The Outbreak (Roleplay)
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Naomi woke up in her crappy room in one of many of Steelports hotels. This is what she considered home now considering the virus outbreak which pretty much turned Steelport in to a No mans land. Naomi got out of bed only in her underwear and got dressed in her usual attire. She looked in the mirror at herself. Her hair was a mess which she quickly fixed. Her eyes where some what tired looking but that was because of having woke up several times in the night to the noises of zombies nearby. Naomi holstered her 45 and slung the AR-17 on her back. Her knives where on her belt at the ready. Shotgun in hand she opened the hotel door and made her way in to the corridor. Luckily zombies where really stupid and had no idea how to use elevators. The stairways had been blown away by Naomi a few days ago so no zombies could make their way up them. Naomi had rigged up a quick release line down the middle of the stairways that shot up to the top for emergencies as well.

Naomis hated having to go out but her food supply was getting low and the hotels kitchen was out of food almost. All there was left was hash browns which where going bad. Naomi in the corridor headed for the elevator. She took out a locket. inside was a picture of her family and an older brother she barely remembered. One day he didn't come home from school and it worried her and her parents sick. They had a 6 month search going on for him but he never turned up so they feared the worst had happened.

Don't worry my family. Your daughter and sister won't die in this outbreak. She thought as she closed the locket and pocketed it. Naomi hit the ground floor button and the elevator doors closed.


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A helicopter flew over the city and John was in the back and opened the door the pilot in the front turned to John and gave him a thumbs up John picked up his back pack and jumped from the chopper down to the city John landed on a taxi and jumped off it, the city looked empty but their were cars in the street nobody was around, John looked around to make sure nothing would interupt him as he pulled out a cell phone and called the scientist 

"Hello?" A man answerd on the other line 

"It's me I'm in the city I'll meet up with you when I find my sister"John said 

"John haven't you thought that your sister may be dead" The man said 

"No and bye" John said as he hung up the phone 

All of a sudden a loud shriek was made John looked around and saw a young looking woman that had pale skin she charged at John he pulled out his samurai edge and shot her in the forehead the bullet went through her head and hit a car and the car's alarm went off signaling more zombies 

"Great" John said 

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(Ty might not be here for a while.)

Adam sat on a ledge. The wind tried to sting his face but the mask he wore prevented that. The virus had ruined his life once again. This time, he would fix it himself. He heard a car alarm in the distance but let it ring out to Steelport. "Another unlucky bastard." He whispered to himself. He didn't know if he was the only one here that would fight or what. But he seriously wanted to meet someone. And around this time, it would be almost impossible unless you save someones life. The Anger didn't care about anything that wouldn't benefit him. Though he did want the right woman to talk to at night so he would be less lonely. Problem with this was it might not even happen, after seeing so many deaths in his life, he did not fear anything that would kill him. If it meant saving someone, then he would be sure to take the heat, after all, when he wasn't in the fighting mood he would just out run them. Like he always did so he didn't have to restock at home. The food, he didn't even have to worry about that, he had chickens and cows. But also many more that came from around the world. Adam looked over to see a hotel, he looked at it for a long while, but then started looking around again. He made sure his knife was secure, it was in a great place so it didn't fall out but it had easy access too.

He started talking to himself, he did this so he didn't go insane. "No chance to survive, no chance to see a better life." he chuckled, "They say it all the time on the radio, yet I live a good life in an under water house! They will see, they will all see. Any survivors that are here, would be smart enough to stick with me." he had a smile under the mask. He looked out at the view, knowing he wouldn't be bothered by zombies possibly until he started moving. He took out the spray again so zombies couldn't smell him, he sprayed all around the ledge and on himself. The spray was something he made. He stumbled upon it accidently. And when he knew how to make it. He never stopped. He didn't see any survivors now, but he kept looking for the time being.

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(Kojote has a point if i dont comment for a while just continue ill catch up:P)

Ty was sitting on top of the tallest building he could find at the moment, it used to be the Saints HQ till the virus hit than it just became a safe house. Thankfully the Saints left guns in there armory, which is why Ty was there he needed guns, anything was suitable for the moment as long as it killed Zombies Ty was game. Ty grabbed a katana and a sheath and had put it on, he grabbed a laser rifle and a 45 shepherd and walked to the top of the building and sat down. Ty looked down at the city not remembering what peaceful times were like since his memory was basically gone. Ty heard a siren go off in the streets and thougt, thats abnormal zombies are to stupid to do that on purpose, but then again im abnormal so i guess it makes sense that i call things that way. 

Ty went down in the elevator and walked down the street trying to find the source of the alarm, as he walked he saw a group of zombies running at him, "Sh!t really I go out to see if someone needs help and i get attacked whats the odds of that." Ty said out loud. Ty pulled out the laser rifle and started shooting the zombies, one manged to scratch his arm but it recieved a bullet to the head quickly. Ty finished off the remaining zombies who attacked him and looked at his arm, the skin and tissue started to connect back together, Ty smirked "Benefits of being experiment T i guess." Ty continued to walk around no mans land following the sound of the siren.

(Spriggs you can move your character away from the car and further through the story when ever you guys start back up, dont run your character into me cause you'll be waiting a little while:P you guys have fun now just giving my guy a start while i had the chance, see ya whenever i get on next :P)

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(I'll be here more or less my friends having fun writing his fallout story.)

Dimtri, or Iosef was sitting on a couch talking to his best friend.  Vinny, a real life wise-guy, he was broad-shouldered and always wore some fancy suit he claimed costed 50 G's.  He was probably telling the truth but why say acknowledge it when you can have some good ole fashioned fun making fun of him.  Vinny was somewhere from 6'6 to 6'8 and 200 plus pounds.  His 'family' was still around supplying some of the havens with food, water and "protection."  Vinny was telling a story, "So I says to him I says,  listen you wanna-be go0k if ya don't stop f*cken my broads and trying to get in on my city I'll stab yah in your jabbering mouth."  Vinny paused and took a breath, at that point Dimtri asked.  "Well did he stop?"  "Nah Dimi, so I stabbed him and gave him a glasaglow smile.  Then I f*cked his broad while he bled out."  Dimitri laughed and poured himself another shot of vodka as Vinny spoke up again.  "I'm gonna go piss then check on my assets, can you take her to the docks while I piss?" Vinny asked walking away. "Sure.".  The huge yacht turned around and headed back towards the docks  and Vinny's warehouse.

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