An idea for a new game...
2 years ago  ::  Dec 4 2011 - 6:00PM
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No, its not another Saints Row, but it takes place in the same universe.

Hear me out ok? Volition has created 2 awesome cities with alot of variety in them, but their only limited to their own gangsta storyline...

Now, my original plan was to suggest a "good guy" protagonist for this game- like a pissed off cop or something- but I know most people here would shoot me down for it (if not already), so Im now suggesting a similar kind of "anti hero". But unlike the Saints Row anti hero, this anti hero is killing for a different reason.
And no, this game isnt based around The Third, but more around SR2. So no purple DEEL-DOUGHS. Or at least after The Third. In a less "phucked up world" (as I like to call it). Maybe even an alternate universe.

The concepts and possibilities:

1.Set in Stilwater, the Saints are rising up to power and have basically reached their peak. People have taken note of this and have already started to fear and respect the Saints, especially their leader. Except for one.... You.
2. The Saints are already in power, and the leader has returned from Steelport. Everyone is in panic, except you.

The story:
(I dont want it to sound too cliche, so suggestions are welcome)

Essentially, one of your relatives, or wife or whatever, was killed by the Saints, specifically their leader. Enraging the protagonist to his max, he sets off for the one responsible, regardless of the danger. So your pretty much going after your alternate self.


I realize that going after yourself would be a bit of a struggle, considering people make their own character in the SR games, but just like how Volition manages to keep his name a secret, so can his identity. That or you can make your own Saints leader alongside your own.

Freeroaming is important. But how would it work? Its pretty much the same as SR. Except your wreaking the Saints. (by killing Saints on the street, their vehicles, strongholds,etc) as you do that, the Saints leader gradually notices this and goes from not really caring, to getting cautious, to getting pissed. Proceeding throughout the story, you do whatever you can to hurt them, leading up to the finale. You versus, um, your other you..

Peds and cops are still walking and driving, but contrary to Saints Row, if you run anyone over, you'll be penalized for it. (the MC doesn't want to hurt people) But not so much that it makes it frustrating. If you kill a certain amount of people, the cops will eventually chase you, but you have to lose them, or go through a Forgive and Forget. And shooting them would make it worse. If you want to shoot cops and run people over, we do have 3 Saints Row games..

Buying guns, all of the weapons, customizing your character and your vehicles, house, etc, going into stores and buying drinks, restaurants, even new activities could still be there, its just not as rampant as Saints Row is, because its really not a SR. Its just in the same world...

so throw in some suggestions and comments aside from "This is a stupid idea".

2 years ago  ::  Dec 15 2011 - 7:48PM
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What about this:

Being in control of Steelport and needing to maintain order etc, the 3rd Street Saints have left Stillwater and this has created a vacuum. A number of small gangs have formed mainly for self-protection but also to take control of Stillwater's streets.

When they left, The Saints also left a number of properties that could be used by this games MC . There are weapons still stored in some places and these are unlocked during the game. You're a former cop who is getting annoyed with the corrupt system and you want to rid Stillwater of the scum (mainly the politicians, but also the worst gangs). You don't want to hurt innocent people so you have to think tactically.

You move your family away from Stillwater (they don't die or anything! too much of a cliche) and then get your hands dirty taking out the scum and also trying to influence things (someone had this good idea in another thread about influence being part of the game, instead of just walking in and completely dominating the area). As you're dealing with the scum, you find people willing to help you and these are also good people, just like you. They have skills such as engineering and they help to run everything for/with you, and they also supply/fix vehicles, weapons, property and whatever else you need.

Some of the people helping you are also former cops so they are good with weapons and they help you with training (as you get better with some weapons - respect earned for doing whatever - you unlock particular guns) and they also help, using their influence with current police officers, to keep your notoriety down when you're taking out members of gangs in the streets and also politicians/other scum wherever.

At the end of the game, when you have destroyed all of the gangs (most or all of them, not sure. maybe keep a few gangs going for you to attack later and have side-missions unlock when certain levels are reached) you decide to run in the elections and are voted in as Councillor/Mayor/Governor/President and then maybe more missions/activities are unlocked based on political stuff.

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As you said above, definitely have to be free roaming. A complete open World, nothing less.

2 years ago  ::  Jan 8 2012 - 10:36PM
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been outside of the Offtopic forum for a bit, just noticed. 

That sounds good. I think we might get somewhere here...

2 years ago  ::  Jan 17 2012 - 3:14PM
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been outside of the Offtopic forum for a bit, just noticed. 

That sounds good. I think we might get somewhere here...

Same here, just realised you replied lol

I like the idea of a cop taking on the scum but not against The Saints, you have a good idea :-)

2 years ago  ::  Jan 29 2012 - 2:33PM
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been outside of the Offtopic forum for a bit, just noticed. 

That sounds good. I think we might get somewhere here...

Same here, just realised you replied lol

I like the idea of a cop taking on the scum but not against The Saints, you have a good idea :-)

Well, the Saints are pretty powerful, and they are the most dangerous force in both cites. I know alot of people like the Saints, but I think for a story like this, they would have to be the enemies.

I could be cannon or non cannon. Since its a different game, Im not quite sure..

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I made way to much money, and ran out of things to spend it on.(If only!) I dont know if its feasable but gonna suggest it anyway, To be able to put your homies under the knife at Image as designed. To have your own posse as you choose, or from all the characters available to download, I feel this is one of the major aspects of this game, and instead of running around after one semi clad female(If only!)lol.

A free roaming camera would also be fantastic, if not, an in front of you perspective, as in racing games when in front of the car, its much more invigorating. Also to toggle on and off the maps and info stuff, I know thats enough already but the one wish more than the others is for a green screen, almost thought I had found one, well black screen, inside the statue, but alas youve thought of everything to make this game yours! Its ashame we cant get to keep our characters and do what the hell we like with them! Respect!!! Great job!!! But copyright in Stealport C'mon!!!

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Case and point: Saints Retribution

the new gang will be "The Chronics" as a joke name but taken serious by everyone else.

Same Universe as Saints Row Franchise set a couple of years into the future, but new fresh feel with a new gang alternative then the saints.

New Gang of Misfits trying to make a name for themselves as "gang banger pimps"(they sit in there basement smoking weed theorising how they are gonna be the next top gang, until they actually set things into motion).

I want the old style feel of the first "Saints Row", with the humor to go with it. I want to feel like a gangbanger again, opposed to a guy in a tie (which is what SR2 and SS:TT felt like). I think the cast of Knocked up with Will Farrell would give it the comic atmosphere it needs.

By cast of "Knocked up" i mean Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Jason Segel and Jay Baruchel all playing members within the new gang

Seth Rogan Plays Mastermind/Lieutenant of new gang(at first he will be the Leader until he pu**ies out, cause he wants the fame/money/power without the recercussions.

Will Farrell plays the Newly appointed Mayor(running for State) Dim witted and has no clue to running the city but loves the publicity and attention he gets. (gains government pos by Saints power).

Three Cities that are linked by the airports (we have them why not use them more) Stillwater(starting location), Steelport(final confrontation against the Saints), and a Vegas/Hollywood Style City.

The Saints are now just corporate celebrities that have lost their grip in the stillwater department but try to reclaim their integrity as the final antagonist.

Three Rival Gang possibilities are Mob type with connections to celebs, drugs and smuggling operation. a notorious gang of ex cons consisting of murderers, rapists and other over the top crimes(controlling underground fights, death races and heist operation. last gang is a latin, hybrid asian triad, african militia, white posing as blacks gang with control over battle royal(death mayhem activity on an deserted island),ho trafficking and illegal arms dealings.

Your group trys to make a name for itself as a bunch of drugged up failed attempt of gang bangers  >  then turns into a lame attempt at a counter terrorist group(by political and media controversy with the mayor or governer)  >which becomes>    pimped out gang bangers that think there all immortal unless put into a life or death situation.

Gangs HQ is Seth Rogen's characters Grandmothers basement(uncustomisable) and comic book store

Possible Bought HQ Corporate Office, Penthouse, Back room/VIP area in a club, Abandoned Warehouse and private owned island. (all fully upgradeable and customisable and purchased at anytime)

character should include 4 male/4 female accents with several personalities including Mad, Phycotic, anger management material, accepting/hippy stoner, *!#?@$ poser, normal, dramatic, tv soap and several more unknown to me

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I thought that the first two saints row games had better music then the Third though some of it was pretty entertaining

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Back after a couple weeks without internet..

@ Muppettron: Whoa man, hold on, you're turning the concept into another crime style game...