The Outbreak (Roleplay OOC)
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All right everybody here it is. Pretty much like any other roleplay we've done before except this one is 20 years after the Saints took over Steelport. The saints have moved back to Stilwater and are living their lives doing whatever lol. Not in this story at all. STAG isn't involved either so they are gone. Guns are a little bit better now and STAG's laser weapons are starting to hit the market as well. Steelport has become a quarantine zone after a break out of an unknown virus that mutates people in to zombies. Your characters are immune to the virus but can still die. This takes place a week after first signs of the virus and it is spreading quickly. Here is my character.

Naomi Clarissa Martinez

Age- 23

Sex- Female

Size- 5'10" and fit body

Hairstyle/color- hair is the same as Claire's from the CGI movie. Color is brown.

Eye color- blue

breast size- Same as Shaundi's to the right.

Apparel- Same as Claire's from the CGI movie

Ethnicity- half Hispanic half Caucasian.

Sexual preference- Straight but will do friends with benefits male or female. Only if she knows them well enough.

Weapons Of Choice- 45 handgun, tactical SWAT shotgun, AR-17 Rifle, and throwing knives

Background- Naomi is the daughter of her Hispanic dad and Caucasian mother. She led a relatively easy life growing up with her parents and her brother. Other girls where jealous of her because of her intellect and looks. A lot of boys hit on her during high school and still do but she turns them down telling them she isn't interested in a relationship. She is waiting for the right man to come along and that is why she turns them down. At 17 she joined the force as a police officer and made her way on to the SWAT team. At 21 she became leader of her own team. The next two years consisted of drug busts and stand-offs with criminals around Steelport. With the Saints leaving Steelport more gangs tried to take over but the force stopped them. Nobody messed with the Saints though because they where just crazy. 23 now she did another raid on a house that went horrible wrong. They entered the house as usual but their was a foul smell in the air. Different then meth or other drugs.

They came to a room full of people covered in blood. The people charged at them. They shot them but the barrage of bodies was relentless. Naomi was the only one who escaped. Turns out once she did escape the entire city had gone in to chaos as this new threat came up. A week went by with Naomi moving around trying to find other survivors but no luck. The news said it was some type of new virus and that Steelport was quarantine so no escape from the island. The military had set up shop on Magarac Island in case any zombies escaped the island but the military didn't want to risk any more people by sending people in. Now Naomi wonders the streets looking for other survivors killing any zombies on the way. She hopes she can find some. 


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Ill get in on this but i dont got time right now to post my character, imi gonna be headin home as soon as  my gfis done showering so i can say goodbye and then leave. One question can i use  me from the last one cause if i can that would be easier id have to change the bio a bit but that way you can already have my character.

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Fine by me.

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groovy ill post my guy up when i can, see ya

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Name:John Logan Martinez





Hair and color: the same as Alex wesker in the RE6 trailer

Eye color: Brown but shifted to red

Apparel: The same as Alex wesker in RE6 Grayish Brown long coat, Black T-shirt,Black Pants, Right Leg holster,Shirt holster,

Race: Causasian

Sexual Prefences: Stright 

WOC: Samuri Edge,combat Knife,and the Ravager (All weapons from resident Evil Wiki)

Bio: When John was a child he was taken by a group of scientist to become a ulimate biological weapon, John was taught the most deadly combat known to man and was told lies about his family that they gave him up to the company because they never wanted him one dayJohn looked into his files and saw that he was taken from his family and when he got the chance to escape from the company he left to go to his real family who accepted him over time John got use to his family life but was hunted by troops of the same company that he escaped from after a couple of months they stopped hunting him, when the outbreak started up in Steelport John was bitten but did not turn into a zombie when he gotten to a outta the city a scientist working for the company that kidnapped him said he needed his blood to make a cure to the zombie virus John knew this would may help steelport but it also may be a trap Jonh asked the man where he was and the scientist told him Steelport John knew he had to go back for two reasons one the cure two his sister never came out of the city 

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Adam "The Anger" Killington
Age- 23

Sex- Male

Size- 6'8" and kinda of muscular.

Hairstyle/color- Shaved head

Eye color- Ice blue

Apparel- A black combat vest with no shirt, black combat pants and plack combat boots. anger mask

Hope you guys can see it. best one I could find.


Sexual preference- Straight never with a guy kinda of person

Weapons Of Choice- FN SCAR, SIG SAUERP226 pistol, and a Remington 870 for close quarters

Background- The Anger or Adam Killington, has many names from his known past. Some people called him Shadow or Predator. Still today people know the three nicknames of Adam Killington. He was an amazing freerunner in Stilwater and in Steelport. Growing up with his Irish family, he has only a little bit of his brogue left. But it is still noticeable. Though he was disciplined for every wrong he did, he never stopped getting in trouble. Even now in his older days the sad part is that he can't contact his family anymore because of the virus that he ended up immune to. Though he can't figure out why, he has a feeling that he may meet some people along the way that will help him on his quest to kill the man responsible. Of course though they will be killing zombies along the way. Adam just has and arsenal of weapons in his safe house that he comes to everyday. Not a zombie in sight because, well, it's under water. Building it with his brother and some other friends, they had no trouble at all with it. Considering his brother knew how to build anything. But don't be fooled, the place is actually a beautiful place. It has exotic animals all over the place, all of which that are immune to the virus. There is also bedrooms for guests.

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Name: Dimitri Arkadeyavich Popov

Eye color: Ice blue

Hair color: Brown, gelled back.

Apparel: Black suit, Dress shoes, mirrored sunglasses, Black Onyx stud earing, Titanium Alloy gauntlet(Will be revealed later what it does, Dress shoes. 

Race: Russian

Sexual Prefences: Straight 

WOC: Silenced Makarov PMM, Silenced Uzi, Long switchblade stilleto.

Bio:  Dimitri goes by many aliases the latest being Iosef, russian for Joseph.  He is a spy from 101101 Classified1010111 sent to make sure things in Steelport go smoothly as planned.  He knows the Zombies weakness and guards it thoroughly.  Any person living throughout the zombie outbreak successfully will be dealt with accordingly, he is currently responsible for massacring fifteen successful refuges.  

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waiting on Ty then I'm starting this *#%*? up!! Oh hey Kojote your brother wasn't to bad at the demo btw. Besides me having to revive him 50 times lol ;)

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Hhahaha, I might play tomorrow instead of him. Let's see if i am any good.

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as long as you can hold your own I don't mind but if I turn in to a crutch I get angry lol. Hate being the damn crutch all the time.