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3 years ago  ::  Feb 13 2012 - 5:57AM
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Hello Stillwater.. And the rest. you may call me vinni... I am new to the forms, However i thought i might change that with this introduction. Im usally the quiet one and i keep to my self alot. although i figured i would just come to the forum to say hello. I have uploaded many charaters, such as leon from resident evil 4. (favorite re character), Dare Devil, HellBoy, Scorpian from mortal kombat, soild snake when he's old from metal gear soild, and i create outfits as well such as the mafia outfit & etc. well not much for me to speak of here. if you wish to add me as friends i own sr3 only for ps3 and my user-tag is the same as my username. Im usally a busy person but i make time. (Invalid img)

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