SR3 (SR:TT) Should have been a Larger DLC for SR2 or maybe.....
2 years ago  ::  May 2 2012 - 5:02AM
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SR2......Volition and THQ shouldn't have HALF-ASSED a game just for ****ing money. Just bought it yesterday (Didn't preorder because i didn't have the money) THANK GOD I didn't. I was PISSED when i saw the map, almost an 10 min of me playing i was ready to take it back. BUT. The new vehicles and weapon modifcations HELPED me get over the map's small statuer. But i'm still VERY disapointed in the ACTIVITYS?/Missions. Yea this game was a wast of the Saints Row Series, it had HIGH expectations and well, they DIDN'T meet them. Not by a long shot. In all honesty i shoulda bought Ghost Recon, but i wanted a Sandbox GTA style game, and i knew the SR brand would deliver, but i was SO wrong. They should have waited and relesed it after GTA5 so it could stand a chance aginst ALLMIGHTY Rockstar, but THEY HAD to be first. Like my teachers always told me, The first one to finish isn't always the best. GOOD ****ING JOB Volition you for [1] should have kept this title to your self, (you didn't need THQ ****ing it up) [2] your 2007 title STILL beats you 2011 title!!! THIS IS A problem don't you think? It took you 4 years to make this pile of ****? WTF....

Grand Theft Auto WILL blow you out of the water. End of story. 

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I was going to leave this open to promote some discussion on your points, but the end kind of killed the thread. We promote people discussion negative views of the game and expressing opinions, but resorting to namecalling is not what we promote. Thanks.