Clothing suggestions for men
3 years ago  ::  Feb 25 2011 - 1:11PM

APB is unmatched...that's true.  I would love to see someting on par on consoles.  But I gotta give some props ot BRINK's customization as well.  I really like what they are doing with face paint and mask.

3 years ago  ::  Feb 27 2011 - 2:54PM
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Brink looks awesome, and I like it's style very much.

But as far as the amount of options you have on customization, it doesn't seem to be on par, even with Saints Row 2...

Not what I've seen of it at least.

3 years ago  ::  Mar 3 2011 - 9:44PM
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 I just hope the clothing is better. I think everyone has pretty much expressed how I feel so I won't add anything else. Just please don't add skinny jeans Volition lol.

3 years ago  ::  Mar 4 2011 - 12:50AM
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  •  Skinny jeans: Male: Kind of baggy topped like cheap mondays. Femal: Just the standard tight skinny jeans

  • Standard Vans: Male/Female. Some Jordans like shoes: like the Spikes. Running Shoes: Asics Onitsuka Tigers

  • Jackets: Army Jackets. Salt and Pepper Hoodies: Male/Female. Some kind Badass Leather Jackets: Male/Female

  • Hats: Supreme like caps with a simple logo. Better Looking beanies. An Aviator hat. Some joke like anime hat for the lulz


3 years ago  ::  Mar 4 2011 - 4:43PM
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Quote by Komatoze
 I just hope the clothing is better. I think everyone has pretty much expressed how I feel so I won't add anything else. Just please don't add skinny jeans Volition lol.

What's wrong with skinny jeans?

3 years ago  ::  Mar 4 2011 - 5:28PM
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air max and jordans would be nice..we would have to find a new name for them though..

3 years ago  ::  Mar 4 2011 - 5:41PM
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Screw the sneakers and @#?%, how about THESE?

Imagine kicking someone in the balls with THOSE on. :D

3 years ago  ::  Mar 4 2011 - 9:23PM
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Quote by Sarlagon

This would be pretty cool, especially with flow effects.  A little gothic, but hey, there were goths and goth-esque clothes in SR2, why not make the addition B)

Ninja, Samurai (whole armour not just helmet like sr1), kung fu, shaolin munk outfits, mafia style zoot suit(customizable like sr2 suits), long do rag from saints row 1, dickie outfits(long and shot sleeve shirt and pants), flannel button up shirts, all clothing from prev. games.

oh and more shoe and clothing brands like ed hardy clothing, etc...

Quote by BlaBlabis

Hot Dog Costume V2.0?<br />

p.s. I think this would be funny as *!$#!!!

3 years ago  ::  Mar 4 2011 - 9:41PM
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 ite %@*# tha gay %$*? like skinnys.... niggaz be dressin like woman now wtf.. they needa add jordans, new era fitted hats n fitted baggy shirts like shaka or pro club... i hated how tha basic shirts were small as @%**... we needa be fresh fitted on SR3 ha

3 years ago  ::  Mar 4 2011 - 9:57PM
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first of all, ditch all the stupid costumes, for all the pu**y wiggers on this forum.. THIS IS A GANGSTER GAME!!!.

now that thats out, i'd like to see a larger selection trainers in SR3, fake versions of addidas, converse and nike trainers. might even be cool if you could actually obtain the licences so we can wear actual brand named clothes like in Skate 3. also more variety of jackets (BAGGY ONES), including leather jackers, hoodies, and definately more letterman jackets. new era hats would be cool. bandanas for the mouth and neck, other than the head.

men should also not be able to wear female clothes, i was pretty pissed off about that on SR2. its rediculous.