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\m/>_<\m/ METAL UP YOUR ASS MOTHERF*CKER!!!  I love it.

"Always follow your dreams kids, because if you don't, you'll become your parents. How f*cking depressing is that?"
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lulz. I have one :)  "You've been stringed out." followed by him making rock noises. LOL

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here is chapter 9. it's mostly a flashback.

Chapter 9: Soldiers Tale

*We're at an Army base in Iraq. We can see four soldiers get in to the back of a humvee and it leaves the base in a convoy with two other humvee's and a tank. The screen zooms in on the four soldiers riding in the back. there are three guys and one girl in the back. The girl is Emma. In the background we can hear rock music playing from the humvee's radio.*

One of the male soldiers taps the others shoulder and points to Emma.

"Hey dude she's pretty hot and I heard she's single." He said.

"I wouldn't f**k with her man. She's one of the best the Army has." The other said.

Emma was looking out to the horizon her M4 at the ready in case anything happened.

"Are you serious she's a Ranger?!" the first said.

"That's what I heard anyways. She's also the commanding officer in this convoy so I wouldn't go and piss her off." The second said.

The first guy didn't say anything and decided it was worth a shot. He moved over to Emma so she could hear him.

"So LT what's up?" he asked.

Emma was a first lieutenant. Much to her superiors dismay she told them she would rather be in the field then doing boring ass paper work all day. They agreed and let her go out in the field. After all she was an Army Ranger and knew what she was doing.

"Nothing just watching the horizon. These patrols are so f***ing boring sometimes." Emma said.

"No s**t we haven't seen any action in weeks." The soldier said.

Emma was quiet before turning to the soldier and saying, "So why did you really come over here?"

The soldier saw her ranger patch on her chest. It said, "Mess with the best die like the rest."

He gulped. So it was true! He thought. This woman was an Army Ranger and apparently one of the best ones. He decided against his earlier idea and sat back down.

"Nothing. Just striking up a conversation to pass the time." He said.

Emma looked back to the horizon her customized M4 Ready for anything.

The other soldier tapped his shoulder and whispered to him, "Chicken s**t."

He just shrugged and told him, "Well why don't you go give it a try."

He did just that and went over to Emma. After a few minutes we hear a slap followed by him being cussed out. He came back over and sat down holding his cheek. The other two laughed.

"See what happens man!" One of them said.

Emma was smiling. He was charming she would give him that but he took it to far with the compliments so she put him in his place.

"All right you three quiet down and stay frosty. There's been talk of ambushes up in these hills and I really don't want to deal with dead soldiers today." Emma told them.

"Yes, ma'am." All three of them said and readied themselves. It was another five minutes before they got to the hills. Besides the vehicles humming it was dead quiet.

"I don't like this." One of them said.

"Man your always complaining about..." The other couldn't finish his sentence as an IED went off next to their Humvee sending them flying. After landing Emma quickly surveyed her surroundings. The Humvee was a mess of metal and was on fire. Two of the soldiers had been blown to bits in the explosion. The other was against a rock holding his leg. Emma couldn't hear anything and then her hearing came back to the sound of gunfire, explosions, yelling, and the tank firing it's 50. On the hills where multiple tangos firing down on them. Surprisingly the blast hadn't hurt Emma except for a few scrapes from the landing.

Emma made her way over to the hurt soldier and dragged him behind one of the other humvee's.

"God it hurts f**k!" The guy said.

His leg was bleeding a lot. Emma tore part of her suit and wrapped it up and handed him his M4.

"Come on soldier on your feet. Army strong remember?" She told him.

He took his M4 and got up. He used the humvee as cover as he returned fire at the tangos. Emma got inside the Humvee and manned the mounted 240b. She unloaded on the hill side. Tangos where dropping but they kept coming.

F**k this. Emma thought. She ducked down in to the Humvee and grabbed the radio.

"Breaker one-nine I need fast movers on coordinates Alpha 6 charlie 12 foxtrot 3. I need them fast!" She yelled in to the radio and got back on the 240b.

"That's a negative patrol 5. All air traffic is currently to far out to lend any assistance. You're on your own." The radio operator said and the radio went off.

"That's just f***ing perfect." Emma yelled, "So much for the f***ing air force."

She kept firing until she was out. She hopped out of the humvee and tried to figure out what they could do. She noticed a small village to her left and some buildings. She got on her radio.

"All right listen up! We're going to us the tank as cover to move to those buildings and set up a choke point. Make these b***ards come after us. On my count we do it. Hooyah?" She said in to the radio.

There was a mixture of voices in the radio all saying HOOYAH meaning they agreed.

Emma grabbed the soldier next to her and they made their way to behind the tank. There was a group of soldiers already there. Once they got there she told him to go in her radio and the tank started to move towards the village. They arrived in the village and they took cover among the buildings. The terrorist made their way down the hills yelling in their language. We can hear, "Allah Akbar!" Some of them where running towards the group no weapons in hand but had bombs strapped to their chests.

"Take out those bombers!" Emma yelled.

They all started firing at the group coming from the hills. They dropped them all. One even went off prematurely taking a few of his brothers with him. After the group there was silence.

"You think it's over?" One of the soldiers asked Emma.

We hear a low thump noise followed by others. After a couple of seconds we can hear a high pitched screech as a mortar hits inside the town.

"F**k! Mortars! Everybody off the roofs and inside now!" Emma yelled.

They all got inside the houses finding the lowest level. We can hear the impacts from outside. It continued on for a couple of minutes before it stopped. 

"Now is it over?" One of the soldiers asked.

"Far from it." Emma told him.

Over the hills came even more terrorists. Some of them where carrying RPG's. They fired at the village. multiple rockets impacted the buildings around the village tossing rubble every where. The tank fired at them but the relentless barrage of rpg's disabled it.

"We're dead in the water here!" We can hear the tank operator yell.

Emma looked outside. Then she heard helicopters blades. A group of Apaches had showed up from the base. They unleashed hell on the terrorist killing the rest of them.

"Bought time the fly boys got here." Emma said followed by yells of approval from other soldiers.

"How many did you think we lost?" One of the soldiers asked her.

"To many but I'm sure the scumbag terrorists lost a lot more. Going to be a lot of praise Allah tonight." Emma told him.

They all laughed.

*Back in present time*

"Life was good when I was in the Army. That was until a week later when a mission went horrible wrong and I was stuck for 2 years in a place I hated." Emma said.

*Flashback to a week later. Emma has received word of her brothers birth by now and has sent a picture back to her parents. They are in a city. It is dark outside. They're other rangers with her. They are standing outside a building that has been known to harbor terrorists. She is the CO again followed by a 2nd LT who's name was Bamboza."*

"All right we've had reports that Saddam Hussein is here and we are to take him in. Bamboza I want you to take Bravo group and go left of the building to the front door. I'll take Alpha group right and to the back. We'll meet in the middle." Em told them.

"Roger that. All right Bravo lets move." Bamboza said and they moved off.

Alpha group following Em went to the back door. They took up positions on both sides of the door. One of the soldiers kicked the door down and moved it. It was very dark and you could hardly see a thing. Emma noticed something on the ground but before she could warn the point man he had stepped over it. Turns out it was a motion sensor. All the lights came on in the building revealing the center of the room. There where mounted MG's facing both them and Bamboza's group. They opened fired.

"s**t!!" Emma yelled and dove to cover to her right. The rest weren't so lucky. Without any where to go they where mowed down by the MG's. The same thing happened to Bamboza's group. We can hear the terrorists laughing as they stopped firing. They began speaking their language to each other. Emma could make out there where two survivors and the word hostages.

"Bamboza are you there?" Emma whispered in to her radio.

There was static at first then he whispered back, "Ya. I hate to admit it but we're f***ed."

"Tell me about it. We better think of something fast or we're going to be on the block." Emma told him.

She then heard the terrorists yelling in their language at Bamboza. They had found him.

"All right all right f**k take it easy." We can hear Bamboza say over the radio.

One of the terrorist turned the corner looking at Emma. He was surprised when she grabbed his gun and took him as a shield. She moved up to the center of the room. Two terrorists where to her right. They didn't have their guns in their hands figuring the last two Army soldiers would be easy. She wasted no time and dropped them. This caused more yelling as two more terrorists came around the gun placements. One was holding Bamboza hostage. Emma dropped the one on the left which had her with a stand off with the terrorists holding Bamboza.

"Let him go or your friend gets it!" Emma yelled at him.

He said something in his language and pointed his gun at Bamboza's head.

Why didn't he just light this guy up? Emma thought. then she realized who she had hostage. It was one of Saddam's sons.

"Let him go or sonny boy here gets it!" Emma yelled at him.

Again the terrorist said something in his language. He seemed a little scared but he knew this was a stand off with no end. Then he smiled and let Bamboza go.

What the hell? Emma thought. She was about ready to shoot him when she heard clapping from above. She looked up and around the room was dozen of terrorists pointing AK's at her. The person clapping was Saddam.

"Good job little girl you and your soldiers found my hideout." Saddam said in his best English.

All the terrorists laughed. They didn't know much English but they could tell by the way he said it he was being sarcastic.

"F**k." Emma said. She still had his son hostage so that would have to be a bargaining chip. She put the gun to his head.

"Oh I wouldn't do that. You see the minute you pull that trigger I snap my fingers and you'll be riddled with bullets. Now let him go before I snap my fingers anyways." Saddam said.

Emma let a grunt of anger out and let the man go. He hastily ran up the steps to his fathers side. They spoke to each other in their language then Saddam said, "It seems my boy wants to put a show on with you two as the guests. One of you will die but which one?" Saddam said.

Emma and Bamboza looked at each other. The terrorist had setup filming equipment around the room. One of them walked over and placed a pistol in the center of the room between them and backed off.

Oh no not this.... Emma thought. Bamboza had the same look as she did. One of them was going to die. The problem was one of them had to finish the other off.

Saddam laughed then said, "Begin!"

Emma wasted no time and ran for the pistol. Bamboza did the same. They both reached it at the same time and looked at each other. They both had their hands on it. Emma's hand was on it first and she lifted the pistol up and aimed it at Bamboza. She was shaking badly and had tears in her eye.

"I'm sorry..." Emma told him.

Bamboza ripped his dog tags off and handed them to Emma then said, "It's ok Em you got to it first. Hell even if I got to it first I was going to give it to you anyways. Tell my family I love them would you. They live in Stilwater near the church." He smiled at her then said, "I don't think I could of beat you anyways if we where going to fight for it."

Emma was crying and still shaking badly. She couldn't do it.

"I can't pull the trigger..." She told him in tears.

"You have to or they'll kill us both. Be strong Em. Remember Rangers lead the way." He told her. He grabbed both of her hands around the pistol grip and closed his eyes.

Emma stood there for the longest time then said, "I'm sorry......" she then pulled the trigger. The gunshot rang through the room. Bamboza fell to the floor. She dropped the pistol and fell to her knees crying in to her hands. Saddam came down the stairway clapping.

"That was interesting to say the least. It seems we're not much different you and I." He told her.

Emma stopped crying then said in anger, "I'll never be like you. You're a waste of a f***ing human being. Some day you'll get yours. Maybe not today but some day." She then yelled in anger and tackled him. She beat the s**t out of him until she was hit on the back of the head and knocked out. She woke up just barely and had a bag over her head. Somebody was speaking a different language. She heard her name. She was tied up to a chair so she surmised that she was being recorded as a prisoner of war. The bag was removed and she had guessed correctly.

One of the terrorists came over and he had jumper cables connected to a generator. They where going to torture her. He connected the jumper cables to her breasts and turned the generator on. The pain was unbearable. She yelled from it uncontrollable. After he turned the generator off she was crying. He turned it back on and the pain lapsed over her again. It was the most excruciating thing she had ever felt in her life. after 10 minutes they stopped and dragged her over to a jail cell and threw her in.

*Present time. We hear Emma talking. We can tell she is crying when she talks.*

"They kept me in that cell for two years! They barely fed me anything and they continued to torture me with different methods. Luckily since they thought of me as an infidel none of them did any sexual things which I am thankful for."

*Flash back. Two years after incarceration. We see Emma in the jail. She is very thin and looks like a mess. The jail cell opens up and in walks a delta force member.*

"We've got a live one in here!" He yelled.

He came over and helped Emma up. She couldn't even walk she was so weak. He placed her on a stretcher. Her hand which is dangling off the stretcher we can see Bamboza's dog tags. The screen fades to black.

*the screen comes back to present time. Emma is looking at her hand. In it is Bamboza's dog tags. She is crying a lot.*

"I spent the next couple of months in rehab to build myself back up and get over that mess but I never really did. I still carry that pain with me every where I go." She told the gang in tears.

" I then came to Stilwater looking for Bamboza's family when the thing on the street corner happened and here I am today." She told them still crying.

It's raining outside and thundering. Nobody said a word when she was done. They didn't know what to say. What could they possible say to help her feel better? They didn't know. The screen fades to black.

                                                                                              -----End chapter 9-----

No words can describe that kind of guilt or sadness....... Well hopefully everything brightens up in chapter 10! Oh and a new character appears :) If you're wondering who check out Forbidden Love and my little bit on my character in that story. Also read destroyers story it's really good.

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Man.....I don't know how to describe that chapter.  It had alot of power behind it.  Hey, thanks for the compliment on my story :D

"Always follow your dreams kids, because if you don't, you'll become your parents. How f*cking depressing is that?"
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No problem. Aran will show up but what will his motive be? Also about Emma. Ya I was working for that approach. I mean that is one of the hardest things to live down if it happened to you.... I don't know if I could take that in real life. Guess Emma's a stronger person then me lol. I'll dive more in to Em and Bamboza in the next chapter as well. Not only is it a guilt trip but something else as well which is really going to strick home...

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Here is the next chapter and a new potential Saint arrives!

Chapter 10: Dragon Brothers

*We are in Z's place right after Emma has finished her story. She is still crying. Shaundi gets up and comes over to her.*

"It's ok Em. I don't think any of us could understand what you had to go through. Here let me help you." Shaundi said.

She helped Emma over to the couch. The members sitting on it moved over so she could have a spot.

"Thanks." Emma said as she sat down.

"I'm sorry for everything I have done to you boss. I had no idea you had such a troubled past." Angel said.

Everybody except Emma looked at him in shock. Angel was a hardcore wrestler and to hear him say sorry was completely out of character.

"I to have lost somebody I loved to that b***ard Killbane." Angel said.

He brought out a picture of himself and some young woman. Behind them Killbane had both his hands on one of their shoulders. They where all smiling. Everybody gasped. Is this why Angel pushed him self all the time in wrestling? Is this why besides losing his mask that he wanted revenge on Killbane?

"How did you know I loved him?" Emma asked Angel. She was curious. Emma hadn't said anything about that.

Angel got a sad look on his face but he didn't cry.

"Bamboza was my brother. Bamboza Oliver Muerte was his full name. He told me about how you and him where connecting with each other while in the Rangers." Angel said.

Everybody gasped.

"Is it true Em?" Shaundi asked her.

Emma shook her head yes then said, "He never told me his last name. All he ever said was his initials where BOM. I used to joke with him and call him da bomb. We became attracted to each other but you know the rest..." Emma said keeping back tears.

"Well at least that b***h Saddam got what was coming to him later." Pierce added.

This made Emma perk up a bit. She had forgot about his hanging.

"You're right Pierce. I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding me." Emma told him and smiled.

"You're welcome Em. Hey I see that smile. Maybe, things aren't so bad after all." Pierce said.

Emma chuckled.

"Things will always be bad for you Pierce." Emma said.

Pierce shook his head and said, "Not cool. Why you got to be like that."

Everybody laughed except for Pierce who just shook his head. One of the street Saints busted through the door to the stairs.

"Boss you need to come out here quick! Some guy dressed up like a ninja is killing Dex's army! I haven't seen anything this bad*** in my entire life!" He said in a very excited tone and went back outside.

Everybody followed him outside. Dex's army had decided to try and raid the hideout again only this time they didn't stand a chance. There where bodies every where and a few vehicles which had been cut in half! A tank was even cut in half! There was a group of STAG soldiers all huddled up in the alleyway looking every way.

*Queue my character I talked about in Destroyers story.*

The camera zooms up to the soldiers and we hear them talking in scared voices.

"Did you see him?!" One said.

"No he's to quick. All I felt was a gust of wind and he dropped one of us." Another said.

A gentle breeze was blowing and we see a trees leaves started to move fast then suddenly one of the guards dropped his gun. It had been cut in half.

"f**k he did it again. Where is this guy." The soldier said pulling out his combat knife. He looked extremely scared. We see a glint from top of one of the buildings then one of the soldiers grunts in pain and falls over. There where shurikens in his neck. Each shuriken had hit a vital artery severing them.

"Jesus!" One of the guards said.

They huddled up closer. One decided to run. big mistake. A gush of wind went by and he froze in place. The other two looked at him. He didn't move and they began to see blood dripping from his mid section. He fell to the ground cut in to half horizontally.

"Oh s**t oh s**t." One of the guards said.

They both started firing randomly around hoping to hit whoever this was. Both guns where cut in half after another gust. They pulled their knives out. Finally we see somebody run down the alleyway and stop five feet from them. They both looked horrified when they saw this person. (please check here to see what he looks like. Thank you. The ninja readied his blade waiting for them to move.

"I didn't sign up to fight ninja's!" One of them said.

They both had him surrounded.

"Quiet your b****ing and lets try to gut this fool." The other said.

The ninja chuckled.

"Did he just laugh?" One of the guards said.

"You're fools if you think you can take me. Go ahead though try if you must but remember death falls fast to the inexperienced swordsman. Patients is your friend." The ninja told them. He had his left hand on the right side of his suit at the belt level on a kunai knife.

"What are you a poet or something?" One of the guards said.

The ninja said nothing but remained ready.

Both soldiers decided to charge him trying to stab him. He pulled the kunai knife with lightning speed and spun. The soldiers ran passed him and turned around. The ninja was crouched down on the ground. Both the guards where chuckling then stopped as their heads fell off and their bodies fell to the ground. The ninja got up and sheathed his kunai knife then cleaned his blade on his arm plate. He then spun the blade and put it back in its sheathe. He looked over to Emma and the gang.

Before she could move he was right in front of her. It made her jump back a couple of feet.

"So, you're Emma. Glad to make the acquaintance of such a charming woman." He said taking her hand and kissing it. Emma blushed.

"Thank you but who are you?" Emma inquired.

"I'm the shadow you see following you. I'm the breeze on the wind. I'm a cloud in the sky harmless until you provoke me. Then I'm like Lightning. I strike without hesitation and no remorse. You can call me Shadow Runner." SR said. 

"Ok Shadow Runner. So, are you an ally?" Emma asked him.

"What a stupid question. I believe my earlier.....endeavor should answer that question." SR said.

Emma huffed. He was obviously calling her stupid but there was nothing she could do about it. I mean he just ended a group of Dex's army without a single sweat. He could easily end them if he wanted to.

"Ok Shadow Runner why are you here?" Emma asked him.

Shadow Runner put two fingers on his head and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. We can hear his voice on the wind.

"In time Emma Bierce. In time. I'll tell you this. The enemy of your enemy is your friend. Tell Johnny the Golden Dragon Rises. He'll know what it means." Shadow Runner said as the wind returned to normal.

"Ok then that was really f***ed up." Emma told the gang.

"You have to admit though boss that guy kicked some ass!" Pierce said.

"As much as I don't agree with Pierce's terminology I have to agree with him on his point. He did.....kick ass." Oleg said.

Emma turned to Shaundi who had a scared look on her face.

"What's wrong with you?" Emma asked her.

She pointed to the roof of a building across the street. We see Shadow Runner. He sheathes his sword. He then turns around and walks off where we can't see him anymore. We then hear a motorcycle start up. All of a sudden he ramps off the building lands on the ground and speeds off becoming smaller on the horizon in a hurry.

"Ok it's official he is a bad***!" Pierce said.

Everybody laughed because Pierce was right. Kinzie and Shaundi where deathly quiet though.

"What's up with you two? It's like you just saw a ghost or something." Emma told them.

Both Kinzie and Shaundi looked at each other then looked at Emma. Kinzie then says, "You don't know do you?"

"Know what?" Emma asks.

Shaundi then says, "The Golden Dragon clan was the clan Johnny trained with. He never told you?"

Emma shook her head no then asked Kinzie what was wrong with her.

"Golden Dragon rises..... It's an old tale in Japan of two brothers who rose up from peasants to Leaders of their society and clan." Kinzie told her.

"Ok so it's a Japanese folk tale? What's the big problem with that?" Emma asked her.

Kinzie sighed then said, "You don't get it do you? Shadow Runner is Johnny's brother."

Emma gasped then said, "I didn't know he had a brother?!"

"None of us did until just now. I checked Johnny's family history and he comes from a family in Japan. He moved here on his fathers request to give him a better life. He had a brother which isn't named for some reason. It does say though that they both started a clan called the Golden Dragons. it failed because they didn't get enough members and other problems which aren't stated. If Shadow Runner said it is rising then that means we may have a potentially great ally in the future." Kinzie told Emma. 

Emma stood there for the longest time then laughed. She then said, "I always wonder where Gat got his swordsmanship from. Well we need to get to work. That deadline is coming up soon and I'm not losing any more people I care about."

Everybody looked at each other then Pierce said, "You do know that it will be a trap right?"

Emma laughed then said, " Of course I do. That's why I"m going to have Kinzie survey the entire thing and Oleg as backup."

"How are you going to get Oleg in with out being seen?" Z asked.

Emma smiled and hit a button on her phone. A VTOL appears and fly's over to them. It lands and out hop's Toby. He doesn't do rasta anymore but he still looks high off his ass. Doesn't help he is smoking a joint at the same time.

"Did somebody call a pilot?" Toby said exhaling the pot smoke.

The screen fades to black.

It comes back to a jail cell. We see a women. It's Angels girlfriend. She is against the wall when the door opens up. Dex walks in with Killbane.

"This better be good Killbane. I'm expecting the Saints leader soon." Dex said.

"Oh it is trust me. See that little bird there against the wall? She is going to be our backup plan if thins fail with The Russian." Killbane told him.

"So, what's the big deal about this woman?" Dex asked.

Killbane cracked his neck then said, "She is believed to be dead. She is also Angels girlfriend. He has become very unstable since her...... disappearance."

Dex smiled.

"Good idea Killbane. Divide and conquer." Dex said remembering the cemetery footage of Emma beating up Angel.

                                                                                         -------End Chapter 10-------

Holy s**t. No wonder Johnny never talks about his past. He's a flipping ninja. What About Shadow Runner? Will he be an asset as he said or is he doing this for some other reason? What about Angel's girlfriend? Will Killbane's plan to separate the saints work? Tune in to find out in chapter 11 and the attack on the penthouse again lol.

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Awesome.  Shadow Runner's a total bada$$.  I think this by far has to be your best chapter.

"Always follow your dreams kids, because if you don't, you'll become your parents. How f*cking depressing is that?"
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Well except for the knock out in the other story :D hehe

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next chapter is here! Oleg gets a surprise!

I've been up all night. I have to stay up until these f***ing tv people call asking if anybody will be home to receive the tv. I'm getting tired and they haven't called yet.... pissing me off.

Chapter 11: The Bears Meet

*We see Emma driving to the old penthouse. She stops in front of the penthouse and walks up to the doors. A Luchadore stops her and says they have to scan her before they can let her in.*

"Sorry but we have to scan you first. No surprises or anything like that." The guard said.

"Fair enough." Emma said.

The guard used the metal detector until he came to Emma's chest. It started to go off. He looked at the other guard. Then he said, "Would you mind removing your shirt and or any other chest items?"

Emma crossed her arms then said, "Yes I do mind and that's not going to happen. Before you jump to any conclusions it's the metal from my bra. It sets off metal detectors all the time."

The two guards looked at each other then the other said, "All right you can go in. I'm sure if you do pull anything we can take you down."

He motioned to the elevator. Emma walked over hit the button waited for it to arrive. The door opened up there stood Dex and Killbane. She clenched her fists.

"Like old times playa." Dex said to her smiling evilly.

Killbane cracked his neck. Emma stepped in to the elevator with them. She despised every second of it.

"I'm surprised you came alone playa. I thought you would of staged some elaborate take over. I guess you do care about your family and friends." Dex said trying to piss her off.

She clenched her fists even tighter. Killbane notices. He chuckles and lets Dex know he was getting to her by pointing to her hands. Dex smiled at him. The door opens up to the penthouse room. Before Emma can do anything Killbane shoves her in to the room and the door closes. We hear Dex say, "Have fun." as the elevator starts to go down.

Emma looked around. She could see her parents and John tied up and gagged in the center of the room. She quickly made her way over to them. She pulled out John's gag when he yelled, "Look out!"

Emma rolled to the side as a massive hand swiped at where she had just stood. It was followed by a grunt. Emma looked at this attacker. He looked like Oleg but didn't have that kindness in his heart like Oleg. There was fire in his eyes for her.

"Come now make this easy for me." He said in a Russian accent.

Emma reached in-between her breasts and pulled out her Kobra. She fired a couple of rounds at the guy but they bounced off his tough skin. He laughed then said, "Bullets are useless against me. I'm the Bear of Russia! Nothing can take me down!"

Emma ran not being able to do anything else. She dodged him every once in a while but she was getting tired quick. She ended up making a mistake and had cornered herself. She turned around and backed up against the wall. He was right there. He cracked his knuckles then said, "So the prey has been cornered. This should be fun."

He came closer so he was with then arms reach of her. He picked her up with one hand and brought his other hand back ready to finish it. Emma closed her eyes knowing there was nothing she could do. We hear glass breaking and Oleg roaring a challenge. He tackles the other guy. He ends up dropping Emma. Emma makes her way over to her family while Oleg wrestles with The Russian.

"So we meet again comrade." The Russian said.

"Hopefully for the last time." Oleg said grunting as he wrestled with the other man. They where in a ahnd clasped together stand-off trying to push hte other one back. It was dead even.

"I see you remember your time in the KJB." The Russian said.

"I see your're still a self diluded I can do it all prick." Oleg said.

The Russian laughed then said, "Come on Oleg I was always better then you." He pushed Oleg back a step.

"Maybe, but the one thing you lack is a brain." Oleg said.

Oleg pushed the Russian back two steps.

One of them needed to do something to tip the balance. Oleg looked at the Russians footing. He wasn't balanced to well. Oleg used this to his advantage and caught The Russian on his bad side of balance. The Russian fell and Oleg began laying in to him. After 5 minutes The Russian begged Oleg to stop. Oleg stopped but still was ready if the Russian tried anything. The Russian spit blood out of his mouth to the side and looked at Oleg then said, "You've never fought like this before brother."

Emma gasped. The Russian and Oleg where brothers!

"I learned after leaving the KJB that you had to be hard to survive. Doesn't mean you give up your humanity in the process Dmitri." Oleg told him.

Oleg got off of Dmitri still ready in case he tried anything.

Dmitri laughed then said, "Why so tense comrade? You've beaten me already there is no point in continuing on."

"You never know with you Dmitri." Oleg said.

Dmitri lowered his tone then said, "I'm not going to attack you or the girl anymore. I may kill for money but if I"m beat then the person I am going after I let live. Call it a hitmans courtesy."

Oleg grunted then said, "You always did use brawn over brain. Why didn't you listen to father?" Oleg asked.

Dmitri said, "Father always liked you more Oleg. He saw your potential while all he saw in me was failure."

"That's not true. He loved you Dmitri. He just wanted you to succeed. I haven't talked to father in a while how is he?" Oleg asked.

"Dead." Dmitri said.

"A pity." Oleg said.

"Yes it is." Dmitri said.

"Umm excuse me but weren't you two just fighting earlier? What about me I'm still weary he might end up trying to kill me." Emma said to them. She had walked up to them after untying her parents and John.

They both looked at her and laughed.

"Don't worry little girl. As I said before I have been beaten. That does not happen very often. I do not kill marks who beat me." Dmitri said.

"How do I know you're aren't lying?" Emma asked him.

Dmitri picked up a kitchen knife and cut his hand then he let it drip for a bit before covering it up.

"That is the Russian way of making a promise Emma." Oleg told her.

"hmhmmm. Reminds me of blood in blood out." Emma told him.

Dmitri nodded then said, "So does this count as my initiation?"

"Wow big guy are you asking to join the Saints?" Emma asked him.

They already had one hulking monster but two. Well it could be interesting but she had to make sure his loyalty would be with her.

"How do I know you won't end up back stabbing me. I've already had one b***ard do that." Emma said alluding to the time Julius blew up the boat with her on it.

"Don't worry comrade. Dex is a fool and a coward. This was my intention the entire time. Meeting Oleg wasn't planned but I'm not complaining. I did this because Dex had his cronies kill somebody we love." Dmitri said alluding to him and Oleg.

"Who?" Emma asked.

Oleg and Dmitri looked at each other then her then said, "Our parents."

Emma was heart broken. Not only had Dex ruined her life but he had ruined their lives as well. Some day she was going to get that son of a b***h!

"Well Dmitri I would let Johnny canonize you but you're just like Oleg. To big to canonize plus he's in a predicament right now." Emma said.

"Oh yes Dex told me about that. If you don't want him destroying more peoples lives then we must hastily rescue them." Dmitri said.

"I don't even know where to start." Emma said.

"I do." Somebody said from a dark corner of the room. They looked over and Shadow Runner appeared from the darkness.

"How long have you been there?!" Emma asked.

"Long enough." SR said.

they paused before SR said, "If you want to get Johnny back you're going to have to get it out of this man first."

SR dragged somebody up to the light. It was Matt and he was scared s***less. let it be because of the boss or the giant brothers or the person carrying him Emma didn't care. Emma's parents with John stepped over to them.

"Emma is that really you?" her mom asked.

Emma turned to them and walked over. She said, "Yes it's me."

Emma's mom started crying and embraced her. She hugged her back. Her dad had a rock hard stare but she knew he cared deep down. He used to be a marine so he had to look tough. Her brother just stood there then said, "I guess you know now that I'm your brother."

Emma's mom stopped hugging her and stepped back over to her dad holding his arm.

"Yes, I was surprised really. You and dad look so alike." Emma said.

That tore it. Emma's dad broke in to weeping and came over hugging her.

"We thought you where dead. We saw the video and feared the worst." He said to her. He was patting her head.

"Long story dad. I'll tell it when we get back to Z's place." Emma said.

"Good you have a lot of explaining to do baby girl. I want to know how my daughter is the leader of a very prominent street gang." He said.

Emma chuckled then said, "Well we better go now. This might take all night."

They all start to walk for the elevators.

The screen fades to black.

                                                                                                     End chapter 11

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Great chapter man.  I had no idea Oleg had a brother.

"Always follow your dreams kids, because if you don't, you'll become your parents. How f*cking depressing is that?"
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