Forbidden Love Cameos Thread
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I really think I should ask Amaris first, but I'm gonna go ahead and set up a thread for posting your cameo characters.  Same rules as Amaris.

1: Please, PLEASE, actually read my story, don't just throw a character out there for no reason.
2: Keep the character serious please, I don't need any Barbies or Killbane lookalikes running around.  
3: If you don't want me to use your character at all, then don't post them here.

OK! So now that those are set out, here's what I need from you guys: 

Gang Affiliation (If applicable): 

Eye Color:
Hair style/Color: 
Weapons of Choice (If Applicable): 

Thanks guys! I hope you start giving me awesome characters to be used as little side characters in the story, thanks! :D

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Eh I already told you mine lol :P

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_ I know _

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Name:  Dez Richcreek

Age:  21

Gang Affiliation (If applicable): Saints

Personality: Quiet, humorous(if trusted), analyzing, a huge music enthusiast and will react with a blazing anger if any of his three favorite posessions are messed with (a Mcmanus sniper rifle level 4, Ipod touch, and a pair of Dr Dre beats)

Background:  An Oceanview native who has just recently joined the Saints.  If anything he feels he is a decent addition to the Saints because of his expert markmanship, and hopes his skills will be used to their full potential.  Dez grew up in a middle class home in Oceanview with decent parents and decent grades, and superhuman marksmanship.  After moving through rifles in his youth he fell in love with Mcmanus series and currently owns to every Mcmanus model to date and carries his 2015(the one in SR:TT correct me) with him wherever he goes (mostly).  After a brief career of as a Shinigami hitman he quit based on the loss of his parents and Fiancee from a Shinigami beatdown gone wrong.  He was hunted briefly, after killing multiple hitmen they decided he was causing more trouble then his death was worth and they quit hunting him for now. Dez has become slightly emo and no longer has remorse for any his kills, whereas before the ordeal, after he killed somebody he would hate himself for a little while grieving for doing something to somebodies child now he just shrugs and goes on with his life.  He cries secretly and frequently over his dead fiancee causing his voice to always sound gravelly and cold.  He has come to the Saints for friendship, money and possibly a love interest.
Height: 6'3
Build: Athletic but Skinnyish
Eye Color: Dark blue (like a saphirre blue) 
Hair style/Color: Anime Iridescent 4 the bluish green one (sometimes has the Dr Dre beats on)
Clothing: All buisness hoodie black with a white undershirt purple tie, dark skinnies grey 2, saints streetwalks
Weapons of Choice (If Applicable): Mcmanus 2015(again correct me if I'm wrong) Marine Ka-bar and an assortment of butterfly knives. 
Profession: Gangmember (Sniper?)

Etc. Anybody who touches his Headphones (beats) or ipod will get attacked even the boss Hint hint maybe you could do something like that, it would be funny

Everybody knows what those are right the Dr dre beats?

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Name: Revoke Reji


Gang: Saints 

Personlity: Loyal,smart,pakour expert, a great swordsman who uses swords for most combat and can deflect bullets with his swords,master of hand to hand combat, refuses to use a firearm 

History: Revoke came from Japan he was taught deadly black hand fighting styles by the Shadows as he grew up . The Shadows are a ruthless cuthoats who will kill any human being for honor, and money. The Shadows had Revoke as their champion but noticed that he was falling in love with a woman and was planning on having a family so the Shadows killed his girlfriend and blamed their rival clan the Seven Revoke diden't hastate and killed the Seven's grand master.When Revoke returned his clan had a celabration on his victory but Revoke had a feeling that he did the wrong thing after the celbration a good samtion told Revoke the truth Revoke that the Shadows diden't want him getting soft Revoke went to the grand master demanding to dual him the grand master accepted the dual Revoke beat the grand master and took his right hand as revenge but to the grand master he took it as an act of war Revoke left Japan knowing that the Shadows would get the  six clans involed and they would kill him. Revoke went to Steeport and intergeated in the Saints for new found honor


Height: 5ft9

Bulit: musclar and thin 

Eye color: Green 

Hair style:Dark brown, brushed forward 

Clothing: Black Jacket, Purple Shirt, Blue Jeans, Black and white striped sneakers, Black sword case on his back, purple lens goggles. 

Weapon of choice: Black samurai sword,small thowing knives,shurkin,and kuni 

Profession: Samurai 

Etc: Yo hope you're happy with my charater and if I missed anything just tell me and if you want you can use his back story in one of you chapters and I'm gonna be honest but I don't read your chapters as much but I will now Peace 

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Thanks for the characters guys.  There's some really interesting ones here.  I think I've got my work cut out for me :D

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Dude we need You in the rp It's only like tow or three people posting man is chaos over there Chaos.....Chaos 

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I'm adding this because I forgot to say it and I don't want it to go unoticed

Vehicles: Upgraded Torch or Upgraded SandStorm.

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hmhmhmhmmmmmm yep it's official now lol. As you said Destroyer your story has become a wacked out anime :P I might post another character this one is going to be dark >:) not good dark either oh no... hehehehehehe. That's if you'll accept more then one submission from people. :P I'll post it anyways.

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Name: Alicia ( pronounced: a lis sa) Pryor

Age: 22

Gang: Was a Luchadore before their defeat now a Shinigami (Might change depending on you.)   

Personality: Pretty much like Killbane except she is a lot smarter then her dad. She can change though. ( hehe ) She doesn't blow up as easily either. She trains mostly with rifles, sniper rifles, handguns, and short swords. For up close she uses a short custom made curved sword. in her other hand she uses a handgun at the same time.

She has been trained as a seductive hitman usually buttering up her targets before killing them male or female. She might even go as far as having sex with them before killing them to catch them off guard but she hasn't found a motive to do this yet. She loves to take advantage of people if they have been hurt in the past and she tries to become their friend before ending them. Her latest target happens to be Takeru. This happened after the raid on the headquarters when Katsuhiro sees him on camera. She finds him different then her other targets though and falls in love with him (cough cough ;) I think you know where I am going with this lol.)

She has never had any relationships before or any boyfriends because her dad forbids it. This pisses her off like none other. The only contact she has with people is when she gets close to them before killing them.


Height: 5 ft 8 in

Build: Same as Tina's from Dead or Alive 4. Her chest is the same as well but slightly larger.

Eye Color: A deep green with yellow in the center near the pupil. If you look enough you could get lost in her eyes.

Hair Style/Color: Same as Tina's as well except her hair is dark brown. (brunette in other words.) She also wear makeup and lipstick (You can pick those colors.) She also always wears finger nail polish. (Again you can pick what.)

Weapons: Rifles, Sniper rifles, Handguns, and short swords. Doesn't matter the type she can work with whatever.

Profession: Wrestling trainer and dance instructor for the public. Occasionally takes on a hitman as an apprentice not in public.

Oh as a side note she hates Nyte Blayde. She finds him to be the most ridiculous person on the show and in real life. Have some fun and make Josh hit on her ;)  oh man I would love to read something like that happening. I would crack up laughing!! Also she drives a customized hammerhead. go here and scroll down. it looks the same as picture 11 and 12. The entire body is black except a red stripe going down the middle of the car. The spoiler is the spoiler in picture 12. The rims are gold. The trim is gold as well. its body looks like picture 11. the blower is like picture 11.


Well there you go :P I hope she doesn't count as a barbie lol! I don't think she does. I mean barbie doesn't go around with guns and swords lol. Oh love the little kick I put in about who she is related to? >:)