Favorite car(s) in SR3
2 years ago  ::  Jan 8 2012 - 2:06AM
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Preformance wise, Attrizone and Wraith. BUT the one that looks the best IMO is the Vortex.

2 years ago  ::  Jan 8 2012 - 2:54AM
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definitely the wraith

2 years ago  ::  Jan 8 2012 - 4:39AM
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My favorite has to be the Infuego just the look is what got me hooked i always drive my red and black morning star variant non customizable of course but through a glitch i found (NOT Gatmobile glitch)

2 years ago  ::  Jan 8 2012 - 5:18AM
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Without any shadow of a dout, the Peacemaker... in fact this is my favorite car from any video game, ever.... the only complaint is that I cannot put a spoiler on it...

My second favorite is the Hammerhead, although I liked the SR2 version more (it was wider and had a flatter roof) although being able to make the rear tires larger than the front is an awesome addition in SR3

My third favorite car is a tie between the Bootlegger and the wraith, but they both have problems... if the bootlegger were a two door, I would be in heaven over it and it might be tied with the peacemaker as my favorite car.  It just looks wierd as a four door to me.

... and with the wraith, the fact that it is not customizable, especially no way to get rid of the yellow(I really hate yellow, its the color of piss and cowardice), keeps it from raising any higher... and honestly, I think the wraith should be a Superiore, with blue/green glow pinstriping, so it would look like the Automan Countach, which was obviously the inspiration...

My fourth favorite would definitely be the N-forcer, but only the version without the turret... but since you can't get that version to your garage, it doesn't even make the top 20...

The torch has the overall best mix of speed and handling, and I love it...

The pheonix, Go, and Neuron have the best customization... so they fill out the rest of my top vehicles...

In addition to the lack of unique decals for more vehicles, I am also very very dissapointed that you can not get either the Luchadore green, or the Decker blue on any vehicles... I can not tell you how much that bugs me...

Now I just kept this to cars... bikes and trucks are a whole different story... Kaneda, **** yeah...

2 years ago  ::  Sep 23 2012 - 12:13PM
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its a Tie between the Bootlegger, the Blade, the Estrada and the X-2. but i would say the main 2 favorite is Blade and Estrada

2 years ago  ::  Sep 24 2012 - 12:36AM
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well it isnt nessessary.

but its probably a good idea there is lots of people who have used rust/metal paint on their car and it turned out well.

Steering Rack

2 years ago  ::  Sep 24 2012 - 10:49PM
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I still feel that all the vehicles could benefit from a suspension mod (raising and lowering the height of vehicles) and being able to change the colors of tires. Anywhoses

Hammerhead - Favorite since SR1 (I got so PISSED when I saw that I couldn't change the wheel size and width in SR2)

The Compensator - The name alone is hilarious and my gf and I ALWAYS collect an army of them from the Brotherhood in SR2. This is my favorite death vehicle, it puts the hurt and death on peds who cross me. Gotta love the twin tailpipes on the sides and the front mod guard. I'm a little miffed that the bars without the lights rear mod isn't there as well as the grills not being a layer like in 2.

The Bulldog - I finally get the chance to make it into a military humvee (with the slanted roof THANK GOD!!!)


Peacemaker - Wisdom pretty much hit the nail on the head about that spoiler

Neuron - If the voxel was in this game, it would've been top priority. Miss that car, so instead the Neuron takes its place atm.




Kaneda - Finally, I can customize it!

Kenshin - Paint that body black the trims and rims red and its a done deal! I still miss being able to go jousting with a katana against some friends. Good Times.

I'd add the Peterliner, but apparently the developers didn't add the friggin' trailers or the ability to ATTACH ONE!!! *shakes fist*

2 years ago  ::  Sep 25 2012 - 1:05AM

Can't seem to find the search option to see if this was posted before so here goes.

What's your favorite ride in SR3? For me it's a close call between the Infuego and the Torch. I do like the Attrazione, but it's a bit too fast to control properly. The infuego is up there in terms of speed, it looks cool AND it carries 4 people. The Torch is basically a slower version with better controls than the Attrazione.

Is it just me or does nitro do nothing at all? For all the flashy screen work it doesn't actually seem to increase the speed of my car.

I also like the Torch and Infuego the Attrazione is also pretty cool same with Raycaster, i think they need to take the Temptress back to how it looked in SR2 and had any one noticed that the Reaper is the only vehicle you can put the Saints sign on you should be able to put it on all Vehicles by now.


2 years ago  ::  Sep 25 2012 - 1:05AM
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I had almost forgotten about this thread... so I might as well update, since I was able to find a way to get the turreltless enforcer.  It would go in my fourth place spot, it would be second behind the Peacemaker, but the customization is very limited as you can see here... you can change the bumper colors, but you can't change the actual car color...  Sad because it would look awesome in a flat gray.  Would also have been nice to get rid of those decals.  If the Saints version of the Nforcer was turretless I think I actually would have bought that DLC.  And the turretless version handles better than the normal version, not quite as top heavy.

2 years ago  ::  Sep 25 2012 - 1:36AM
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My favorite cars are basically the Sports Cars and the Peacemaker. I just LOVE the speed and handling. So here is my list, in no particular order:







Phoenix (because of the superior customizing!)