Current forum issues I found
2 years ago  ::  Feb 26 2012 - 2:09PM
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Okay. THQ and its' websites are a bit different from eachother.. Currently with if you are using any of the browsers, all you need to recieve a temporary password is to type in wrong information, click forgot password, type in username and it sends e-mail.
With THQ's website it asks for your e-mail AND username, thank you.

The other problem: For me, I finally got a cool picture for SRTT profile pic, however, every time I try to remove or change the current
profile picture that I have, it doesn't change or get removed.


Another problem: Changing your password on the Saintsrow website isn't working for me.. For some reason the website said my
password was wrong and was thinking maybe someone changed it or the site might be having problems..

So I go the settings in the THQ website and have successfully changed my password, so it says, but you see
the only way I can log in is by "resetting" the password with my e-mail..
So that means every hour or so I have to reset the "password" to gain access on the forums every time.
And as for "changing the password" on the THQ website, the password seems to have stopped working as well.
So in a way changing the password acted similar to the "temporary password feature" but you're choosing it.

So I concluded that the problems with logging in revolves around the whole THQ network of sites.

I already got like 8 or 9 "reset password" e-mails. Please fix these issues..

I noticed people are mentioning they are having problems logging in, so I'm sure this is related. I hope this info helps!

It's like all of the THQ websites are having problems recognizing the passwords we put in..

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