How I would have written the story of Saints Row The Third
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Hi everyone, as a few number of people here including myself were dissapointed with the story of Saints Row The Third, I figured that I may as well post a fanfic on how I would have done the story of Saints Row The Third. I will post each mission and give an in-depth guide as to how they would be created, as well as the transcripts. I'll be splitting the missions up into the same Acts as Saints Row The Third did and I hope to get some positive feedback for this. The missions will include the basic information about what the player would have to do in the mission as well as bits of transcript between the characters and I will generally be writing this as if it were a walkthrough book. There are a few obvious changes in some parts such as Shaundi's personality being a mix of the one she had in both Saints Row 2 and 3 and the Luchadores being fought first instead of the Morningstar. Below is a general run down of the lists of missions and acts, and then afterwards is an in-depth guide to each mission. Since there were 45 missions roughly in Saints Row The Third, that's how many I am doing here. Hope you all enjoy!

Act 1 (Prologue) 

Mission 1: When Good Heists Go Bad
Mission 2: We're Free-Free Falling
Mission 3: Welcome to Steelport (Mix of We're going to Need Guns and Welcome to Steelport)
Mission 4: It's Partytime! (Partytime)
Mission 5: All in the Matter of Science (All new mission, very similar to The Belgian Problem)

Act 2 (Mainly fighting The Luchadores as well as S.T.A.G)

Mission 6: Three Kings (Return to Steelport but namechange to similar named mission in SR2 and intro is replaced)
Mission 7: Who turned off the Lights? (Entirely new mission)
Mission 8: Border Control (Storyline parts come from beginning of Return to Steelport and later effects from that mission happen)
Mission 9: Street Fighter Legend (All new mission; parts of the mission are similar to Murderbrawl)
Mission 10: A War on Both Fronts (New mission but similar plot to Gang Bang and ending to Trojan Whores)
Mission 11: Old Friends, New Sh*t (Parts of the mission are similar to Convoy Decoy and Nyte Blade's Return)
Mission 12: Live! With Killbane (Mission mostly remains the same, but Killbane has a press conference instead of an interview)
Mission 13: Date Night (Similar to an original draft mission for the game, takes similarities to 3 Count Beat Down)
Mission 14: Casino Not So Royale (Very similar to 3 Count Beat Down and Remote Chance)
Mission 15: Murderbrawl XXXI (Same mission with same plot)
Mission 16: No Need To Be A Sore Loser (Mission similar to Three Way) 

Act 3 (Prime focus are The Deckers, S.T.A.G and Morningstar feature as well)

Mission 17: Steelport's Most Wanted (Mission is similar to Live! With Killbane and general introduction of STAG in Gang Bang)
Mission 18: Read The Safety Label Next Time (New Mission, based on the saints being chased out of their old headquarters which they planned on setting back up in, stealing some of STAG's weaponry such as a remote controlled mini-vehicle that the saints use to infiltrate Syndicate Tower and witness a meeting between Loren and Matt)
Mission 19: Pimps Up, Hos Down (Same Mission, set in the south east of the Decker's territory instead of the Morningstar territory)
Mission 20: The Ho Boat (Same mission, but with slightly different ending)
Mission 21: Nyte Blade's Return (Same mission, but with a slightly more complicated plot)
Mission 22: Learning Computer (Same Mission, but the ending involves more of STAG)
Mission 23: STAG Party (Same mission, but the majority of the penthouse is actually destroyed by STAG, and upgraded VTOL's make a debut)
Mission 24: Stop All The Downloading (Same Mission)
Mission 25: deckers.die (Same Mission, ends with the same choice as well as Matt giving some intel on STAG and Loren)
Mission 26: Some Old Wounds Can Heal (New Mission that focuses heavily on Viola)
Mission 27: My Name is Cyrus Temple (Same Mission, but Viola is kidnapped instead of Shaundi and different ending)

Act 4 (Due to Act 3's ending, primary focus is S.T.A.G but Morningstar, Zombies and Ultor feature)

Mission 28: Air Steelport (Same mission, but with different characters taking other roles)
Mission 29: Left For The Undead (All new mission, it is mainly a revenge mission)
Mission 30: Zombie Attack (Same mission, but with different characters taking other roles)
Mission 31: Don’t Rock The Boat (All new mission, focuses on STAG and Ultor)
Mission 32: So Much For Our PR Department (Another all new mission, continues on from previous one)
Mission 33: A Not So Brighter Future (Again, all new mission and continues from last one, a three mission arc story)
Mission 34: Safety First... (Similar to Zimos's section of Return to Steelport and Pimps Up Ho's Down, focuses on Morningstar)
Mission 35: Need a Refund? (All new mission that focuses on Morningstar and STAG)                
Mission 36: Brother, My Brother (All new mission that focuses on Morningstar)
Mission 37: Obsessive Fans (Continues on from previous mission which focuses on Ultor and STAG)
Mission 38: You’ve Lost Your Mind… (Startling semi-conclusion with the Ultor and STAG Plot)

Act 5 (Ending, focuses on STAG and Morningstar)

Mission 39: Once a Saint, Always a Saint (New Mission that continues on from Ultor and STAG Plot)
Mission 40: Hearts on Fire (Preparation mission for conclusion)
Mission 41: The Armada (Beginning of the end mission)
Mission 42: The Calm Before The Storm (Continuing story arc)
Mission 43: We’ve Got Your Back (Continuing story arc)
Mission 44: Three Way (Same mission, but the endings are different)
Mission 45A: Salting The Earth…Third Time’s The Charm! (Cannon Ending)
Mission 45B: Late Night Stag-Do (Alternate Ending)

Act 1

Mission 1 When Good Heists Go Bad

The screen is black, and the 3rd Street Saints Logo can be seen faded into the black. Stars are seen in the distance and a message is brought onto the screen in bright white, written similarly to the introductions of the Star Wars Films;


The story of human history.

Since great immemorial, great leaders have risen from humble beginnings to…

Do ****.

And so it was with the 3rd Street Saints.

Since conquering Stilwater, the once small-time gang have evolved into a media empire.

A Saints Movie is in development.

Johnny Gat and Shaundi are pop-culture icons. And Pierce

Well who gives a **** about Pierce?

The point is, the Saints are on the world stage and every criminal organisation wants their crown.

It was only a matter of time before one of them took the fight to the Saints.

The message fades into the background and the Saints logo grows larger, until a beam of light blinds the screen. A man is then heard moaning in pain, and the sounds of punching and kicking are heard. The camera zooms in onto a basketball court with a horde of punks beating the **** out of Pierce, and he can’t do anything about it. He’s going down, until the Godly Saints Flow befalls onto him, and after a quick drink, Pierce gets up and kicks some ass. After kicking one punk in the face and smashing another punk into the ground, Pierce looks for more and decides to grab a conveniently nearby basketball and slam-dunk it into the basketball net. He then crashes back onto the ground, and the Saints Flow can conveniently flies into his hands, and an aura of purple surrounds Pierce as the effects of the Saints Flow can only begin to take it’s toll on the man. With fire raging in his eyes and a large sum of money in sight, Pierce shouts;


But of course, this wasn’t real; Nobody could be that epic, especially not Pierce of all people. The camera zooms out of Josh Birk’s IPhone and reveals the setting to be an elevator. Birk chuckles at the cheesy advert and exclaim’s;

“Japanese commercials, easiest money you could ever meet”

He looked across the small elevator towards Johnny Gat and Shaundi, but they weren’t very impressed.

“Grand larcenery’s right up there. You ready for this?” As Johnny handed Josh two 45 Shepherds

“ No worries, I do my own stunts!” However Shaundi wasn’t impressed with Birk’s cockiness

“Hey, you’re just a ride-along man, so don’t get all Hong Kong style in there”

“I am a method actor; If I am going to play a Saint with any degree of emotional truth, I’ve gotta make it real”

The gangster’s voice changers were activated, and all they needed was their leader, who entered the elevator dressed as a Johnny Gat mascot, all of his identity masked by his number two saint’s mascot. Johnny and Shaundi then followed by hiding their identities with mascot heads, and Birk looked confusingly around as the Boss told him;

“Trust me Birk, it’ll be real”

But Birk was still confused;

“You’re robbing a bank-Dressed like yourselves?”

“Hell yeah, who doesn’t want to be Johnny Gat?”

“Ultra post-modernism: I love it!”

The elevator reached it’s destination and the saints began to walk out of the elevator, with Birk enthusiastically leading them. Shaundi however looked to the Boss and questioned whether they actually needed Birk, who reassured her that he’s just learning how to fit in but Shaundi however expresses her hopes that he “signed a waver…”. The Boss looked out towards the large bank room and fired his assault rifle into the air, ordering people to get down. But as he was giving his orders, Birk jumps onto a table with his Shepherds aimed towards one of the bank clerks and exclaims in a humours yet sadistic tone;


“Birk!” Shouted Gat

“Sorry, jumped my line. Can we reroll through that and do it again?”

“*Sigh* You all know the drill” muttered the boss

The camera angle shifts to show all of the bank customers in an orderly cue handing their money and valuables into bags protected by Johnny and Josh. One of the customers however was ecstatic about being robbed by the Saints and asked for a picture with the boss, which to keep their fans happy, Shaundi and the Boss were happy to give. Birk, slightly bored and looking around, walks to an old bank clerk and aims his Shepherd at her, and says;

“Get in line *@%?$!”


“Come on Johnny, you call yourselves gangbangers? You’re bunch of ****! We should all be up in their **** like-”

But before he could finish his lecture, the old lady aimed her own Shepherd at Birk and tried to shoot his head off, but fortunately Johnny dragged him out of the way. The Boss and Shaundi joined the two as they all watched the clerks arm themselves with shotguns and uzi’s, as well as men in a strange uniform above run down the stars with assault rifles and more uzi’s. The Boss confused adds;

“Well…That’s different!”

The men reach the end of the stairs and begin firing their guns, causing the saints to fall back and hide behind one of the turned over desks. The Boss loads up his rifle and looks to his right hand who asks;

“You got a plan or are we just shooting all of these mother****s?”

“That is my plan!”

“Works for me!”

After a short briefing of the Boss’s usual clever plan, Johnny swiftly rose and grabbed one of the strange men dressed in black and red. He then demands to know where the vault is however the man is adamant to not tell Gat, causing Gat to question whether he “wants to play?” and throws him over a incredibly large distance into a horse statue. Shaundi gasps in amazement as Birk drops his guns and the Boss joins Gat in shooting at the oncoming waves of goons. After Birk picks up his gun and Shaundi remembers the goons, the Saints murder all of the waves of goons and head up into the bank, searching for the vault. After Birk fails to impress Shaundi by kicking a door open and falling backwards, Gat kicks it open in aggressive strength and shoots more goons in a humorous fashion, causing Shaundi to blush as she walks over Birk and the Boss helps him up. However she quickly comes back into reality and Josh begins questioning whether all of their bank heists are this hectic, causing Gat and Shaundi to express their disbelief that this is a normal bank, causing the boss to ask “Who the hell are we robbing?” The Saints continue to push through the waves of goons and finally, they reach the vault and take off their mascots. Whilst Josh asks for help from Shaundi because he “can’t breathe”, Gat examines the vault and concludes that there is “No way we cracking this thing” and asks if the Boss is “Ready for plan B?” to which the Boss happily nods to and asks for Josh to come up to him. Birk turns around and lets the Boss look through the bag; after Birk asks if they are going to be drilling through the vault, Gat scoffs at the idea and reveals;

“**** no, we’ll blow it!”

Josh is then terrified at the fact he is running around with explosives, and the Boss grabs one of them and announces

 “Time to get to work!”

As the Saints walk upstairs to the final level of the bank, they walk further into the room, finding the point in the floor which is directly above the vault so they can airlift it out. Before the Boss can proceed with this, he sees a fan who asks for his signature, to which he happily delivers. Josh announces his presence to the fan and offers to give her a personal signature but she doesn’t accept the offer and walks away in disgust. The saints then rig the floor with explosives and hit the floor to shield their selves, except for Johnny who only needed an arm to shield his face because he wasn’t scared of explosives. The Boss and Shaundi then get up and look at the vault which is in perfect condition to be airlifted and asks Shaundi to call for the helicopter. Josh slowly getting up and eager to prove himself, notices a button underneath a nearby bank desk and exclaims that he has found the button to open the vault. Despite protests from Gat and the Boss, Birk presses it and to his surprise, an alarm for the Stilwater PD goes off. Shaundi angrily glares at him and questions whether Josh really is stupid or if he just wants to get the Saints “Jailtime”. Josh is upset at their fury over his stupidity, and decides to run away. Shaundi asks if she needs to go after him to calm him down, but Johnny dismisses the idea and decides that he’ll be just fine.

The Boss, Shaundi and Johnny then wait for the airlift as they fight oncoming waves of SWAT teams. They all smile at each other as they begin to do what they did best and loved most; killing cops. After a montage of Shaundi smashing her shotgun into a cop’s balls, and Johnny brutally stabbing a SWAT member in the face, the Boss notices the airlift in the sky, closing into the broken bank. Before he can start his escape with the vault, a strange red attack helicopter appears out of nowhere and starts firing on the trio. After Shaundi questions who these people are, Gat concludes that they are “a bunch of ****s” and follow the Boss in bringing it down with their guns. After it flies away, the Boss then links the vault up to the airlift and orders the pilot to start flying, as he orders Gat and Shaundi to go out the back so he can give a distraction for their escape. The Boss then begins to fly away with the vault until the same strange red attack helicopter returns and begins shooting onto the Boss and the Vault. More SWAT teams swarm the rooftop of the vault and after a long period of the boss killing waves of cops and shooting at the tornado, it finally starts to blow up however it crashes into the airlift.

The airlift starts to go down and the boss quickly jumps back into the almost destroyed bank, with the vault crashing down into the streets and the airlift blowing up in a nearby apartment block. The boss lays on the floor of the bank, and slowly turns his head and notices a large army of SWAT teams surrounding him and aiming their assault rifles at him. After noticing this, the Boss realises that he is defeated and mutters;

“Well, ****…”

Mission 2 We’re Free!-Free Falling!

The character customisation begins, and the player can alter their physical appearance at the prison because it is necessary for the police forms.

After the police finish the Boss’s criminal profile for their database, they throw him into a cell where he is reunited with Johnny and Shaundi, whom he discovers were arrested around the same time as the boss because their escape was not successful. They both sit on the floor, ashamed with what has happened whilst the Boss frantically turns to the officers and asks;

“The **** is this, we paid up this month!”

“Someone paid more…”

The cell doors close and the Boss then turns to his friends as Johnny rises up from the ground, questioning what has happened. Shaundi tries to explain that they got arrested however Gat reveals he wasn’t questioning what had happened with the bank heist, but what had happened to the Saints; he gives a lecture to the Boss and Shaundi over how the Saints have lost their way and are becoming sellouts;

“Seriously, movie deals? Commercials? The Saint’s name used to mean something more than body spray and some ass-tasting energy drink!”

The Boss is shocked with the words Johnny speaks to him, and is sceptical to think that even he has become a sellout. He looks to Shaundi, who surprisingly sides with Gat and notes that the Boss has grown soft and before today, he never really showed that much of an interest in killing people or acting like a Saint;

“Never wanted to shoot anybody or score some weed, just cared about the money…”

The Boss is pissed with the accusations coming from his best friends, and notes hilariously;

“The bills have to be paid somehow!”

As he shouts this, the sounds of women’s heels can be heard coming towards the cell doors. The doors are opened and the ray of light is blocked by a woman wearing a black assassin-like uniform with pink sunglasses, as her taller twin with the same outfit except for white sunglasses walks through the door with henchmen wearing the same suspicious red gang colour as on the Tornado. The woman with the white sunglasses starts to smile towards the Boss and Gat and looks set to begin a speech, until her twin cuts her off and announces;

“Your very wrong about the money Mr Gat, it’s always about the money and that’s why our employer wishes to have a word with you”

“That is, if you will quietly go with us?” adds the slightly kinder and taller twin

The three look towards each other angrily, unwilling to take help from the very people who got the Saints sent to Jail. However it was not an offer, and the goons push the Saints out of the cell and the camera fades.

The camera then zooms in onto a large private jet, with its red, blue and green beams  growing larger as the camera closes into the jet, revealing a large boardroom with the Boss, Johnny and Shaundi tied to chairs and forced to listen to the **** who ran the gang; Philippe Loren. He spoke in a French accent, and was as old as hell. The twins stood behind him in the exact same poses and looked happy to be listening to the old man. Before he could begin his introduction to the Saints, the Boss angrily asks;

“Do you have any idea who your ****ing with here?”

“Of course!” mocks the old man as he sits and plays with a Johnny Gat bobblehead

“A remarkable likeness indeed, these visions are Viola and Kiki and I am Philippe Loren; Chairman of the multinational organisation known as The Syndicate.

In a pissed off tone, Shaundi professes that she has never heard of the gang, whilst Loren understands this by pointing out if the Saints did, they would not have robbed his bank. He begins to taunt the Saints and reveals that his organisation is branching into Stilwater and offers to liberate their assets for their lives. After listening to Viola and Kiki showing the statistics for how much of the gang’s property and empire will be owned by the Syndicate, the Boss begins to lecture Loren in an aggressive tone;

“Listen you French ****!-“

“Please! I am Belgian!”

“So go and make yourself a ****ing waffle! We’re done here…” added Gat who couldn’t take any more of the Frenchman’s nonsense.

Loren sighed that he had hoped for a business arrangement, and orders for a goon to kill the Saints. He begins by aiming a pistol at Gat’s head, who just chuckles and shakes his head, muttering;

“This is the last time I get strapped to a chair!”

And with that sentiment, he charged forward and the chair was somehow released from the plane’s floor, and Gat tackles the goon onto the ground and snaps his neck. Loren moans at the calamity, and stabs Johnny in the gut with a knife, hoping that it would stop him. Shaundi laughs and notes that Gat’s been stabbed by bigger knifes as Johnny pushes Loren into one of the plane’s windows; tearing his face apart with glass and also decompressing the plane. After Johnny releases the Boss and Shaundi from their bonds, he takes the knife out of his gut and throws it at the pilot who is wondering what is happening. They look around the room and notice that Loren and the twins are nowhere to be seen, and a large door in front of them is blocked off by waves of the Syndicate. The Boss, Shaundi and Johnny hide behind the boardroom’s desk for cover, and begin to work on a plan. Johnny suggests that he should fly the plane and that Shaundi should protect the Boss since he isn’t used to a gun as much as they are. Annoyed with the comment, The Boss notes that he should just show them how it’s done and parachute out of the plane together. Johnny laughs and notes that the plane is going down quickly and someone needs to stay behind and fly the plane. The Boss sighs and nods, much to Shaundi’s dismay as Gat jumps up and kicks one of the goons in the balls, taking his smg and starting to cause his usual mayhem with it.

The Boss and Shaundi then run through the plane, taking some of the goon’s pistols and arming their selves for a long trip back to earth. The Boss starts to call Gat on his phone, asking whether Johnny is ok and tells him that they’ve found some parachutes; Johnny reveals he has taken control of the plane and that there is an army of Loren’s thugs coming with the Frenchman himself leading them. Johnny reveals that he is going to crash the plane towards the ocean but before Johnny and Shaundi can instruct him not to, the Boss’s phone is mysteriously turned off by an unknown source. He questions what has just happened and Shaundi notes that their probably lost the signal. The Boss and Shaundi then fall out of the plane as the plane starts flying towards the water, with Johnny clinging on to the controls and howling with the Syndicate’s screams as they also fall out of the plane. The Boss and Shaundi then fall out of the plane, trying to avoid the crates, vehicles and other &ldquo****” falling out of the plane. One of the goons however grabs the Boss and tries to attack him, causing Shaundi to fall further out of the sky screaming because only the Boss has a parachute. After a long fight between the Boss and the Syndicate henchmen, the Boss shoots his way through the cars and crates, and finds Shaundi just in the nick of time. Furiously however, Shaundi claws at his face and shouts;

“You’re a ****ing ****! Don’t ever drop me again! Wait, where the hell is Johnny?”

As she questions Gat’s location, the camera fades. The Boss and Shaundi reach the land and start walking into the new city, as they see the plane crash into the ocean, with Shaundi screaming that they need to go after Johnny. The Boss notes that Gat’s probably parachuted out and that they need to get into the city and find some guns, as well as figure out where the hell they are. The camera then focuses on the Plane, with Philippe, Viola and Kiki emerging from the wreckage. Half of Loren’s face is torn apart and the twin with the pink glasses has broken her arm. After lighting a cigarette, Loren tells Viola to find a public phone and to call “Killbane and Miller”. Whilst standing smoking his cigarette, Gat emerges from the wreckage, most of his clothes burnt and his hair brought out of the comb. He quickly falls to the ground and Philippe kicks him in the head, knocking him out. Kiki then asks him what will they do with Gat, to which Loren then replies;

“This one is strong, much like the Russian. Let’s bring him back to the tower; I’ve got a plan for this disrespectful ?**!@!”

Mission 3 Welcome To Steelport

After the previous mission’s awards are given, the next mission is automatically started. The boss and Shaundi walk through the slums of the city, with Shaundi informing the Boss that they are in Steelport which is “Kind of like Bangkok’s abusive father”. After a disturbing scene in which a homeless man offers the player a free “Feel Boss” session, the Boss finds a cash machine. He goes to get some money but finds the Saints bank to be empty. Confused and angry, the Boss shouts for answers, to which he gets from an unknown woman;

“It must have been Miller. He’s apart of the Syndicate, he’s wiped out your account”

“Who the **** is this? And how can I here you?”

Kinzie Kensington, I’ve hacked into your phone. And you’re welcome by the way for me saving your life with the EMP on the plane-”

“Wait, that was you on the plane with my phone? That’s MY private stuff!-”

“Look I don’t have a lot of time so listen carefully. I’m on a ship near Burns Hill, the Deckers- Syndicate have kidnapped me and if you want my help in taking them done, you’re gonna have to save me

After the mysterious girl hung up, the Boss looked to Shaundi for her view on the idea, but she had already loaded up her pistol and questioned why they shouldn’t since Kinzie saved them. The Boss agreed with this and quickly stole a nearby Neuron and was ready to drive off; the problem was that he had no idea where the hell he was going to. Shaundi looked at him disapprovingly and explained explained to him how to use GPS on his phone to find out where Burns Hill is. The Boss figured it out after a while, thanks to an embarrassed Shaundi and started driving towards Kinzie’s location. The Boss asked Shaundi to call Pierce to bring some of the crew since they’re low on guns;

“Shaundi, I know we’re good with these pistols but we’re gonna need the crew. We should call Pierce and have him bring some of the boys”

“Yeah I’ll get onto that *Calls Pierce* Pierce we’ve got a problem-”

“You don’t say? I was at my crib turning on my TV and all of a sudden there’s talk about the Third Street Saints getting arrested! And why the hell didn’t you wait at the po-lice station where I could have bailed you out, I could have-”

“For Christ sake Pierce, we’re in Steelport and we have to go raid some boat to kidnap a girl from a couple of guys who kidnapped her-Sending you the location” moaned the Boss, pissed at Pierce’s whining.

“Uh…Ok, I’ll head on over with the crew. And Shaundi?”


“Cover the Boss, he’s a bit rusty with his piece”

“Oh I am so hanging up on you…” replied the Boss, sick of his crew believing he’s lost his touch.

“Do you honestly think I don’t know how to use one of these?”

“No, but since our deal with Ultor, all you’ve cared about is fancy hotels and silky clothing. With what happened in the plane, I was hoping you’d return to your usual psycho self-”

“I’ve never changed Shaundi. You’ll see that once we get to that boat.”

Finally after a long discussion heated discussion, the Boss and Shaundi reached the shore of Burns Hill. Before they left the car, the Boss reminded her who he is, and that he can handle himself just like she can. She nods to his words and they then looked out towards the ocean and see the large ship where Kinzie was and stole a nearby boat. Shaundi calls Pierce to check on how he was doing and to make sure that he was coming, but Pierce noted that he’ll probably be late. The Boss says that he’s used to starting the party without him (Referring to Saints Seven back in Saints Row 2). The Boss and Shaundi reached the bow of the ship and start killing the nearby gang members who were patrolling the ship. They were dressed in neon blue, with slicked hair and strange boots; and they all talked in British accents. They charged towards the Boss and Shaundi wielding strange smg’s and one of them quickly ran into the Boss throwing a giant cyber-like sword onto him. He quickly got up and snapped his jaw, then pulled out his pistol and started doing what he did best.

“I know I’ve been out of the game for a while, but seriously; cyber guns! How the **** did these little punks get guns from computer games?”

“The Syndicate are a criminal organisation, they’ve probably dealt with secret organisations that work with that sort of stuff”

“Then why the hell haven’t we worked with them? I want some of this tech! And seriously-Neo Cyber Punk was so three years ago!”


"Forget it, let's just find this girl!"

The Boss and Shaundi then reached the other end of the ship and started going underneath, into the bunkers. More of the punks jumped out of the crates and started firing at the Saints, but to no avail and were quickly shot in the head and balls. The Boss then grabbed one of them and threw her into the other whilst Shaundi killed them both with one blast from her shotgun. After a wise crack involving Shaundi and shotguns, the Boss heard one of the Deckers talking to Kinzie nearby so he went to investigate. The punk saw him and aimed his cyber gun at him, warning him of the unknown technical pain that could be delivered, but Kinzie quickly rose up and slashed his neck open. He fell to the ground and took his gun, looking to an astonished Shaundi and the Boss, to which she simply says;

“What? He was getting on my nerves-I’m not a people person so I’m easily tempered!”

“Uh…Awesome?” replied the Boss who was secretly impressed with the quick thinking.

“They’re all down there havin' a party, let’s join 'em and have us a gangbang!”

The saints heard the warnings of oncoming Deckers with their obvious British accents and realised that they’re going to have to wait for Pierce. After a short montage of the Saints working their way to the surface of the ship, they ran out of ammo, and it was up the Boss to match the Decker’s bullets with his fists. Shaundi then called for Pierce, demanding to know where the hell he is, but he calmly replied;

“You know me-I love to make an entrance!”

And on that somehow hilarious bombshell, a fleet of purple attack helicopters flew towards the ship and missiles were launched off the base of the ship, as it begun to sink. The Deckers opened fire onto the helicopters, but they were all killed by Pierce’s and the other Saints’ machine guns. The Boss chuckled and shook his head, whilst Kinzie added in an unimpressed tone;

“Uh hello? That idiot just blew up the front of the ship, we’re going to sink with these corpses!”

“Relax Kinzie, you’ve got Saints protecting you now”

“Fair enough, but we’ve gotta go now because I don’t like the looks of those power boats!”

Shaundi and the Boss looked into the distance as an oncoming array of power boats with blue stars on them were charging through the waters, obviously the Deckers weren’t prepared to lose Kinzie yet. Pierce managed to get low enough to the ship for the three Saints members to get aboard his purple Vulture. Kinzie sat beside Pierce, impressed by the technology of the helicopter, implying that she has been held captive for a very long time. The boats were getting closer, and there were some blue tornados and vultures in the distance. The Boss told Pierce to stop chatting the girls up and to fly out to safety. The Boss then looked to Shaundi who somehow seemed to know Steelport better than anyone since Kinzie had been out of town for a long period of time. Shaundi wasn’t sure however and just asked Pierce to fly around town so she could remember the places. The Boss sighed and was given an annihilator by one of the other saints, and asked Kinzie to give him a hand as she and Shaundi switched places so Shaundi had a better view on Steelport. Pierce flew through an industrial island, past a couple of casinos and towards a giant red tower whilst The Boss and Kinzie enthusiastically blew up all of the oncoming helicopters;

“You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” asked the Boss

“That obvious? They’ve trapped me in that damn ship for over four or five months and fed me like an animal. Do you know how hard it is not to be checking up on them, buying a gun online or even freaking checking your enemy’s facebook page?”

“I guess it would be a pisstake…”

“Er-Yeah a little!”

“Hold up, what the hell are those” questioned the boss as he saw an armada of airplanes coming

&ldquo****, those cannot be the new AB Destroyer’s I keep hearing about!” moaned Pierce

“AB Destroyers? What the **** are those and why are they shooting at us with machine guns?”

“I don’t ****ing know! I just heard they were some military planes that got built from…from-”

“From who Pierce?!”



“Whoa whoa whoa pull up, that’s my ex’s apartment! Pull up here, maybe he’s in!” interrupted Shaundi, in a dazed tone and ignoring the major


“Sh-Shaundi, what’s wrong?” questioned Pierce in a confused tone

“Pierce! Pierce we’re cool man, hey! You look scared as ****! Do you need some of this?”

“Need some of what-Whoa where the hell did you get that weed?”

“The other friendly super saints left it here when they made room for us…Man I’m really baked right now…Where’s my sombrero Pierce? Where's my sombrero you sly mother-hey, cool controls! Do these take us to Mars?”

“Sh-Shaundi for the love of God! You’re gonna crash us to the ground!”

“Relax Pierce! You worry too much! Oh look flashy lights and fire! Urgh why are the sirens on!?”

“Everyone bail the hell out!” Ordered the Boss

The Boss grabbed Shaundi and threw himself out of the helicopter as Pierce and Kinzie also followed. Fortunately for them, they were close to street level and landed on the top of the apartment Shaundi’s ex left in, barely scratched from the sudden crash. The helicopter started flying off towards a nearby pylon that came crashing down and brought the AB Destroyer falling into the freeway. The four saints got up from the ground and Shaundi looked dazed, with the Boss noting;

“If that didn’t happen, I’d be taking that weed off you right now!”

“Next time, you need to try some, or you’ll end up as cranky as Pierce!” exclaimed Shaundi as she passed out after giggling at her joke.

“Alright people, let’s make ourselves home!” announced the boss as he picked the unconscious Shaundi up from the ground and started making his way into the apartment.

Well that's the first three missions and I'll post the rest later on, I've just posted these three first as a teaser and to see whether anyone will be interested in reading these, hope you enjoy and want to read more!

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Yo, this is the way the story should of been written from jump street. i like how you managed to keep the real Johnny Gat alive, (Big ass factor)  considering that with as smart as Loren is, he could of used gat for experimental purposes rather than just have him killed due to a bad business proposal. With all my revised gat theories i've put on this site, from the zombie gat being an ultor experiment deal made with Loren, to linking the syndicate with ties to the Ultor branch of Steelport rather than the Stilwater branch, I would say that you are on the right track. I've read all of this, and pictured it happening as well. I also like how you managed to bring back old pierce moves, old shaundi moves and with the boss looking at the fame how Johnny would question him and call him a soft ass was always in it for the money stereotype. To sum all this up though, keep up the good work.

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Yo, this is the way the story should of been written from jump street. i like how you managed to keep the real Johnny Gat alive, (Big ass factor)  considering that with as smart as Loren is, he could of used gat for experimental purposes rather than just have him killed due to a bad business proposal. With all my revised gat theories i've put on this site, from the zombie gat being an ultor experiment deal made with Loren, to linking the syndicate with ties to the Ultor branch of Steelport rather than the Stilwater branch, I would say that you are on the right track. I've read all of this, and pictured it happening as well. I also like how you managed to bring back old pierce moves, old shaundi moves and with the boss looking at the fame how Johnny would question him and call him a soft ass was always in it for the money stereotype. To sum all this up though, keep up the good work.

Thanks man! I'm more strapped for time than I was before though I think I will be able to access the forums easier than before. I'm still writing up the next three missiosn and am going to try and upload as much as I can today, because I doubt I'll be able to write more fanfic for a while.

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Well everyone here's the second chapter finally up! Missions 4, 5 and 6 have been written and they are definetely longer than the first three. The story has taken a swift turn and more characters are being introduced. Music is introduced in this chapter and for maximum awesomeness to be given, I suggest listening to the songs as you read the missions. Some parts are similar to the actual story in the game but most of it is different and I hope you all enjoy and leave a comment!

Mission 4 It’s Partytime!

The Boss and Shaundi walked into the door of their new apartment and were shocked to find that the whole place was covered in photos, newspaper clippings, maps and several other pictures. Kinzie sat in a computer chair in the shadow by the corner tapping away on her laptop whilst Pierce was passed out on the couch; the bottles of alcohol suggested the reason for it. As Shaundi stood viewing each picture on the walls, wondering how they are important to the Saints, the Boss walked over to Kinzie but he had to watch his step as there were boxes all over the floor; the labels showed that they were boxes for Kinzie’s laptop so she could install virus protection programs and other necessities. The Boss was largely confused at what she was doing and openly asked;

“So Kinzie…what the hell have you done to this crib?”

“You want to take down the Syndicate? I did some research. After your friend over there told me about how you all foolishly robbed a Syndicate bank and are searching for your other friend, I guess you would want revenge on them-“ Kinzie explained, she obviously had time to think over the situation to make a smart quick reply.

“-We want nothing less than that. Don’t need to stick around, we just want Johnny back” Shaundi interrupted, getting straight to the point and proving that she too was a smart Saints girl.

“Well in that case, I got some of your guys to get me a laptop so I could get started-“

“-Started?” The Boss interrupted, falling behind to keep up with Kinzie’s quick explanations, but he didn’t want to reveal it too much.

“Well of course, in order to find out where you friend is, I’ve had to do all sorts of things I can only do via a laptop; hack into the Syndicate’s phones, hack into CCTV footage as well as prepare ambushes for your friends in purple to sort out and get me information.” Kinzie once again explained, the boss was already impressed at Kinzie’s large amount of work; obviously she was motivated into helping the Saints even though she barely knows them. Shaundi meanwhile was speechless and Pierce manages to wake up, sensing the jealousy glowing out of Shaundi;

“I take it the new girl is pretty good since your standing back and letting her do all the work, and especially since Shaundi can’t speak for ****!” Pierce announced as he chuckled at Shaundi’s aggressive manner towards him;

“Hold up, all of a sudden there is a new girl in the gang and you think I’m jealous? Your ******* sexist!” Shaundi declared, grinding her teeth as she didn’t want the atmosphere to be any more awkward and she just wanted to get on with fighting the Syndicate.

“Flirt later you two, we really ought to be going. Kinzie, do you know where Johnny will be, or any good places to look?” The Boss asked, trying not to sound too demanding.

“Good places? There are tonnes. The Syndicate own Steelport. But if Pierce is really right in saying before that Shaundi was impressed with Johnny smashing up Loren’s face, he’s probably humiliated Loren and made him ******. So he’ll keep Gat very close to home” Kinzie replied, feeling very good about herself as she could see the Boss didn’t want to pressure her.

“Ok great, where’s he at?” The Boss asked, surprised at how quickly Kinzie had gotten the information.

Syndicate Tower in Loren Square. Cheesy I know, but that’s where Johnny will be. The place is a fortress, over 250 stories and it’s 1000 metres tall. I don’t know right now exactly where Johnny will be, but once you get into the tower and if you can hack into their computer system, I’ll be able to pinpoint his exact location for you.” Kinzie replied. The Saints were shocked and very stunned with how big Syndicate Tower looked on Kinzie’s laptop. The place really was a fortress and with their shortage of guns and large amount of backup, getting through the tower would clearly not be easy.

“Damn girl, that’s ******* suicide! We ain’t strapped for that ****! If we’re really gonna find Gat, we’ll need some big guns” Pierce declared, his accent and whining became hilariously evident in his moaning. The Boss smirked at it whilst Shaundi shook her head.

“And if you want guns and to hit the Morningstar, you’ll want to hit this place!” Kinzie announced as she showed a photo of a penthouse on her laptop. It was via a webcam on one of the Morningstar goon’s phone as they were having a party; they were very drunk and laidback which would make the perfect time for the Boss to hit them hard and finally have some fun.

“Jesus look at all those ****s, we’ve gotta head over there and **** ‘em up” The Boss announced, loading his pistol as he then looked to Pierce.

“Can you get some of the boys to start up the chopper? I want to do some more skydiving on these *******…” The Boss decided, he looked very happy with the prospect of more murdering on the people who tried to destroy the Saints; if they really wanted to do so then they needed to kill the Boss. He loaded up his other pistol and started laughing at the sight of his pistol being full of ammo, meaning that there would be plenty of deaths.

The Saints flew over to the Penthouse via their Tornado that they had used before. The penthouse was in the Downtown district, not too far from Syndicate Tower meaning the Saints could keep plenty of attention on their enemies.  There were strippers and Morningstar members all over the Penthouse and a large burly goon was in the pool, eating a hotdog and shouting for one of the strippers to join him. Shaundi drew her gun ready for a headshot but The Boss stopped her, believing to have a better idea;

“A’ight, I’ll head in and bring the elevators down to the ground floor to you so you and the other saints can head in head on up”

“Alright, we’re all armed and ready to take them all out, just give us the word when your ready” Shaundi replied, following his orders. She always followed orders without question, since she first joined the Saints she has always tried to prove herself by following orders quickly with no questions asked. But then problems would sometime arise and then many Saints would then question whether she was a worthy member or not. This is the one thing Shaundi hated; questions. She always believed in completing a task without complaining about it and getting it done, sometimes it would put her in a bad light with Pierce who was more laidback, but she never needed to prove herself as much in the past after the Saints took over Stilwater. That is, until now in Steelport as more members are joining and the Saints are struggling to rise to defeat the Syndicate, just like with the gangs in Stilwater. She secretly hopes this time though, with a tough attitude and more experience, no one would doubt her.

“Great, hey what the **** is that ***hole doing in my pool? **** it, time to find out!” The Boss announced, as he unexpectedly jumped out of the helicopter towards the Penthouse. This is what Shaundi liked about the Boss; he cared about getting things down and would always do whatever it took to do so. However today after a long period of not needing to use a gun, the Boss seemed to be forgetting things that a gangbanger needed to do in the Saints; he had forgotten his parachute and his hastiness had gotten the better of him. Shaundi noticed this from the pilot’s seat as she frantically tried to fly down and save the Boss. But Pierce stopped her, deciding that it would be best for the Boss to learn from his mistakes and get back into the game, even if it was the hard way and would hurt him. They then watched from above as the boss fell down to the penthouse and screamed in horror;

“Oh **** me! I really got to stop doing this! Hang on heh heh, that fat guy might cushion my fall!”


*The Song, Power by Kanye West is played onwards from this point just like the original mission for further awesomeness*


The Morningstar then watched from above as the Boss started to fall further towards the Penthouse. All but the burly fat man in the pool paid attention and grabbed their guns. He was too busy trying to kiss the stripper with half of a hotdog in his mouth. The Boss shook his head in disbelief at the idiocy that exceeded even his own, and watched with awe as his feet shoved their way into the man’s head, snapping his neck and pushing him down into the pool as the stripper was pushed out of the way and fell through one of the nearby glass windows. The man’s neck snapped very loudly and his legs seemed to have disappeared as the Boss drove him into the bottom of the pool. The Morningstar opened fire into the pool and after the bubbles stopped forming, they felt sure that the Boss had met his marker. But blood filled and covered the pool, and a grenade arose out of the pool and into the air, shaking the roof of the penthouse and shocking the goons. Most of them fell off the railings and into the streets below whilst those remaining only had their faces blown off. As those who still could got up and reached for their guns, the Boss ran out of the pool and used one of the strippers as a human shield whilst he raised Hell onto the remaining Morningstar goons by the pool with his pistol. He quickly killed them all and threw the stripper back into the pool as she hilariously started to eat the rest of the hotdog that the fat man had before. The Boss then walked into the penthouse after picking up one of the dead goons smg’s, and found that the goons were too busy making themselves at home to notice him. Five or six of them were by the bar, drinking their lives away and dancing like crazy, causing the Boss to spoil their party by firing a whole clip of bullets from his smg at the goons. They were all killed and the goons upstairs heard their colleague’s deaths, influencing them to come down and try to kill the boss. The Boss saw that he was outgunned and jumped to hide behind a couch, and then threw another grenade. Some of the henchmen were killed whilst some tried to frantically run away towards the elevator in the basement, but the Boss quickly stopped them by shooting them all towards their spines. He then saw the elevator and sent it downstairs for Shaundi and the other Saints to help him protect the penthouse.


As Shaundi and the other saints arrived, Pierce called to warn the Boss that more Morningstar are coming by helicopters. The saint saw that they didn’t have that much ammo left in their guns and decided to look for the gun vault that Kinzie informed them of before they left the crib. As the Morningstar arrived at the helipad, Shaundi found the gun vault and the Boss gazed in awe at the large amount of weapons stacked on the walls. He excitingly ran into the vault and started deciding on which weapon to use first but it was difficult for the Boss to decide on any weapon as they were all good at what they were built for. But then he stopped turning his head when he saw one weapon; it was big, had a lot of ammo mags and was loud. He called for two of the Saints members to help him carry it up upstairs whilst Shaundi tried to defend the Penthouse. The Morningstar were quickly killed as Shaundi grinded her teeth in anger as she pressed the trigger button as fast as Johnny would. The other Saints struggled to get their own kills and help to defend but it didn’t matter as the Boss arrived upstairs with his newfound toy. The saints set it behind the couch and the Morningstar goons looked in horror as they realised what it was. Some started running for the choppers whilst the others hid behind doors. Shaundi turned wondering why they stopped firing at her and shouted in surprise at what she saw;

“Oh my God, where the hell did you get that machine gun?”

“Hahaha, not just any machine gun Shaundi, this is what is known as a Type 77 machine gun, rare nowadays in America and the Morningstar got their hands on one somehow. Man these things really make you feel good!” The Boss exclaimed, as he threw it onto the top of the couch.

The Boss then had to fight all waves of the goons off but they knew as more landed on the helipad that the penthouse was a lost cause; nothing could stop the Boss now with his new toy. A montage then began with the Boss firing the machine gun at the doors with the other saints and shaundi standing beside him, firing some assault rifles they found downstairs in the gun vault. The blood gushed onto the floor as the henchmen were quickly killed by the rapid onslaught of murder installed by the Boss. The saints however were quickly shocked at one of the supposed goons; he was about 8 ft tall and looked very angry. Wearing only a tanktop and army cargo pants, he charged at the boss as the Boss fired all of his bullets onto stopping the terrifying man. After a while, he was quickly killed but his presence was enough to scare the Boss and Shaundi, making them question how many types of people do the Syndicate have working for them. More goons arrived but the Boss’s gun started to slow down and it ran out of bullets, causing the Boss to curse his life for the 1000th time and to hit the deck as the Morningstar started firing back at the Saints. The Boss shouted that he could do with some help, which was heard by Shaundi as she armed herself with a rocket launcher she found in the vault, and started firing at the goons and at the helicopters so escape was impossible. The Boss laughed at the sound of the bullets colliding with the henchmen’s faces rang out to him, and after they were all killed Shaundi looked back at the other Saints and calmly asked;

“Who else is gonna try and ******* test me!?”


Mission 5 All in the name of Science

Most of the saints were in their new Penthouse going over their plan to invade Loren Tower and save Johnny, whilst a few of them were moving the corpses of the Morningstar from the previous mission as they didn’t want to make the place smell bad. They were told to move them via the elevator and then to put them into cars, but the saints felt it was too much work for nothing and just carried them over to the helipad and dropped them into the streets below. The sounds of pedestrians screaming in horror to the falling bodies could be heard to the Boss, but the other saints couldn’t hear it as they were listening to their IPod’s. The Boss, Kinzie, Pierce and Shaundi sat by the bar where the Boss and Kinzie were talking about a map of the tower whilst Pierce helped Shaundi to load up all of the guns, even though Shaundi probably didn’t need it.

“So you think Johnny will be on the sixteenth floor?” The Boss asked, after examining all parts of the map

“Yeah, that floor is what the Morningstar call “The Beast Floor” because everytime the Syndicate want to kidnap somebody, they end up here and are…tortured for information-” Kinzie explained

“-Johnny’d never break through any torture, no matter how strong Loren was. But if it has been this long, Loren’s probably introduced the big guns on Johnny and he’ll be close to losing it” Shaundi interrupted, reminding the other saints that Johnny isn’t a normal saint and that he can take a lot of pain.

“A’ight Shaundi, the boys’ll drive to the tower as we do and help wipe the garage out as we start up the bomb. Then we’ll find Gat and maybe Loren, then get the hell outta there before we get caught up in the explosion.” The Boss decided, after looking at the saints with a smirk on his face as they casually drop corpses onto the streets of Steelport.

“Hold up, we got a bomb stashed with us? Where in god’s name did we-oh right, the vault, ****. That sounds like a straight forward plan, though our plans never go as planned do they?” Pierce asked, though he quickly answered his own question and then slowly tried to make a joke out of the situation, which worked on the Boss but not on Shaundi who knew there was too much at risk for jokes.

“The plan WILL go to plan since I’ll be keeping you all updated throughout the entire thing. If you want me to find an exact location of Loren in that tower, I’ll need you to cause some explosions. Their CCTV is protected incredibly well so I’m gonna need you to destroy what is blocking me from the cameras. Then by the time you find Johnny, I’ll have found Loren” Kinzie declared, hoping that what Pierce said really was just a joke, and that the majority of the Saints plans are actually successful and straight forward.

“Alright, let’s find Johnny and give that Belgian ****** what’s coming to him” The Boss declared, after loading up his pistols and looking at Pierce and Shaundi.

*The song Wallflower by Divalola is played at this point; The Boss, Pierce and Shaundi walk towards the elevator and only the background music of the song is heard. Shaundi rests her rifle onto her shoulder, Pierce pulls his hat forward and the Boss puts his pistols into his pockets and takes out his AK-47. The music stops once the Saints arrive at Loren Tower.*

The Boss, Pierce and Shaundi got into a nearby purple Sovereign that Pierce owned, and the Boss started driving to Loren Tower. Music was playing from the radio but the sounds of Shaundi checking all of her weapons faded the music out, whilst Pierce tried to ignore it and remain calm for the situation. The Boss looked through the window and the song ended, and then No Easy Way Out’ by Robert Tepper started to play; he looked to the radio when it was played and Shaundi stopped checking her weapons to listen. It wasn’t very loud for the background music to be unheard, as they were focused on the radio song and daydreaming whilst Pierce was trying to work out what was going through their heads. It was Johnny who they were thinking of, as the song reminded them of Johnny but to the Boss, it reminded him of Johnny, Carlos and all of the other Saints who fell and died. He obviously didn’t want anything wrong to go with their plan to cause pain on Johnny and needed to be sure that Gat was back to his usual life of killing anyone that ****** him off. Finally as the song ended, the Saints reached the Tower and drove into the garage. There were swarms of Morningstar already there and prepared for them, whilst the reinforcements for the Saints drove in after the Boss, clearly waiting for his move first on the Syndicate. The saints got out of their cars and started killing the goons. Some of them had sniper rifles which caused problems for the saints, but it was quickly taken care of and Kinzie told the Boss over the phone to start the bomb. She hadn’t even bothered to call him as she could easily hack into his phone, which was a fact that did not bother the Boss strangely at all. He went to the truck the Saints drove in with and started up the bomb, believing that it would result in a massive explosion for the tower. Shaundi questioned why they didn’t activate the bomb until after they found Johnny which was a smart question, but the Boss had already reached the elevator and was too focused on the job.

The Boss pressed the button for the sixteenth floor and the saints started heading up to the tower whilst the reinforcements made sure that no more Morningstar would come in via the garage. As the elevator started moving up to the sixteenth floor, it stopped all of a sudden at the fifteenth causing the Saints to panic and question what they did. But it wasn’t something they foresaw; Loren had control of the elevator and knew that they were trying to save Johnny;

“Did you really think you could waltz right up to your friend when I control the building?” Loren questioned, as he spoke over the loudspeakers.

The Boss moaned at his words whilst Pierce couldn’t stop chuckling at his accent because it sounded too French for a supposed Belgian man. The Saints arrived on the fifteenth floor and were shocked to find that they were in a cloning facility. Morningstar stood by some parts of the technology and opened fire on the Saints, but they were quickly taken care of. The Saints looked at the technology and the clones, noticing that they were similar to the big man the Boss and Shaundi fought when they were taking the Penthouse. They realised that the Syndicate were cloning these big men and that they should destroy all of the clones before they attacked the Saints, which Kinzie reminded them that they would do via the bomb as she finally reached the Boss;

“The Bomb sh--ll all of the clones. Just fo—nding Johnny” Kinzie informed, though her feed was breaking up.

“Kinzie your breaking up!” Pierce realised, as the Boss and Shaundi glared at him in a mocking tone as they were one step ahead of him.

“My feed, i—jammed by Loren…You need to—“ Kinzie tried to explain, but Loren had blocked out her signal and the Saints could not hear the important part of her sentence. The Boss tried to call her, but the Syndicate were successful in blocking out their signals. The Saints realised they were alone on the job and had to find a stairway to get out. They started walking towards the end of the large room and found a small corridor by the stairway, where another one of the big men was found kidnapped and pinned down to the wall. He was strangely naked and the Saints were wondering what to do with him;

“Philippe likes his things custom made, and for his brutes I am the master pattern you see. All of the other men you have seen as big as me are clones, pathetic insignificant replicas of me. They may have my brawn but not my brain and all of this torture at the Frenchman’s hands has infuriated me. If you free me now, I will repay you with my life and fight alongside you against the Syndicate” He explained in a Russian accent, he seemed fairly old, around late 40’s but he was clearly strong and a capable fighter.

“Can we really trust this guy? Why would Loren tie him to the wall instead of one of the clones’s domes if he wasn’t a threat? Besides we’re running out of time and we need to find Johnny.” Shaundi decided, as she didn’t trust the strange man.

“Trust me, if Loren knew I was free, he would be terrified beyond belief. Words cannot describe how loyal I would be to you in our onslaught onto the Syndicate” The man concluded, trying to give the Saints plenty of reason to free him.

The Boss nodded and decided even if the man didn’t side with the Saints, he would still cause enough trouble for Loren so the Saints could escape the tower. The Saints fired onto the man’s restraints and he dropped to the floor as he rose after smiling at the Saints. Pierce asked if he wanted some clothes, however he could not care for this and noted that they didn’t have a lot of time to find Loren or do anything else that the Saints had planned. Shaundi and the Boss admired this, as they informed him of their plan to free Johnny and ran up the stairs. Pierce however felt threatened by the man’s large intellect and size, remembering the last time he met a big naked man which did not end well. The man revealed his name was Oleg Kirrlov but refused to reveal his previous history to the Saints, as he felt it would be better for their friendship if he didn’t elaborate. The Saints reached the top of the stairs and gave a sigh of relief as they found the sixteenth floor; but there was barely anything there. The room was dark with drippings of water from the floor above dripping down and the floorboards were very weak and torn apart. The light in the room was coming from a giant dome stuck to the wall, which was blocked by a man who stood in the same stance as Jesus Christ did when he was nailed to the cross. The man was unconscious and his clothes were fairly ripped, and his hair was frizzled and stuck up inside of being slicked back. The Saints looked at the dome and the Boss’s face dropped to discover it was Johnny. He ran over to the dome but Pierce shouted that the floor could give way at any moment and the Boss should take things easy. But he didn’t care, he was prepared to risk falling sixteen floors to his death because he could see that Johnny was in pain. He started pressing buttons on a nearby control panel and then shot at the dome; then finally Gat was free and fell to the floor. He struggled to get up and the Boss helped him but Johnny wasn’t like his usual self and spoke in a very weak tone;

“I don’t know what Frenchy’s done to me. All I remember is the electricity, then his scientist friend and more blurs. My head feels like ****, worse then being drunk and wasted at the same time, and I just can’t remember what Loren wanted with me. I remember him talking about me being like ‘The Russian’ and that I could be used for something else…But it’s all just a big blur. I feel like I’m gonna drop or puke any minute but I…Urgh” Johnny explained, he really was at the weakest point that he ever been at. He tried to remember everything Loren did to him for the Boss so they could either steal the technology or destroy it, but he could barely finish a sentence and was paler than usual. As he started to fall, Shaundi ran across the frail floorboards and helped Johnny up, as Oleg seemed startled by the amount of injury on Johnny and Pierce started to look concerned;

“Johnny, do you, um, need anything?” Pierce asked in a serious and concerned tone. There was a short pause inbetween as Gat’s fist clenched and Shaundi slowly helped him up. His hair now stuck up like it used to and most of his clothing was still intact, only parts of his armholes and the bottom of his jeans were torn. He pulled his glasses tightly back and smashed his hands into the container which once kept him from the rest of the world.

*The song, I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin plays from this point onwards as Johnny begins to speak clearer*

“Yeah, I need a drink and my Goddamn gun! Where’s Frenchy? I wanna blow some of his **** up in his face!” Johnny asserted, before being handed an AK-47 by Shaundi who was blushing at his words and the Boss, Pierce and Oleg smiling at how the man refused to back down to a fight despite his previous torture.

“That’s the Johnny I’ve always known. It’s good to have you back man. The bomb’s still ticking downstairs so that should take care of most of the building. There’s probably some more goons coming and our boys can’t hold out as long as us. How about we join the party?” The Boss decided, he was happy to see the eagerness had returned in Johnny and decided on the best course of revenge that could be delivered. He remembered that Kinzie will likely be trying to trace the Saints after the communications were jammed, and knew what they needed to do.

The saints went downstairs to the fourteenth floor and found the place to be deserted. The boss ran to the other side of the room that was on the face of the tower and he brought some wires that were used to support Gat’s cell dome from upstairs. He opened the windows and stuck them to the front of the building and called for Piece to come over. Pierce did so wondering what the Boss was planning and he was hooked up to the wire and pushed out of the window. Pierce screamed at the Boss but eventually he stopped falling and the wire kept him in the air. The Boss noted that it was now safe and told everyone to hook up and that they should give support to the Saints at street level. Oleg who didn’t need a gun decided to just jump down and help the Saints. The Boss questioned what he was doing but realised that Oleg was more acrobatic than they had thought and he could easily cling to the railings of the outside of the tower. What he couldn’t cling he simply smashed through and this then stunned all of the Saints, influencing Shaundi to break the silence by informing that more Morningstar were arriving. The Saints started firing with their assault rifles onto the cars and Pierce saw that helicopters were coming, but Oleg said that he would take care of it. Pierce questioned what that meant but stopped half way as Oleg jumped onto the choppers and threw the pilots out of their seats and down onto the fire of bullets below. The Boss found that it was easy to move the height of the wire and felt at ease at what he was doing, well more at ease since the Boss started to get used to murdering people on a regular basis again just like when he was resurrecting the Saints and taking back the streets of Stillwater.

The Saints were clearly shown to be winning the fight despite the Morningstar having a larger number of gunmen; in only ten minutes, the Saints had killed over two hundred Morningstar goons with their rifles as well as Oleg breaking helicopters. All of this destruction was seen by Philippe Loren who stood in his office at the top of the tower, deciding on what to do. An eyepatch covered his left eye which showed the amount of injury that Johnny had caused him when the Saints were kidnapped, and his anger covered his entire face as he knew that if he let the Saints continue at what they were doing, most of the Morningstar members would be dead. Philippe then looked at some of his goons entering the office who were already in the tower, informing him that there was a bomb set at the base of the tower. Loren knew this already and began to reveal his plan;

“Are the Saints that naïve to believe that I didn’t suspect someone to gatecrash my parties? That I didn’t suspect, after Mr Miller’s boat was destroyed and the agent escaped, that no one would try to rob me of that penthouse? Fortunately for us, I remembered every inch of that penthouse and what its contents were, what weapons it had stored. That bomb downstairs is no ordinary bomb-It’s a chemical weapon, something that I had made by an old friend from the home country. What the Saints won’t expect, is a chemical gas rising up the tower to rob them of their breath…”

Loren then told the goons to start up his helicopter on the tower’s helipad so he could escape, whilst some of the saints at the base of the tower watched the bomb explode from a safe distance. However, the bomb as Loren said was a chemical gas bomb, and the gas started to effect the saints and these effects were brutal. As the Boss continued shooting the Morningstar, Shaundi realised the saints at the base of the tower had stopped fighting and she and Pierce watched in horror as they screamed in pain as they were gassed to death. The Boss, Johnny and Oleg saw this afterwards too and realised that they had to escape as soon as possible before the gas rises up to them. As the Boss prepared to call Kinzie so she could send some saints over with helicopters, Loren’s helicopter revealed itself in front of the Saints and fired a rocket at his own tower; it didn’t cause a large amount of damage to the tower but instead it broke parts of the Saint’s wires that kept them hanging in the air. If they didn’t act quickly, they would fall to their deaths. Loren then shouted a vow to destroy the Saints by any means necessary as his backup arrived to escort him safely to a safer place whilst the saints would escape. The backup helicopters were filled with some of the Syndicate’s money that Loren had kept in Syndicate Tower and Loren  Oleg then saw an opportunity for the Saints;

“Those helicopters are filled with a large amount of money that the Syndicate will likely need. Since we need to escape from the tower before we are gassed to death, why don’t we try to hijack those helicopters and use the helicopters as an escape route, as well as keeping the profit for us?”

“That’s…Not a bad idea actually Oleg. Not only would we be saving our lives, but we’d also be hurting the Syndicate too; I like it” The Boss exclaimed, slowly realising how well this idea truly was and he couldn’t possibly think of a reason not to.

“Boss we’re pretty low on ammo and I honestly don’t know how long Johnny can continue fighting. Sure he’s doing what he does best but he still looks as pale as hell. If we try to make a jump for those helicopters, I doubt everyone will still be as healthy as they are now. We should just call Kinzie and have some helicopters come to get us back to the Penthouse. At least that way, we’d all be safe” Shaundi asserted, believing Oleg’s idea was too risky and wanting to protect her friends.

“Your right, I’ve only just gotten Gat back and a whole new saint with us, I don’t want to lose them again. But, when have we ever played safe?” The Boss replied, though he was still questioning to himself what to do.

“It’s your call for this one Boss, but you’ve gotta make it quick!” Pierce decided, knowing that even though it was a tricky decision, only the Boss could make it.

*There would be two different endings to this mission because of the choice that the Boss has. Both decisions and their rewards are given in each paragraph below:*

The Boss decides that the Saints will need all of the money that they can get their hands on in order to defeat the Syndicate, and asked Oleg to jump for one of Loren’s helicopters that were trying to escape. Oleg did so and managed to kill the pilot, allowing Pierce to jump on and start flying the helicopter. The Boss, Shaundi and Johnny jumped on afterwards as Oleg clung to the chopper. There was a large amount of money stashed in some suitcases on the chopper as well as some rocket launchers which the Boss knew he would need since the Syndicate would likely launch another attack. They did so and after a long montage of the Boss, Shaundi and Johnny destroying enemy helicopters with the rocket launchers, the Saints returned to the penthouse. Kinzie and some saints walked over as Kinzie started questioning how some parts of their plan went wrong on the mission and what the Boss was playing at in stealing the helicopter. Shaundi and Johnny got out of the helicopter afterwards as he started to vomit and fall to the ground. He was soon unconscious and the other saints picked him up and brought inside the penthouse as an ambulance was called. Shaundi started walking alongside the other saints with Johnny and shook her head at the sight of the money. The Boss began to felt ashamed of himself until Pierce and Oleg stepped away from the helicopter towards him, and told him that some of the money could be used to treat Gat’s injuries and the rest could also be used to buy better protection for the Saints. Oleg states that with the money, they would be able to buy the best course of treatment for Johnny, which the Boss quietly smiles at and then jokingly orders Pierce instead of Oleg to carry all of the heavy suitcases into the penthouse and to count them, causing him to moan at always getting the maid’s job. The rewards for this mission are $5,000, Oleg is unlocked as a homie and a 10% added bonus to all money received in missions, activities and other sources,

The Boss decides that since the Saints are struggling to continue winning the fight, he should quit while he is ahead and calls Kinzie to send some Saints with helicopters to the tower. She does so and the saints board the helicopters as the Syndicate try to launch another attack by sending attack helicopters after the saints. The Boss, Shaundi and Johnny find rocket launchers in the plane and begin destroying the helicopters as Pierce drives whilst Oleg clings on to the outside of the helicopter and smashes any helicopters that get too close to the saints. A large montage begins with the saints destroying all of the Syndicate’s helicopters as they arrive at the Saints Penthouse. Kinzie walks to the helicopter in a large angry rant questioning why the Boss didn’t follow all parts of the plan whilst some other saints walk over to help Johnny into the penthouse. Pierce and Oleg walk away from the helicopter and states that the money would have been useful to buy some better guns or ammo for the saints and that they will likely struggle to defeat the Syndicate now. The Boss begins to feel ashamed of himself until he sees the other saints help Johnny into the penthouse as Shaundi walks with him, and Johnny asks what would be the point of having guns if the saints didn’t have anyone to use them, and thanks the Boss for being the person to bail out of the fight for him. The Boss smiles and gives him a fistpump as the other saints help him into the penthouse and call for a doctor to make sure that there isn’t anything wrong with him. Shaundi stands with the boss and watches this, whilst also saying that the Boss made the right choice and then jokingly saying that there isn’t anything wrong with the Boss running away from a fight. The Boss raises an eyebrow at this and refuses to believe that he ever runs away from a fight in a joking manner. The rewards for this mission are $5,000, Oleg is unlocked as a homie and a 10% added bonus to all respect earned in missions, activities and other sources.

Act 2, Mission 6 Three Kings

All of the Saints are sitting in the penthouse, watching TV and drinking bottles of alcohol to celebrate the previous mission. Everyone except Kinzie, who was nowhere to be seen strangely, which troubled the Boss but the alcohol and television were the focus of his mind. Pierce sat with of the saint reinforcements, he was being dared to chug two whole bottles of alcohol together and he was trying to do it, whilst Shaundi sat on one end of the couch watching him and shaking her head. The Boss sat next to her knowing what was troubling her mind and fortunately for them both, Oleg walked into the penthouse with Johnny who had seemingly recovered from his ordeal at the hands of Loren. His clothes were fixed and his hair wasn’t as frizzled as before but it still stood upwards, however that was because Johnny wanted it to be that way because he always had it in that style for a long time in Stilwater. Shaundi got up to walk with him and Oleg, making sure that he was ok but he didn’t want the fuss whilst the Boss simply turned his head and the two smiled and nodded at each other; the Boss knew that Gat wouldn’t want a fuss on another one of his near-death experiences like usual. Pierce got up whilst chugging the alcohol, preparing to give Johnny a hug but he tripped and fell onto the floor as the alcohol also fell back onto his face, causing the saints to laugh at the drunken man. The Boss started to move forward in his seat at watching the television, and told Pierce to shut up so he could listen; it was the Steelport News and it was focusing on Senator Monica Hughes, who was revealing her new project called the “Alderman Hughes Highway Bridge”;

“When I left Stilwater for the senate, I vowed never to forget my hometown roots or the memory of my late husband, and now with this bridge connecting to Stilwater and other cities in the area, I will be able to repay two memories that have helped me to get where I am today. I thank everyone who helped to built this bridge, all of my voters and citizens of Steelport for the birth of this bridge!”

Applause rang out as Senator Hughes gave her speech on the new bridge live to the people of Steelport. The bridge connected to the north of the eastern island in Steelport, and it had two exits: one to Stilwater and another which gave access to another highway which became connected to the Hughes Bridge. Clearly to the public, Monica Hughes wanted to bring all cities together for easier travel and to repay the memory of her husband but the Boss knew it was really to make the press and the majority of people to like her. The Boss shook his head at what Hughes was doing and was about to continue his drink until he received an unexpected call from Kinzie;

“Kinzie, where are you? Your missing the news and we’re all here at the crib continui-”

“I don’t give a **** about that stupid senator milking all attention from the media to her. Anyway, since your staying in Steelport and wanting to continue fighting the Syndicate I figured that you would eventually need to fight the Deckers and the Luchadores alongside the Morningstar. I’ve tracked two people who are perfect and most likely willing to help you in your fight” Kinzie interrupted, she didn’t care about Monica Hughes’s publicity stunt to make people like her and only wanted to continue fighting the Syndicate.

“Ok that’s great Kinzie, we really could do with some more help. Where are they no-“ The Boss tried to ask, but it seemed that Kinzie only wanted to talk to the Boss, not with him as she didn’t have a lot of time on her hands.

“Forget about them at the moment-I need your help. I had to go outside to find these two and the Deckers have found me. I’m cornered in a diner in Ashwood, I’ll send you my GPS-Just get me the **** out of here!” Kinzie interrupted again, she didn’t want to stall for time and started to sound desperate for help. The sounds of bullets grew louder with her call, causing her to end it and continue fighting the Deckers.

The Boss ended the call and asked himself why Kinzie couldn’t have just asked for help to start with but then realised he had to move fast. He got up and informed everyone of what was happening, then asked Shaundi and Johnny to come with him and then looked towards Pierce. Pierce tried to get up and follow them, declaring himself “Super-Excellent Pierce” but fell back down to the floor and starting sleeping. The Boss sighed and kicked him but he was deeply sleeping and the other saints realised that they could no longer laugh due to the situation. Oleg was then told by the Boss to guide the Saints to where Kinzie is after Pierce wakes up. Oleg nods and says that if Pierce takes so long and annoys him, he will wake him up with whatever is required. As Shaundi raises an eyebrow at what Oleg means and Johnny chuckles, the Boss nods and the three saints head downstairs to drive Pierce’s Infuego to Kinzie’s destination, since he won’t be driving for a while. There was a lot of traffic in Steelport which was likely caused by the new bridge, but Johnny took care of this by firing randomly onto nearby cars to chase them out of the way. Johnny started loading his guns and Shaundi followed, whilst the Boss informed them that he’ll want to find the two guys that could help the saints that Kinzie was telling him about earlier. After a short period of time, the Saints arrived at the diner and found the place to be overrun with Deckers. The saints started murdering them whilst Johnny questioned their type of fashion, whilst the Boss questions how they are gangbangers since they look terrified at what they are doing. The Boss went into the kitchen to find one goon knocking Kinzie out and preparing to shoot her, until the Boss hits him over the head with a pan and tries to make a small joke about “serving up justice just like Troy”. He then carried Kinzie out of the diner and put her in the backseat of the car as Shaundi and Johnny fought off more Deckers that had arrived. The Boss told Shaundi to drive Kinzie back to the headquarters as he looked into her pocket to find the information that she had found. He looked at the information to find something about a brothel called Safeword with someone called Zimos there who could help them and then about a gym with someone called Angel. The Boss looked at the written destinations and marked them onto his gps, then stole a nearby Atlantica and started driving for Safeword. Most of the Deckers gave up the pursuit whilst those that still gave chase were quickly gunned down and killed, this allowed the Boss and Johnny to drive to Safeword with no problems. The Boss was happy at what he was doing but something was bothering Johnny, and he couldn’t help but ask for his mind’s sake;

“So with the Syndicate giving us hell and most of them running the city, are we just gonna take the city with our marketing and advertisement ****, or are we gonna do it like how we took back Stilwater?”

“Johnny, the saints never changed or stopped being gangbangers. The only difference now is we something bigger than a street gang and we can do all of that stuff. We can do bigger and better things with the gang, with the marketing everyone would love us and thanks to the mon-” The Boss replied, though he was cut mid way by Johnny who hated listening to the Boss talking good about the media.

“Why the **** do we need to bother with marketing? We never did it before when we took over Stilwater and most people still liked us. ****, we’re supposed to be criminals and not celebrities, if some ***** don’t like us then they can go to hell. If the people mean that much to you, then they’ll like us if we do what we used to do, instead of doing all this corporate ****…” Johnny interrupted; he couldn’t believe that the Boss still cared about the media and positive look for the saints. They were criminals in his opinion, and no matter how hard they acted nice to people nothing would ever change that.

“I guess your right, but now we’re in Steelport and if we’re really going to survive here then we’ll eventually need all the support we can get. I know you don’t like us acting like ******* or lavishing in all the money but since the Syndicate wiped out our accounts and are trying to drive us away, I doubt we’ll be loved here and because of that, there really isn’t no point in sucking up to people here. But it ain’t making us soft-It never did and it never will…” The Boss concluded, he didn’t like talking about the topic as much as Johnny and started wondering whether they should stop trying to make themselves look like heroes and act more like a criminal empire.

After the long discussion, the two arrived at Safeword which was a giant brothel with about ten floors. It looked like there was a penthouse at the top meaning that Safeword was a much protected brothel by the Syndicate, which suggested it was a good source of profit for them. The Boss knew that even if he didn’t steal the place for the Saints today, he’d likely return to do so in the future if he really wanted to hurt the Syndicate. The Boss and Johnny walked into the front entrance and found the brothel to look like a palace, but with hoes everywhere and people who wanted excitement being given what they wanted. The Boss’s and Johnny’s faces dropped and the Boss quietly said that they should go upstairs to find the manager who’d likely know who Zimos was or where he is.  They went upstairs to find a large group of men and women dressed as gimps chasing each other down the stairs with bongs in their hands. The two saints shook there heads and walked into the manager’s office, to find that he was being given a **** by a Morningstar lieutenant. Johnny shot the head of the girl, and the blood poured onto the manager, who was terrified beyond believe. He was very old and weak, and could not move because of the dead gangster on his lap. The Boss held a gun at his head and demanded to know where Zimos was, which after a long period of him begging for his life and pleading that the Morningstar would kill him if he helped the saints, he told the Boss that Zimos was being held prisoner in the basement downstairs. A CCTV camera inside the room then focused on the old man who screamed in fright and started begging for the saints help, until Gat got fed up with his pleas and shot him in the stomach multiple times, until he stopped crying. The Boss chuckled at the disgusting sight in front of him and walked downstairs to the basement. It was incredibly dark and there was a toy horse mount in the centre of the room, with a large amount of people sleeping in a circle. One of them woke up and started getting onto the cart by the toy horse and called for Zimos. Before he could answer, the Boss shot him in the head which woke everyone up and caused them to run for their lives. Zimos stood where he was and revealed himself to be a skinny black old man who was being forced to work in the brothel against his will. He wore a stylish purple pimp hat with a feather and had a tattoo of his name on his back in a faded tone of golden lettering. The Boss went to remove a ballgag from his mouth to let him speak and as the saints got acquainted with the man, Morningstar cars started pulling up outside and preparing to launch an assault on the building. The Boss saw a large door near the end of the room which looked big enough for the cart and he and Gat got onto it and told Zimos to drive the trio to safety.

The Morningstar stood by their cars in horror and, confusion, as they watched the saints fire at them whilst Zimos drove them to safety by pulling the cart. He drove around the brothel in a large distance and allowed the Boss and Johnny to get rid of the Morningstar that were chasing them. After deciding that they weren’t being chased anymore, Zimos stopped and started speaking to the two, after being handed his mic-cane by Johnny and in a very musical fashion;

“This is a rescue right? Huh, cause I don’t wanna be set up for a gaanng-baaangg!” He really did speak in a hilarious fashion and it seemed that he needed it to talk because the ballgag had been in his mouth for years and he could hardly speak.

“Ah, **** man! Do we really look like those type of guys?” Johnny asked, wondering why the first question Zimos asked was one as crazy as that.

“Heheeha, I’ll go with rescue then. Why thank you bo-oys, I appreciate you two bustin’ meeee outta that joint!” Zimos noted, he fell safer with the saints but continued the jokes.

“Alright man, we’re fighting the entire Syndicate and seriously need some people who can help us with that. We’re hoping your prepared to do so as well as others-” The Boss began to inform Zimos but he didn’t need the information

“The Dewynter sisters locked me up in that brothel for over threeeee ye-ars and you don’t think I’m gonna take a chance like this to **** them uu-up?” He explained, obviously he too was driven by revenge like Kinzie was against the Syndicate and the Boss didn’t need to persuade him to join.

The Boss concluded that he was happy with Zimos’s motivation and decided that he needed to go and find Angel. He jacked a nearby limo parked outside the brothel and set the GPS for a gym near a port. He was driving incredibly fast, as the news was on the radio stating that there was an all out gang attack on the gym by a gang of Mexican looking wrestlers-who seemed to want to kill Angel. The Boss realised that Angel must have some connection to the gang and that if Angel were to help the Boss, he would have to drive the gang away. He drove across the highway and streets as fast as he could and fortunately for him, he found the location. There were many green trucks parked all outside the gym with men dressed in cargo pants, tank tops and wrestler outfits in a green trend. These must have been the Luchadores, the Mexican wrestling faction of the Syndicate that Kinzie was telling the Boss about earlier. Johnny and Zimos began killing the gang as Johnny handed him a shotgun, but the man struggled to do so due to the uncomfortable outfit that he wore. The Boss was frustrated with the enemy gang as he continued to kill them, as they had specialists with grenade launchers and more goons were arriving in trucks. Thankfully, Pierce, Oleg and the reinforcements had finally arrived;

“We tracked your location via GPS and heard the news. I take it that this Angel is worth dying for no?” Oleg announced as he got off the purple pick up truck and Pierce threw a bottle of water in his face to wake himself up properly for a fight.

“Pierce how long did it take for you to come back to your senses? If this guy dies, you are so paying for the funeral!” The Boss shouted from a distance, he couldn’t believe that Pierce had been asleep all this time since he was in the penthouse

“Just relax Boss, I’m feeling alright! Even if this guy dies he won’t need a funeral since he’s an angel. And it’s not me that we need to worry about, it’s this Angel guy and maybe you if your still not in the game yet...” Pierce replied, feeling slightly cocky and proud after he finally arrived at the scene, but this only caused the boss to go in a viscous rage at the enemy gang with his smg and he started to shout as he killed the gang;

“I’M-NOT-A-*******-*****!” He declared as most of the enemy gang were brutally killed and those who weren’t either killed themselves or ran away in fright.

“I take it I am too late to the party now then…” Oleg mumbled, while smirking at the Boss’s aggression that proved useful for the gang.

The four saints then walked into the gym as the reinforcements followed. They could hear fighting going on inside the gym which indicated that the Luchadores had worked their way into the gym and tried to kill Angel. But as they reached him, he was finishing off the final goon by strangling him in mid gravity with his legs. He then finished when he saw the saints and stood up on the floor, noticing Oleg and stating;

“Your not one of Loren’s brutes…”

“And you are not one of Killbane’s Luchadores…” Oleg calmly replied, which gave Angel a smirk as he could see that the Saints were confident and also hated Killbane and the Luchadores. The sounds of cars screeching outside rang out through the gym and the reinforcements started running for cover in the gym, planning on ambushing the wrestlers. The Boss looked behind him and aggressively announced;

“He’s not-But they are…”

Johnny aimed his AK-47 at the entrance whilst Zimos reloaded his shotgun and Oleg snapped his fingers and neck. The Boss threw an SMG to Angel and tried to quickly explain who they were and what they wanted with him. One of Oleg’s large clones entered and Oleg’s teeth grinded with anger at seeing his duplicates, and calmly stated;

“Leave this imposter to me…”

“Say whaa-at? That means everyone else, is on us?” Zimos loudly answered back, believing that a big strong man like Oleg could simply knock back all the enemy waves of goons whilst the rest of the saints focused on the one goon. But it didn’t matter as the saints reinforcements were prepaped to kill the enemy gang after being told by the boss to head upstairs for a better vantage point. The Luchadores entered the gym and began raising hell; Johnny was first at killing them by getting a quick series of headshots, Zimos was crouching behind the broken casino slot machine and firing his shotgun, Angel was picking off several members of the gang with his SMG and the boss was throwing grenades at the entrance, killing most of the goons. After a while, it looked like the saints had won, until four more clones entered the gym. However, two of them were armed with mini-guns and stood firmly tall at the entrance whilst the other two were armoured and had flamethrowers and ran for Angel. The mini-guns started firing and Zimos fell for cover whilst The Boss tried to shield angel by throwing a grenade at the mini-gunners, then afterwards shooting the flamethrower canisters with his pistols. The brutes, as Angel called them, started to catch fire and slowly burned to the ground whilst the mini-gunners still proved to be a problem. Johnny fired more rounds of his rifle at the brutes whilst Angel tried to finish one off with his wrestling moves. After a short period of all of this, the brutes eventually grew tired and dropped the mini-guns, and were then gunned down. The reinforcements ran outside to check that there weren’t anymore goons coming to fight, and luckily there wasn’t any. The Boss went to Angel and fully explained the conflict between the Saints and the Syndicate, and Angel quickly answered that he would be more than willing to help the Saints. The Boss smiles and states that it is time to head home.

Meanwhile a meeting is taken place in an undisclosed location with the main members of the Syndicate. Killbane, Matt and the Dewynter sisters are sitting around a table looking towards Loren who seemed angrier than ever as he explained the situation;

“Good evening, my loyal members of the Syndicate. The saints have proven to be more of a nuisance than I had dared to hope and it seems they are taking the fight here to us. Our plans to take control of Stilwater shall come to a halt to combat this, and we are not to rest a minute as long as the saints still stand in Steelport. Mr Miller, I have made a deal with some building workers regarding the National Grid and I have some plans that need your assistance with. Mr Killbane, gather up your Luchadores and prepare them for a large war against the Saints. Viola and Kiki, tell the Morningstar to stop all business deals and to protect our assets as much as possible. I will not let Steelport fall into the hands of these young pathetic fools from a backward town like Stilwater. Meeting adjourned.”

The lieutenants began to leave the room, until Philippe called for Killbane to stay back for a quiet word. Philippe then began asking;

“Killbane, are you sure that the girls have not started to act anymore strangely since the plane incident?”

“Yeah boss, they’ve been pretty quiet and Viola seemed a bit shaken up for a while regarding the plane crash. But what do you mean by strangely? If there’s anything going on that I should know-”

“There isn’t. On the plane, there was a moment when the Saints spoke directly to the girls and I was incapable of stopping it. It was a long conversation and to this day I still do not know what was said. I fear the Saints may have compromised the girls or worse, and I am starting to smell a rat, please continue to keep an eye on them as since Miller is weak, you’re the only one I trust…”

“Of course Mr Loren, even if those girls became the barbarians, they would not be able to combat us!”

Killbane then walked out of the room after Loren nodded at his words. After the door slammed, Philippe chuckled as he picked up his phone and began calling someone;

“It’s me-we may have a problem. The controls may be losing their touch and with this situation, I cannot allow that. I think we may need a stronger…-” Philippe ordered, he was speaking very quietly and calmly which was strange after his speech to the Syndicate. It is unclear what is said by Loren as the screen fades from this point on and focuses on a speech made by the Boss back at the saints headquarters;

“The Syndicate must answer for the destruction they have brought onto us and this time, we’re taking the fight to them. I’m not going to lie to you all, we’re outgunned, outnumbered and we’re low on money so this fight is going to be difficult. But I’m sure that given time, those ******** will be able to repay us this with their lives. Since we don’t know Steelport, I’ve asked for help from those who do; this is Kinzie, Zimos and Angel. After we’re done here, talk to one of these guys and they’ll have something for you to do. This is our time now, let’s get this **** started!”

The saints stood around him and watched quietly throughout the speech, and at the end began to cheer. Shaundi and Gat stood near the front next to the Boss and in front of the large crowd of Saints whilst Kinzie, Zimos and Angel stood in a neat row as the Boss introduced each of them to the gang. Pierce and Oleg stood on the walkway above looking down at the Boss whilst another crowd of Saints watched on. A massive uproar began as the Boss finished his speech, and the theme song began to play on the radio as fireworks set off above the hideout. The Boss looked to each of his lieutenants to know that he was doing the right thing and they all smiled; this time however in taking a city, he didn’t want any casualties and wanted to truly take the city as well as rebuild the saints’ empire.         

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Here's chapter three for everyone who's interested in my fanfic. The story begins to focus on Angel, and there's a suprise fight in store at the end, so there's a lot for you all to look forward to here as well in the future. Chapter four will be up soon and I hope you all enjoy this part as much as I do. Please leave a comment or review as I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on the story up to now Tongue Out

Mission 7: Who Turned Off The Lights?

All of the saints were in the Saints headquarters; the penthouse in downtown which was filled with crowds of saints everywhere and they were all busy working on rebuilding the saints and fighting the Syndicate. Angel was teaching some of the saints how to fight like him and to defeat fighters as strong as the Luchadores which Oleg was commenting on and the two began to combine their fighting methods in teaching the saint recruits whilst Shaundi stood and listened on the balcony above, Kinzie sat on the couch on the laptop whilst listening to her headphones and looked very interested in what she was doing as sounds of warnings and alerts could be heard on her laptop, Zimos was hilariously walking into the bedroom up the stairs with a large amount of female saints and bragging about how he can “Do the job rii-ghht” and Pierce was pestering Johnny about some music as he sat at the table talking to some of the saints who were drawing and writing on pieces of paper;

Come on Johnny, her music was great and she was a legend back in Stilwater, this could be like a tribute to her!

No. I’ve heard some of your albums before and it sounds like a cat being strangled, believe me, I know what that sounds like...

The saints sitting at the table laughed at Gat’s and Pierce’s argument as it seemed they were arguing over music; Pierce wanted to his own remixes of Johnny’s late wife Aisha’s albums so he can improve the saints media in Steelport however Johnny didn’t like any of Pierce’s songs and didn’t want him to disrespect his wife’s memory. After Pierce began singing his version of Aisha’s biggest hit, “Bounce Like My Checks”, Johnny moved away from his seat and went downstairs to find the boss. He was too busy in the vault examining each of the weapons and noting that even though there was a large selection, most of the weapons didn’t have much ammo in the guns. The Boss started comparing weapons and held an AR-55 rifle which had a three round burst but had a scope on the top and according to Angel was a strategic weapon. Johnny walked into the vault and started comparing guns;

You don’t want to be using the AR-55, it’s only got a three round burst and the scope isn’t that great. This AK makes the handler feel like a real man and powerful at being a gangbangers. The K-8 Krukov is a fantastic rifle and great at what it does-Killing ******* quickly and painfully.” Johnny shouted as he walked through the vault’s entrance seeing the Boss comparing the two rifles.

True but the AR-55 is incredibly accurate and great for headshots. With our situation, we don’t want to be wasting bullets so unlike your AK that is fired blindly towards the *******, this gun is better at killing ******* quickly and painfully” The Boss replied, smirking slightly as he and Johnny were about to engage in another one of their funny weapon arguments which would always end in both of them saying “These weapons are like God’s gift to us and we shouldn’t fight for either of them. Why the hell are we talking about these toys when we should be playing with them?”

However, before they could end their argument, they heard the sounds of uproar and moaning from upstairs and went to investigate. The lights, Kinzie’s laptop, Pierce’s IPOD and all other electronics in the room were turned off and none of the saints knew why. They were all arguing amongst themselves and the Boss drew a lighter and fired his pistol into the air to calm everyone down. The saints informed him that someone has turned off their power and the Boss looks outside towards the other buildings and finds that their lights are also turned off. Sounds of shouting and more arguing can be heard in the streets below and the Boss realises that someone must have cut the power. Before he can think of possible reasons as to why this happened, the TV flickered back on;

Eve-nin people of Steelport! This is Matt Miller, leader of the Deckers and top lieutenant of the Syndicate. It was me who turned off and stolen all of your precious power. Bu’ if you want it to be giv’n back then the 3rd Street Saints must be brought to the Syndicate. We would like to en’ our little squabble and set things right between us fo-” Miller announced, his British accent was very evident and he was clearly reading from a script, however he was pushed out of the way throughout his speech and Killbane began to finish it off. Angel’s teeth tightened as he moved forward towards the television;

In short people of Steelport, we want our Haedes to be delivered back to the Underworld, and then we will give you the power of our lighting bolt from Olympus. We don’t care what you do in giving us the saints, we just want them now. We can wait as long as possible but the question is, who will need their precious power first?-” Killbane declared, making the speech shorter and more to the point than Matt did, however Angel threw a bottle towards the television which broke it and he began to shout a rant at his rival;

That *******! He is quick to question who needs ‘Power’ first yet he was the one who forced me into hiding! He was the one who pushed Miller out of the way and forced his hand in that video-He’s probably the one planning to get rid of Loren!”

Angel stood in the centre of the room shouting at the television but after he was done, he realised where he was and looked around the room to see the stunned faces of his friends and questioned what they should do. The Boss began to say that they need to find out how to turn the electricity back on and to stop the Syndicate’s videos of framing the Saints for things that they didn’t cause. Johnny and Shaundi agreed that an all out attack on Syndicate Tower would be the best bet which was backed by Oleg but Zimos and Kinzie reminded them that they aren’t armed for an all out attack on the tower. The Boss suggests that the saints should try to calm the situation with the people of Steelport however Pierce states that isn’t likely to happen as he points towards the window and the saints watch as hordes of the citizens walk towards the tower with pitchforks and torches. The Boss moaned at this and decided that they needed to move to a safe area and figure out how to turn on the power but Johnny simply questioned;

Why don’t we kill them all?

We don’t know where the Syndicate will be. Sure there’s Syndicate Tower but the entire organisation aren’t going to be held up there” Pierce replied, thinking of ideas for the situation

I was talking about these people, not the Syndicate…

We can’t kill all of these people Johnny!

Why not Pierce, we have some ammo and I’m sure you can handle yourself with your fists Pierce, well I hope-

****, I mean we can’t kill an entire city if we want to control it!

The Boss laughed at Johnny’s extreme attitude and decided that they should concentrate on finding another hideout; the logical idea would have been to hide at Shaundi’s ex’s apartment but it was incredibly small and wasn’t very protected. Angel suggested his gym but the Boss simply said that the Syndicate already know that Angel is allied with the Saints now and would likely try to invade it if the situation needed it. Pierce felt that they should just buy a bigger crib but then Shaundi reminded him that if the people of Steelport are prepared to launch an assault on them in the middle of the night, they likely wouldn’t help them with real estate. Kinzie then suggested that they should go to her old warehouse in Salander, which was pretty much deserted while she was kidnapped by the Deckers. The saints decided that since it would be incredibly big and deserted, and if the saints helped to build it up, it would be a perfect hideout. The Boss agreed that the warehouse would be the best bit and told some of the saint recruits to load up the cars with most of the guns from the vault and to pack as much as they need. Pierce then looked at his set of albums that were all alphabetised in his room in the penthouse and tried to carry them all, but Zimos charged past him carrying bags of condoms with female saint members following him and all of Pierce’s albums fell on the floor. He was speechless and looked at the broken albums as Zimos walked into the elevator with the girls running behind him and Pierce was left stunned at what had just happened. The Boss and the other saints walked alongside him and the Boss handed him a shotgun, asking for him to give support to the saints in the two cars whilst the Boss covers the saints in the truck packed with most of the saint’s belongings and money. He opened the back of the truck in the garage and sat with the boxes and was given a large amount of flashbangs by Kinzie. She reminded him that if the saints want to be liked in the city, they can’t go around killing random pedestrians just because of an attack by the Syndicate. Zimos got into the front of the truck and started driving it as two saint cars drove past, with Pierce, Angel and Kinzie in one car giving them support, and Johnny, Shaundi and Oleg in another car. Zimos gave the heads up to the Boss that they are moving out and it is going “to be a sex-ay ride”.

The city’s sky was incredibly dark whilst the streets were filled with people rioting towards the saints. The truck drove as people tried to stab pitchforks into the truck whilst the Boss began throwing flashbangs. He saw Planet Saints and other saint properties being attacked and in flames, angering the Boss. The civilians had made a roadblock which Zimos had to drive through and the other saints in the cars drove ahead of the truck, clearing any roadblocks. The Boss continued throwing flashbangs which blinded many of the people trying to drive into the truck. The truck then reached the highway and the saints had to drive through Carver Island to get to Kinzie’s hideout, which was the Luchadores territory meaning that the saints would likely be attacked by them. Suprisingly however because he wasn’t allowed to murder anyone, the Boss ran out of flashbangs and people started getting close to boarding the van after setting up another roadblock on the highway with their cars. The Boss shouted for a hand from Zimos who somehow had nitrous installed on the truck before the escape from the penthouse, and the nitrous pushed the truck through the cars. The Boss was confused at why Zimos would give a truck nitrous and had to ask the question;

Z, why did you give this truck nitrous?

I’m not the onlay thaing that I like to pimp ba-bay, I wanna roll every street corner in sty-ha-ha-le!” Zimos shouted, with his auto-tuner activating. His words made the Boss laughed as the truck continued to smash oncoming cars off the highway and into the waters below. The truck managed to catch up with the two saints cars ahead of them and Kinzie watched at what the Boss was doing;

You do remember that we’re not supposed to be killing anyone right?

Kinzie I can’t go through a day where I don’t murder an ******* that tries to kill me!” The Boss shouted from the truck as Kinzie wound her window turn to shout at him at him. The Boss was about to start shouting again as he got his breath back, until he heard helicopters in the distance and the sound of Kinzie’s car crashing.

Well it looks like you won’t be…” Kinzie mumbled and moaned as she gave up trying to shout at the Boss from a distance in her car. The Boss began to wonder what was happening until he saw the green trucks in front of the saints; it was the Luchadores who unsurprisingly were launching another attack on the saints. Luckily however the saints had reached the end of the highway and managed to move swiftly through Carver Island, and continued heading for the warehouse in Salander. The Boss decided to stop using the flashbangs and to use the rocket launcher with a laser that he had moved from the vault back at the penthouse. The helicopters tried to close in on the truck and began firing it’s machine guns, but it was no match for the Boss’s rocket launcher. Within a matter of seconds, hundreds of Luchadore helicopters began falling to the ground and crashing into the streets below. Some of the pedestrians who were planning on attacking the saints began to realise that it was too dangerous for them to attack when the Syndicate were causing an all out war in the city. They began running into nearby buildings for shelter as the Boss smirked at their fear. The Boss then asked Zimos to turn the radio on so they can murder people to good music but Zimos reminded him that all electronics in the city, including the radio, weren’t working. The Boss then moaned at how he forgot this and stated;

I want to drown out these ******* screams with some kick *** music Zimos! How the **** am I supposed to get through all of this?

I didn’t thaink it bothered you before-ore-ore

It doesn’t it’s just, I’m too tired to listen to these ******* scream in agony. It’s nice and normally therapeutic, but I’m not in the mood for these ********…

I hear ya bab-ay, back at Safeword, for the first two years I never stopped enjoying listening to the ******* screaming, but then it began to lose its grandeur…

Wait what Z?

Uh….Can’t hear ya over all of ’da ruckus, gonna have to focus on the roooaad

The Boss was then startled at Zimos’s similar psychosis, but then shrugged it off as he continued firing blindly onto any Luchadores vehicle. Finally however, the saints reached Salander and it looked as though the Luchadores had given up, much to Angel’s dissatisfaction as he got out of the car along with the rest of the saints who pulled outside of Kinzie’s warehouse. Fortunately for him however, it was far from over as a large series of APC’s coloured in a forest green began racing outside the warehouse with Luchadores handling the mounted machine guns. Pierce sighed at how he wants to go to sleep but the Boss told him to keep awake and that the saints weren’t done yet. Angel started walking forward armed with his AR-55 and asked the Boss to keep him cover, which the Boss found ridiculous as it was always other people who needed to give the Boss “cover”. An APC started driving directly at Angel and Oleg began charging at it in order to protect Angel, but the former wrestler simply jumped and grabbed onto the door, kicking the Luchadore out and brutally stomping on his face until there wasn’t anything left to stomp. Johnny chuckled at Angel’s brutality as he sat comfortable by the mounted machine gun and started firing at the oncoming APC’s. The Boss shook his head in jealousy as he wanted “To play with the big toys” and settled for a consolation prize with his guns. He pulled out his AK-47, much to the approval of Johnny due to their earlier weapons argument, and the saints as a whole began fighting the APC’s.

A montage then began of all of the saints doing what they do best at fighting the enemy. Shaundi began to run low on ammo as Pierce tossed her another pistol, Zimos continued to use his shotgun which was his signature weapon and Kinzie was very trigger happy with her shotgun which was a variation that the police tended to use as it's flashlight was very useful, as she wanted to “avenge” her laptop. Angel continued to raise hell from the APC, Johnny and the Boss stood side by side with their AK’s firing at each APC and taking each of them down in a matter of minutes and Oleg was tearing APC’s apart and throwing the drivers into the ocean which was nearby and along the nearby pier. Eventually, there weren’t any APC’s left and the Syndicate had given up the fight. Pierce gave a sigh as he fell to the ground and Kinzie looked to one of the APC’s, which wasn’t as mangled as the others and remarked that she should be able to repair it and modify it ASAP, then learn to make more APC’s. Angel left his APC and noted that Killbane will probably feel a bit humiliated at the failure and seek a comeback, which didn’t bother the Boss as he knew the Syndicate as a whole would always be trying to fight back the saints. Zimos slowly walked towards the Boss and reminded him that they seriously need to comeback at the Syndicate as soon as possible, as they drove the saints away from their home and caused a riot in the city at the saints. The Boss noted this and remarked that the saints need to cause a massive dent on the Luchadores’s ego, and could use the new economic situation to their advantage. Johnny then gave a smirk at the Boss’s words whilst Pierce lay on the ground confused as although he kept his eyes closed, he still raised his head slightly. Oleg then said that he would help some of the other saints set things up in the warehouse whilst Kinzie agreed to, but warned not to go into her room. Pierce jokingly asked what was in her room and started running for the warehouse as Kinzie pushed him into the ocean and coldly stated;

Stay the **** away from my room…

The Boss raised both of his eyebrows at this and mumbled that Kinzie had obviously gotten cranky since she lost her laptop…

Mission 8 Border Control

The Boss and Pierce walked through the entrance of the warehouse, and watched as the saints were moving boxes and other necessities across the giant building. Oleg and Angel could be seen in the background helping and coordinating the other saints, whilst Johnny was locking up some of the guns in boxes kept near the end of the room, which he found to be difficult and slowly kept one of the shotguns for himself, then whistled as he walked away and pretended to do what everyone else was doing. The Boss decided to go upstairs to see Kinzie but she heard his footsteps and marched down the stairs to make sure he didn’t enter the room. The Boss began to ask on what Kinzie has had the saints doing for the past night and half day, whilst she replies that she has had most of them moving things in the room and helping her build some new weapons, and that she had Zimos send some of his girls to spy on the Syndicate and find out what the Luchadores were doing. As if by magic, the sounds of Paradise by Mickey Factz were heard blasting from Zimos’s van as it pulled up into the garage. At first, the saints questioned how Zimos could have turned his raidio on in his bus, but then realised it was a song chosen on his mixtape, which worried Kinzie as she didn’t seem to like his taste in music. Zimos drove a jet black van with white bubbles and gold lining, and the words “Boogie Bus” were printed on the door panels. The Boss looked down from the stairs at this and chuckled as Pierce was speechless at how much Zimos customised everything he owned. Kinzie moaned and questioned whether Zimos was having a “late life crisis” and walked up to him to talk to him. As he got out and started walking to her, strippers followed him and latched on to each one of his arms.

Zimos, have your girls sealed the deal?

Ba-by, your starting to give ol’ Zimos a runnin’ with your rhyming words! Haha, the Mexicans were interested in ma’ catalogue and called up some of ma girls. One of them got a lonely heart drunk enough to hear some of their pla-ans” Zimos revealed, as he couldn’t help but chuckle at Kinzie, but she was too stubborn at not having her laptop or any electronics to care for the old man’s hilarity. The Boss and Pierce reached the two as Angel and Oleg finished moving boxes and walked up to the four, with Oleg observing the decal on Zimos’s van.

Z, come on, spill the info about Killbane…” Kinzie groaned, though she quickly realised her choice of words and sighed at it, then Zimos chuckled again and continued revealing the news.

I got a tip from one of my girls that the lone-lay heart she pleased was told by Killbane to head to ‘da airport the next day, as the Luchadores are havin' a weapons dealie with some mid-eastern dealers in the outskirts of Stilwater-

Hold up, Stilwater? Damn we can’t let them move in on our home turf. Zimos, what time did this guy say they were moving out at?” The Boss interrupted, hearing about Stilwater from Zimos sparked trouble in him as he didn’t want any conflict with Stilwater; it would only cause another big problem.

The mex’es are movin’ on up at mid-de-day!” Zimos revealed, though he started to pause after asking one of his girls to grab him a drink after all of the work and travelling he had to do in order to get to the warehouse, as well as other things that they insisted on.

****, that only gives us three hours from now!” Pierce shouted, looking at his watch.

The Boss decided that he wasn’t prepared to let the Luchadores buy weapons to murder the saints on his home turf; that was too much to hurt the Boss’s pride. He told Pierce to find Shaundi and go with her and Zimos to head up to the outskirts of Stilwater to deal with the mid-eastern dealers, hoping that the dealers would still be interested in dealing with the saints. He looked to Angel and Kinzie and asked for them to help him in fighting off the Luchadores to which they agreed, and then called for Johnny to help them out across the room, who was sitting in Kinzie’s room wielding some of the weapons. She prepared to march over to him and kick him out but he quickly ran out and started up one of his cars for the drive. Oleg then stated that he will look after the warehouse and other saints property with some of the saint reinforcements, believing that the weapons deal was a trap by the Syndicate, and that someone should stay behind to take care of things. The Boss agreed to this and then looked to Zimos who was tired and told to drive with Pierce to the dealers which he reluctantly agreed to, and he then told him to leave the girls. Zimos replied;

Daa-amn ba-by, that **** is ice coo-lld!

The Boss headed out of the warehouse in Johnny’s customised Hammerhead as Kinzie offered to drive, wanting something to focus on. Johnny and Angel sat in the back loading their guns as the Boss sat in the front passenger seat. Johnny saw that Angel was using an AR-55 and began a gun lecture on how the AK-47 was superior to it in everywhere, sparking another hilarious weapon argument between Johnny and the Boss, with Angel involved. Angel was confused at how Johnny could say someone could survive a direct three round burst from one of the AR-55’s rounds, causing Angel to ask to try this out on him which he simply granted. Angel shot him in the knee and after a short period, Johnny shrugged it off even though parts of his knee were bleeding. Angel looks at the man in worry and begins questioning this;

How can your body withstand so much damage? I’ve seen men spend most of their entire lives building their bodies like temples but still be impervious to harm, and yet you can shrug a round of this gun off just like that?

My body sure ain’t a temple, but it’s learned how to take these bullets. Besides, I’ll just pull them out later on. My knee's taken a lot of damage in the past, and hospitals are always giving me more blood, which usually comes from the people that I murdered... Have you ever been injured badly with guns?” Johnny stated and asked, starting to respect Angel’s combat intelligence.

Not with guns, but with human brutality. When I ran the Luchadores with Killbane, he grew jealous of me and challenged me to a fight in the ring. It went on for a long time until he held me upside down by my leg, and then proceeded to snap it. As I tried to crawl away and gather up my strength to stand, he pulled me further towards him and took my mask. The ******* didn’t even finish me off, just took what made me, me” Angel revealed, his eyes tightened as he began to remember the events of the day in which he lost his reputation and glory. He looked down to his left knee which still had a leg bandage however his leg was still in good condition however as Angel looked towards it, he coldly turned his head to the window so the other saints could not see the shame in his face. Johnny and the Boss felt sorry for him and left him in peace with his thoughts, which would only eventually motivate him to continue the mission.

Kinzie had reached the Alderman Hughes Bridge as Angel finished his revelation on whom he formerly was. She told the saints to get ready as they’ll likely be seeing Luchadores soon. The Boss noted as all of his guns were loaded and Angel and Johnny went to load theirs. A large roadblock was seen in the distance made up of saints, in which Kinzie said that she had the idea of blocking the bridge off so there would be no way that the Luchadores could reach the weapon deal. The Boss nodded and hoped that Zimos and the others managed to get to the weapons deal early so they didn’t get stopped by the roadblock. The saints looked out to the city of Steelport and began to watch the sunset, until the Luchadores arrived in a fleet of fancy Infuego’s and Torch’s, which were not the Luchadores’s style for cars suggesting that they were trying to make themselves look good for the weapons deal. Angel and Johnny quickly began firing their weapons as Kinzie loaded her shotgun but then remembered something that she had made the night before. She gave a smirk and then handed the Boss a strange weapon, which when he asked what it was, was revealed to be an RC Possessor. It was a weapon that allowed the user to remotely control any vehicle within reach and do whatever they wish with the vehicle. The Boss laughed at this as he decided the best course of action would be to keep a firm gap between the saints and the Luchadores, so the saints weren’t overcrowed and had plenty of ground to stand. He then fired the gun at one of the Infuego’s, causing the Luchadores in the car to panic and jump out. The Boss then drove it straight into oncoming Luchadores entering the battlefield with their own customed cars, however they were rammed off the bridge and into the water below as the Boss blew the car up afterwards, noting that it had fulfilled its job.

He continued playing with his new toy, repeating the same methods and ensuring that plenty of the Mexican wrestlers were being killed in a brutal way. Angel and Johnny continued using their rifles and picking off some headshots, whilst Kinzie used a sniper rifle called the McManus 2015, which she thought was best for the situation. The saints stood side by side with brave faces and content at what they did best as the sun finally set and night began, as explosions rang out in the distance coupled by the cries and screams of the Luchadores as they fell into the water. The Boss began to feel pleased with himself as he wanted to get closer to the Luchadores, wanting to mock them even more. Kinzie tried to remind him of his plan but he had forgotten it and was intent on using the RC gun right in the Luchadores faces. Unfortunately for him, he missed one of the guns and this allowed the perfect time for the Luchadores to grab the Boss together, and throw him into the waters. Kinzie and the other saints noticed this as they looked over the balcony, only to see a ship passing which wasn’t a normal ship. It was painted white and pink with shades of green, and giant bobble heads of a pink cat giggled in a creepy yet hilarious fashion. This was the Professor Genki Ship, which was sailing to Steelport to set up the legendary Professor Genki Murdertime Funtime TV show. The Boss fell onto the ship as mascots of numerous brands began to surround him and danced around him, causing him to draw out his pistol and fire it into the sky. They looked in fright and showed him the all new “Genki Manapult” which the boss smiled at and jumped into. As the Boss was fired into the sky and began to fall back onto the bridge, he gave a friendly wave to the mascots and promised to return the favour, which the mascots waved back at. That was, until the actual Professor Genki dressed as the pink cat he is, appeared out of nowhere on the ship armed with a chainsaw and began tearing the mascots apart and giggled in a light and cheerful way. The Boss shrug his shoulders at this and admired the cold yet stylish murder that Professor Genki shared with him, as he collided face forward into one of the saint cars. He returned to the bridge to find that most of the Luchadores were killed but some still remained.

The Boss drew out his dual pistols, and began firing at the Luchadores whilst the saints continued with their assault on the Mexican wrestlers, with Angel in particular enjoying the fight the most. The saints were winning and pretty much all of the green vehicles that were in sight were being blown up by the saints brutality. Out of nowhere a bus could be seen in the distance driving towards the saints and heading into Steelport, which after time was revealed to be the Boogie Bus with Zimos driving. The Boss and the other saints saw this and realised that the weapons deal must have been a success and that it was time to head home, until they saw an armada of green attack helicopters rise behind the bus out of nowhere and the helicopters began firing onto the bridge. The saints were stunned by this and ran into their cars as they began to try and escape back into the city, but the helicopters started to close in on them, and more Luchadores vehicles were seen driving towards the saints, namely Bulldogs and Compensators with mounted machine guns. Strangely, they were driving into Steelport, behind Zimos which suggested that they were also travelling back into the city. One of the green helicopters was revealed to have been piloted by Killbane, as he called out to his soldiers over the communications in the Tornado;

The plan’s going the way we planned it boys. Now, it is time for the fire to rise…” Killbane announced, as he led the fleet of helicopters towards the bridge. He then pressed a button inside the helicopter, which was revealed to have been a detonator of some sorts and as he pressed the button, explosions rang out in a neat row one after another on the bridge. The Boss looked out his car behind to watch the explosions, and was shocked at how strong they were as they began to break parts of the bridge. Killbane then watched the saints drive to a certain point on the bridge, and pressed the button again as more explosions rang out on the bridge in the same style, but they were closing in on the Boss’s car as well as the other saints. The attack helicopters began firing missiles onto the bridge but it seemed as though they weren’t aiming for the saints, just the bridge itself. The Boogie Bus reached the end of the bridge and back into the streets of Steelport, as The Boss’s car followed and began to close in on the end of the bridge. Killbane however watched this from the skyline, and pressed the button on the detonator for the final time which blew up the part of the bridge that connected to the city. The Boss’s car was hit and he, Johnny, Angel and Kinzie managed to jump out in the nick of time and fell into the waters below. They rose to the surface and watched in horror as all parts of the bridge slowly began to fall into the water, and it began to create a tidal wave that came towards them. The saints reinforcements got out of their car by the end of where the bridge formerly was, and ran for cover as Killbane and the fleet of helicopters started firing missiles at them. The Boss was angry at all of this and the four saints found a nearby pier that they latched on to. They reunited with the saint reinforcements and they stole nearby vehicles to escape from the Luchadores. Killbane told his soldiers to stop the fighting as the saints could not be killed at this point, as Killbane reveals that the bridge was the real target and that he cannot believe the saints actually thought that there could be traitors in the Luchadores.

Meanwhile, the saints headed to Kinzie’s warehouse and found Pierce, Shaundi and Zimos waiting for them. They revealed that the dealers gave them some great guns, but Pierce realised on the way back to Steelport that they were fake. The Boss nods at this and Angel points out it was all an elaborate ploy to frame the saints for blowing up the bridge. Shaundi and Pierce are stunned at the news that the Alderman Hughes Bridge was blown up in the fight, and remind the Boss that Monica Hughes likely won’t be happy with the news. Kinzie moans at hearing her name and looks into her room by the balcony nearby, as it appears her television is turned on. Johnny notices the light and states that the last time he checked, her television was turned off, and all electricity wasn’t working in Steelport. The saints go upstairs to investigate, though Kinzie falls behind questioning where Oleg was. The saints all sat in Kinzie’s room watching the small television much to Kinzie’s displeasure, startled to find a special news bulletin by none other than Senator Hughes;

When news spread that Steelport’s National Grid was blocked by an anonymous source, I was outraged and began trying to fix our problem. But when I heard the news that my husbands bridge-The Alderman Hughes Bridge-had been destroyed, I discovered that our city has plunged into an orgy of chaos and destruction. All of these problems have been at the hands of those criminals who have tried to make themselves look like heroes. I declare that no more shall Steelport suffer at the hands of these immoral criminals that we call heroes! No More! And those responsible for the destruction that has recently plagued the city-shall suffer at the hands of the S.T.A.G initiative! Electricity will return to Steelport and order shall rise once more, and S.T.A.G shall be deployed to Steelport!

The saints sat on the edge of their seats as they realised that the government weren’t happy with letting the saints walk around in freedom, but the Boss found it ridiculous that a woman like Monica Hughes could think that she could take their freedom. Pierce and Angel begin to question what the “STAG Initiative” is and the group begin to discuss the possibilities, until they hear a large bang downstairs, causing the saints to investigate. They found that it was Oleg, who ran into the warehouse with a few Saints, out of breath and looking worried. He revealed to the Boss that police patrol has increased in Steelport, some of the saints and syndicate properties have been closed down and wanted posters have spread across the city with pictures of the main members of the saints and syndicate. The Boss then realised that Hughes wanted to fight both gangs and get them out of the way, and vowed that he would not let a control freak like Senator Hughes take complete control of Steelport.

Mission 9 Street Fighter Legend

The Boss returned to the warehouse to find that the place was pretty much deserted and began to question this, until his phone rang and he answered to call to Angel, who had some news for him;

Glad you answered, if you want to defeat Killbane and the Luchadores, your probably going to need to know a lot about their favourite sport; Murderbrawl. It’s just wrestling but anything can happen in the ring and it’s returning to Steelport in a few weeks time. Killbane is the unbeatable champion though that’s going to change soon. People who want to sign up and enter the boxing are doing so today and are doing the weaker version of the sport; ArenaBrawl. Any fool in the street can just walk into the arena and fight for his life. If you want to make yourself heard out to Killbane, and maybe repair the saint’s reputation, that’s where you need to be. It’s starting up near Port Pryor if you’re interested.

The Boss didn’t even need to think about whether he wanted to enter or not, if it was a chance to rebuild the saints reputation, he knew he had to be their. Jumping into his saints customised Criminal four door car, he drove like a bat out of hell, heading for Port Pryor. He was quite happy that the electricity had returned to Steelport, as he was content with listening to some gangster rap on the way. After a short while, the Boss reached Port Pryor and found Angel standing near a Casino and so parked his car nearby and walked to speak to him. He told him that the arena was in a fight club and the cell-like bars made the arena look like a cage, fitting for the fighting. The Boss told him that he has been in ones similar and Angel replies that he hopes so as the ArenaBrawl truly tests people, which slightly discouraged the Boss however Angel eased the situation by informing him that it’s just amateurs that enter and could not possibly handle themselves in MurderBrawl. The Boss nods and this and the two walk into the audience as people sign up to enter the cage like arena. The Boss and Angel are told that if they go in together, they will have to fight double the contenders, which didn’t worry Angel as he had ideas on how to survive. The other fighters entered the audience and began signing up, causing the Boss to start flexing his muscles in a humorous fashion in trying to scare them, but he stopped when he caught sight of some of the Luchadores. They were sitting in the audience seats and were obviously keeping tabs on those who might enter MurderBrawl, so they can bring the information on their techniques to Killbane so he can prepare for them. The Boss grinded his teeth at the sight of them, but Angel told him not to bother showing anger towards them, but towards “Those ******** who are about to experience the worst pain imaginable”.

The Boss and Angel entered the arena as did fourteen other contenders. Because of the amount of people, the arena was incredibly small though Angel truly did not seem phased by this at all and had his fists clenched and focused his eyes on each contender who were trying to copy what Angel was doing, but it meant nothing to the legendary wrestler. The sixteen men stood in the arena as they heard the countdown begin and then end, with the Luchadores screaming in delight at the sight of fighting and throwing weapons into the cage. The fight began with one large man wearing a truck hat and a stained blue tank top charging at the Boss with both of his arms held out and his head charging forward. The Boss moaned and questioned what he was doing as he quickly dodged the head butt and the truck driver smashed his head into the metal bars. He held his head in his head as the Boss began to strike him in the face with his knee, as two other fighters began walking towards him. One was caught in a headlock by the other who wore a Hawaiian shirt that was left open and was of an Asian descendent, and the other man was a fairly old man wearing straight pants and a short polo that was tucked into his pants. The Boss finished kicking the truck driver and slapped the Asian man in the face, then grappling the old man to the ground and smashing his teeth with his fists. Angel meanwhile was skilfully wrapping his legs around one man’s neck whilst standing on his hands, and then once he saw three men charge towards him, he threw the man onto the ground with his legs and spun in the air as he kicked each of the three men’s faces. Although the Boss was panting, Angel was not and began to smirk at all of the fighting and truly began to enjoy himself.

Angel knew that he was beginning to make progress in his revenge against Killbane and getting back his mask; although it would be difficult and slow, the crusade against the Syndicate had begun, and it was only a moment of time until Angel would come face to face with Killbane. Years of shame and humiliation would not shallow Angel’s life as he knew that all he could do from now on is fight. He certainly didn’t have a problem with that as it was something he had always loved, but revenge had begun to consume every part of his life; all he ever truly wanted was payback on Killbane for taking his mask and to have what was rightfully his returned to him. But as the people he once called friends in the Luchadores turned their backs on him and nearly killed him a few weeks ago at his gym, he realised as he was fighting that Killbane truly had corrupted his friends and they were beyond repair. Their spirits were weakened and they were not allowed to stand up for Angel, otherwise they do would fall alongside him by Killbane’s hands. Everything Angel had, friends, fame and a position as one of the top wrestlers in America-robbed by the man who was once his tag team partner. His spirit was crushed and his life meant nothing; that is until he was rescued by the Third Street Saints. They didn’t care about his humiliation or the fact that he was driven by revenge but they instead respected these aspects and understood his pain. Angel began to realise as he fought oncoming waves of ignorant fools who were too blind to realise they had no chance in going to Murderbrawl, that the Luchadores were not his true family, but the Saints were as despite the high image and reputation as well as the rumours, they were not sellouts and actually cared. Even the Boss who was known as “The Butcherer of Stilwater” in Steelport, wasn’t an ******* as he was rumoured to be, and he actually cared for his friends. This did not make him soft or weak, but it only made him stronger as these friends helped build him and the saints up over the years. Even now in the arena as the Boss fought on his own against four other skilled men, despite the odds Angel somehow knew that everything would work out and that somehow, his spirit was not as weak before. Something was different now inside of him that compelled him to fight even harder in his quest for revenge.

As the two saints began to finish fighting the other men who were pretty much tired and on the floor, the bell started to ring and the Boss questioned what this was to Angel. Angel revealed that one of the ArenaBrawl’s attractions had been released-a tiger. A ******* tiger. It slowly walked out of it’s cage and into the arena as the Boss let go of the boxer he was about to knock out whom fell to the floor and had knocked himself out. Angel had finished fighting his competitors and the two saints stood side by side, preparing to somehow fight the tiger. It hissed at the two saints and began to prepare to jump onto the saints, as it revealed it's large teeth to them and the audience.

*The Song, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor begins to play in the background*

Angel patted the Boss on the back as he thanked him for bringing him into the gang, as he charged on all fours towards the tiger and pummelled it to the ground and held it in a headlock. The Boss stood confused and stunned and watched him as the tiger violently tried to claw his face off, but Angel just didn’t care about this and was prepared to fight it to the death, through his cold yet brutal fighting tactics. As the Boss circled the two animals on the floor, he noticed a spike in the tiger’s fur and pulled it out after a short scuffle, which stopped the tiger fighting. Angel fell back onto the floor and watched as the tiger groomed it’s fur and began looking around the arena. The Luchadores in the audience began to boo and charged into the arena via the caged door, and began trying to fight the saints and anger the tiger. The audience were beginning to woo at the return of the excitement, but the Boss calmly stroked the tiger’s head and whispered for it to charge at the Luchadores, which it did after one of them tried to throw a wooden chair towards it. The Luchadores screamed in pain as they were brutally attacked by the tiger, and more Luchadores entered the building and charged into the arena to find their friends torn apart organ by organ. The Boss and Angel returned to the fighting, using weapons that were thrown into the arena by the audience such as a old television and a large girder, whilst the tiger continued on it's fighting feast as he sank his teeth into his former captivators. The Luchadores gave in and started using their guns, and shot the tiger in the paw which only caused it to attack even more, and it began to shred the skin of the green wrestler’s faces off. Angel and the Boss finished fighting the Luchadores, and noticed that more Luchadores armed with grenade launchers were entering the building as they tried to tear it apart. Angel and the Boss realised it was time to go, and Angel hilariously offered the tiger a comfortable home, to which it complied with and followed the two as they ran out the back door and into Angel’s purple Atlantica. The tiger made itself at home in the back seat as the Boss armed himself with his grave digger shotgun. Angel focused on driving as Luchadores chased him out of the ArenaBrawl building and into the streets. More drove after the saints in Bulldogs and armoured Infuegos, as the Boss enjoyed firing at the Luchadores after a good match of fighting at ArenaBrawl. Angel moaned as he saw the sight of a roadblock in the distance but it wasn’t a usual roadblock; it was a press conference. Camera crews and police officers stood as well as civilians listening to Senator Monica Hughes declare that the STAG Initiative have arrived in Steelport and will immediately begin patrolling and taking back the streets of Steelport. Hughes saw the sight of the saints being chased by the Luchadores, and ducked for cover as they charged into the press conference and continued the car chase through the streets. At this point, she was grinding her teeth and sick of the street gangs ruining her image. She went for her pocket and reached for her phone, then began calling someone. She was very loud, and very angry in her call;

Commander! The Saints and Luchadores are here at the press conference! Get your soldiers here pronto, and make sure they do not escape!

As Angel began driving towards Kinzie’s warehouse and the saints began to leave the Luchadores territory. However, there was an incredibly large roadblock by the highway, as white armoured vans marked with the STAG name and soldiers dressed in white uniforms armed with what seemed to laser rifles, blocked the way and were firing at the enemy gangs. Jets were closing into the highway from the distance, as they seemed to have also been owned by STAG as they had the logos and began shooting what looked like a fire cannon at the gangs. Fortunately for the saints, it hit the Luchadores behind them and Angel decided that he was going to take a different route and escape from STAG. The Boss didn’t care as he was shocked at how powerful these people looked; armed with laser rifles, armoured cars and private jets with fire cannons, clearly Hughes was very ****** at the Saints and the Syndicate, and wanted blood. The Boss sighed at how the situation truly couldn’t get any worse, as Angel reaches another highway that connects to Aparice Island. Most of the armoured vans were nearly out of sight as Angel managed to get them, but nothing could outmatch the speed of the jets. The Boss tried to fire every round in his shotgun at the jets but realised it was no match, and switched to his AK-47 and managed to inflict damage onto the jets. But it was going to take a lot of bullets to stop them, however fortunately the saints were close to their headquarters as Angel drove through the outskirts of the island and closed in on the highway that connects to Ashwood. More of the armoured vans drove towards the saints in front them, and shockingly a tank as well which was also clearly owned by STAG. Tanks, armoured vans, private jets; the Boss truly did begin to grow worried and angry as he realised things in Steelport truly weren’t going to be easy. Angel drove away from the tank and closed in on the saints warehouse though he wasn’t sure of how to get rid of STAG. Luckily for the two saints, they watched as a giant pile of cars burning were in the middle of the street that connected to the warehouse’s opening, and all of the saints were outside defending the new headquarters. Shaundi, Johnny, Zimos, ******* everyone was outside creating havoc for STAG. The Boss and Angel, as well as their new pet, got out of the car and joined their friends as they tried to hold off STAG.

Angel began to give up as he was too stunned by the military hardware STAG had, and he couldn’t possibly think that the saints’ guns could have possibly done anything to STAG’s powerful arsenal. But somehow and surprisingly for Angel, it did. Kinzie was sitting on the ground using some sort of control panel which shoot missiles from above onto the private jets, which she later revealed to have been some UAV drones that she had made for the saints, after she went in a frenzy after the electricity was returned to Steelport. Oleg was charging at the tanks and shaking off bullets from nearby soldiers, and he ripped the nozzle of the cannon on the tanks off and torn the doors of the tanks off and brutally snapped the driver’s necks. The tiger was taking quick care of the soldiers who were trying to stand together in fighting, as the tiger charged onto each of them one by one and sliced them all to pieces with it's claws. Angel rose up from the ground and slowly walked towards the Boss whilst turning his head and watching each saint succeed in defending the warehouse. Shaundi and Zimos stood shooting the armoured vans until they exploded, as Zimos turned to wink at Angel as he handed him an SMG. Johnny and the Boss stood side by side in front of all of the saints using AK-47’s and bringing down vans, jets, anything that got in their way. Angel smiled at their bravery, and joined them as the saints finished in defeating STAG. A black jet watched in the distance at the failure and flew off after receiving an alert;

Commander Temple, the leader of the Luchadores has made contact with us and is asking to speak with you. He states that he and his leader would request to help you in defeating the saints

Affirmative Kia, heading to your location now, if they are unarmed, stand down and cooperate with the situation. They may being planning to doublecross us but for the moment we shall grant them their wishes, as we can gun them down after we destroy the Third Street Saints…” came the reply of an old man, as he looked on to the fire raging from the streets below. He then began to fly out into the distance.

The saints meanwhile returned to the warehouse and began drinking to their small success, as Angel walked in last with his tiger alongside him. Pierce jumped from his chair and splashed alcohol over the ground as he screamed at the sight of the tiger. Angel calmed him down and revealed that the tiger was on the saints side and wanted payback on the Luchadores. Obviously this tiger had been kept in cages by the gang and forced to fight aggressively in their fighting clubs. Angel then sat down with the tiger sitting on it’s hind legs as Angel stroked it’s head. The tiger purred as Angel decided he would name it “Espíritu” (Spanish for Spirit), and the Boss began making a speech after another saint joined the family-like gang;

Alright people, Monica Hughes have created this, paramilitary faction of soldiers, and sent them after us and the Syndicate. These ******* are seriously going to make life hell for us so we’re gonna have to lock our **** down. We have our plan in taking down the Luchadores which is still going to happen, but we’re have to play it safe first and make sure STAG isn’t going to run it. Angel, I want you to get your shot against Killbane, but I don’t want it being ruined by a bunch of stuck up ******** like STAG, so I want to make sure we’ve got our ***** covered first. But for now fellow Saints,

Let’s kick it!

The saints raised their bottles and cheered at the speech as gansta music rang out throughout the warehouse, with Angel in particularly taken in by the Boss's words. The pet tiger then howled and lay back onto the floor with Angel stroking his head as Angel sat quietly smiling to himself, realising that this truly was his moment; nobody could actually stop the Third Street Saints, not even a government organisation like STAG could do anything. His day was coming, and nothing was going to stop it, and he continued to sit quietly stroking Espíritu and smiling to himself, until Pierce came over and offered the two some alcohol, which caused Espíritu to get annoyed at his arrogance and chased after Pierce. Somehow even the tiger could understand this was an important moment for Angel and wanted to attack Pierce, but Angel stood up to order Espíritu to stop, until the Boss held him back for a minute, as he drew his phone out to take a picture of the panic stricken Pierce. Pierce was screaming that tigers were among his biggest fears, and Johnny and Shaundi began shooting towards Pierce’s feet, causing him to dance slightly. But Espíritu simply circled around him as he danced for his life and the Boss began asking him to say a few words if he wanted to survive…

 Well that's all for now, really hoping to hear some feedback and chapter four will be up asap, so please enjoy and leave a comment!

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