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Hello all,

Below is a list of the larger issues we are actively looking into correcting either on this website or with a patch on Xbox 360 / PS3. There are other smaller issues we're investigating as well (which could require a patch), but these are the most prevalent, so some smaller issues may not be in this thread.
Please note that there is no ETA on a patch at this time, but once more information is known, this thread will be updated.

Homies Not Working Correctly After a Co-Op session (Can also occur in SP)

Original Thread

We are investigating user issues related to homies on the cell phone occurring in both SP and Co-Op. One cause may be saving your game directly after calling your delivery homie on your cell phone and quitting out.

We are also aware of certain homies not being available once completing the game.

One solution to the vehicle delivery homie we've found is for that player to grab any another vehicle from their garage during a Co-Op game and drive around for a couple minutes inside of it. The delivery homie will re-engage.

As a side note, please understand that if you progress through the game in co-op, then return to a story mission before that particular homie has been unlocked in your SP campaign, that specific homie will not be available until after you actually unlock it in your game.

Upgrades Not Working Correctly After a Co-Op session.

We are investigating user issues related to a player purchasing an upgrade while in a co-op session, saving and quitting, and then that upgrade no longer functions properly in SP. The upgrade can also no longer be purchased from the menu as it appears to have already have been purchased.

No "Space" Gang Members Showing Up

We have investigated the issue of a player selecting the "Space Gang" customization option, then having none of their gang members show up in the world. This is a game side issue and will be addressed in a patch.

PS3 Users Cannot Link Account on Website

I've put this at the bottom just so that users coming to this website see this properly.

We have seen some users running into this issue that are either using Internet Explorer, or some sort of pop-up / script blocker. We recommend using Chrome / Firefox as a web browser for this website, and to turn off any pop-up or script blockers. Also, ensure that you can sign in on first, then come back and link your account here.

(FIXED) 360 Achievements Not Unlocking

**UPDATE 2 - 12/12**

A patch has been released for Xbox 360 containing a fix for this. Please note that this patch is not retroactive, so you will need to earn any missed achievements again.


We have a patch in submission with Microsoft to correct the issue relating to disconnecting from XBL and potentially missing achievements, but there is no ETA on when it will be released, since we do not control that. Once it's been approved and it's ready to be placed into the game, we'll make sure to send it live.

Original Thread

We are aware of an issue where users achievements on Xbox 360 may not unlock if they become disconnected from Xbox LIVE while playing, then reconnect. We are working on a patch for this on Xbox 360, but there is no exact ETA at this time. There are two temporary solutions in the meantime.

1. Some users have found that by quiting out of the game, shutting down their 360, then re-booting everything and loading their last auto-save, the missing achievements will pop-up. This does not work for everyone.

2. If you disconnect from Xbox LIVE, and sign into your profile offline before launching the game, you will still be able to earn all of your achievements in-game without issue. When you then reconnect to Xbox LIVE once you are done with your game session, your achievements will sync up with the Xbox 360 servers.

(FIXED) PS3 Users Not Being Able to Upload/Download Characters

Original Thread

**UPDATE 12/02**

We've made some changes to the back end and this should now be working properly. Take note that you may have to restart your PS3 if you were already in-game when we made this change.

We are investigating the issue of a PS3 user linking their account, adding characters on this website to their queue, then not being able to download them in-game. We are also investigating the issue of PS3 users not being able to access this after downloading the Season Pass / Nyte Blayde DLC Pack.

We are currently checking multiple variables related to these issues including game side, website side, or even on Sony's side. It could also be a combination of multiple factors, since all of these systems are linked together, and our QA team is testing every single variable available across multiple variants of PSN accounts. If this needs to be patched game-side in order to work properly again, we will do that, but we are still checking all variables as stated above.

Please remember that if you create a character on your system, make sure to perform a manual save of your game with that character. That save game will always have that character to use.


Final note - I will be adding to this thread with any updates as they become available. Thank you for your patience while our team continues to work towards solutions for each of these and some other smaller issues as well.

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