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2 years ago  ::  Oct 12 2011 - 3:58PM
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We know that you have questions about Saints Row: The Third. LOTS of questions.  Due to that, in the comments section of this thread, we want you to ask your questions about Saints Row: The Third, but there are a few ground rules to make it fair for everyone.

1. Please read the F.A.Q. first. Your question may have already been answered before you typed it out.

2. Each community member may only ask up to 3 questions.  We're doing this to hopefully allow us to read every single one and answer as many as we can.  If you can, try to keep your questions short and to the point.

3. Try to read through the questions that have already been asked by other community members so you don't double up.  We don't need 15 people asking about a certain weapon in SR:TT.

4. We will not answer every question.  This could be for a variety of reasons, some of which are that it may be content we're not ready to reveal yet, along with that some questions may not even have answers yet, since the game is still in development.

So have at it in the comment thread below, and ask away.  I'll try to have the first answer video next week for all of you, and then we'll do another one every other week or so.

3 years ago  ::  Sep 6 2011 - 10:09AM
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1. What is on offer in terms of customising our gang members and there vehicles will we be able to create there outfits or will it be along the lines of SR2?

2. Will there be the ability to customise all of the different types of vehicles whether it be a land, sea or air vehicle?

3. Will certain glitches be left in that were useful such as the ability to clone cars to our CO-OP partners like we were able to or use the Flashbangs and the Smack That Ass taunt to phase through walls like in the second game?

3 years ago  ::  Sep 6 2011 - 10:08AM

Is food,drink,and drugs out for good?

3 years ago  ::  Sep 6 2011 - 10:19AM
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  1 Are we going to have more feminine clothes.

 2 Will u realise Collectors Edition to Europe ??

 3 Will we be able to upgrade our character??

3 years ago  ::  Sep 6 2011 - 10:20AM
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 1.what are the luchadores' main weapons?

2.what happens if you fly a vtol upside down in jet mode and then turn it into heli mode whilst still being upside down? the map bigger than sr2's map?

3 years ago  ::  Sep 6 2011 - 10:24AM

 What is going to be the reason for customising our characters in The Third?

3 years ago  ::  Sep 6 2011 - 10:30AM
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I know you want to keep plenty of surprises for us, but can we get at least a hint on more of the voice actors?

Also, will you get your own tank and VTOL for your personal garage?

Also will there still be cheats such as Milk Bones or unlimited health?

3 years ago  ::  Sep 6 2011 - 10:29AM
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are their a lot of clothes in the game?

when will more info be relasesd on the deckers?

What is a the length of Saints Row The Third,to complete it 100%?

3 years ago  ::  Sep 6 2011 - 10:30AM
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Can we have Nitro and hydraulics at the same time like in the first Saints Row ?

3 years ago  ::  Sep 6 2011 - 10:30AM
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  Alright, three wishes... oh, questions?  Okay, okay...

  1. Will each "gang" in the Syndicate have its own insignia?

  2.  Will flying vehicles be customizable?

  3.  Will the Initiation Station be out before October?