Another Day in the life of X the lost saint
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Hey everybody. For those who know me already then you already know how this is going to be because it is based off my life but in the saints style. The full title is Another Day In the Life of X the Lost Saint

Oh and for my friends I've been procrastinating Quartet so I could type this :P I'm still in a crappy mood though.


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Just so people know I'm putting this during when three happens.


Life wasn't easy for B as he liked to call himself. He had just graduated from high school and stayed with his parents for a while until his dad kicked him out one day. He had made a few friends here and there and even became friends with Matt Miller the leader of a gang called The Deckers. Life sucked for B because he was tormented all through his early years. He saw his friend Matt walk in to the cafe. Matt looked absolutely scared.

"Yo Matt what's up?" B asked.

Matt sat down at the table scared for his life.

"The saints leader just took out my gang but let me live. I've leaving town soon. God Killbane scares the sh*t out of me." Matt said.

B understood. Killbane was one mean mother f*cker. A waitress came over to the table.

"Can I take your orders?" She asked.

Matt asked for a coffee and bagel. The waitress turned to B.

"And you?" She asked.

"Nothing please." B said.

She nodded and headed on her way. Suddenly B and Matt noticed some futuristic vehicles headed for the park. B noticed the saints leader along with a large man and a woman make a beeline out of the park. The vehicles where firing lasers.

"Who the f*ck are those people?" B wondered.

Matt shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know but whoever they are it's best if we don't get involved." Matt said.

Matt who had got his coffee and bagel by now finished up.

"I'll see you around B. Oh and thanks for those programs. You can have them back though i'm giving up technology and moving out of here." Matt said and left.

B watched as his friend left. Little did he know soon those soldiers would be looking for him and the saints would play a huge roll later in his life.

End chapter 1

:P I know short but the beginning is always short.


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Already like it. Keep it going. Nuff said.

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thanks next chapter will involve.... *drum roll*..... Johnny Gat!!

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YES!!! *looks around room* I mean, *sits back down* very well then. We will be waiting for your next chapter.

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Tight, cuh.  I can't help but be reminded of someone I know.  Anybody else get the feeling we know B?

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I do.

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(Actually guys Now I'm undecided. lol I don't think I could act like Johnny >:) . So, here's to a vote. Should I end up being Johnny or should Johnny be himself?)

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(What? Johnny should be Johnny not somebody else?)

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(What? Johnny should be Johnny not somebody else?)

(lol ok going to go slow for you. This story is about Johnny and where he is while he is out of the saints. I'm asking Should B (me) be Johnny undercover or should he be himself and I'm just somebody he meets up with.)