Vote: Robbing Stores in SR3
3 years ago  ::  Mar 15 2011 - 4:13PM
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This vote is on the how you rob stores and how you would want it in SR3. Put either SR1, SR2, or neither (based on the below explainations). then put your reason for your decision.

Put   "SR1"  if you want/like the way you rob stores like Saint's Row 1  (pointing gun at clerk and have them crack the safe/crack the safe  yourself)

Put   "SR2"   if you want/like the system like Saint's Row 2 (robbing the store and auto 3 star notoriety)

Put "neither" if you dont want/like either system or have a better idea. put an explaination if you wish.

Be civilized. i dont want troll wars going on in my post. respect other people's decisions.

3 years ago  ::  Mar 15 2011 - 4:21PM
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SR1. BUT I think there should be some way to advance the game's clock (sleeping in bed, maybe) if you don't want to have to break into a store at night.

3 years ago  ::  Mar 15 2011 - 4:33PM
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SR1. I never played it cause i got a ps3 but i heard that you could break in a night a crack the safe. So i hope they have options where you can set it where they're there all the time or only in the day.

3 years ago  ::  Mar 15 2011 - 4:38PM
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SR1 it was so much better except like all the stores in all of the row closed down for days because of it or maybe my game was being gay.....

3 years ago  ::  Mar 15 2011 - 4:47PM
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SR1, but I hope they add something too some of the stores to make it more difficult, like other employee's or civilians you have to avoid being seen by or else they set the alarm off or attack you.

I'm also hoping you can be held up. I dunno how that would work, but I think it would funny to turn the tables on the person aiming the gun at you.

3 years ago  ::  Mar 15 2011 - 4:47PM
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 SR1 I loved cracking the safes it was awesome!!

3 years ago  ::  Mar 15 2011 - 5:39PM
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SR1 , i thought it was more like a realistic situation to get the clerk to open the safe at gunpoint..I like the over the top hilarious aspect of the row games, but i like them to cling on to reality on these types of happening in the game..

3 years ago  ::  Mar 15 2011 - 5:48PM
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 SR1 for sure, I loved how you aimed at them and then the clerk went over and opened the safe, or you could gun them down in a hail of gunfire and then open it yourself...

3 years ago  ::  Mar 15 2011 - 6:36PM
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 SR1 def.

3 years ago  ::  Mar 15 2011 - 6:44PM
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Saints Row 1 of course, cracking safes at night was wicked ! I love how you can rob someone and just pistol whip them so that they won't call the cops !