Xbox 360 - Looking for a Rp Co-op partener
2 years ago  ::  Apr 24 2012 - 5:37PM
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I want a player that I can rp with amazingly, someone that can play realisticly (No running red lights, ect. Unless neccisary.) I roleplay as many different things, JUst add me on xbox, and tell me what you're into and we'll go from here. And I don't care if you use cheats c:. Add me.

b3ast sn1p3r0

btw I'm a girl c: 

2 years ago  ::  May 5 2012 - 10:26PM
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I enjoy doing that kind of thing in these kind of games.  My gamer tag is Silvertalon 215.  (I prefer not to use cheats as I haven't gotten all the achievments yet.)  I do have the bloodsucker DLC but If you would like I just wont use the move when we play.

2 years ago  ::  May 6 2012 - 8:34AM
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I usually like to dress my character up as a hitman when im doing assasinations or a thug when im doing vehicle thefts..I like to park neatly in a alleyway kind of thing when i go into stores and shop..I usually like to RP like this, I also have Saints row 2, I perfer not to use cheats, I have all the DLC..

My GT is: RussianTurtlez

2 years ago  ::  May 6 2012 - 12:52PM
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swag, I do enjoy myself some Role playing in SR3, I will definitely add you, I usually don't follow traffic laws, but I can. I do tend to curse profussely though, So I hope you don't care, no cheats though, and I have all dlc