Don't Call It A Comeback...
2 years ago  ::  Mar 26 2012 - 11:20PM
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Well guys, I've returned from a long vacation *Business trips and trips with the wife". I bet more than half of you don't know me but, I'm sure some of you do. Does it mean anything if I say I'm an architect? Well, I know now atleast one of you guys know me. If you don't, It's just me, Bo0mb0x... Electric_Bo0mb0x... Boomer.... Electric.... If you don't know me now, I've obviously never met/seen you... My old account (Electric_Bo0mb0x) was hacked over my period of being gone, so I just went with my old screen name. I hope to be making a return to Steelport Stories (Technically my second home) and regain my trust (Or whatever... I'm just making stuff up now...) . Hope to see you around!!!

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