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Duuuhhhh I tink I gets it naow.  Johnny shuz be some dud B meets ups wit.  Johnny should be a seperate guy.

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(Waits for replies.)

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Duuuhhhh I tink I gets it naow.  Johnny shuz be some dud B meets ups wit.  Johnny should be a seperate guy.

(ok. Sounds best to me. Typing chapter two now.)

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(oooooh man!!! I just thought up the best thing ever!!! I'm including Trouble With Clones in this and it's going to be a big surprise!! *looks at achievements and nods.* hehehehe. Oh Johnny is himself but who is Johnny Tag? >:) :P lol.)

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here you go!!


B was chilling in the Cafe when a man and a guitar walked in and took a seat. Strangely enough the man even in his outfit looked familiar. B looked back to his laptop and read an article from a few weeks back.

The article read. "Johnny Gat alive? Rumors circulate about the notorious gangsters fate. Some speculate he is undercover and no longer in the saints." 

It then showed some pictures of a man who was walking the streets of Steelport and in to a Image as Designed shop. A video was available as well. B watched it. It was a video of somebody recording Gat as he walked in. It fast forward to later but Johnny didn't come out of the store. The guitar guy did though. B smiled.

Oh so Johnny you're undercover now are you? B thought. Well I think your biggest fan should say hello.

B looked up as the man walked out of the cafe. B closed his laptop put it in his carrying bag and followed who he assumed was Johnny. After a few blocks Johnny turned in to an alleyway. B followed him but was surprised to see a dead end and no Johnny.

"Huh?" B said.

He heard a shepard click behind him and B gulped. He turned around to see the guitar man pointing a shepard at him. He had hid behind a dumpster.

"Why the f*ck you following me kid?" He asked. He sounded just like Johnny.

B had to be careful in what he said or end up with a bullet in his head.

"I umm..uhh...I jus thought you looked familiar and wanted to see who you where." B said.

The guy lowered his shepard and put it away.

"I'm nobody kid. Now get lost before I change my mind. My trigger finger has been really itchy since the plane." He said.

B gasped. It was Johnny.

"Wait You're Johnny Gat! I'm your biggest fan!! OMG could you sign this for me? I.." B said before being interrupted by Johnny.

"Sorry kid I don't do any of that sh*t anymore. Not after what the saints have become. Maybe, I'll go back if they change but for now I'm just going to be a normal person." Johnny said then paused. He was thinking.

"You know what I have a better idea. How would you like to become a saint?" Johnny asked.

B was ecstatic.

"Would I ever!!" B said.

Johnny grinned and came over and punched B in the gut making him double over. Johnny then lightly beat him up. B was on the ground and stood back up with a black eye and bruises.

"What the hell?!" B asked dusting himself off and holding his cheek.

Johnny laughed.

"Canonizing. Everybody has to go through it." Johnny said.

B had forgot about that. He had heard of this canonizing before but damn that hurt!

"All right new blood this is what I want you to do. First off here is $300 dollars go buy some new clothes. Make sure you have some purple so people know you are a saint. After that get in to the HQ and by my inside guy. If they change from being celebrities then let me know. For now Though don't say a word about me to them. I don't want to be a part of all that bs." Johnny said.

B nodded.

"Good. Here's my cell number. Call me when anything important happens." Johnny said giving B his number and then he took off.

B headed for the closest planet saints store. He bought a Hills casualwear with purple undershirt, a gold saints fleur chain, black OG pants, some broseph sneaks with purple laces, and a gold and purple family jewels ring. His brown hair was in the bad boy style and he had the executive beard as well. After 15 minutes and paying for the goods B walked out in his new style. Next he headed to the nearest gun store. He had just enough money to buy a Kobra and some ammo for it. After leaving the store B looked for the nearest car. Sure enough a bootlegger was parked nearby. B busted the driver side window out with his Kobra and unlocked the door. After getting in he opened his laptop up and remotely started the car.

"Have to love technology." B said.

He put his laptop away and drove off to the Saints HQ. He arrived shortly and made his way in. Everybody thought he was a saint. He got in to the elevator and went to the penthouse. He found Pierce and Oleg at a game of chess. B made his way over to the kitchen and got something to eat. The boss (The saints boss looks like and sounds like the default Caucasian character.) came in to the room and headed over to Pierce and Oleg. He stepped over the couch.

"Pack it up we got a move." The boss said.

"I got twenty K on this game!" Pierce told him.

The boss kicked the table knocking the pieces over.

"Damn!" Pierce said.

"Now it's a draw." The boss said.

Pierce pointed at Oleg.

"This isn't over. sup?" Pierce asked the boss.

"It's not safe here. You guys clear this place out I'll buy you some time." The boss said and walked off.

Pierce and Oleg got up and started rallying the saints to leave. B made his move.

"Yo Pierce, the boss is going to need some heavy firepower. I have a feeling those new ass holes are going to be involved soon." B told Pierce.

"Ya I agree with ya. What'd you have in mind to fight STAG?" Pierce asked. Pierce didn't know this new saint but if he had an idea to help the boss Pierce was all over it.

B smiled.

"I know where we could get some hardware for bombing runs in case those futuristic ass holes show up." B said.

Pierce smiled.

"Hell ya lets go!" Pierce said waving off Oleg to do whatever was needed.

Pierce had all the saints load up in trucks. Oleg called the boss.

"Pierce is loading up the trucks. I will create a distraction at the park." Oleg said.

Oleg headed off with a few saints to the park while B and Pierce with others packed up. Pierce got a call. B overheard it.

"Pierce hows the pack up going?" The boss asked.

"Slow we got a lot of sh*t." Pierce said.

"Just take what we need." The boss said.

Pierce became a little agitated.

"Watcha think I'm doing?!" Pierce said as he started to pack his chess board and pieces.

"Pierce.. leave the chess board." The boss said.

"Man that's cold!" Pierce said and hung up. He still packed his chess board.

B chuckled.

"You sure you want to do that after he said no?" B asked.

Pierce shook his head.

"Hell ya chess is my game!" Pierce said.

B noticed the bottom of the box was about to break and held back a laugh. Pierce picked it up off the table and after a few steps the bottom broke and the glass chess board and pieces fell to the floor shattering. Pierce's mouth was wide open.

"Maaaaan that is some bulllll sh*t!" Pierce said.

B laughed and so did a few other saints.

"Karma Pierce." B said patting his shoulder.

Pierce shook his head.

"I don't even know you and you're already as bad as the boss." Pierce said.

B chuckled as they headed downstairs to the cars. They got in to the cars and took off from the HQ. B was driving one of them. Pierce got another call.

"Pierce get things moving I have their attention." The boss said.

"We're rolling out in the convoy now. I'll let you know how the streets are lookin." Pierce said as they drove. After a while they came up to a STAG roadblock. Pierce called the boss.

"Looks like STAG left a road block ahead of us. Without help we ain't getting by." Pierce told him.

After waiting out of range a VTOL flew by and started destroying the STAG roadblock. After a bit it was gone.

"All right we're good to go now." Pierce said over his phone.

B and the other Saints started driving again. After a while and hearing distant explosions around the city Pierce got another call.

"Pierce tell me you're close." The boss said.

"We're trying to keep a low profile here. We can't go speeding through the streets." Pierce said.

"Well they've got a AWACKS plane flying with a lot of escorts." The boss said.

"You're serious?!" Pierce said.

"Look just get there. I'll think of something." The boss said.

Pierce hung up.

"Man he's a crazy mofo." Pierce said.

B laughed.

"Oh ya I heard the story of the saints grand appearance in Steelport. Sucks about Johnny though." B said.

Pierce was quiet for a bit then talked.

"Ya, but we all knew the risks in joining a gang. Just have to keep moving on you know?" Pierce said.

B agreed but deep down he knew Johnny was in the city undercover waiting for the right time the Saints stepped down from being media whores.

Another smaller roadblock blocked the convoy and they started firing on the saints. B kept driving while firing his Kobra out the window. The other saints did the same thing. They passed the convoy with relative ease. Pierce called the boss.

"Almost got stopped by STAG. Hit them harder boss!" Pierce said and hung up.

B kept driving to the new location. After a bit they arrived. Everybody hopped out and looked up to see a jumbo STAG plane falling down. Pierce called the boss.

"The moves all done. No worries on our end." Pierce said.

"Aww and I was just starting to have fun." The boss said and hung up.

Everybody moved in to the HQ building and waited for the boss to return. After a bit he came back in the VTOL and landed. He got out and headed to the penthouse.

"Sup everybody. Tell you what we keep getting hardware like this nobody will f*ck with us." The boss said.

Everybody chuckled. Boss noticed B.

"A new saint? I thought we recreated enough already. Oh well the more we have on our side the less on the Syndicates. So what's your name kid?" The boss asked extending his hand out for a handshake. B took it.

"Brandon sir. People just call me B though." B said.

"Well B welcome to the saints." The boss said and noticed his laptop.

"Are you a computer person as well?" The boss asked.

B nodded.

"Yes sir, I'm really good at them to." B said.

Boss chuckled.

"We have a computer genius with us as well. I bet you two will get along just fine." The boss said pointing over to Kinzie.

B went white in the face. Kinzie looked right at B the same way. The boss picked up on that.

"What's wrong with you two?" The boss asked.

Kinzie got up and came over. She looked B up and down then slapped him.

"Ow." B said.

B was holding his cheek. Kinzie then gave him a hug.

"Why didn't you call me?!" Kinzie asked and backed away.

B scratched the back of his head.

"Sorry, I was busy and kind of forgot." B said.

The boss was puzzled.

"What hte f*ck is going on here?" The boss asked.

Kinzie looked at him.

"Oh B and I go way back. We're best friends. We used to have little competitions in video games and hacking." Kinzie said.

B chuckled.

"You left out the part where I beat you all the time." B said.

Kinzie hmphed.

"And you left out the part where you and Matt are friends." Kinzie said.

OH sh*t. B thought and looked at the boss. The boss didn't really care.

"Already dealt with him so, nothing to worry about." The boss said.

B let a sigh of relief out.

"Ya Matt was her rival I helped her get in to his system for the avatar and a few other times as well to help you out." B said.

The boss patted B's shoulder.

"Good job. I would probably be dead if you didn't. Well I'm tired after today. I'm sure STAG has more in store for us after all this sh*t." The boss said and headed for his room.

Kinzie walked off as well as everybody else. B decided to crash on the sofa. Before he did though he texted Johnny what had happened.

"STAG huh? Sound like a bunch of p*ssy's to me. Back in my day getting stabbed or taking a shotgun to the knee made you tough. f*cking world has gone soft." Johnny text back.

B chuckled.

Johnny was a bad ass end to end no ifs, ands, or buts about it. B thought.

B put his phone away and layed down on the couch. As he drifted in to sleep faint memory's of his childhood started to pop up. It was going to be another nightmare night but alas a new dream. He saw himself in the saints and nothing was bothering him.

Good. B thought before slipping in to sleep.

End chapter 2

Well I think this will be a good start to this story :) Don't you love how I put myself in lol. Oh and the chess board and pieces part made me go lulz. I accidentally woke up my mom who sleeps in the living room because my dad snores lol because I was laughing so loud. She read it and laughed as well. :)

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Pierce and that chess board, man that sh!t funny each time. Great chapters dude cant wait to read more on this when i get my computer on next keep it up

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Tight, I  lke it alot its pretty cool.  Maybe Johnny should hold off some reinforcements on the mission where you go and burn down the banners.  Or he's fighting a clone and it turns into zombie gat.

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Tight, I  lke it alot its pretty cool.  Maybe Johnny should hold off some reinforcements on the mission where you go and burn down the banners.  Or he's fighting a clone and it turns into zombie gat.

(This is going to go through Saints Row 3 story. I might add a few things like that while B is helping the saints out.)

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Cant wait for more chapters dude i like how this is going

You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!
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Sorry for the wait guys and gals! Again I've been so busy and all that crap that happened before. Also Destroyer has gone dark on emails....but I'm a little suspicious about some things right now that I won't mention. Let's just say people around here for sure have been planning things.

*Shifty eyes*

CHAPTER 3: Nyte Blayde's Return

B woke up on the couch in the morning right when the sun was coming up over Steelport. He checked his phone. No new messages.

"Well Johnny is probably trying to keep a super low profile for now." B thought.

B was the only one up in the room. Most of the lesser saints where spread around the room either wasted or asleep. B got up and went over to the kitchen to get some cereal. He found his favorite cereal which was Saint Charms and poured ihmself a bowl. He went over to the refrigerator and opened it to get the milk. Without looking he opened the door a little hard and heard somebody say, "Hey look out next time."

B looked up to see Shaundi who had somewhat of a angry look on her face.

"Sorry about that. The door was stuck." B said reaching for the milk and taking it out.

He begin to pour it in to the bowl.

"It's ok, I really need to get the boss to fix this thing." Shaundi said pulling out a pre-made sandwich and a can of saints flow.

B seemed disgusted.

"That sh*t tastes like ass." B said finishing pouring the milk and putting it up.

Shaundi chuckled.

"Ya it does but I'm lactose intolerant so I'm stuck with it." Shaundi said making her way over to the couch and sitting down.

"Didn't know that." B said. Shaundi didn't hear him.

B took out the best looking spoon he could find. Most of them where dirty but he found one that was clean. B sat down on a bar stool and ate his cereal. About 20 minutes later when he was done the boss came in with Viola.

"Yo B come out with me and Vi. Pierce wants to show us something at the comic book store." The boss said.

"All right." B said putting his empty bowl and spoon in the sink.

He followed the boss and Vi to the elevator. The boss hit the basement button.

"So, B tell me about yourself." The boss asked.

B didn't like talking about himself to much.

"Well I come from a lower middle class family and am really good with computers. Besides that my dad kicked me out when I was 18 and I've been mostly floating around since." B said. (This didn't happen btw. Still in my parents house lol.)

The boss nodded.

"Ya same thing happened with me. My pops kicked me out at 18 as well. I joined the marines though. Came home to Stilwater two years later and the whole gang thing started that day." The boss said.

B hmphed. He never figured the Saints boss to be a military man. Then again he was a crazy son of a b*tch so a former marine would definitely fit the bill. The elevator stopped at the basement and the three made their way to one of the many 4 door cars. The boss drove while B sat in the back. Vi sat in the passenger seat. They started to head for the comic book store.

"So, boss what do you think Pierce wants us to see?" Vi asked.

The boss shook his head.

"I don't know what but if it helps us to get at STAG and the Syndicate I'm down for it." The boss said.

They arrived at the comic book store. The three got out and headed in. B noticed one of his old friends Jimmy Torbitson and headed over. Jimmy was looking at a Gangsta's In Space magazine when B put his hand on Jim's shoulders. Jim about jumped out of his skin.

"Relax Jim it's just me." B said.

Jim relaxed.

"Oh God you scared the crap out of me." Jim said.

B chuckled.

"I do that sometimes. Say is that Johnny's comic? I didn't know he had one." B said.

Jim nodded.

"Yes, I'm the saints biggest fan!" Jim said.

B got an idea.

"Hey I don't know if you realize by my new attire but I'm in the saints and with the boss right now. You could get this signed." B said.

Jim about died of happiness.

"Oh my gosh really?! They're in the store right now?!" Jim asked.

B chuckled and pointed to them.

"Yep." B said.

Jim headed over.

"Um, umm, umm, excuse me. Could you sign this?" Jim asked the boss and handed over the comic.

The boss looked perplexed.

"The f*ck is this?!" The boss asked in surprise.

"Dude that's Johnny's comic. He sold his likeness to Ultor. They're making a movie out of this sh*t." Pierce said.

The boss signed the comic.

"Remind me to call Legal Lee about this." The boss said handing the comic back to Jim.

"Thank you." Jim said and ran off screaming yes back to B.

B stopped him from running in to a display case.

"Wow man slow down." B told him.

Jim recomposed himself.

"Thanks Brandon." Jim said shaking his hand.

"Any time if you need anything let me know." B said returning the hand shake.

B walked back over to the Saints.

"That's why I need you and the new girl." B heard from Pierce as he came back.

Viola put her hands on her hips.

"My name is Viola." Viola said annoyed.

Pierce got a smile on his face and lifted up the Nyte Blayde comic.

"Your name is the Bloody Canoness." Pierce said.

Viola took the comic and looked at it.

"You can't be serious?!" Viola said.

The boss looked over at the comic and nodded.

"Works for me." The boss said.

B chuckled and Viola heard and gave him an are you serious look. (Think the Fry meme.) B stopped chuckling. The boss came over and talked to B.

"Yo think you could get these costumes for us?" The boss asked.

"Ya sure thing. I'll be back in a few." B said and left the comic store.

He could hear Viola and Pierce arguing about their plan. B just laughed. B headed for let's pretend. After about 10 minutes he made it their. He found Kinzie in hte store about to leave and started talking to her.

"Hey Kinzie what's up?" B asked.

Kinzie seemed a little embarassed to be caught in the store.

"Oh nothing just getting some things." Kinzie said hiding the white bag the best she could. B saw Dominatrix gear. He had heard of her "special time" before. B smirked.

"Well I hope Mr. teacup has some fun." B said joking.

Kinzie dropped her mouth in shock then replied.

"Oh whatever. There is no Mr. Teacup. Machines are better anyways." Kinzie said sticking her tongue at B.

B laughed.

Kinzie just shook her head and left. B called out to her.

"That's at least the 20th time I've beat you!" B yelled out.

Kinzie flipped him off without looking. B chuckled and went in to the store.

"May I help you sir?" The clerk asked.

"Yes, I need two costumes. The Cardinal and Bloody Canoness." B said.

The clerk nodded and headed to the back. B waited for her to return. After a bit she returned with both costumes wrapped up.

"That will be $250." The clerk said.

B grunted. He didn't have that kind of money and he forgot to ask the boss for some. A man walked up and handed over his credit card.

"I'll pay for it." He said.

B noticed it was the guitar man so it was Johnny in disguise again. B chuckled.

"What's up?" B asked.

Johnny looked at him.

"Do I know you? I'm just doing this to be nice." Johnny said.

B nodded. He understood. Johnny was staying undercover and in character. The clerk swiped the card and gave it back to Johnny. She then handed the costumes to B.

"Here you go. Have a nice day sir!" She said as B and Johnny left.

Johnny stopped by.

"Yo, what's going on?" Johnny asked.

B turned around.

"I don't know but the boss and Viola need these costumes." B said raising them to Johnny.

Johnny noticed the color schemes and laughed.

"Ah I see they are getting back at Josh for the bank job. Well I have to go. If anything ever pops up give me a call and I'll f*ck sh*t up." Johnny said and left.

B hopped in the car and drove back to the comic store. When he arrived he gave the costumes to the boss and Viola.

"Here you go boss." B said.

The boss thanked B and headed inside the comic store to the bathroom. He came back out moments later in the costume. Viola did the same afterwards and came out in her costume. B whistled.

"Damn Vi maybe, you should dress like that more often." B said.

Viola hmphed in disagreement.

"Watch what you say B. I may not look like it but I can be a serious b*tch." Viola told him.

The boss laughed.

"Come on Vi lets go get Shaundi's boyfriend. B you can go back to HQ. Thanks again." The boss said heading over to his car.

B headed to his own car and he heard Vi say something about feeling ridiculous. B chuckled and got in his car and headed back to HQ.

After waiting at the HQ for about an hour the boss with Viola and a knocked out Josh arrived. The boss put him on the couch and headed out after he changed his clothes. B looked at Josh.

"That's Nyte Blayde?" B said disappointed.

Viola laughed.

"Yep that's him all right." Viola said.

Shaundi came in to the room and about had a heart attack seeing Josh. Josh woke up and the first person he saw was Shaundi.

"Shaundi will you marry me?" Josh flat out asked.

Shaundi became angry.

"Oh no! Hell no! He is not staying with us!!" Shaundi said in anger.

Shaundi came over sat down and pointed a Shepard at Josh.

"Don't you f*cking move. I don't know what the boss is planning but I'm going to love when he is done with you because then I get to mess you up." Shaundi told him.

Josh chuckled.

"I will go through anything for you my love." Josh said.

B knew this was going to really piss Shaundi off.

"Again Shaundi will you marry me?" Josh asked.

Shaundi sighed in anger and threw her phone at Pierce.

"If the boss calls you answer it. I'll be busy telling this prick no." Shaundi said.

"Ok." Pierce said.

B definitely knew this was going to get interesting.

                                                                           END CHAPTER 3 My return to the forums (Not me who made this. Guy just has same first name.)

What to expect from me in the next chapters of Quartet. Just let these song give you a few hints. and and and

and finally (you can guess who this is. I mean he's been planning this sh*t since the beginning.) not in any particular order. The names don't mean anything either. Just listen to the music to get an idea of that part. Music may or may not be used. >:)

All I will say is things will escalate from just a gang verse gang war on a global scale. cough cough

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