Terrible framerate while driving on high-end system o.o
2 years ago  ::  Jun 5 2012 - 5:31PM
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Ok here:
Patch is not coming cause we (volition) don't care about the pc fanbase at all, we'd rather update the game with a bunch of alien billboards, trickle out some more already done DLC for outragous prices and generally just talk about enter the dominatrix in an attempt to distract people from the pletora of pc issues.
Also we removed the billboards because we can't have the pc users have something they actually enjoyed right?
Worry not though, Enter the Dominatrix will without a doubt be just as buggy; we (volition) hope you are looking forward to it!

Yeah the mythical patch isn't happening guys, it's been nearly 8 months and they haven't said anything at all.
Quite hilarious too, since Deus Ex human revolution recently got patched on some random minor issues after 10 months, they didn't have to do that cause it wasn't broken in the first place and nobody is really playing that anymore anyway, yet they did.
Volition however just ignores the pc version even exists and thus it's issues mustn't exist either. 

2 years ago  ::  Jun 5 2012 - 10:18PM
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Hey guys!

I've been busy over the past few weeks playing Diablo 3. It feels great playing an awesome game that isn't bugged to hell and back again!

Did I miss anything?

2 years ago  ::  Jun 6 2012 - 6:56PM
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Nope, there's nothing to miss in this forum especially when it comes to SUPPORT.

What's buggin me is that "new" Thread Locked: Game Issues? LOOK HERE FIRST! that tells us all to ask THQ for Support.

Looks to me like Volition officially abandoned their customers and redirects them to a THQ-Q&A-Site. Feels like paying a creditcard with another creditcard to postpone everything until nobody cares anymore. No Word from nobody - there got to be an ETA for that patch by now.

PS: Diablo 3 rocks :)

2 years ago  ::  Jun 26 2012 - 1:40AM
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I bought this game 7 months ago and i am still waiting to play it at more than 18 fps, which is very disappointing, because what i have played of SR3, i really enjoyed. But playing the game in this state just ruins the experience.

This will be my third attempt at spending several days in succession searching forums and articles for a possible solution. What i find most infuriating about this situation, is the fact that the developers have had a very long time to resolve this, but it would seem all this time has been spent churning out DLC's and patches that do nothing at all to correct the actual issues with their game.

(Issues with their game)

I choose these words because, it has become beyond evident of how **** the SR3 engine is, and/or so poorly optimized that it runs equally bad on a massive number of Hardware/Software combinations. The amount of effort that went into quality testing this was either abysmal, or non-existent. It's just seems like negligence to me.

At first i didn't think all this flaming against Volition was justified, but in reality i have learned over time that their customer service and integrity are just pathetic. Purchasing a game and having to wait the best part of a year to play it is unheard of, yet you guys managed to pull it off, by releasing possibly the biggest technically inferior title known in the industry.


Yes i'm being rude, because i'm pissed off, and have good reason to be, i'm not usually like this, but maybe next time you release a game, how about you put some effort into optimizing, and beta testing the thing on more than 5 friggin PC's.

2 years ago  ::  Jun 26 2012 - 9:48AM
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Everything set to low and still low fps!!!!!!!!!

2 years ago  ::  Jun 27 2012 - 5:07AM
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Everything set to low and still low fps!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, it doesn't matter what i set the graphics to, i still get the same FPS on lowest as i do on highest. 

Lamest excuse for a Port i have ever seen, only to be rivaled by GTAIV.

2 years ago  ::  Jul 12 2012 - 9:26PM
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i5 2500k
8 Gb of RAM
Windows 7 64-bit
Radeon HD6850 x 2
Latest drivers (Catalyst 12.7)

30-40 fps on medium, and a lot of stutter. I'm playing the base game, no DLC's bought.

Bought it at launch, have been installing it every month to check if performance issues were gone - guess they are not. Infuriating.

2 years ago  ::  Jul 15 2012 - 6:32PM
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Funny how these clowns from Volition more or less have abandoned both this forum and thread and have left us all in limbo.  Thanks for nothing.

2 years ago  ::  Jul 16 2012 - 4:00PM
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To all the newcomers from the Steam sale, welcome to this unoptimized port! Graphical issues from last year's launch are still here even after it was officially stated that a patch was in the works! I hope you enjoy this amazing game that has been unfortunately left with some technical issues!

2 years ago  ::  Jul 16 2012 - 4:06PM
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I have an NVIDIA GTX 680 and I'm having issuses with poor frame rates regardless of what graphics settings I adjust it to. I feel like I've tried everything! I've heard about Volition not caring much for Nbidia cards. Is this true? Help!