An idea for a RP of sorts.
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Name:Bruce Hale



Eye color:Blue

Hair and color:Brown

Bio:Bruce was once a happy family man, married to a kind wife, and was a loving father. Bruce and his son used to enjoy flying kites, playing ball, and Bruce taught his son about cars, a passion shared by both father and son. One day, a lurking pedophile , who unfortunately also happened to be a neighbor of Bruce, kidnapped his son. He forced him into his van and drove away to a lake. Once there, the man put Bruce's son inside a canvas sack, and threw him into the water, drowning him. The loss of their child was too much for the parents. Despite attending to marriage counsel to cope with the loss, Bruce's desire for revenge overwhelmed him. He hijacked a police patrol car and proceed to evade arrest for 20 hours. His arrest marked the break of his marriage, and divorce followed.


Name:Heather Graceland



Hair and color:Pony tail with bangs, blonde

Bio:Heather had a big family with at least 7 brothers and sisters, her father was an army major who came back from war when Heather was only five years old , her father suffered from a horrible form of Ptsd, one nite he gotten really violent killed Heather's mother with a hammer and all her siblings Heather hid in the house till a neighbor call the police , when the police gotten to the house Heather's father found her and shot himself in front of her.

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Thats seems like a good character. Again people that is just to show something not for this story.

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We’ll just be doing this here. Give me a minute to get the OOC up.