The Saints
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Chapter 1

It was a warm night in Steelport as Chris sat in his chair, looking out from the balcony and marveled at the view of the city he once never knew about. Stilwater was his hometown, but Steelport was his new home. He wanted to return to his once beloved city, but for now- it'll have to wait. He sat there, hearing the echoes of police sirens throughout the streets. The streets that once belonged to The Syndicate, a crime oraganization his crew took care of. His crew, the 3rd Streets Saints. Chris became the leader after waking up from a coma. A coma caused by the former leader, Julius Little. He remembered the day he stepped into the boat, the one that blew up once he entered it. The mayor, Richard Hughes, a corrupt "baby-kisser". He was killed in the explosion that caused his coma. But it was all Julius' fault that he was asleep for Five years, it was his fault Chris became a stone-cold killer, it was his fault all his friends were killed. A flashback came on, when Chris pointed that cold-black piece of metal straight at Julius' head. And when he pulled the trigger, the force came back, pushing his hand behind as Julius' brain splattered against the pavement. Chris ruled the Saints for over Four years. 

His empire was getting stronger, and stronger. Although, he lost a lot of friends in the past. Such as Johnny Gat. He helped Chris through struggles, he was always there for him. But a fan of the Saints built a clone, but it's not the same. He recruited a few more Saints, they helped Chris back on his feet. For now, the Saints were no trouble, and no one was  trouble. Shaundi, Chris' love and member. They met back in '11, after he woke up from the coma. He escaped prison with Carlos Mendoza, one of the fallen saints. After escaping, Johnny helped Chris make a name out of the gang. He recruited a few Saints, including Shaundi. After taking all the other gangs out, Chris was building a relationship with her. Constantly taking her out for dinner, buying her clothes, and eventually made love. She walked up to Chris and put her arms around him, kissing him on the neck. Chris turned around and kissed her on the lips. She then sat on his laps, and gazed on the view too.

"What are you doing out here?" asked Shaundi

"You know. I just wanna get things out of my mind." replied Chris

She then smiled, and kissed him once again. They entered the penthouse. A beautiful two floored apartment, coated with purple wallpaper and other marvelous things. Both walked into their room and dressed up in their sleeping clothes. Chris wore nothing but purple boxers, while Shaundi wore a pink tanktop and her thong. Chris crawled into bed, and Shaundi soon followed. He hugged her, and kissed her on the cheek. He then fell into a deep sleep. The next morning, Chris walked down the stairs, and walked into the kitchen. He grabbed a glass and filled it with Orange Juice. He took small sips, and sat on the couch while watching the TV. "I Wanna Sleep With Shaundi" was on. Oh how he hated that show due to the fact that Shaundi actually locked lips with a couple of contestants. He switched the TV off, and got dressed for the day. As Chris was dressing, Shaundi woke up. She stood up from the bed and smiled at him. With only his pants on, he walked up to her. She felt his hard-rock abs.

"Why are you getting up so early?" Shaundi asked

"No reason. Just trying to get on with my day." replied Chris

"Well, I'm going to take a shower, when I'm done I'll be down soon." said Shaundi

"Alright." Chris said, as he knelt down and kissed her

He finished dressing as Shaundi entered the bathroom. Chris then exited the bedroom and climbed down the stairs to see Pierce, another one of the recuitments from back in the day.  They both greeted each other, and sat down on the table. Pierce was munching on a piece of toast smutherred with jelly. He was also reading a newspaper. 

"Monica Hughes, a public disturbance.." said Pierce, reading a headline from the front page
"I wonder what she's doing now." said Chris 

"Maybe bullsh*tting Stilwater. Man, I really want to go back. What about you?" asked Pierce

Chris paused for a second and looked at the ground, he soon looked back up and stared at Pierce.

"I don't know. I've been thinking about it yesterday. Who's going to take care of things here in Steelport?" replied Chris

"What about," said Pierce, thinking of a Saint who can contol the gang here in Steelport. "Oleg. He's a smart guy, he'll be pretty good if he were a leader."

"Woah, I never said we're having a different leader." Chris implied

"Well I never said we were having a different one. He'll be alright, man." 

"I never said we're actually going." said Chris
"So we're not?" asked Pierce


Pierce looked away, and sat silent. He took another toast from the toaster, and grabbed the jelly from the fridge. As he spread it, he continued the conversation.

"Look, maybe I can go." said Pierce, looking down at the toast and looking back at Chris

"You, alone." said Chris, followed by laughter "Come on Pierce, be serious. Stilwater will be waiting for you. And when you get there, I bet no one will recognize you."

"What do you mean no one will recognize Pierce, the one and only. Mr. P, P. Shiddy, Piercing. Man, I'm the king. You really think people won't recognize me by this song?" Pierce interjected as Chris laughed. He then pulled out his MP3, and put his song "Real Ill". The song sounded so similar to "So Sick" by Ne-Yo. Even the beat was copied right off the song. Chris grabbed the MP3 and dropped it on the ground. Stopping the music.

"Ayo'! What's your problem!" Pierce quipped 

"The song." replied Chris, as he smirked

Pierce grabbed the MP3, with no scratches or pieces scattered anywhere, he placed it back in his pocket. He shook his head, and grabbed the toast. 

"Anyways, Stilwater..."

"We're not going, Pierce." said Chris

"Come on! So you want to stay here?" Pierce avowed, taking another bite of his toast

"Well. Who knows how it is now! Maybe Monica made things worse. Maybe all of the Saints in there are already arrested. Maybe... there's new gangs taking over the city." Chris argued

Pierce finished up his food and stood up from his chair. He washed his dishes and checked himself in the mirror. He looked at Chris once again.

"Well, I'm going for a ride. When I come back, I want you to make your mind already." he said, walking into the elevator, singing his song again. Shaundi then came down the stairs, wearing a Pink and Purple camisole with Black skin tight jeans and boots. Her hair was down to her shoulder as it shined on the light. She walked towards Chris and kissed him on the lips. 

"What was that about?" she asked, walking to the kitchen

"Oh, Pierce was talking about going back to Stilwater." replied Chris, following her

"Hmm. Maybe we should go. I mean, I really miss it. It's where we first met, and it's where I want you and I to spend the rest of our lives together." she said, grabbing a carton of Milk and pouring it on a glass.

Chris thought about it once again. But he still didn't want to go. Even though he had lots of good memories in Stilwater, he also had bad ones too. 

"Well. I like it here. It's just that.. We already took care of the Syndicate and all. And maybe back home, there's even more problems."

"Then let's do what we did with the Brotherhood, Ronin, and Samedi." replied Shaundi

"And how did it work out? Lin ended up dying when I got the Rollerz, Carlos died because of the Brotherhood, and Johnny's gone because of the Morning Star. I just don't want to lose anyone else. Especially you." said Chris, holding Shaundi by the hips.

"We're strong now. Remember our first date? It felt weird right? Going out with the town @*%!* in a fancy Italian restaraunt. But then we ended up liking each other, alot! We built a strong relationship. And that's exactly how the Saints are." Shaundi confided

Chris knew she was right. But it still didn't change his opinion about returning to Stilwater. The day soon went by fast, it was a calm day as always. After the Syndicate were taken out, nothing was wrong- for now. Chris was laying on the couch with Shaundi as he spooned her. They both watched television. Pierce then called Chris over to the laptop. Chris walked over and sat next to him.

"What's up?" asked Chris

"I just got a message from Gryphon, a video message." said Pierce

"Then open it" ordred Chris

Pierce clicked on the envelope icon, and a page opened showing a black box. A triangular icon appeared. Pierce clicked the screen, and the Ultor icon soon came up followed by the small tune. Eric's face showed up, and the video started.
"Hello Saints. It's me Eric Gryphon. I'm sorry I haven't contacted with you earlier. But here goes nothing. It's about Dexter... He's gone insane. Stilwater is dead, it's finished. Here's a video showing what Dex did to Hughes." A video then shows Dex torturing Monica, and then stabbing her to death. "See what's happening? We're doomed. You need to get here fast, because... Dex will set off a bomb. Everyone in Stilwater will die. He has his own empire now, please. You need to help us. Before he"- 
A bullet then whizzed through Gryphon's head, with his skull and blood splattering on the camera. Dex soon comes up to the camera with two guards behind him. One looked like a Biker, wearing a Green tank top. Although, his outfit was tecky and kinda futuristic, but was covered with huge shields. The other was a Dominican man sporting red, and he too had the shield. Dex whiped the blood of the camera, and looked straight at the lens.

"Hello Chris. Remember me? It seems that I took care of your friend here. Stilwater's next. By the way, I thought you were gonna get me? But then I heard that Johnny was dead. And I also heard that you managed to save your little slutty girl, I also got a taste of her and so did everyone else. Let's cut to the chase. Stilwater's gone, man. And so is the 3rd Street Saints. If you step foot on this city, I swear, you'll regret coming back. Oh and by the way, look who's here." Killbane soon comes up behind Dex, and smiles straight at the camera.

"Hello, Stilwater Butcher." said Killbane, followed by Dex and him laughing. The video then ended, with Pierce shocked the whole time. 

Pierce turned to Chris, who stood still. He then turned back to Pierce.

"So... he's Dex." said Pierce

"Yeah, he is. You know what Pierce. I think we should go Stilwater."

"Are you f*cking crazy?! Did you just heard what that mothaf*cka said!" 

"F*ck what he says. I can't let him blow up our home. We got to stop him." said Chris

He then walked up stairs and called all the Saints, they soon gathered around. As they talked amongst themselves, Chris was trying to lower their voices. Shaundi climbed up with him, and managed to shut them up by screaming at them. Chris smiled at her and kissed her.

"Alright everybody. It looks like our old friend, Dex, managed to plant a bomb all throughout Stilwater. Now, there's only one way we can stop him. We all go to Stilwater."

Everyone then started talking again. A Saint raised his hand and asked a question.
"What about here? What's going to happen?" asked the Saint

"Well, one of you will take care of business here." replied Chris

Chris then looked at Pierce and smiled. There was something about Pierce that screamed out, "I'm your leader".

"Pierce, you'll be in charge." said Chris

Soon all the Saints, stopped talking and they all yelled out in suprise. Pierce himself was suprised too. 

"What? Why? I ain't cut out for this sh*t." said Pierce, whispering to Chris

"Fine then I'll let Oleg." replied Chris

"Okay, okay! But look, if anything goes wrong, I'll send some boys over." 

"Alright.." said Chris, looking at the crowd once more. It felt like being leader all over again...

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Cool story. I like where this is going. Keep up the good work.

A Saint Will Never Fall.
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Cool story. I like where this is going. Keep up the good work.

A Saint Will Never Fall.
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Cool story. I like where this is going. Keep up the good work.

A Saint Will Never Fall.
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Cool story. I like where this is going. Keep up the good work.

A Saint Will Never Fall.
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Chapter 2

The next day, the whole penthouse was filled with Saints walking back and forth, packing their things up to go to Stilwater. Chris was upstairs, overlooking the whole penthouse, as every Saint was too busy grabbing their things and packing them up in their purple suitcases and luggages. Pierce walked up behind Chris, leaning on the railing. He turned to look at Chris, who was capering at the sight. Pierce then walked back and sighed. He walked back to Chris, as he turned to look at Pierce.

"Today's the big day, Pierce. You ready?" asked Chris

"Well actually, I'm really nervous." replied Pierce

"Come on, man. What's the wors-"

"Don't say that because it just makes things worse." said Pierce

Chris chuckled and walked down the staris as Pierce followed along. He walked over to the bar and grabbed a glass, and filled it with Vodka. He spinned the glass, as the fuds stained the sides of the cup. Chris held the cup up and drank it. The strong liquid went past his throat as it burned it for a few seconds. Once he passed it through, his eyes were red and wet. Pierce grabbed another glass, and drank some too. They both made cheers, and drank together. A few Saints came up and drank with them, and eventually all of them came to drink. Oleg just sticked with water, while Zimos drank some Rozay. A few Saints were so drunk, they sang a few show tunes. Some even fought. Angel was pushing his way through the crowds of Saints to get to Chris. Once he did, he directed him to a more quiet place. They took the elevator to the underground parking garage. Angel walked to a shady part, as Chris followed along.

"So why did you drag me here?" asked Chris

"Look. I know Killbane is working with your old enemy. I told you you should've gotten him when you had the chance, and now look- he's taking over Stilwater." said Angel

"Calm down, man. Yout think Killbane's really that tough now that I got rid of his dumb mask." replied Chris

"The mask doesn't mean anything. It's the strength." implied Angel

"Really? Then what happened to you when he unmasked you?" asked Chris

Angel was quiet for a moment. He walked back and turned to look at Chris.

"I was a fool."

Chris shaked his head, and turned to the elevator. He went back up to the penthouse, as Pierce was putting his music on the stereo. As soon as his song came on, all the Saints walked out to the pool. Pierce sighed, and walked to Chris.

"What's wrong with Angel?" asked Pierce

"I don't know. Something about Killbane." replied Chris

"Oh it's something all right." said Angel, entering the penthouse. "It's a trap, boss. You have to be careful. I think it's safe enough to take me with you."

"If he's going, why can't I?" asked Pierce

"Because you're incharge of this, all this." replied Chris

"I don't want to. I want to go back to Stilwater with you guys."

"Remember back in Stilwater when you wanted to be noticed. Back when we bossed you around.?" asked Chris

"Well, yeah." Pierce implied

"Well, look. You finally have the chance to BE the boss. And you don't even want to fill the place" said Chris

"It's true. Don't let your thoughts tell you what to do. You have to feel it in your heart." said Angel

"Well," Pierce said "My heart's telling me to go."

Chris looked down and put his hands in his pockets, leaning on the wall. He looked at Pierce sighing, and pushed himself away from the wall.

"Fine Pierce. I guess you're coming with us. But who's going to take care of the Saints here?" asked Chris

"How bout..." Pierce thought of all kinds of people, but one came up on his mind like the apple falling on Newton's head. "Mayor Reynolds"

Chris agreed, and called up Burt. It took awhile for Chris to explain the situation to Reynolds, but he eventually agreed. Chris walked to the pool, and saw something a bit odd. It was a helicopter, but it was coming far too close. It wasn't purple, nor was it a police helicopter. But it was green. It was a Luchadores chopper. The chopper started firing a few rounds from the minigun planted on the chopper. A few Saints were killed, as Chris, Pierce, and Angel took cover and pulled out their guns. Chris had his Tek Z-10. He shot one of the shooters, causing him to fall off the chopper and land on the helipad. The rest of the Saints were shooting at the helicopter. But then, all of a sudden, more and more came. They all attacked the party, one by one, each caused destruction. Oleg hopped on one of them causing to spin irrationally, and crash to a building next to the penthouse. 

One chopper's blades flew off the top, and spun it's way towards the penthouse, slicing a few Saints. Their blood splattered on Chris and the others. More choppers came like an infinite army of birds. But as more came, more fell, all fell to the ground to Chris' enjoyment. Then, a jumbo copter hovered above the penthouse, blowing the glass to smithereens, cutting Chris face. The plane was a dark green and black striped jet, with a green star on the center. The wings were as wide as half of the Ultor building, and the engine was as big as an APC. The engine sounded like a cruise ship's horn, only a bit louder. The sounds blew Chris' eardrums, and made the penthouse vibrate. All the Saints, with all their power, shot the plane. With half of the bullets bouncing back and hitting some Saints. The plane then flew foward, as if it surrendered. But it then turned around and flew towards the helipad, where half the Saints were standing. The plane came closer and closer, and when it hit the helipad, the pad broke off the building as all the Saints fell down to their death. 

But one of the planes wings broke off, and the plane leaned to it's right. The plane then turned all the way backaround, this time flying towards the pool. Chris ran inside the penthouse and hopped to the other side of the couch, and took cover. Pierce and Angel soon followed. The plane then hit the pool, splashing the water all over the place, killing a few strippers. Silent then filled the area, accept for the sounds of screaming. The plane door opened as a Luchador crawled out and dragged himself to the penthouse. He crawled towards an AK, but Chris kicked it out of the way, and shot the Luchador on the head. His skull and brain sprayed on the spotless purple rug, as Chris wiped some blood from his face, as his face filled of disgust, looked down upon the dead corpse of the rival. Chris walked out of penthouse and to the pool, now a bloody, and fiery blaze of destruction. Bodies were all over the place, with guns found all over the floor. Sounds of blood dripping on the ground and fire cracking were the only things heard. 

Chris then heard grunting, real low grunting. The ground then vibrated again, but less powerful. He then saw a brute, dressed as a Luchador, alot bigger then usual. The brute was filled with nothing but veins and scars, and tattoos of stars. He walked up to Chris, cracking his knuckles. Chris gulped, and pulled his gun out again. As he was about to pull the trigger, his finger stopped as the switch was "jammed". It was out of ammo. The brute was then cracking his neck, smiling at Chris with agony. Pierce came out from behind, and pulled his gun out too. He shot the brute, as it turned around and saw him. He ran towards Pierce and grabbed him. He then held Pierce above his head, and threw him off the edge. Chris screamed, as Pierce's body spazzed on the air.

The brute turned back to Chris and dashed towards him. Chris then picked up a gun from the ground and started shooting the brute. He brute then tackled Chris, causing the both to fall off the edge. Before he knew it, Chris was close to death as he was falling to his death as a brute held him tight in his arms..

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Once again another great chapter.

A Saint Will Never Fall.
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Chapter 3

As Chris fell through the air, he looked down upon the bodies of the lifeless Saints. Their bodies splattered against the pavement, and flesh torn off from the air ripping through their skulls. But the brute held Chris so tightly, that he didn't mind being dead before hitting the ground. The brute was grunting as they were both falling to their death. Chris closed his eyes as he came closer and closer to the ground. A few people from below were shocked to see the leader of the Saints being man handled by such a savage beast. Fifthteen floors left and Chris will meet his death. He thought if this was his last moment, he might as well do it right. Chris opened his eyes, and smiled slightly. He then felt a thud, and a vibration throughout his body. He looked down at the brute who was dead. Chris smiled and flicked off the body. As he turned back to walk back at the building, he heard grunting. The same grunting as the brute. The brute stood up, and walked towards Chris. 

Chris stood there, and decided to pull out his Tek Z-10 slowly. The brute then ran towards Chris. As soon as the brute swung his fist, Chris heard another grunt. It was Tag. Tag came up to the brute and began fighting it. Tag ordered Chris to look up. Chris looked up only to see Pierce hanging on to a ledge. 

"Oh sh*t.." Chris mumbled to himself

He ran towards the building, and entered the elevator. He ran out to the pool and saw Pierce hanging on. Chris called out to Pierce saying that he'll save him. Chris ran back in, and grabbed a rope. He dropped down to Pierce, who soon grabbed it. He pulled it up, with all his strength, as Pierce pushed himself up. Chris' hands slipped from the rope, as he yelled out in agony. Angel then came out from behind and grabbed the rope. He pulled Pierce up, and patted him on the back. Pierce gasped for air.

"You okay?" asked Chris

"Yeah.. I guess." replied Pierce, still gasping for air

"I'll call Shaundi." said Chris, pulling his phone out. He called up Shaundi and she answered.

"Hey babe." said Shaundi

"Hey. Shaundi, get over here, now."

"But why?" asked Shaundi

"I'll tell you when you get here." said Chris, hanging up

He then walked into the penthouse, and entered the elevator, Pierce and Angel soon followed. When they got down, they exited the building. Tag and the brute were still fighting. Growing tired, Chris pulled his Pistol out and shot the brute on the head, killing it. After a few moments, Shaundi arrived along with Viola and Oleg. She ran up to Chris, and kissed him. Viola then hugged him. Chris instructed them to follow him up to the penthouse. When they arrived, they all saw the horrible sight of the vandalized penthouse. Shaundi gasped, as Viola sighed. Shaundi turned to Chris.

"Who did this?" asked Shaundi

"Killbane.." said Angel "I told you. It wasn't over yet. He still wants his revenge from his unmasking. The only way to stop him is to kill him."

"Well, I'm totally gonna kill that f*cker. Because we're heading to Stilwater... now." said Chris "Pierce, gather up all the Saints. Viola, get us a flight to Stilwater in the next hour. Oleg, get me Kinzie."

"Alright." said Oleg, as he handed Chris his phone

Chris dialed Kinzie, and she soon answered.

"Having troubles?" asked Kinzie

"How do you know?" Chris exclaimed

"Because I can sense desperation when I hear it." repiled Kinzie

"Alright, whatever. Look, get me to a video message to Ultor, now."

"Okay.... Here we go." Kinzie said, as she prepared a video message

The phone was then recording Chris, as Dex came up on the screen.

"Hello Chris.." said Dex

"You listen here, you sonovabitch. I'm through with you. I'm heading over there, now. So you better be ready.." said Chris

"Heh. You think I'm really afraid of you?" asked Dex, sarcastically

"Well, you better be!" exclaimed Chris, hanging up the video

Chris gave the phone back to Oleg, and walked up to the stairs. All the Saints stood in the living room and looked up at him. 

"Alright everyone. It's time to go back home. It's time we go back to Stilwater. It's time we show everyone what we once were, cold-blooded killers. We're no longer gonna be sellouts, We're no longer gonna stand around and let them push us around. We're going back to Stilwater to push them back, and make them fall back. I'm through with playing games!! It's time we go and show em' what we're made of, strength. Now it's time we go packing up and kill Dex, that sonovabitch. And Killbane! Now who's with me?!"

All the Saints hollered as they raised their fists up...


"There's no need to worry, Eddie." said Dex, grabbing a glass of martini

Killbane stood up from his seat, and banged his fists against the table. 

"I told you not to call me that..." Killbane implied

"No. I can call whatever the f*ck I wanna call you. Because you know why? Because I own you. You and your little f*cking gang. We're both knocking the Saints out of their f*cking baby chairs. You and I are going to take this place over. So there's nothing to worry about, Eddie." said Dex

"Fine, whatever. But what would we do if come here?" asked Killbane

"Easy. We leave and set the bombs off. Come on, how do you think their boss got in a coma in the first place?" replied Dex

Killbane raised his eyebrows and sat back down. A guard came in wearing green, tecky leather clothes, and sporting a biker helmet. He set a suitcase on the table, and walked away. Killbane seemed concerned and sat up. Dex swiped the suitcase back and smiled.

"What's in there?" asked Killbane

"Nothing. Just a little something we need to, set off the firework show." said Dex. 

He then slid the suitcase across the table towards Killbane. He ordered him to open it. Inside was a small remote with one button in the middle. Killbane was about to push the button as Dex swiped it away from his hands.

"Watch it. It's the button that sets the bombs off. You could've killed us there.."

"Sorry. Anyways, where's the bomb?" asked Killbane

"Oh, somewhere the Saints won't imagine thinking a bomb can be placed."

"The Nuclear Power Plant?"

"Nope. Not even close. Let's just say, the building is said to be the home of those Third Street Sellouts."

"Ahh.. No you didn't!" said Killbane, suprised

"Oh, but I did. And the funny thing is, that Chris won't know. So there will be even more memories in that building than he thinks there is."

Dex laughed, and got up from his chair. He then admired the view of the city, and looked far into the waters.

"Come on Saints. Let's meet again"...

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Chapter 4

It was a stressful night for Chris. Since the penthouse was destroyed by the Luchadores, the Saints had to find a place to stay for the night. But there was none to which Chris desired. He had to sleep in a trashed place once known as his hideout. He woke up the next Morning, and looked around the place. Chris walked to his room and got dressed in the last clothes that weren't destroyed. He put on a Dress coat, with a black vest and dress shirt, followed by a Purple tie. He put on black jeans, and a purple and black Heyday sneakers. And finally put on black shades. Chris quickly walked to the basement, where the Saints keep their weapons. He packed some upgraded weapons, and a couple of grenades. He then walked to his room once again. Shaundi was still sleeping. Chris walked over to her, and shaked her to wake her up. 

She slowly opened her eyes, and yawned, followed by a sigh. She looked at Chris and smiled. Chris smiled back, and kissed her on the forehead. She then got up and walked over to the bathroom. Chris waited when she was done. She exited the bathroom and got dressed up. She didn't cared if she stripped infront of Chris. She put her usual clothing on, and packed a couple of other clothes. She then turned to look at Chris, and sat next to him.

"So. We're finally heading home, huh?" Shaundi said

"We're only heading there to take care of business." replied Chris

"Alright, alright. Business, I get it. But are you in anyway glad?" she asked

"Sure?" said Chris

Shaundi smiled at him and continued packing. Chris exited the room, and saw Pierce quickly packing. Chris laughed as he saw Pierce packing his things up irrationally stuffing them into his luggages. Chris thought to himself if Pierce was holding any bombs in there, then he'll want to go to a different plane. Pierce turned to look at Chris, as he shrugged.

"What?!" Pierce implied

"Calm down, Pierce. Why are you in such a rush? We're leaving in the afternoon." said Chris

"I know, I know. But I got a sh*tload of things that I need to pack up. Albums, toothbrush, awards, and bling." replied Pierce

Chris chuckled, and got up from the couch. He then went outside to the pool. The area was still covered in blood, but all bodies and the plane pieces are gone. The water from the pool was gone, and the pool itself was completely gone. Steelport was just cleared from the gangs and corruption, but he had to go back to Stilwater and save HIS own city. Chris entered the penthouse, and climbed the stairs to his bedroom. He walked up to Shaundi, who was applying makeup on herself, and told her he was going to go see Reynolds and talk about taking control of the Steelport Saints, the new name for the Steelport chapter. 

He then walked to the elevator to the parking garage, and got in his all-black Attrazione with all black rims, and chrome trims. Chris then drove out of the garage, and drove towards the Mayor's office. As he drove, he pulled the window down and let the air blow on his face. The air was so warm, and it felt good as it jotted his face. He then thought about Dex. Was he working with Killbane only? Or does he have his own empire? As he thought about that, he also thought about Killbane. Why would he be working with Dex?


Dex sat on the office chair, and turned it towards the window behind his desk. He took control of the Philips Building, and renamed it to his likeness. As he looked at the view, he wondered if Chris would stand face to face with him even though his army will kill him before he makes it. His thinking was interrupted as Killbane entered the room, and sat on the chair across from Dex. Killbane was no longer part of the Syndicate, as the Luchadores were just another gang. But the gang was so powerful thanks to Dex. Dex turned his chair the other way to face Killbane. He ordered one of his guards to get him two glasses of Martini. As the guard left, Dex stood up and once again admired the view of Stilwater.

"So are the Saints coming?" asked Killbane

"Of course they are. Chris was always so cunning. It's always easy to get him pissed off." replied Dex

"It sure is. And what would we do if they get here.?"

"We send our guys to take care of them. You think that they'll see it coming?" said Dex

"Well, of course not. The Saints are idiots." Killbane implied

The guard came back with the martinis. Dex grabbed a glass, and took a sip. He then sat down on his chair, and tilted it back, putting his feet on the desk.

"Yeah, they are..."

Back In Steelport

Chris sat on the couch, as the Saints were still packing. It was already night. The flight was delayed due to the attacks in the penthouse. Some choppers belonged to the airport, but they were stolen by the Luchadores. Chris got up from the couch and called every Saint to come. Once they all gathered around, Chris started talking.

"Alright guys. If you're done packing, I want you to go down to the parking garage and grab a car. Drive down to the airport, and wait for us there. Alright, meetings over." Chris said

All the Saints soon rushed to get their luggage. Chris looked around for Shaundi. She then appeared in the basement. She was sitting down on the ground. She had her head down. Chris came up to her and sat down next to her. He looked at her, and kissed her on the cheek. She didn't kiss back like always. Chris knew something was up.

"What's wrong?" asked Chris

"It's just... We didn't have any problems till' now. Everything was all calm. But now, it's like everytime." replied Shaundi

"Aww come on. I thought you were excited to go back to Stilwater?" Chris said

"I'am. But, I just want a normal visit." 

"Look. We're in a gang. Nothing is normal where ever we go." said Chris

Shaundi looked up to him and smiled. She got up and walked with him upstairs. The penthouse was almost empty. They both walked to the elevator, and went to the parking garage. Both entered Chris' Attrazione. The drive to the airport was short, but the wait was long. The plane finally arrived. It was a white and purple jet with a big Fleur de lis in the middle. The inside was marvelous. The carpet was purple with small Fleurs as patterns. The seats shared the same designs. There was neon lights throughout the plane, giving it a purple glow. Chris sat in the first class area, with Shaundi sitting next to him. 

Pierce sat across from them, with Angel sitting next to him. Oleg sat on a special seat that was about the size of Six seats, as Kinzie sat next to him. The captain told everyone to buckle their seatbelts, and enjoy the flight. As the plane took off, Chris' stomach felt like it was being squeezed inside God's palms. Shaundi pressed Chris' hand hard, and closed her eyes tight. She turned to see him and smiled. The flight took about Two hours.

Chris knew they arrived Stilwater when he saw the bright lights from below. Nothing was very different, except that the Philips Building was no longer surrounded by Orange lights, but this time Blue ones. The plane smoothly landed on the runway. Chris grabbed his luggages from the top, and walked out of the plane on to the stairs. He looked around, and sighed. Somehow, the air was different. It felt a bit colder, and smelled like it was just raining. But he somehow liked it.

As he walked down the stairs, he saw a couple of squad cars drive toward them. "Sh*t", Chris thought. The cars were still the sedan types from '11. As the cars got closer, the lights red, white and blue flashed throughout the area. When the cars stopped, some officers exited the car. One was a middle aged man, with brown hair and a goatee. He walked up to Chris and shook his hand.

"Hello. I'm Officer LeBlanc. Welcome back to Stilwater." said the Officer

"Hello. Uh would you mind if I asked, what's going on?" asked Chris

"I was sent here by Chief Bradshaw." replied LeBlanc

"Why?" Pierce asked

"Because, he wants to make sure you get here safe." 

"Safe from what?" asked Chris

All of a sudden, a big group of men in green choppers with green flames coming out of the exhaust pipes, and green underglow came towards them. The front of the choppers had miniguns planted on them. 

"That." said LeBlanc

He then ordered Chris to get on the car. The rest of the Saints then ran to the other cars, as they drove away. The men were still following them. One of them fired, missing the whole time. Chris looked through his luggages to grab his Tek Z-10. When he found it, a biker was right behind their tail. Chris then shot him straight through the brain, causing the man to fall of the bike. Another biker hit the abandoned bike, causing him to lose control and hit several others. Chris continued shooting at the men. LeBlanc then put the sirens on to alert other drivers.

Pierce grabbed his AK and started shooting at the bikers too. The rest of the Saints soon followed. Each time a group has been terminated, more will come. Chris aimed at one of the chopper's tires, and the driver lost control. The driver then jumped to the top of the trunk, and started smashing the back window. Shaundi then shot the man in the crotch, causing him to fall back, and be run over by the rest of the man. A big truck carrying more choppers and men drove up to the side. The men got on their bikes, drove out of the trailer behind the truck. One biker carrying a shotgun in one hand began shooting the car, shooting the door out exposing Chris. The biker shot again, almost hitting Chris by one inch. Chris then aimed his Tek Z-10 at the biker, and killed him successfully. 

The car finally reached the highway, where alot more cars were found. Many of the bikers hit cars, and flew off their choppers. A Red helicopter then lowered itself down next to the highway, as a few Puerto Rican and Dominican looking men started shooting from the sides.

"Who the f*ck are these guys?!" asked Chris, shooting at the chopper. 

He then noticed that the attackers were sporting the same armor as the guards that were with Dex. Chris thought to himself that Dex could've sent these guys. He then turned to look at the driver seat where LeBlanc was sitting.

"Dex sent these guys!" said Chris

"Yeah, I know! We'll talk about that back in the station! It's not safe enough to go to the Purgatory!" replied LeBlanc

All the man were finally taken care of. Chris sat back and shut his eyes. Shaundi then turned to him, and cuddled with him. When they arrived at the station, Chris woke Shaundi up from her sleep. LeBlanc led them to Troy's office. Troy was sitting on his chair, smoking a cigar. He got up, and greeted Chris. 

"Hey. How are you?" asked Troy

"I'm alright... Now what do you want?" replied Chris

"Are you still mad from that time I got you arrested? I told you, the Syndicate could've killed me, how was I-"

"No. I meant why did you want him to save us."

"Oh.. Because I knew Dex would've try attacking you." replied Troy

"Wait? You knew about this?" asked Pierce

"Well, yeah but.." Troy replied but was cut off by Chris

"But you were to busy being an ****, and munching your donuts. Now we'll you excuse us. We're going to Purgatory."

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." said LeBlanc "Dex's men will be waiting for you there."

"How would you know?" asked Shaundi

"Cliche, maybe." said LeBlanc

"Well, we'll have to clear them out of there." Pierce said

"Fine." said Troy

"But first, I want to know. Who were those guys attacking us?"

Troy sighed, and looked around for certain files in his cabinet. He pulled three out, and placed them on his desk. Chris looked at them, and gave Troy a confused look.

"What is this?" asked Chris

"Gang files." replied Troy

"GANGS! AGAIN! AW HELL NAW!" Pierce yelped

Chris grabbed the files and grabbed the first one...


The Ryders MC is a motorcycle club founded in Stilwater after the collapse of The Brotherhood back in '11. These guys mostly deal with arms dealing and stealing auto parts.

He grabbed the other one...


A Hispaniola based cartel, The Family is a big oragnization in the Latin criminal underground. The Family owns most of the drug rings and miney laundering.

Chris then grabbed the last one...


This organization is jackpot if one gang controls it for two reasons. One. These guys handle the gold/diamond dealing in the city. Two. They also control the Middle Eastern themed Brothels in the Red Light and Downtown.

Chris thought the files were useful, but he still wanted to know Dex's plans. Troy then handed him over another file...


After being booted off from Ultor, Dexter Jackson fled Stilwater and headed to Sunton. During his time there, he developed an "organization" named Pater, named after the "Father of Mars". He then flew back to Stilwater, knowing that more gangs would take over the area, and bailed members of all three gangs and created the Pater INC. 

"So that why they were wearing that armor." said Chris

"Yup... that's why." replied Troy

"But how are we going to stop Dex? Why don't you guys do something?" asked Chris

"Because he threatned us." replied LeBlanc

"With what?" asked Chris

"The bombs.." added Troy

"So ya'll are just going to stand here and take sh*t from them?" asked Pierce

"Yeah, pretty much..." said Troy

"Well there's got to be something we can do." said Chris, looking out the window

"Wait.... How about we take out all the gangs and..." Pierce said but was interuppted by Shaundi

"Maybe we should take out all the gangs and when they're gone, Dex won't have anyone to recruit." 

Everyone grinned and looked at her, except Pierce.

"Man! This is just like back in the days!" yelled Pierce

Chris came up to Shaundi and kissed her. She kissed him back and hugged him. Troy nodded, and grabbed the files, putting them back.

"Looks we're taking back Stilwater." said Chris

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