Forbidden Love Cameos Thread
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Thanks for the character Kryptic.  She sounds very interesting indeed.  I think I've got a few ideas.

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Guess what? I've decided to reveal more about Takeru!! ok his hairstyle is this. This is the long version but you can't tell. Just cut the pony tail off lol. He likes to listen to japanese music but sometimes listens to American music such as rock. He has a box that only he can open and it won't open for anybody else. Inside it is a mandala necklace.  He kept this after Kasumi died. He keeps it together because each half represents a person. Each side represents a different element. Red is Fire, Blue is water, Green is earth, and yellow is wind. When the other half is given to somebody it represents a communion between the two people (marriage, bonding, whatever you want to call it.) Also inside the box is a pearl. This pearl is special though. It is a deep sapphire blue. When combined with his sword pommel it glows blue and gives the sword mystical powers. He has only ever did this once out of desperation but it failed him because he wasn't strong enough at the time. (This could be why he leaves Japan. He knew he couldn't beat Katsuhiro by himself so he needed the mystical Dragon Pearl to do it.) He climbed Mt. Fuji. At the top was a cave where he defeated a dragon who held the pearl.

He returns to the village. He confronts Katsuhiro with the Dragon Pearl in place on the pommel. He fails in defeating Katsuhiro. Before Katsuhiro kills Tekaru he transfers his life force to a passing rat. Once everybody leaves him later that night he transfers himself back barely alive. He crawls over to a small desk and pulls out medical herbs and heals himself the best he can with them. Then he sheathes his sword and disappears Pearl in hand. Obviously coming to America to get his revenge.

Bam!! lol :D  That's the full back story for Tekaru and what happened. Do what you please with it. If the Dragon is to far fetched then make it like an extremely difficult obstacle course that could kill you or something. heh the last obstacle could be you have to fight yourself. >:) Who ever said the life of a ninja was easy?

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Awesome!!  Good to see you again dude :D

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Got another for ya

Name: Jack Hunter




Personality:Loyal,Hard working,Honest,and smart

Backround:Jack was a merc that gotten hired by the saints in the early days that helped the boss out till the end 


Height: 6ft2

Bulit: body bulider

Eye color: Grey 

Clothing: Hunter Green Jacket,Purple button down shirt,Dark Jeans,black and white striped sneakers,

WOC: Dessert Eagle 

Profssion: Solider 

MOT:  Ford Shelby GT500 Eleanor

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Well with all these characters it looks like I've got my work cut out for me.  *Cracks knuckles* this is gonna be a loooonnnnngggg night.

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Heh not done yet >:) got another wtf bbq character for ya. Again it's a shocker. Actually I have two but this is just one of them. I'll post the other if it's ok with you. I don't want to cause character overload lol.

Name: Alexander Kensington (Alex for short)

Age: 2 years older then Kinzie. (I don't know how old Kinzie is because it doesn't say anywhere.)

Affiliation: Forced to work for the Shinigami but wants to be with his sister and the saints. (He doesn't know Kinzie is a saint.) Right now he is the head weapons developer of S.T.A.G but Cyrus is always treating him like trash saying he is to slow in his work. He finds out something S.T.A.G did to his only ex and he leaves after that. Once he leaves he wonders the city helping any saint by electronic means. (hacking armor or weapons, emp blasts, things like that.) 

Personality: Pretty much like Kinzie. Doesn't talk much but get him on a computer or video game subject and you'll be up all night trying to figure out what he is telling you. He hates Cyrus with a passion. I'll explain that later in background.

Background: Alex was very close to his sister Kinzie when they where growing up. She was the only one he would talk to openly about his problems and concerns. She was the same for him. They came from a normal family except they both ended up being genius's graduating from Harvard at the top of their class. Alex suffers from the same problems Kinzie does which is paranoia and agoraphobia. Alex has only ever had one girlfriend who he misses a lot because she was the only one that ever understood him besides his sister. He lost contact with her and he doesn't know what happened. After graduating Kinzie and Alex parted ways. Kinzie went to the FBI of course while Alex landed a job for the NSA coordinating black ops for certain groups. Shadow so happens to be in one of these groups. After noticing his technical skill S.T.A.G recruited him as their head weapons developer as well. His work for them keeps him busy but he despises Cyrus. All Cyrus ever does is mock him and belittle him telling him he works far to slowly. When Cyrus leaves Alex talks about him behind his back calling him a dumb ass and other names. Alex would love to be with the Saints but he fears if he leaves Cyrus will hunt him down so he is forced to work on weapons. In return he is partly to blame for S.T.A.G having their equipment to go after the saints but yet again he was forced to work with them.

He tests all the weapons himself and is very proficient with energy weapons since they have no recoil. Guns that use bullets on the other hand he despises because of how technologically inferior they are. Right now he is working on a newer version of the VTOL and Crusader Tanks along with carried weapons. He doesn't know yet but hacks Cyrus's personal data computer later and finds out they had killed his ex. This pisses him off and he says the hell with STAG and leaves. He then wonders Oceanview helping the saints in the shadows. Eventually he makes contact with Kinzie and you can take it from there.

(He does want to find somebody to be with but doesn't want them to die like his last ex. He is very hard to befriend because he thinks everybody is out to get him. He has a hard time trusting people and opening up to them. So, it will take time before he can fully trust somebody. On a side note he plays video games all the time and Kinzie has a hard time keeping up with him skill wise.)


Height: 6ft 2 in

Build: Slender but toned. He's not a big guy but he tries to stay in shape.

Eye Color: Deep blue

Hair Style/Color: Short and to the right/ Black

Clothing: South Beach Aviators with white rims, Black Stratagem Combo with a deep blue undershirt, Black OG pants, and Black Miami shoes.

Weapons of choice: Mostly energy based weapons (Lasers, laser swords, all that jazz.) that he developed for STAG. He will shoot a .45 pistol but only if he has no other choice.  

Profession: NSA adviser to spec ops teams around the world. Also working for STAG right now but will leave STAG once he finds out about his ex being killed by Cyrus.

Other info: Again he is very secretive much like Shadow. Turns out because of this him and shadow become friends. Alex has a NSA badge that some times his coat doesn't cover but he needs to keep it a secret that he works for them. (You could have somebody find out or something lol.) He also has a STAG badge but he never wears it instead he keeps it in his case which has many different types of locks on it. Retina scanner, Finger print scanner, Voice recognition, and a password you have to type on the keyboard. The case is indestructible and can only be opened by him. The only way to destroy it or open besides that would be with magma or a diamond cutter.

There might be more later depends on you. I have another character that will make your jaw drop as well lol. :)  (Oh no killing him either lol :P


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Check xbox for my character Destroyer >:)

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I like it.

Okay folks sorry for this, but I will no longer be accepting anymore character entries.  Cheers :D

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  Ignore this last post guys.  I need one more character as a love interest for Carlos.  A few stipulations though:

-MUST be female

-MUST have some ties to the Mexican Drug Cartel

Let me see what you guys got :D

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hmmm how about luz's sister? (I believe if that is the right name they had connections to the cartel.) You can make the details lol :P Sorry I'm busy typing a grueling torture right now. >:)