**OFFICIAL** Genkibowl VII DLC & More OUT NOW!
2 years ago  ::  Jan 18 2012 - 11:40AM
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The Genki Bowl DLC was a disappointment and Volition will need to work much harder on the next DLC if they are serious about honoring the money spent by fans.  I think Volition made a big mistake in assuming that the Genki theme would resonate strongly with an adult audience (it works for the kids THQ was trying to reach with their mature rating…oh the irony…by the way, why did you remove blunt smoking and forty drinking if this game was aimed at a MA audience? Oh yeah, the whole tongue-in-cheek mature rating thing again..). 

On its premise, Genki is a satire of over-the-top Japanese game shows. As Americans, we have been exposed to Japanese game show spoofs for almost 15 years and these satires have often been handled better and with a greater degree of comedic value.  Given the fact that Japanese games shows and the resulting satires of Japanese game shows are nothing new to our culture, I would have hoped that Volition might create something that actually stood out and Genki (unfortunately) does not.

Additionally, the content itself seems uninspired. When I purchased the Season Pass I expected additional “missions” not additional “activities”. This DLC effort seems like a rushed afterthought, “Oh damn, customers are clamoring about the DLC that they paid $20 extra dollars for…honestly, we pigeonholed ourselves into this scenario by promising a YEAR OF DLC…No sweat, we’ll shut these suckers/fools up by whipping up what amounts to a few extra activities with some juvenile humor added to sweeten the pot (or add insult to injury depending on your perspective).”

Don’t be confused when evaluating this post (this is for the benefit of any quality assurance staff that may or may not be reading this).  I am not a gamer that is impossible to please or a curmudgeon merely looking for any opportunity to spout off in an online forum.  Rather, I am a genuine fan of both Saint’s Row and Volition and I would very much like to extol to my fellow gamers the joys of buying and playing your products.  Unfortunately, I cannot do that with Saints the Third (by the by that title was a little pretentious ….Saints Row 3 really would have been fine) and I have had many of the 90 or so gamers on my friends list ask about the game and I tell them your game is a rent, “maybe”.  I didn’t mention the number of people on my friends list because I think it makes me important, but instead to illustrate the word of mouth sales you are missing out on.  Again, I am a fan of this franchise (that’s why I purchased the Season Pass without hesitation) and Volition (loved your Punisher game and I appreciated the news clippings eluding to it in this game – Not to forget Darksiders! which I also love), but like your college professor who knew when they were or were not getting your best effort, I am calling foul on this DLC and many aspects of this chapter of the franchise.  Step your game up, you are lucky to have a fan base willing to pay $80 (all in, brand-new) for your game especially when it feels more like a $40 (used purchase) effort. See you at the release of the next DLC ;)

2 years ago  ::  Jan 18 2012 - 1:13PM
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lol, don't expect they to try any harder on the next DLCs. They've got your money already, they don't give a ****. Genki Bowl looks like it was thrown together by a couple of interns in a day or so, and I predict that the next two will be the same thing. Mostly reskinned versions of existing content. That is, IF they come out. THQ might go belly up before they can be finished, and you might end up with nothing at all! Wouldn't that be fun? Enjoy the welfare line, Singular.

2 years ago  ::  Jan 18 2012 - 2:15PM
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Well, what can I say... Panda Skyblazing is a horrible and frustrating piece of.. stuff. But I really liked other activities, especially Yarngasm. That was great, but really short. 


Like most people, I'm disappointed with lack of Genki Girls costumes. I was hoping to dress my female MC as a tiger girl. And Panda suit? I'm not going to dress my male MC in that, there are already armor suit, empire fighter, samurai, all badass looking stuff.


Really, at least let us buy Genki Girls outfits. I have this vision of a catgirl slaughtering thugs. Make it happen. Will you ever stop making NPC-exclusive clothes? Come on!

2 years ago  ::  Jan 18 2012 - 2:22PM
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If you didn't buy the season pass then i would not recommend buying this DLC. It's just activities in a Genki Style. No missions or plot wha so ever. Not only that but it can be completed within about an hour including achievements.

I regret buying that season pass, i should think before i do. The next DLC packs better not be the same.


2 years ago  ::  Jan 18 2012 - 2:49PM
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Played through the whole DLC in 1 hour and 7 minutes, what can i say?

to short, no real backstory, the mc is completly silent and says nothing.

3 out of 4 "Missions" are just old activities  with other setting or skins and on top of that my achivements are bugged, don't know if i'm the only one. (PS3)

outFITS is not right, you only get one and some crap masks.

So yeah, compared to GTA DLC which could be almost own full price games, this here is just bad.

2 years ago  ::  Jan 18 2012 - 3:22PM
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While the guys that were expecting that an event like Genkibowl would have somewhat of a deep story (lol) seem to be disappointed, I am really enjoying the new DLC. The games of Genkibowl are really fun.

I love the genki-girls in their mascot outfits. They have become my favorite homies.

The only (small) minus, in my opinion, is that the pandaoutfit you get don't has its special ability from the SadPanda-event.

2 years ago  ::  Jan 18 2012 - 3:36PM
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I've just finished the DLC and none of the trophies have popped, I've tried with both of my characters but nothing happens.

Can anyone help?, I have the PS3 version btw.

2 years ago  ::  Jan 18 2012 - 4:50PM
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It was cool, it was fun and neat but there could have a lot more done to make it better. A narrative would have kept it running ad trust me there really could be a story to it.

2 years ago  ::  Jan 18 2012 - 5:06PM
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@ Saints4Evar: You should look through the "PS3 Troubleshooting" or open a threat there if you don't find any helpfull threat.

2 years ago  ::  Jan 18 2012 - 9:01PM
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I'm glad I got the season pass for free because otherwise I'd be pissed. That dlc was wack! Apocalypse Genki is the same as SERC, SE PR Opportunity is Escort with flamethrowers(Escort sucksssss), and Yarngasm is just Tank mayhem without the cannon. I honestly don't have much faith that the next mission packs will be any better. This game and the dlc have disappointed the hell out of me.