

.8 Old Stronghold System

.9 No more f**ken Activities as Mission's

.10 City Take- Over was just crap having to do activities that i dont like, buying property that cost $10.000 and all i get is 1% control and   $200 an hour what a waste

.11 Should have been allot more Gang Customisation

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2 years ago  ::  Jun 17 2012 - 11:17PM
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1. DLC from the disk which has to be unlocked after paying a fee(Only money thirsty devs do this)

2. Amount of forced missions (Saints row 2 had a skip tutorial function, Saints row 3 has 3 forced missions at the beginning and countless amounts of forced activitites which have no part in the story)

3. Clumsy AI(From most activities and missions)

4. Poorly designed new activities which is either recycled or requires AI to be smart, which is almost never.

5. Crappy, unfunny sex jokes

6. Poorly designed wanted system (Doesn't tell you which gang is after you, how to lose them, how near you are to each star)

7. Gangs never piss off(Even if you take over the damn place)

8. No option to turn off annoying tutorial popups

9. Limited car customization(No decals)

10. Large amount of cars that can't be customized(Unless you use an exploit or mods)

11. No boat, helicopter and plane customization

12. Overpriced, poorly designed DLC(Invincibility and penthouse in particular)

13. Annoying forced homies in missions(Can't dismiss them and you fail everytime they die or are abandoned)

14. Only 29 proper missions(Even GTA4 had 80 something)

15. Crap endings(Killing a shamed luchador boss or saving a couple of annoying NPC's)

16. RPG-styled upgrades(For all those idiot kids, this is a SANDBOX game, not a RPG game)

17. No fun minigames(only those poorly designed activities)

18. Boring free-roam(Like I mentioned in point number 20)

19. Smaller city(Steelport is miniscule compared to stilwater)

20. No air or water traffic(Air and water are completely barren)

21. Little interiors(If you exclude cribs and places that can't be entered without hacks/exploits, no more than 5.)

22. No crib customization(Saints row 2 had it, why not this?)

23. Limited gameplay, all you do is either move, drive, shoot, fly, perform testicular assaults, destroy stuff or hold the action button.

24. Poorly designed missions(Most, if not all require you to protect your b*tchy NPC allies)

25. Small amount of weapons(Saints row 3 has 29 Non DLC weapons, Saints row 2 had 47 Non DLC weapons)

26. Less stores(No food, drink, music, semi broken, jewelry and many other clothing shops)

27. Almost everyone I play with in coop has cheats and no viewer pack(As a non-cheater, this always rustle my jimmies)

28. Can't force someone to revert to non cheat save while playing co-op(The people I play with are mostly don't understand how to use a non cheat save)

29. Poorly designed matchmaking(Even rockstar can quarantine cheaters to match up with cheaters only, why the hell can't volition do it?)

30. @*!%$? mode is boring(Feels like something volition added in the last 5 minutes of the game so they think it's worth the price of this poorly designed game)

31. Johnny Gat dies(The only decent character left in this game)

32. Poorly designed new characters(They're either all generic sterotypes or wimps)

33. Very little characters from previous games and the ones returning in this game are completely different from the last one(Just you, shaundi, pierce, Johnny gat and jane valderama)


34. Poorly done running, walking and driving animations(You bob your head when you walk and you lean forward and swing your arms in some strange way while running, and you put 1 hand on top of the steering wheel like a typical douchebag.)

35. The exaggeration on how this game is going to be SUPER AWESOME when it's not.(I once heard from an early gameplay video a dev said it's "entirely not scripted" I love to see the look on his face when he sees the amount of scripts there are)

36. Half a**ed dual wielding animations(SMG and pistols share dual wielding animation, and there's a fire rate cap while standing still and dual wielding a SMG fires 2 bullets at once instead of 1 at a time to increase rate of fire wheras the pistol is the opposite)

37. No fun non-DLC weapons(No revolver, sawn off shotgun and many others)

38. No proper multiplayer and splitscreen(I would understand why there's no 8 player multiplayer one, but no splitscreen?)

39. Only 1 control scheme which is poorly designed and can't be edited(Weapon wheel is navigated with the left stick, which is used for movement, so you have to sit like a duck when you pick out your weapons)

40. Un-realistic/cartoony-ness ness of the new cars

41. Only 3 boats and aeroplanes(Previous game had at least 7)

42. Poorly designed tattoos that are uneditable(Less tattoos than saints row 2, and you can't manually place it unlike most modern games)

43. Glitchy DLC that hasn't been fixed and never will(Steelport gangs-decker specialist outfit is completely messed up, Money shot-There's a gap under your neck that can be seen right through and glitchy holster)

44. Glitches that's posted everywhere in the forum and the devs don't give a flying rat's a** about it(The troubleshooting forum)

45. How saints row 3 feels like a crappy spinoff of saints row 2(Saints row 3 is just a mere shadow of saints row 2)

46. Extreme linearity of the story

47. Annoying survival calls that can't be disabled and the noobs always answering it when I'm playing co-op with them

48. How volition's target audience for this game was for 6 year olds(Sex jokes, the fact how people think punching someone in the groin is funny, the immaturity of the characters, how everything was dummed down so much it gives people acrophobia and many more)

49. No proper tutorial(The popups are more annoying than helpful)

50. Proper vehicles from saints row 2 are scrapped and replaced with the cars mentioned in reason number 40

51. Shared wanted level in co-op(While customizing my car I come out to find out I've got max wanted level)

52. Poorly designed co-op (Your buddy doesn't show up in cutscenes, and reasons 27, 28, 47 and 51)

53. How the saints become corporate whores instead of a gang

54. Chore-like challenges(Do this X amount of times)

Saints row games played: Saints row 3
Platform that I play SR3 on: Xbox 360
Xbox Live Gamertag: rhfjhguibhfr
Steam: You
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2 years ago  ::  Jun 18 2012 - 1:03AM
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I don't get, why everyone is pissed about that Gat died. For me, that allows more things than to keep him alive. For example, we could try to re-animate him during the first act of SR4 (it IS Saints Row, after all). They already showed with "Trouble with Clones", that killing Gat was a good idea. So, I wouldn't be surprised if he came back that way in SR4.

Overall, there is only one thing that pisses me of in SR3. Well, two, but the second thing also allows me to do some rather mean and hilarious things. And that one thing is that enemy gangs basicly disappear completely when you take over the entire city. I would understand if they appear less, but not at all is just bad. Same for STAG after finishing the game and for the normal military after "Gang Bang". Basicly, every kind of removal of enemies or other content. (I don't consider the raised bridges as such as for once, they allow Stunt Jumps AND they can be lowered again when you finish "Trouble with Clones").

Second thing would be people using cheats but there, I just open my own phone and spam the cheats "pissoffpigs" and "lolz", give myself invicibilty via upgrades, turn on the DUI-Cheat, maybe force heavy rain as weather and then don't give a damn about anything anymore and just blow stuff up - the other player included.

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2 years ago  ::  Jun 18 2012 - 1:30AM
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1. Story/Missions

2. New characters (the only new character i actually liked is kinzie.)

3. Shaundi b****ing all the time (Please give her some pot and shut her up!)

4. Mc has gotten soft (If you played sr1 and sr2 you Know what i mean.)

5. gangs (Morning star is ok.)

6. Gat is gone

7. Lame jokes 

8.Game has no balance

9. Forced wackiness

10. NPC never fights back

11. Saint as celebrities

12. The new saints row feeling

13. No Dex( Wish we had a story that continued from SR2)

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2 years ago  ::  Jun 18 2012 - 2:00AM
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I agree with CoolBlue69 about the MC becoming soft

Viola being part of the Saints even though she's partially responsible for Johnny's "death"

No Racing

No layers 

Limited interiors

Running out of things to do after you 100% completed it

Cool Saints Row 3 easter egg:
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2 years ago  ::  Jun 18 2012 - 2:03AM
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1. Gat 'Dying'

2. Short story mode

3. Lack of fun activities like fuzz, Crowd Control and Fight Club.

4. not getting more of the Guardian Angel activity.

5. Having two endings. Don't like having to choose which one to do even if I could go back and do both. Would have just like the Daedalous mission to be part of the game.

6. Shaundi's attitude. It was understandable that she would be angry over Gat's death but overall she was just a money hungry, annoying #%?*!.

7. Not enough clothes and hair options.

8. Can't customize cribs.

9. not being able to go inside buildings.

10. Lack of voices. No black female, no Hispanic male and no Asian anything.

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2 years ago  ::  Jun 18 2012 - 5:02AM
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They don't give a damn for bug fixing or , at least they don't see as a priority.

That killed SRTT for me , and that situation seems to be even worse because devs don't post ANY messages here , like they don't give a **** for this forums and their fans.

It will be awesome if I'm wrong about that , but ....

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