Mass Effect 3
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Upon release of Mass Effect 3, I have only managed to get through about half of the game.  And I will say that this will be game of the year.  Your choices from 1 and 2 reflect the story and missions in ME3.

Volition, in regards to SR4.  You better step up here.  As of right now ME3 is 100 times better than SR3.  True it is a different genre, however, ME3 is in depth.  Decision made have outcomes later on.  And not just in game, but, through out the series.

Want to make SR4 a huge success?  May want to team up with Bioware here.

2 years ago  ::  Mar 23 2012 - 10:32AM
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Now that I have finished Mass Effect 3, I will say that this game was unbelievable.

To get the true experience, one must run through ME1, followed by ME2, then go straight into ME3.  Can you play ME3 by itself?  Technically yes, however, I would not recommend doing that.  You will miss 50% of the content.

As I mentioned above, every decision made in ME1 and ME2 have some form of relevance in ME3.  Some things will be small, like a dialog change, some will be big.

Are there some plot holes?  Unfortunately yes.  However, they are small and unless your going through it with a fine tooth comb (or pic in the desert-Space Balls reference), you will really not see any.

Presently I would say the most disappointing thing is the error code one would get while trying to import their toon from 1 to 2 to 3.  There is an error in the code due to some changes that they made to facial structures and hair and that that does not transfer from 1 into 3.  However, Bioware is working and has a fix for a patch.  Upon review and approval of this patch by EA, Sony, and Microsoft, the patch will be released and one could then continue with their MC versus trying to recreate the facial structures.

Now there has seem to be a big controversy regarding the endings and not getting the happy peaceful love ending.  Without giving everything away in the ending, the endings will not be what would would suspect.  One word best describes the endings.


Indoctrination.  Not only is the MC battling indoctrination, but, you as a player are as well.

TBH, I think it was basically brilliant they way they did the ending.

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I'm ashamed of myself for not having opened my CE yet... it's on a list of games I need to play and I will get to it eventually.

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I'm ashamed of myself for not having opened my CE yet... it's on a list of games I need to play and I will get to it eventually.

Eden, just hold off.  With the release of the Extended Cut, BW has completely taken a dump on the Indoc Theory and the Indoc Theory was a gift given to them but the fans.  Did they explain some of the plot holes?  Yes.  But there are still alot of plot holes that needs to be addressed.

One of the biggest issues after my 3rd and final play through of ME3 was the writing.  With Drew K gone after ME2, Mac Walters took over as the lead writer.  Now on my first play through I did not notice the difference but after the second one and third, Walters is nowhere close to Drew K in relation to actually writing the story.

This is another reason of my posting in the suggestions forum of "who is writing SR4?"  Go get Drew K out of retirement.

ME3 will not be GOTY as i thought it might be.  During the first play through and import from ME-ME2-ME3, I was blown away.  Once you begin the second play through though, you will begin to notice things that just do not fit and cannot be explained and are never explained.  It is definetly a good one to play 1 time.  Hold that feeling after completing the first play through and do not go back.

I would actually suggest that you completely hold off and wait for all of the single player DLC to be released.  I have a gut feeling that future DLC will help explain some of the holes that are there presently.  That way you get a complete game.

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Thanks for the imput! That explains a lot, honestly. I'll hold off for now. Smile

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BW announced yesterday their pending single player mode DLC.  If you are going to break it open and play it.  Do it upon release of the DLC.  I thin the DLC will answer alot of questions that the Extended Cut did not address.

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Ah yes. I saw that. Sounds like a good plan. :)