Saints Row: The Quartet (RW Reserved)
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Saints Row The Quartet 

Re-Write by KrypticKX


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  Emma was cruising along the streets of Steelport just as she usually had.
"It's good to be the leader of this." She thought to herself.
Shaundi was in the seat next to her cleaning a shepherd.
"Hey boss you know what today is right?" Shaundi asked her.
Emma of course knew what today was. It lived in her heart every day since the plane.
"Ya, Shaundi... I know what today is. That's why we're going to the dry cleaners to pick up our dresses for it." Emma told her.
It had been a year since that day. The day Johnny stayed behind so, Emma and Shaundi could make it out of the plane. She would never forget that. It haunted her every night when she tried to sleep carrying with it crying episodes and night terrors. Johnny and Emma were close friends and to see him taken from them like that tore Emma apart but she had to keep together to run the Saints. Today was the day of his death and Emma promised that not another Saint would die for them. Not here not now or ever. She was going to make damn sure of that.

*Camera pulls away from car and the following comes up. Followed by this song.

   In a world were organized crime and unlawfulness is common place the Third Street Saints have taken to the streets of Steelport. After some daunty fights and losing some friends the Saints have taken over Steelport. Now at the peak of their global entertainment enterprise only a few people old enemies could drop them back down to before Julius and the boss took over. Only time will tell if in these coming years the Saints rise to fight the opposition or become crushed like so many gangs they had crushed beneath their feet. This is the story of the Saints after taking on the Syndicate. Let us now see what will happen in this story.

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CHAPTER 1: Remembering the Gat.

Emma parked next to the laundry mat with a somewhat hard brake.

"You alright boss?" Shaundi asked Em.

Em looked at her with a somewhat neutral face.

"Ya...Just a little angry at myself for letting him stay when we should of stayed and helped him." Emma told her.

Shaundi sighed.

"Look boss you can't keep beating yourself up over that. We all knew the risks of joining a gang in the first place. Besides I'm sure Johnny is giving Loren a good beating right now along with Carlos, Aisha, and Lin." Shaundi told her with a small smile.

Emma laughed lightening up a bit.

"No doubt. Well get in there and get the dresses. We don't want to be late. Besides Johnny was in the Saints longer then anyone. Well him and Julius but you know. It would look bad if we where late." Emma told her.

Shaundi nodded opening the car door and closing it. Before she left she leaned on the door and talked.

"Boss if Johnny could see you right now he would raise a 40 to you and thank you for killing Philip. I don't doubt that at all." Shaundi told her and walked in the laundry mat.

I know Shaundi but it's just not the same without him.

Emma turned the radio on and an old favorite of hers came on. It was "Hands up" a song she listened to with Johnny way back when they where taking on the brotherhood, Ronan, and Sons of Samidi.

Good times.

Shaundi came back throwing the two dresses in the back seat and jumping in the passenger not even bothering to use the door.

"Alright lets go." Shaundi said.

Em nodded and went to drive pulling out in front of a cop who ended up spilling his coffee all over his self. Em just laughed and flipped him off as she drove. The cops didn't bother the Saints. They knew better then to mess with the gang after the Syndicate was taken care of. It would take some real pull to make them go after the Saints again.

"Hey boss Pierce just texted me. He wants to talk to you for some advice." Shaundi told Em.

Em dialed his number.

"Yo this is Pierce." Pierce said.

"What the **** do you need advice for Pierce?" Em asked.

"Woah chill boss. I'm playing a game of chess with Oleg. Should I move to check him or move to defend my king?" Pierce asked.

Em sighed and was silent for a minute.

"Pierce....I don't care what you do. There's more important things right now then playing a chess game. Besides where are you? Remember your doing your Aisha impersonation again? You didn't chicken out did you?" Em asked.

"Waah?! Na boss! I told you I'm not doing that again!" Pierce told her then let out a expletive. He made a wrong move apparently in the game.

"Pierce if you aren't there before I am I'll personally see to it that you never see that chess game or any chess game for the rest of your life. Now get over to the cementary...NOW!" Em told him angrily.

"Ok, ok, man. You all need to chill." He said.

Emma didn't reply she just hung up on him.

"How can Pierce just play a chess game especially today?!" Shaundi asked also a little angry.

"Who gives a f*ck about Pierce." Em told her.

Shaundi laughed.

"We're always mean to him but he doesn't seem to mind." Shaundi said.

"Ya he's pretty layed back. Well this is going to take a while to get to Stilwater Cementary you might as well get some sleep. Can't be having the star of "I slept with Shaundi" look like she hit a brick of Mary Jay." Em told her grinning.

Shaundi already had a joint in her hands.

"Ah you're no fun. Alright let me finish this and then I will. Everythings so f*cked up right now." Shaundi told her.

"That sh*t does that to ya." Em told her.

Shaundi just chuckled.

"Oh ya." She said exhaling a puff.

Emma was now entering the airport. The flight to Stilwater shouldn't take more then two hours at most. Knowing the Saints luck though it wasn't going to be a normal flight.

"Welcome passenger's to flight 349 to Stilwater. Please be seated while we get everything prepared and remember flying is the safest way to travel." The flight attendant said on the speakers.

Emma had to chuckle at the last comment.

"Ya, if you're not a gang leader it is." She said under her breath.

Shaundi sitting next to her looked at her with a concerned face.

"Oh no, if anything goes down we are not jumping out of a plane especially after last time!" Shaundi told her.

"Hey I caught you again didn't I?" Em told her.

Shaundi rolled her eyes and looked back to her phone playing a game called, "The Row"

"Hey that is a lot like our life." Em said looking at it.

Shaundi chuckled.

"Well it is based off our little adventures. It has everything to." Shaundi said.
The plane was in air by now. The first thirty minutes was pretty laid back that is until Emma realized something.

"Uh hey Shaundi you notice there's only a few of us on this plane?" Em said quietly putting a hand on her shepard just in case. It was hidden under her jacket similar to Shaundi's.

Shaundi looked up and then looked to Em concerned. She had come to the same conclusion. That's when an all to familar face came from the pilot area.

"Look who it is. The @%#$* and her boss. Tell me how is Johnny these days?" The man asked.

Emma tightened her grip on her pistol. This was someone she was not expecting to see. Then to make things worse a rather large man in a business suit stood up in the front seat and turned around next to this older gentlemen. He looked up taking off his hat. It was Eddie Pryor formely known as Killbane. This made Emma even angrier.

"How..... I killed you in your HQ!! No way you could live through that 5 ton metal ball squashing your ass!" Em said angrily. She and Shaundi where in a bad spot.

The older gentlemen laughed.

"Dear girl you killed my twin brother Philip who ran the Syndicate's lower MorningStar but not the true operation. My name is Alexander Loren and I'm pleased to meet you. No the real Syndicate is the EveningStar's. A much more intricate and larger gang then my brothers. I believe you already met Mr. Pryor." Alexander said.

Killbane smiled and as if another joke of the past another face came up Em wasn't expecting. Behind both of them a smaller black gentlemen stood there. Em immediately knew who it was.

"Hey player how is Johnny these days?" Dex asked.

Em just glared at them. Shaundi didn't know what to say. Em then stood up and walked in to the plane aisle. A few of the mens guards where behind them pointing Tac-10's at them. This was a situation that not even Em could get out of.

"What do you want...." Em asked.

The three men laughed and all replied in unison.

"Revenge." Then everything went black as somebody knocked Em and Shaundi out.

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Chapter Two: The Escape

Emma woke up with a terrible headache.

"Ah damn feels like I just woke-up from a massive hang-over." She thought.

She looked around the dimly lit room. A leaking pipe dripped water into a small puddle in the corner of the room were a mouse had made it's way over to drink from. Em sat up on the cot and whispered.

"Hey Shaundi can you hear me?" She asked. No answer.

Em stood up but immediately sat back down someone unlocked the door. Nobody entered though. Curiously enough an envelope slid under the door and stopped at her feet. She picked it up and opened it to read it's content.

"Miss Hansen I'm helping you break out of this sh*t hole. Outside on the floor you'll find your M1911 from your service years in the Rangers. Shaundi is being held two levels below and is being interrogated right now. Once you get her meet me on the roof to set your escape." It read. Em dropped the note and opened the door. Sure enough her pistol was right were the note said it would be. She picked it up and pulled the top back putting a round in the chamber. Whoever was helping her graciously left a magazine in the gun which was all the better for her. Going into a military movement stance Em made her way down the hallway to a bend. She went up against the corner as she heard footsteps approaching. The guard walked right by not noticing her. She snuck behind him and pulled out his combat knife. Before he could react Em grabbed him and stuck the knife in his chest piercing his heart. He dropped to the ground. She then picked his Ak up and a few mags he had on him pocketing them.

   She put the AK on her back by the sling and used her pistol instead. It allowed better movement and easier aiming then the AK. She made her way down the next hallway and continued to do so taking care of any guards silently in her path. At the end of one of the hallways she saw a heavy set metal door and opened it slowly. The room was completely dark except for a bit of light coming from some of the security monitors setup along the wall and a desk. Suddenly, the lights came on momentarily blinding her and the door behind her slammed shut. She turned and before she could react was tackled by a guard well more muscular and taller then the others. Her gun was knocked from her hands as she went down to the ground. The man had his hands around her neck squeezing the life out of her. No matter how she pushed with her legs and arms this guy was way to strong for her.

"This is the end for you !%?#*!" The man snarled squeezing harder.

Em's vision began to narrow. She almost went unconscious until the man was thrown off her by someone else. Whoever did it started unloading a GDHC into the guard without remorse. By reflex Em grabbed her pistol rolled over and fired at the guards head until nothing was left. After he was dead Em layed their and started to cough and wheeze catching her breath again. When she did she saw the man from what she could tell by his shape had an extended hand to help her up. His face was covered. She took his hand.

"Thanks." She told him brushing herself off and pocketing the 1911 out of rounds. She un-slung the AK now.

"You really have gone soft. Guess I have to whip you back into shape." The man told her.

Em couldn't tell who it was before with the disguise but she went wide eyed when she heard his voice. She recognized that voice anywhere.

"Johnny?! Holy sh*t it's you!" Em said taking off his dew cap and face mask.

He grinned at her.

"Who the f*ck else? The Pope? Gandhi? Pierce?" Johnny said.

Em laughed at that.

"Of course it's me. I believe we're even now." Johnny said.

"Indeed. You never did get me that beer after I saved your ass from the chair. Guess this is payment" Em told him shouldering the AK. 

Johnny nodded.

"What now?" He asked reloading.

Em chuckled.

"Bust out of here. Save Shaundi. Kick ass?" Em told him.

"**** ya. Let's kills some f*ckers!" Johnny told her.

Em started to walk to the door but decided to put a hand on his shoulder.

"Nice to have you back Johnny. The gang wasn't the same without you." Em told him apathetically.

Johnny took her hand and gave her the bro shake.

"Nice to be back but do me a favor? No more f*cking movies. That sh*t made us soft." He said.

Em nodded.

"Don't worry we're done being corporate whores." She told him.

"Good. Now lets go save the damsel in distress and find out who the f*ck we're dealing with." Johnny told her putting a round in the dead guard.

Em just nodded and headed for the door opening it. An alarm went off as they entered the hallway and dozens of guards started making their way towards them firing. They took cover behind some pillars.

"So, much for sneaking out of here!" Em yelled blind-firing at the guards dropping a few.

"F*ck that we'll blow through all these bitches. What is it a few dozen? I can take them!" Johnny yelled picking up a dead guards AK and dropping more of the guards.

"Remember the last time you said that?!" Em replied reloading.

"Hey that was different! I was stabbed and you were more important!" He replied.

Em laughed and starting firing again.

"Johnny making up excuses? I think Pierce is running off on ya Johnny." She said tossing him a dropped AK. He duel wielded two AK's and unleashed a hail of bullets down the hallway so they could move up forcing the guards to take cover.

"Who's side are you on and I sound nothing like whiny ass Pierce!" Johnny replied.

"Admit it Johnny it was to much even for you." She said killing a few more guards. The last one panicked and started firing randomly at them also running at them screaming a war cry. Johnny popped out of cover and shot one bullet into his head dropping him. He shouldered the red hot smoking barrel AK and looked at Em.

"I admit nothing. I'm alive and well and they're dead so, I won right?" Johnny told her.

Em shook her head. Johnny had a very large and prideful ego. They heard the tell tale signs of Shaundi's high heels approaching. Johnny took cover but Em just stood there. She turned the corner and went wide-eyed. Her cheeks were bruised a bit probably from the interrogation.

"Damn boss there you are! Think you made a big enough mess here? Reminds me of my college days and the frat parties." Shaundi said walking up AK in hand.

"It wasn't just me." Em said nodded her head towards Johnny. 

He stepped out of cover to Shaundi's surprise and then ended up getting smacked hard across the face by her. The sound echoed through the hall.

"What the hell was that for?!" Johnny asked looking at the anger and sadness in her eyes then he understood.

"You show up after a f*cking year and expect me to be all happy about it? If anything I should kick your ass for not telling us you were alive!" She told him angrily.

"I was pre-occupied and the Saints weren't exactly the way I remember them." johnny told her.

She slapped his other cheek this time. Em just waited reloading her gun and lighting up a cigarette she got off one of the dead guards.

"Ya, it's true we f*cked up big time and you were right about the movie sh*t. We know that now but you could of at least helped us or tell us you were alive!" Shaundi told him.

Johnny was getting irritated and angry himself.

"I was in the middle of the f*cking ocean defending myself from sharks when you two were in Steelport! Loren dumped me out and luckily I had a parachute on and regained consciousness before landing. I had to swim to Lakeside this city we are in and had no means of contacting you! I had to find some old friends here who then contacted Kinzie. I told her not to tell of my existence until the saints gave up the movie sh*t! I helped her get information on the Syndicate run by Philip so f*ck off." Johnny told her in an angry tone.

Shaundi let out a disgruntled grrr and stomped her right foot. Before she replied to him Emma went between the two and put her hands up.

"As heart-warming as this little re-union is we still need to get the f*ck out of here. Kinzie told me Johnny was alive after we did Gangsta's in Space our last movie. I was waiting for the right moment to tell you Shaundi at the funeral but sh*t happened out of our control. Now if you two love birds are done let's get the f*ck out of here please." Em told them walking off with a funny smirk on her face.

"What!!" They both exclaimed looking at each other in disgust. They then pointed at each other in a prodding way.

"We're not lovers just mad at each other!" They both said.

Em laughed and spoke as she turned the corner.

"Lovers think and say the same things!" Her voice fading as she walked on.

There was a moment of silence.

"F*ck.... she got us." Johnny said walking to catch up with Shaundi following.

 "Shutup." Shaundi said.

"Just stating a fact." Johnny said turning the corner.

Shaundi looked at the ceiling and rolled her eyes sighing as she turned the corner as well.

End Part 1

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