Saints Row: The Retelling (OOC)
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The story of the THIRD STREET SAINTS. It’s a timeless legend, filled with fortune and glory. A story of good guys and bad guys, and the innocent people caught in-between. And those will be the people you play. In this story, there is no JOHNNY GAT, LIN, or PIERCE WASHINGTON. You fill in the places of these icons. Will you mold your own story, or suffer their same fate? Only time will tell. This isn’t just Saints Row, it’s a retelling bitches.




And now it’s time for everyone’s favorite part, the rules! Read them well my friends. I would have for any of you to be kicked out because you got that third strike…


General Rules

 1.Anyone can join at any time, but they MUST post their character bio here. Even if your character is a mystery or something in the story, their actual bio must be placed here first.

 2.In the actual thread, you may only post in-character (IC).

 3.You have to post at least a paragraph. Try to be descriptive and make detailed, well written posts. Take your time. You must use good grammar and punctuation. Writing in a text document is recommended. This is only to help you, as people can get confused when they can’t understand what you just wrote.

 4.Your story and characters must make sense. Don't be random or weird. Remember it's a Saints Row RP, so only things that you'd see in a SR game.

 5.The story must take place in the current city we are in.

 6.You can take your time with an individual story, but if you're interacting with another player, you must try to respond within 24 hours, or the other person can move on without you.


 Character Rules 

1. These are rules for your characters.

 2.Any character that you create is copyrighted to you (or Volition), so no one else can steal or copy your stuff.

 3.You can NOT control anyone else's character but your own. Not even something as small as their reaction to something. Leave that to the other player.

 4.However, you can "see" or hear about the other characters. By that I mean, say my character is blowing up downtown; anyone can see that and then interact with me.

 5.I want to limit the characters to being Saints, but if enough people join then I’ll probably allow other gangs.

 6.You may use multiple characters in your story, but to make things easy, try to just play as one person.

 7.You have to play as an original character. (Someone you've made, not Volition or anyone else)

8.My character will fill the role of the MC.

9.This is to see if you were reading the rules. You can’t tuna fish.


 Fight Rules

 These are the rules for if you have an altercation with another character.

  -You can't forcibly hurt someone else's character.



  Billy shoots Megan in the leg.


  Nothing like that. You can, however, say something like:


  Example 2:

  Billy shoots three rounds at Megan.


 You can't kill or maim someone else's character. You can try, but the other person has to react.


  You can't be immortal or incredibly powerful from the beginning. Your character starts off like in the games. So you can't call an airstrike or throw eight pipe bombs out of nowhere. Likewise, you can't just dodge every attack in every single fight. It’s okay to run away from a fight unscathed, a few times, but don't ruin the game by trying to make your character the best at everything.


Character Sheet


General Information

First/Last Name:


Age/Date of Birth:




Hair Style/Color:


General Appearance:

Dressing Style:







Personal History



Test-O-Matic Question: You can tune a piano, but you can’t…?

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Just asking, I made my character sheet differently, so can I do this:

Eye Color: 
Hairstyle/Hair Color:
Sexual Preference: 
Weapon(s) Of Choice:


Up to you Marik, Its an easy change from this sheet to your sheet. Just that question.


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Yeah, I would rather it be in my character sheet guys. Both of you could quickly transfer it over, and both of you need to.

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You really need a D.O.B 

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General info

Name:Nathen Walker





Eye Color:Blue

Hair and color:



General Apperance: Young, has a mole under his right eye

Clothes:White butten up shirt and black tie, Black hoodie, blue jeans , purple and black Lazy day shoes 


Personality: Calm, Nice , friendly , loyal , Jokeful ,and cooperative

Likes:Women, Guns , Cars , and his own safety 

Dislikes:Boardem, Whips , Jerks , Brutes ,  Pain , and loneliness 


Weapons:2 Custom.44 Magnum

Melee weapons: Bowie Knife, hidden shoe knife

Personal History

Bio:Nathen or Nate has been a life long friend to the Mc always in someway at their side to aid them, Nathen was born in a lab and lived in that lab for six years till it was shutdown and Nate lived out on the streets and stole from people till he was caught by police officers Nate was sent to an orpahnage for ten years being taught by nuns about the right and wrong but none of it ever sunk in 

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I coulden't Edit my last post 

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Okay and sorry Marik but one more question, is it okay if my character is out of the Saints but gets in at the beginning. I have somewhat of a plan to get into the Saints.

And Marik are you going to make your MC character for this?

General Information
First/Last Name: Adam Killington
Nationality: Caucasian
Age: 23

Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair Style/Color: Marine Cut/Black
Height/Weight: 6’7”/197lbs.
General Appearance: Young, Long And Short Scars On His Right Arm, Kind Of Muscular, Not Fat
Dressing Style: -Anger Mask
                       -Black Combat Vest With No Shirt (In Case He Gets Weapons And Ammo To Carry For
                       -Black Cargo Pants
                       -Black Combat Boots
                       -Keeps A 12-Inch Blade And Sheath Hidden On The Inside Of His Left Ankle

Personality: Promise Keeper, Loyal, Respectful (Mostly To Women), Calm
Likes: Women, His Knife “Ripper”, Killing Threats
Dislikes: Fakes, Liars, People Who Try To Kill Him, Being Over Protective

Personal History
Born in Ireland but raised completely in the U.S., the young man Adam Killington was the traveler. Moving from city to city, state to state, and even country to country, he was known to run since the age of eleven. Thanks to his foster parents, he learned how to fix up wounds and survive in the wild. He started running ever since the incident of his foster family being murdered by three people, he constantly ran. Growing up in his teenage years, he planned to join the U.S. Marines, now at the age of 23, he knew it would never happen. He got his hair cut in a Marine style to remind himself that one day he will make a career out of the Marines. Now he hides his face, only his fairly smooth, deep voice shows his personality. Though Adam Killington is one to keep his word, he doesn’t trust many people around him, which means, being his friend is just straight up luck.

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Hey Everyone. I see a couple of users as well as guests down there viewing this thread. Dont be afraid to join up. We could use more people on not only this RP but this site as well. If its your first time RPing, no worries, give it a try and we can help you with the skills for RPing. It really is a fun thing to do, something that keeps you occupied. Even if you are doing something you can always get ideas. So please, hurry to join up and RP with us.

Simply make a character sheet, then make the intro for your character for the RP, from there, it is simple, just take your time with writing and thinking! And soon you will be RPing, you may not think of it, but RPing is not so hard once you get used to it. Dont take to long, I hope to meet some new users or maybe even some of you that roam the Steelport Stories section. See ya soon!

@Marik, Hey wanna pick a good site that we can probably find while we are also using this one? Check out what I found:

You can easily find a good rated RP site. You can even read reviews about the site! But it doesnt have that many sites that has a review yet, but we can see what they are like.

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My computer is broken, add my lil brother SovietMau5 on xbox and he will relay me the messages.  I want to join the RP that Marik is starting up so I'm going to make a email that you can email me with and I'll set up a character, if you guys have xbox then add my bro.  He wants to join in n this too but he's not over 18 so if you are fine with posting two characters for me then yeah, I'm hunting for a new comp. 

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@Jikko, There he is! Do you have a mobile device? I wish you luck in your huntings.