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If you are having issues with Saints Row or the DLC in any fashion please direct your questions to THQ support. These Saints Row forums are a great place to get help from other users having the same issue and to alert myself and the Volition team to new issues, but to help get a current issue resolved we ask that you head over to the THQ Support site linked below and take a look through their knowledge base and/or submit a question to them for help. This will ensure that someone gets back to you with an answer and that the teams are made aware of your issues.

Knowledge Base:

Submit a Question:

Submit a Support Ticket:


Below I have listed some of the general updates and information you should know from previous threads as well.


Hey everyone,

I wanted to post something here just to clear up something we've been seeing lately around the forums. Please note that while we do not officially support any user-made mods for SR:TT PC, we will never actively go after them, or break a previously made mod intentionally. When we make updates / patches to the game, sometimes it can touch on many different systems, and because of this, it can cause issues with players running a modded version of the game. Also note that some user-made mods can also break portions of the game when installed, so please be wary of what you add to your game.

If you are looking for help troubleshooting your game, please ensure that you've first either uninstalled any user-created mods, or re-installed SR:TT completely with a fresh version. This also includes a fresh save game that has not had any modifications to the game applied to it. Try to run into the same issue again, and if it happens, then report the problem.

If any mods you are running cause problems with SR:TT, we, nor THQ Customer Support can provide support, and it makes it more difficult for users that are not running mods to get help. I hope all of you understand and continue to enjoy Saints Row: The Third.


In this thread, I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated on the PC version and what bugs our team at Volition is actively looking to correct with a patch. Please note that there is no specific ETA at this point for release, but we wanted to make all of our PC fans aware of what we're working on.

Concerns Over Low Performance

Our team is well aware of the issues some users are seeing with regard to performance when meeting our minimum / recommended PC specs. Since the official release date of Saints Row: The Third, we’ve been working on optimizations to the game, which included a small patch on November 24th. We’ve also been in talks with AMD and Nvidia to look for ways to increase performance across the board both before, and after the game has been released, and we hope to have either a driver update, a game patch, or a combination of both in the near future to correct these issues.

As a side note, we have also seen some of this is contributed to having a very underpowered processor compared to an overpowered video card within the same system and are evaluating certain hardware combinations similar to this.

Save Game Issue - UPDATE 7/2012

This issue was resolved in patch 3. Notes:

General Bugs

We've just released Patch #2, which fixed all of the bugs previously listed here.


Since Saints Row: The Third has been released, we've had this troubleshooting section open, helping out users with problems and working to correct issues both on our end, or on the user's side. One issue that we've seen a lot of, and has come up in our talks with Nvidia and AMD, is particular users that are running either a Gigabyte X58 CPU based motherboard, or an AMD FX "Bulldozer" CPU based motherboard, and not having the most updated drivers. Essentially, the older BIOS don't play nicely with games and the most recent chips that are of the same socket design.

If you're running a Gigabyte X58 motherboard, please click here to get the most recent BIOS updates for your particular board.
If you're running an AMD FX-based motherboard, please click here to get the most recent BIOS updates for your particular boards.

This will help out with not only some Saints Row: The Third issues, but also some other recent games out on the market.

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