Saint's Row Fanfic Chapter 1 - Busty Cop vs Blonde Leather-Clad Hooker
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Was insipired by the DeWynter girls running whorehouses so I thought I'd write about a sexy dark-haired busty cop who sets out to take their operation down. A bit sexy so if you're alergic to t & a, look away now. Just a teaser, I'm gonna still write more, let me know thoughts. Also, don't worry, the story will end up in Steeport and Shaundi will be featuring and if you're wondering what the cop looks like:

Sexy Busty Cop

"New York's Finest" - A Saint's Row Fanfic

“Listen honey, I’ve already caught you soliciting your skanky services to virtually every guy on this street, why don’t you just make things easy on yourself and tell me what I want to know”

The blonde leaned back against the wall totally unphased by the threats emanating from the voluptuous raven-haired police officer standing in front of her. Drawing upon her cigarette, the scantily-clad prostitute looked down at the slightly shorter but much curvier woman for a brief second before dismissively looking away as she exhaled a mouthful of smoke into the midnight air.

The uniformed officer took one step forward to come into close proximity with the defiant blonde, her well-endowed chest stopping a mere centimetre short of the blonde’s leather bra. Placing her hands in her hips, the officer raised her eyebrow and stared directly at the blonde who was still facing away.
“Oh look, it’s Wonder Woman,” smirked the blonde as she remained looking in the other direction.
“You gonna use your lasso of truth on me honey?”

Eager to end the blonde’s insolence, the buxom officer leant forward to place her mouth right next to the ear of her antagonist. The blonde instantly felt the officer’s firm breasts engulf and flatten her own smaller set, her leather bra instantly losing its shape around her modest C-cups.
“It won’t be long before the rest of you yields sweetie, now give me the location of your whorehouse, sorry I mean workplace or I’ll give your body a proper workout,” whispered the officer softly into the blonde’s ear.

The blonde finally turned her head back to face the officer.
“@*#*!, you think you’re the first Dickless Tracy in this city that’s tried to shake me down,” the blonde responded in a husky New York accent.
The blonde took another long drag on her Marlboro Light and blew a mouthful of fresh smoke straight into the emerald-green eyes of the off guard officer. The dark-haired woman instantly backed off as she began to rub her eyes much to the amusement of the blonde hooker.
“We run this ****ing city $%*?!! Now **** OFF!”

With those words, the blonde buried the outsole of her knee high leather boot straight into the unsuspecting officer’s stomach.
The dark-haired woman staggered back a few metres, before her prominent arse was introduced to the rough asphalt sidewalk, dragging her skirt down a full inch as it cushioned her fall. Such was the force of the kick, two of the buttons flew off from the officer’s shiny blue shirt as the garment contracted around her rigid breasts and failed to contain them. The blonde tossed away her cigarette and pounced on top of the fallen officer’s stomach, grabbing her hair with one hand and sending a cracking hook straight into her cheek with the other. 

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whoa whoa whoa.... what the HELL just happened there... I couldnt stop laughing for a minute. xD

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Porno... I'm all sweaty now lol
good writing though

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