Sound Stuttering Issues
3 years ago  ::  Dec 16 2011 - 2:01AM
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Hello, i really haven't been able to enjoy the game at all. due to the sound issues, and i've seen others having issues but not exactly the same issues i have had. Let me state the general information first then the problem.

Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP3
OnBoard Sound: RealTek HD (ASUS Motherboard) [Works if in 2.0 Stereo]
HeadSet: Logitech Wireless G930 [Can't Configure for this game at all]

Now to clarify, that if My RealTek Card Is set in 2.0 Stereo or Stereo Headphones, the audio will work perfectly.
If in 5.1 or 7.1 or other settings there will be audio stuttering, best explained as the music is slow and stuttering and way out of sync.

Now My logitech gaming headset is a completely different story. I have tried all possible settings to make this work, but it will not. It will still stutter like the realtek would if not in 2.0...

The stuttering is easily identifiable before even playing the game at the main menu. Then in every cutscene and sound that is played in the game.

Update 2 of the game did not fix this issue.

Please look into this Volition, and fix this issue, it makes the game uncomfortable and an annoyance to play.

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