Post Gang Pack DLC Issues Here!
2 years ago  ::  May 25 2012 - 8:12AM
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With V leaving as CM there has been a bit of shuffling going on and I want to make sure we are continuing to look into DLC/game bugs and issues. I know the gang pack issues have been a hot button for a while now and I want to get the information from you all on exactly what is happening.

If you would, details the issue for me in your post. Also note your system, and any additional information you can provide. I can then go to the Volition team and see what they have and what needs to be done.


2 years ago  ::  May 25 2012 - 8:44AM
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the morrning star earrings do not sit at ear level at all it sits in 1 spot and if you modifiy the ears hight thay wii not move and the decker Specialist has fish net stockings and our one does not it i just pich black

2 years ago  ::  May 25 2012 - 8:54AM
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First of all, thank you very much DC , for the effort on trying to help us with this issues :)

I'm on PS3 and I have this 2 annoying bugs :

1 - MC pants(?)change the color when in water

I don't mind being black , but changing color when in water is ridiculous ,  if possible, fishnets intead that black ... thing , would be awesome.

2 - The Morning Stars earrings are always in this weird angle :

For me , the only bugs I would love to see fixed in this pack it's those. Thanks again.

2 years ago  ::  May 25 2012 - 8:59AM
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To clarify the stocking issue;
In game the Decker spec has fishnets, the dlc has solid black tights. This isn't really that big of a deal in itself but when you get in murky water (not clear pools) the tights glitch and turn to your skin color. Also there are areas (mostly the crotch) that show skin through the tights.
I think the request is;
A. Fix the disappearing in water
B. Fix the parts where skin shows through
C. Change the solid tights to fishnets.

Personally I don't care about this issue but for some people it has been a huge letdown.
I play as myself (fat guy) most of the time and the luchadore specialist gear doesn't have collision detection in the front pouch so when I hold a two-handed weapon it sticks out of my stomach. Not really an issue just funny. I could always try being less fat;)

2 years ago  ::  May 25 2012 - 9:01AM
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Oh and I'm on Xbox so its a problem across all systems I believe. Sorry krsmk2 I was posting at the same time you were lol

2 years ago  ::  May 25 2012 - 9:31AM
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Oh and I'm on Xbox so its a problem across all systems I believe. Sorry krsmk2 I was posting at the same time you were lol

No worries man , I think that DC is expecting that everyone who's annoyed with this issues gonna post a message here :)

2 years ago  ::  May 25 2012 - 9:37AM
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Thanks guys. No promises on this stuff, but I will at least get it looked at. You have to remember that Volition wants to fix things, but they need to be issues affecting a good amount of the population. If they spent time correcting every one-off issue they'd never get anything done. :)

That being said if enough of you are seeing some issues here, there may be case for them to look into fixing them.

2 years ago  ::  May 25 2012 - 9:45AM
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One small request, but can the decker specialist outfit have roller blades instead of those ugly shoes?

2 years ago  ::  May 25 2012 - 9:49AM
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Let's not forget that there's a clipping issue with one of the luchadore masks.

So far, the Gang Pack has more problems with female characters than male characters.

2 years ago  ::  May 25 2012 - 9:51AM
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DC, here is the thread they had running with the requests for gang wear fixes. This is probably the most "votes" for fixing it you'll see anywhere