New Saints Row game idea. Please leave feedback.
2 years ago  ::  Mar 30 2012 - 4:18PM
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Hello there. I've had this idea for a new SR game in my head for awhile now and I thought that I would share it with the community and see how they feel about it. Please leave me feedback and tell me what you think about my idea.

Okay, so, here it is. It would not be a direct sequal to any of the previous SR games. Rather I was thinkg a game on the XBLA or PSN. A full retail game would work to but I am thinking of more of a smaller game but a full retail game might work better.

On to the main idea. Rather than being the Third Street Saints you would make your own gang. You would get to name them, make a symbol, and give gang colors. You would also create some main characters. Through the game you would do things with them like you currently do in the SR games. There are decisions that you will make in the game that impact the story, much like an RPG.

Well, that is the main part of the game. Leave some feedback and maybe some other things that you would like to see in the game.



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2 years ago  ::  Mar 30 2012 - 10:32PM
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Hi everyone they should have it where you can name the boss and pick you're own pepole.and have alot more guns and bring back some stuff that was in saints row 2.

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