Terrible framerate while driving on high-end system o.o
3 years ago  ::  Nov 15 2011 - 2:41PM
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Im pissed. Volition said the PC port would be done well. Guess I got had. 

The majority of gamers on PC are playing the game without issue right now, as has been shown across various reviews and forums around the world. As I just posted, we're looking to find any issues with ATI/AMD as well and will hopefully have something soon.

I certainly agree that theres no need to be pissed, so far I haven't seen any issues as with SR2, however saying that the "majority" is playing without issues seems like a bit of a stretch.

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 15 2011 - 2:56PM
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Same problem as everyone else.

Intel i5 2500k 3.3GHz

8gig RAM

AMD Radeon HD 6950 2gig XFX, 11.10 Drivers

Windows 7 64-bit

i5 2500k 3.3GHz
XFX Radeon HD6950 2GB
Corsair 8GB RAM
Asus P8Z68-V
2TB Seagate Barracuda Green
Corsair TX 650w
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3 years ago  ::  Nov 15 2011 - 3:38PM
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I have partly the same problem.

My Graphics hardware is a lot older (HD4850 1GB) yet the game runs fine on high settings, however, after about an hour of playing the framerate starts to slowly drop more and more. Restarting the game did not help, however a reboot and the game ran fine again.


AMD Phenom II X4 955. (3.2 Ghz)

Ati Radeon HD 4850.

6 GB ddr3.

Windows 7 64 bit.


I'm lucky i guess, i can play fine with it for about 2 hours until it becomes laggy. 


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3 years ago  ::  Nov 15 2011 - 3:40PM
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I found that DX10/11 on LOW is unplayable for me while driving (constant freezing/stuttering) while DX9 on ultra is pretty smooth but doesn't look all that great.

Using 6990+6970. Tried 11.9, 11.10 and 8.912 beta drivers with and without crossfire.

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 15 2011 - 3:45PM
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Hi there guys,
Dont know if its going to help on any way but its worth the try.
Do you guys have by any chance have anything modified on catalyst? (3D settings), because if you do, on some games the settings are going to double and give poor performance.

Let me explain:
If you maximize every single option on catalyst, and in-game, sometimes the games runs very choopy because the settings are doubled.
My best advice is to put everything on default (via catalyst) and try the game normaly.

Dunno if its going to work to any of you, but its worth the try.

When i had an ATI Card, sometimes i had performance problems because of that. Dunno if its that what you guys are experiencing.

P.S: Since im running a Nvidia card, im not experiencing any problems. (GTX570 DirectCUii).

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 15 2011 - 4:30PM
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Just copy and pasting this from another forum I replied in:

So I bought this game because it looks like a lot of fun, but I can't even play properly because I get 20-25fps if I step outside of a building. This is with everything on low/off, and it doesn't even matter what resolution I'm at which is even weirder. It runs the same on the lowest and highest resolution. It doesn't even matter what's going on on the screen, it doesn't go down to 15fps, or up to 30fps, it just stays right around 20-25.

Yet I can play Skyrim perfectly on med/high, and even GTAIV played fine on my computer. I know my computer is pretty old, but I'm playing other recent games perfectly fine, and they look way better than SR3 does.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750 2.7GHz Black Edition (OC'd to 3.0)
EVGA GeForce 8800GTX Superclocked 768MB GDDR3

Most of the complaints I see are about ATI/AMD cards, so I'm not sure what my problem is. I plan on building a new computer next year since I don't need one yet. Until recently I haven't had any problems playing new games, and that was BF3 (understandable, lol) and then Saints Row 3. Is SR3 just really poorly optimized?

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 15 2011 - 4:35PM
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I am having the same issue, regardless of what settings I play at, even at lowest possible, the game is still choppy as hell. Worse is when disabling crossfire when some of the road textures don't render at all, flying car was cool to begin with but it gets old.

My System:

- i7 2600K @ 4.6GHz

- Tri-fire 6990 + 6970

- 16GB Ripjaws 1600 CL9 Ram

- Vertex 3 120GB SSD

I must say, although I was aware of the terrible port that SR2 was, I am bitterly dissapointed in this game in its current state. The graphics are not even that good (at ultra settings) for there to be any logical reason that the perfomance should be this horrible. Looks like its destined to be another GTA IV... I really hope not as the game has allot of potential but thats the way its heading so far. I hope we get a fix soon.

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 15 2011 - 4:42PM
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Same laggy play as SR2 but not quite as bad.  It's barely playable for me.  I can't play too long because it gives me a headache with all the laggy screens.  It's just too damn fun and I want to play longer but the stuttering and low fps is driving me crazy.  Here's my specs:

Win7 64-bit

8 gigs of RAM

Two Sapphire AMD Radeon 6970s setup as CrossfireX

Catalyst 11.10 with 11.9 CAP 4

Intel QX9770 Quad-core processor

Hey, I just saw that AMD released a new driver today, 11.11 with a CAP 11.11.  I gonna try that and see if anything changes.

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 15 2011 - 5:45PM
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The new AMD drivers upped performance by about 10 FPS, but it's still unstable and changing settings have very little effect. Still unnaceptable.

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3 years ago  ::  Nov 15 2011 - 5:54PM
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I made a new thread about this problem before I realized there was this existing thread (sorry.) Anyway, this is the problem I'm having:

My CPU is a Core 2 Duo E8400 at 3.6GHz, my video card is Geforce GTX 560 Ti with latest beta driver. I have the settings on Ultra and get between 50-65+FPS during on-foot gameplay which I am pleased with, but any time I'm driving it drops to 24-30 and really struggles to even reach 30. I tried dropping the display presets down to High and then to Medium, even reducing resolution, but the performance while driving didn't change at all, which I found odd.

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