Kajin Chunsa Tell'Em
2 years ago  ::  Apr 5 2012 - 10:46PM
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Yo, what it is world?

The name's Kajin Chunsa Tell'Em--second tell'em, 1st class. ;) Nah, but... I'm enjoying the community and gaming of Saints Row. I'm part of The Third. Gotta love how SR3 incorporates SO MANY cultures/styles into this one game. When you drive, it's Need For Speed/Midnight Club. When you shoot, it's like Mass Effect/Socom. When you play, it's like GTA x 100. Graphics are real nice and all the minor editions in the game make it amazing. Best game I've played in a while. I don't even like GTA4. Last game I played that was this good was inFAMOUS 2.

Anyways, nice to meet'ch'all!

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