Saints Row 4 Character Customization
3 years ago  ::  Nov 20 2011 - 7:59AM
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Let me just say that I love Saints Row 3. And that I love both it's predecessors.

The character customization is fantastic. But, it could have been better. So, here's what I'd like to see improved for Saints Row 4. Keep in mind, these are just suggestions. Use them if you like them, disregard them otherwise.

1. The ability to mirror any asymmetric piece of clothing, makeup, hairstyles and tattoos - From a technical standpoint, this shouldn't require too much work, yet it will greatly improve the ability to make unique characters.

2. More option for asymmetric clothes items - Basically, the ability to only use a right or left glove, or an earring on the right or left side. Additionally, a monocle (Regular glass kind and steampunk glasses version) or eyepatch would be welcome additions (Am I the only one that was suprised to not get Lorens eyepatch after his demise?).

3. Full colour edit for all clothes items - The lack of colour edit for the Steelport Guard uniform (Not just the body armor) and STAG armor was incredibly disappointing. If you're adding a cool set of clothes, make sure to include colour options.

4. More flexible outfits/suits - Basically, make the unlockable outfits/suits dividable in the same way as regular clothing, or at least allow a change of headgear (Or it's use separately). Examples would be the cop outfit, for which you can't remove the hat (Or use it for other outfits) and the steelport guard uniform, for which you can't remove the helmet (Or again, use it for other outfits). Likewise for the Fumigator, which for some reason is a head item, instead of face, which means you can't combine it with military helmets. Same goes for the STAG armor gasmask (Which looks awesome, I really wish it could be used as a face item and be colour edited).

5. Clothes decals - Either placing preset decals on fixed areas, or if you're feeling more ambitious, the inclusion of a fully featured decal editing tool.

Basically, the ability to create an image file by arranging layers of shapes and various icons, to create entirely unique decals, to place anywhere on your characters clothing, cars or even as tattoos. A feature like this will add near infinite flexibilty to the character creation. For examples of this kind of feature, have a look at Forza 2 (And onward), All Points Bulletin and Armored Core 4/For Answer.

6. Improved ability to combine several face features, makeup elements and piercings - For far too many of these, you can only have one which overrides the rest. The ability to add any number of these instead of just one would be much appreciated. Basically, equipping and unequipping each individually, the same way face features are in the face editing menu.

7. The return of Style choices/More style choices - This is probably the addition that would require the most work to implement, but I really miss the style choices from Saints Row 2. I want a return of the ability to choose your walk animation. Why? Because the default walk style doesn't always fit with the character I envisioned or aimed to recreate. Also, I'd like to see a return of the facial expressiobn, so that I can have my character constantly smile, frown or what have you. My Joker character really looks somewhat lacking without a constant manic grin on his face (Evil expression was the best).

Additionally, I think a selectable idle animation would be nice. Basically, what animation plays if you leave your character standing around for a while (Without any context sensitive idle animations around). Examples:

Default - Default idle animation.
Smoker - Lights a cigarette.
Texter - Brings out his phone and starts texting.
Gamer - Takes out a portable game system and starts playing.
Audiophile - Listens to music, headbanging a bit, snapping his fingers, drumming his legs, tapping his foot.
Restless - Taps his foot impatiently, looks at the camera. Think Sonic the Hedgehog.
Athletic - Does stretching exercises, limbering up his joints, jumping on the spot.
Fighter - Airboxing, jumping around, practise his guard and dodging.
Coin Flip - "Heads, you die. Tails, I kill you. Make your choice." Character obviously flips a coin.

Lastly, a selectable gun stance. Basically, if you want to fire your one handed weapons up right or held sideways (Gangsta style). Perhaps also a selectable idle hold animation, whether to rest the weapon against the hip, held in front in a ready safe position or resting on the shoulder. Though this might be a bit overkill, not worth the effort to implement.

And finally, I'd like to request a few specific items to be added:

SWAT outfit - Your saints can have it, but you can't. I really want it. Preferably divided into separately freely combinable parts with full colour edit (Then again, I want that for everything).
Body Armor - The same kind one of the Gang customization Saints have (Number 6 I believe). Looks really cool.
Ninja Outfit - Again, your saints can use it, but you can't. This makes me sad.
Balaclavas - One with a single hole over the eyes, one with 2 eye holes and one with 2 eye holes and a mouth hole.
Motorcycle Helmet with closed visor - As well as a choice whether the visor is opaque or translucent.
Regular glasses - As in, not sunglasses, and with thin frames (Hipster glasses look awful).

Anyway, Volition, I hope you read this and take it to heart. Thank you for the excellent game you've given me and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

PS: I really hope you'll release a on-disc complete edition of the game in 1-2 years. As much as I would like to support your company, I won't buy DLC, due to concerns about it's future availability. If you were to release DLC install discs (Like those for Borderlands) or a complete edition down the line, I would buy those at a moments notice.

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 20 2011 - 8:03AM
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most of these things (if not all) were in sr2 

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most of these things (if not all) were in sr2 

Far from all.

Mirroring asymmetric items was not in SR2, beyond choosing which hands to wear gloves on and a few hair styles (Which also goes for SR3). I want this to apply to just about everything. 

Colour edit was also limited for some items in SR2 as well.

And outfits were also very limited in customization.

Decals were limited to logos on preset places on clothes items and were not available at all on most clothes. Free placement of decals would be a massive improvement.

Face features and make up elements were greatly improved in SR3. These are just ways to improve that further.

Styles were in SR2, and entirely omitted in SR3. So yeah, this is the one feature I really just want back from SR2. But, I do suggest improvements as well.

The point of all this is not to simply re-implement features from SR2, but to take what's good (In both games) and improve on it. So don't just dismiss the topic because I want a few features back. I want more than that, and I try to make a good argument for how to do that and why they should.

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Anyone that would like to express approval (Or disapproval, for whatever reason) for these suggestions?

I'd really like it if someone employed by Volition read this and took note.

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I like your suggestions, I like it allot...But without a Mission/Cutscene Replay feature, which Volition has dumped in Saints Row 3, I see no reason to change my characters appearance and clothes, ie. I see no reason to keep playing Saints Row 3.

Saints Row 1 and 2 had much better character clothing options than Saints Row 3, layered clothing, with that you could dress up your character in so many ways it was amazing and then to replay missions and rewatch cut scenes with your character dressed up differently was just so much fun, none of this is possible anymore in Saints Row 3, such a shame.

The Asymmetric clothing options would be great as well, In Sainsts Row 2 you could have both handgloves on or only one on either your left or right hand.

Control over the color of all clothes should be standard option, I agree.

More flexible outfits/suits...Hmmm, that was basically the layerd clothing option of the previous games, you could wear a buisiness suit and a santa head while wearing some cool sunglasses for example, you could just do that, that's how fun the previous games were.

Clothes decals....Was an option of Saints Row 2, you couldn't move the decals, so they were on fixed positons, but heck, it was a feature of a game released in 2008!!! In the third game, released in 2011, you can't do that anymore!

Improved ability to combine several face features, makeup elements and piercings...You could do this to some degree in the previous games.

I really like your ideas for the idle animations, Volition should really do much more stuff like that, it's what makes the Saints Row games so  much better than something like Grand Theft Auto, but I feel that with the release of Sainst Row 3 that they are losing their let's say 'magic'.

Volition should just have kept all of the great stuff from the previous games and then combined with was actually improved in Saints Row 3 you would truly have had a third game that earned the name Saints Row The Third, to me it now is just a GTA clone with some wacky humor, nothing to make it stand out like the previous two games.

Let's hope that Voliton actually reads our messages on this forum and jeez, actually care and think about it...then maybe we will have a worthy Saints Row 4.

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 29 2011 - 8:02AM
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i like all the ideas i like the walk and gun animations alot they would make the game a whole lot better

saintsrow all the way
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Honestly, I'm only missing a few things from SR3.

With the engine switch, expecting it to do all that SR2 did and more would have been unreasonable.

I fully expect SR4 to realize all the high expectations we had for a sequel to SR2.

The scaled back customization in SR3 is understandable. What's not understandable is:

- The lack of full colour options for the Army uniform (Why can we only select the colour of the armor and a few straps?), Decker outfit and STAG armor.

- The inability to deselect headwear from the Police and Army uniforms.

- The restricted customization options for unique vehicles - We should not have to resort to a glitch to modify these vehicles.

- The awesome gang outfits that aren't available to our character - Most of all the Ninja outfit, SWAT outfit and Saints nr 6's body armor jacket (Which looks really cool).

- The fact that the STAG helmet has no version without a face mask, or the mask being a separate face item. Likewise for the Fumigator 6000, being a head item instead of a face item. Seriously, why is the Bandit the only face wear item? Clipping issues? Not a good reason to exclude it seeing how a lot of available items has that.

- No improvised melee weapons in the sandbox - There's a few in Murderbrawl 31, but those are completely absent outside of that mission. For shame!

- No true melee opponents - No police with batons or stunguns, no gang member attacking you with melee weapons if you attack them with melee. Really miss that from SR2.

- The complete lack of races and demo derby - 3 races (Thankful for the lack of flying races though. Hated those) and 1 demo derby for each type of car (Derby Cars, Golf Carts, Sweepers, Garbage Truck, Peterliner, Emu, Sportscar) would have sufficed.

- The lack of either one of Fuzz, Fight Club or Crowd Control - Calling the odd survival scenario Fuzz isn't the same thing. I wanted to pacify skaters with flamethrowers and break up fights of the Century (Or Mascot wars). Omitting Fight Club and Crowd Control is downright criminal, with the improvements made to the melee system (Though I do miss the 3 strikes to combo and block function from SR2). Why wasn't Fight Club one of Angel's activities? That would have made perfect sense.

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The body and sex appeal sliders should be upped even more. I wanna make my male character look and built like the Hulk.

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