Serious Ammo bug - Volition, please take care, high priority fix needed.
3 years ago  ::  Dec 12 2011 - 12:03PM
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Whenever unlimited ammo perks unlocked at level 50, several bugs appears:
1) During activities, only Molotov, electoshocking granade, fart jar and pistol appears to have unlimited ammo, everything else have same ammount of ammo you had at the moment when perks was unlocked.
IE - i almost run out of ammo for my rifle and rocket launcher at the moment when i unlocked perks, now every activity starts with same low ammount of ammo instead of infinite, and i still can ran out of ammo
2) Remaining ammo state preserved for next activity, if im out of ammo, im screwed, i will have no ammo at for any next activity. However when im returning to mission or free roaming mode, i have infinte ammo back, despite desribed problem in activities.
3)  Despite Infinte ammo mode is one, whenev i enter Guns shop, i can buy ammo until its full, this isnt indicated in hud as it alwasy shows full ammo and infinte symbol, but sounds and money amount reveals that im buying ammo.
State of "invisible ammo" seems to state of ammo from latest activity, it may look like i can refil the ammo, but whenever i start any activity, despite i bought ammo, activity shows me same ammo, tha was left from previous activity, and state of latest Weapon Shop purchase seems to be ignored, as well as infinite ammo state.

Free roaming and story missions modes works fine and ammo appears to be infinte all the time.

Sreenshot of problem (note: everything should be infinite)  

Volition, please add this to top priority fixes, this really messing game exprience during activities   

P.S. - Oh yeah, far jart completely replaces flashbang granades and there is no way to select flash granades back, please fix that too.



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