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... "We don't need those dregs of society working for us! We have everything at our disposal"

"Had everything, you mean."

"Whaddya mean, had?"  
"I mean that we lost most of it back in '08! Do I need to remind you what that filthy street gang did to us?"

"That was 4 years ago! We are growing back, and fast."
"And we still are! What other options do we have to retaliate?"

"Hooker assassins? Gangs always fall for that."

"Already tried by the Syndicate. Remember how that turned out? We have no other options."

"Oh, right. What know, you're right."

"Always have been, always will be. Why do you think they put me in charge? Call in the mercs."

"Yes sir, of course sir!"

 TO BE CONTINUED (Hopefully!)

What do you guys think? I am hoping to actually finish the story this time. Also, the name was borrowed from a game Pandemic was working on befor they closed. Questions, comments, constructive criticism, and Saints Flow are always welcome. Also, the first person to guess what company gets a virtual Saints Flow, though it is still prohibited in California (Laughing). More coming soon, so stay tuned!



UPDATE: I now have the bios for 2 of the mercs being hired

Name:Wei Tumuny Guns (pronounced "Way Too Many Guns")


Gender: Male

Affiliation: Chinese Triads (ex)

                Freelance Merc

Name:???(Any ideas, anyone?)

Race: Caucasian (Nationality: Irish)

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Irish Mobs (loose ties)

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