Another Day in the life of X the lost saint
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I like the chapter dude, definitly the ending with josh and shaundi that was funny. Keep up the great work dude.

You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!
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wow this is awesome, and is johny gat the guitarist from when the boss and oleg meet with viola?

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wow this is awesome, and is johny gat the guitarist from when the boss and oleg meet with viola?

(yes he is. He's in disguise.)

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Are you gonna keep on going?

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Eventually. I've been busy getting some things straight in life. Having to deal with two egos is very hard especially when they clash every day... One is very surpressive of my fun outgoing side and it pisses people off a lot. On some medicine right now that should help suppress the negative one. So, if I snap one day for no reason then you know why. 

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STAG PARTY: Chapter 4

B was sitting in the living room watching Pierce and Oleg play chess when Shaundi's phone rang.

"Shaundi how's Josh?" The boss asked.

"Try again man." Pierce told him while moving one of the chess pieces. Oleg seemed displeased with his move implying he was in a bad spot.

"Pierce? I called Shaundi." The boss said.

"Oh you did. She's just to busy holdin herself back from killing Birk to answer. Hey!" Pierce replied as Shaundi grabbed the phone from him.

"Boss you've got to get me out of here; He has proposed to me six times!" Shaundi said distraught and in anger.

"Shaundi this will be all over soon, trust me." The boss said.

"Then can I kill him? Please God tell me I can kill him!" Shaundi said pointing the Shepard in Josh's general direction. Josh wasn't intimidated. If anything he was to distracted by Shaundi's Bosoms.

B was watching T.V but silently in his head laughing about the entire thing.

"We'll see. Put Pierce back on before you go." The boss said.

Shaundi tossed her phone over to Pierce who caught it. Shaundi walked back over to the couch and sat down still pointing the gun at Josh.

"Ya boss?" Pierce asked.

"Heard anything on Stag?" The boss asked.

"Oh sh*t I almost forgot! They still think we're here at the old crib. Oleg and I where thinking we set the trap this time and use it to f*ck Stag up." Pierce told him moving another chess piece.

"Let's make it a big one. Got it?" The boss asked.

"Oh I hear ya." Pierce said and hung up. He tossed the phone back to Shaundi.

B turned the tv off and turned his head to look at Pierce.

"Remember how I said I could get you guys some help." B said to Pierce.

Pierce looked over.

"Ya what did you have in mind?" Pierce asked intrigued.

B smiled and told him his plan.


Fifteen minutes later.


The radio was going along with Pierce and Oleg still playing chess. Pierce moved another piece. Oleg seemed lost in thought when Josh spoke up again.

"Put the gun down I won't run." Josh told Shaundi.

"Ya I'm good." Shaundi said ignoring Josh's request.

"I felt that the moment we met. That connection." Josh said laying on some charm towards Shaundi.

"...What...?" Shaundi said annoyed.

Josh leaned forward and breathed in deep before saying, "Forbidden love." He even threw in a slight smile.

Shaundi was very annoyed and moved her hand in a oh my God way.

"Oh my God can I just shoot this guy?" Shaundi asked the other gang members.

The boss was walking down the stairs and pointed.

"Shaundi play nice now." He said and walked over.

"You got the stuff Pierce?" The boss asked now at the table.

Pierce reached down for the bag but Oleg beat him to it.

"Allow me friend." Oleg said and dropped the bag on the chessboard.

"You did that on purpose." Pierce told him. Pierce was about to win the game.

Oleg shrugged and gave a smile to Pierce's stare. The boss picked the bag up.

"All right let's go Stag hunting." The boss said.

Pierce looked over to B and B got the idea and followed the boss along with Oleg. They walked over to the elevator and went down to the ground floor. B's cell phone vibrated. Somebody was texting him. B checked who it was. Johnny texted him.

"Anything new going on?" The text read.

B had to be careful so, the others didn't see who sent the text. Luckily he was behind everybody else so, this should be easy. B texted back.

"Going to hit Stag. Going to be big." B texted and waited for a reply.

After a few minutes he received it. The elevator doors opened up. B texted as he walked with the others to the front of the old crib.

"Cool. Keep me updated." Johnny texted.

B read it and deleted all traces of ever receiving the texts. Strangely though he felt like somebody was screening all the communications anyways, in the crib. He had heard of a formal FBI agent in the saints but, hadn't met her. B had some dealings with the FBI before. Some good others bad. (No I have never talked or met anybody from the FBI lol. So, don't worry about that.)

The group walked out. Oleg walked over to the basement. B wondered what he was doing. The boss, Pierce, and B walked outside.

"Think you can pick a fight with Stag by yourself?" Pierce asked the boss.

The boss got in a car bo-duke-in style and replied after starting the car up.

"you're not coming?" The boss asked revving the engine.

"I'm going to pick up a surprise for Stag. You know how to use a molotov?" Pierce asked.

B facepalmed and shook his head at Pierce's stupidity.

"Yes, Pierce I know how to throw a f*cking bottle." The boss replied annoyed.

"Jesus, I was just askin." Pierce said as the boss took off to do whatever.

Pierce turned to B.

"So, were is this weapon you talked about?" Pierce asked.

B got in one of the cars parked up front and started the engine. Pierce got in as well.

"It's in one of Stag's bases. I hacked a telecom station a few days ago and received intel on it. Stag won't be to happy with us rolling in there." B said.

Pierce seemed a little worried.

"How the hell are we going t oget in there? I'm no boss or Johnny." Pierce said.

B laughed.

"You'll see. Let's just say I have a friend on the inside." B said to him and took off for the base.

After about five minutes they where about 100 feet from the base. A man in a Stag uniform walked over to them. Pierce started to raise his gun but B stopped him.

"That's my inside guy chill Pierce." B said.

Pierce looked at him and lowered his gun.

"Whatever you say man but if we start getting shot out I'm blaming you." Pierce told him.

B nodded and the man was at the window by now. B looked at him. You couldn't see who it was in the suit.

"So, as planned or plan b?" B asked him.

The man raised one finger which meant plan A. B got out of the car and the Stag man put handcuff's on him. Pierce immediately raised his gun. B got in his way.

"Chill Pierce this is part of the plan. Now get over here and get some cuff's on." B told him.

Pierce put his gun away.

"I don't like this." Pierce said as the man cuffed him as well.

After the cuff's were on the man pushed them both towards the base. Pierce didn't like that.

"Hey man be cool this suit costs a lot of money!" Pierce said.

B chuckled. Little did Pierce know it was Johnny in the suit. Johnny pushed Pierce again just to agitate him more.

"Man the hell is wrong with your friend?" Pierce asked B.

B laughed.

"I don't think he likes you." B said looking at Johnny's head and winked. B heard a slight chuckle from behind the helmet and face mask. They where at the front gate now. The guard let them pass.

"More gang members to lock up eh? Well good oh and look at that it's one of the lieutenants as well. Hey Pierce your music sucks!" The guard yelled out at him and laughed.

Pierce was steadily becoming agitated and angry.

"Not cool." Pierce said.

They entered the base and Johnny pushed them to the armory where B picked up the air strike designation device.

"Here it is." B said handing it over to Pierce.

Pierce held it in his hands and slung it on his back.

"The boss is going to love this!" Pierce told him.

B nodded. Johnny patted B's shoulder.

"Pierce I'm going to hang out with my friend here and keep Stag off your ass so, you can get that to the boss. Go to that door and take the elevator up to F2. You should see some cars and a hidden exit. It should keep Stag from finding you. The only thing is once you open the door the alarms go off so, that's why I'm staying behind." B told him.

Pierce nodded.

"aight. Don't go and die on me. We have lost enough people already." Pierce told him and took off.

"Not really Pierce." B said under his breath. Pierce didn't hear him but Johnny did.

They waited for the elevator doors to close. Johnny took his suit off.

"This damn thing is hot as f*ck." Johnny said now in his normal attire.

B laughed.

"I'm still laughing about how you treated Pierce." B said readying a K-8 and handing it to Johnny.

Johnny smirked.

"Who gives a f*ck about Pierce?" Johnny said accepting the gun

B chuckled.

"How are we going to get out of here?" B asked.

Johnny smiled and pointed behind B. B looked. There was a Stag tank waiting to be used. B smiled.

"Well then let's not keep Stag waiting." B said and they both headed over to the tank.


Part two later.

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this is great

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