Saints Row:The Quartet
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Hello Everybody it's me again bringing you another story! This is is after Saints Row:The Third but a lot different then my other one. It's two year after. The main character is a female instead in this one. I'll provide a picture so you can see her. This one isn't as futuristic as the other one so don't expect any super crazy s**t beyond normal means. 

*Never mind about the picture it seems the Deckers decided to hack the site lol. Hopefully Kinzie can kick their ass :D I'll just explain what she looks like instead. She is a little taller then Shaundi but not taller then Angel. Around Pierce's height. She has black hair and blue eyes. She is fit but not muscular. Once the character page comes back up I'll add a link.*

Saints Row: The Quartet

Chapter 1:Bad Dreams, Old Enemies
 *We start out above a bed. The background is all black. On the bed is the boss. She is asleep and then wakes up.*
"Uh, where am I?" She questioned getting up to see where she was.
Everything around her was pitch black but strangely she could see the bed and herself.

"What the hell is this?" She said out loud.
A light began to shine in front of her about 100 feet away. She walked over to it. Every step she took we hear a loud clack from her bad girl boots. She arrived at the light. It was so alluring she decided to touch it. It bobbed away and she followed it. It stopped and showed an image. We see the scene where her and Lin where shot and put in the back of the car and thrown in to the river.

"No not again..... Not this again...." The boss said trying to block the images out. It was no use.
Another appeared only this time it showed Carlos right when she put a bullet in his head.
"Please stop!" The boss said. She had bent down to one knee now trying to block the images out but she couldn't. No matter how hard she plugged her ears or shook her head they wouldn't stop.
Finally we see a image of Johnny in the plane. He's in the corner of the room and we here a click. His guns was out of ammo. There where Five syndicate guards aiming at him one of them says, "Any last words b***h?"
Gat throws the gun on the floor and takes three steps forward. He uses both hands to flip them off and then says, "Ya go f**k yourselves."
The five guards unleash hell upon Johnny. We can see bullets riddle his body as he jerks from the impacts. The firing pushed him to the wall and he slowly fell down against it letting out a low uuuhhh.. as he died.
Then the light disappears. The boss is now on her knees and hands. She was crying. She couldn't take seeing her friends die. As if that wasn't enough the Ghosts of the three started circling her calling her all kinds of names from c**t to b***h to betrayer. There where so many voices going off at once she couldn't take it.

"I'm sorry! Please leave me alone! If I could of changed the past I would of! Please leave me alone!!" She said yelling to the black sky. We then hear devil laughfter as the blackness zooms to a place that we assume is hell. We see a man who looks like Satan.

"What do we have here? Another Saint to add to the fire?" He said.
We can see the three burning in an eternal flame. They reach up trying to grab the ledge but fail every time.

"No please no!" The boss said.

The devil smiled and by some mystical force threw her down in to the pit. She screamed as she fell. Before she hit the fire she actually woke up in her real bed. The boss jumped to a sitting position gasping for air. Her right hand was on her chest where her heart was. It was beating really fast. She was sweating profusely and breathing very fast.

"It was just a nightmare." She thought.

She got up out of bed and went to the bathroom. She looked at the clock. It was 2:37 in the morning.

 The same time her and Shaundi jumped out of the plane after hearing Johnny get shot on the intercom..... She thought.
In the bathroom she turned on the light and went over to the sink. Her hair was a mess. Her eyes where bloodshot and her body was pale.

I've got to make these nightmares stop. They're tearing me apart. She thought. She turned the sink on and splashed some water in her face. After turning the faucet off she sighed and went to the window. Outside was the city of Stilwater. She had Purgatory turned in to a skyscraper hotel and she was in the Penthouse. We could see streets below still busy with traffic this early in the morning.

Reminds me of the city that never sleeps. She thought. She then walked back over to the bed. This was a bad day for her. Not only where the nightmares getting worse but this was the same exact day Johnny died.
She got in to the bed and covered up trying to sleep it off.

Hopefully I can get some sleep now. I'm going to need it to deal with later. She thought.

The screen fades to black.
                                                                                ----Later that day around 7 am----
The boss woke up. After the nightmare had happened she didn't have any more problems and had a good rest. She got up out of bed and went to the bathroom. She turned the shower on. She then took her panties and bra off stepping in to the shower. It was a little warmer then usual but it helped her relax. After showering for about twenty minutes she hopped out and dried off. She went over to the sink brushed her teeth, put on eyeliner and did her hair up like Southern Belle. As she left the bathroom there was a knock at the bedroom entrance door.

"Who is it?" The boss inquired.
"It's Shaundi are you ready yet?" Shaundi asked.
"Almost I need to get dressed." She told Shaundi.

She decided to wear her South beach aviators. The rims where purple and the lenses black. She wore a black and purple track top combo, her purple and black golfer pants, and her bad girl boots. The straps where purple. She also wore two diamond studs one in each ear and fake nails with two rings. Both rings where gold and one had a purple diamond. The nails where purple. She was done dressing. She made her way to the door but she almost forgot something. The boss made her way over to the chest at the end of her bed. She opened it up and pulled out a picture. It was her and Gat back in the day in front of the old church. A single tear left her eye as she put the picture in her pocket and closed the chest. She was about to leave but she had also forgot her phone and customized Kobra.

Can't go without those. Never know what will happen. She thought. 

She made her way over to the bed side table and picked her phone up pocketing it. She then opened up a Mahogany case. Inside was her Kobra. It was gold with tribal lines going down the barrel. The tribal lines where purple. The grip was black and the hammer was chrome. On the grip left side it said Emma which was her name in White. On the right side grip it had the Saint angel from the sub level of Purgatory. Emma put the gun in her pants where she could reach it quickly and closed the case. She made her way for the door. She opened the door to find everybody else who was with her ready. The People here where Shaundi and Pierce. The others had stayed in Steelport to run it while Emma was in Stilwater. They would arrive shortly at the cemetery.

Both Shaundi and Pierce got up from the couch and walked over.

"All right lets go pay our respects then." Emma said.
They both nodded and they went for the elevator.

                                                                                       ----Later at the cemetery----
Everybody had gathered around Johnny's grave. It was raining slightly. Some of them where weeping others where just silent. Each of them took turns putting flowers on the grave until it was Emma's turn. She walked over and fell to her knees and hands and started crying out loud. We can hear Shaundi and Pierce telling everybody else to back up and give Emma some room. Emma punched the ground then said in a low sad voice.

"I've let so many people die for myself and the gang. They didn't deserve this. None of them did. I'm sorry Lin, Aisha, Carlos, and especially you Johnny...... I've already honored your wishes and hope this brings you peace in death. We left Ultor after we took out the Syndicate. You where right Johnny..... You where right...... we should of never joined up with them in the first place. All it did was cause trouble. No more though. No more will we be media wh**es to the world. I never got a chance to tell you how I felt.... It's funny I already knew you where with Aisha but I still loved you. I'm so sorry Johnny forgive me...."

She cried some more and then put the picture which was now in a case leaning against the tombstone. She got up rubbed her eyes with her sleave and walked over to the gang. We see what Johnny's tombstone reads.

"Here lies Johnny Gat. The baddest Mother F***er the world ever knew." RIP was in the middle of the tombstone. At the bottom was his date of birth and death.
                        The screen fades to black.
                                                                                      ---Somewhere in an unknown location---
*We are in a room looking across a table. We see Kill bane on the left and Cyrus on the right. They are sitting in a chair and have their backs to us watching a T.V. The T.V is showing satellite footage of the Saints at the Stilwater cemetery.  They both turn in their chairs and look at the camera.
They both ask, "Now?" The camera turns and we see Dex he is smoking a cigarette and has some whiskey in his other hand.

"Now." Dex says pushing a button on the table and smiling evilly. The screen fades to black.
                                                                                                  End chapter One
Wooh ya the beginning of my new story. This one is going to be a little more personal then my other one and a little more serious. Dex is just as much as an ***hole in this one as in the other one. What do you think? I'll be honest about this to I actually started weeping a bit (Like 3 tears) when I was typing the cemetery scene.

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I love it.  It's quite a darker Saints Row, but that's a good thing really.  I can't wait to read more buddy.

"Always follow your dreams kids, because if you don't, you'll become your parents. How f*cking depressing is that?"
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Ya like I said Dex is an ***hole. Wait until you see what happens.

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Here is chapter 2!

Chapter Two: No rest for a Saint

*We are back at the cemetery everybody is talking about random things. Pierce is talking about how his music business was going. (They left Ultor but some of them still run their own business's.) Angel went back in to wrestling, Shaundi still runs her show but it's not about her anymore. It's about random families and how the Saints either helped or didn't help them. The two families then discuss the issue. (Kind of like family feud except it's not asking for questions.) Kinzie along with Oleg run a computer business and an arcade as well. One of the attractions is see if you can wrestle Oleg to the ground. Nobody has done it yet. Z runs a brothel business across both Steelport and Stilwater. Viola runs a business based around the Saints economics trade and their money. The Boss doesn't have a business but she is the CEO of all their business's.*

We see Angel walk over to the Emma. Emma is closer to the gang now but she is still looking over at Johnny's grave.

"Sooner or later we're going to have to leave Emma. We can't stay here all day." Angel told her.

"I know just give me a few more minutes." Emma said.

Angel walked up next to her.

"Look I know you miss Johnny but he's been gone for two years let it go. We still need to find where Killbane is." Angel said.

Emma was quiet. We can see her left hand ball up in to a fist. She was becoming angry.

"Is that all you care about your petty f***ng revenge?! You didn't know Johnny like I did. He was around since the beginning when I joined the Saints! Don't you f***ing dare tell me to just let it go! If you knew him like I did you would shut your mouth and be standing here just like I am. We made our choice and it cost us a lot of friends. I can handle Lin, Aisha, and Carlos. Those where out of my hands but Johnny's death was my fault for being arrogant." Emma told him in anger.

"Your right I didn't know him as well as you did. Maybe if you didn't join Ultor and become media wh**es he would still be here. You should of listened to him but you ignored it just like you ignored going after Killbane." Angel said.

That made Emma explode.

"What the hell did you just say?!" She yelled at him.

Angel backed up a little bit.

"You f***ing b***ard! I don't leave my Saints to die! Don't you think I f***ing know that now?! I can't sleep at all anymore because of this s**t! At least I have a f***ing heart and grieve for lost ones. All you have been doing for the past two f***ing years is worry about getting Killbane back! You're d**n straight I let him go! I'm not going to let some bulls**t idea of revenge cloud my judgement!" Emma yelled at him. Everybody was looking at them both.

"Not what it looks like to me. You left Johnny to die on the Syndicate plane. What makes us any different then that confrontation." Angel told her.

That made her blow up. She yelled in anger and tackled Angel. He was caught by surprise and she had him on the ground. She started punching him in the face until somebody dragged her off him.

"Let me go! I'll kill that Son of a b***h!" Emma yelled. Pierce and Shaundi had pulled her off Angel. Angel stood back up brushing himself off. Emma had made his nose bleed but other then that he was fine.

"It seems you and I aren't so different after all Emma. That is the fire I use to go after Killbane. Your fire is the loss of friends." Angel told her.

Emma stopped struggling. And just stared at him.

"You're telling me you planned this entire thing?" Emma questioned.

Angel nodded yes then said, "Revenge is a powerful tool if you know how to control it. I was testing you to see if you still had that drive. You've grown soft over the years. I think Ultor did more damage then you first believed. If you where fully hellbent on going after your enemies I would have more then just a bloody nose." Angel told her.

Emma looked at the ground then back up. She looked at everybody who had gathered around.

"Do you believe this is true as well?" She asked all of them.

They all looked at each other then each of them nodded yes.

"I f***ing knew it. Everybody is against me." Emma said and walked off in frustration. She got in to her Black and Purple Blade. She had left the door open. Shaundi started walking to catch up to her but Pierce stopped her shaking his head no.

"Let her go Shaundi. She needs to think this over." Pierce told her.

They all looked at her sitting in her Blade.

How dare Angel call her soft! She was just as hard as she was back when they killed Vogel. Johnny and Angel where right though. Joining Ultor was a mistake. A mistake that cost her a dear friend and possible a lover. She was thinking things over when some Criminals, N-Forcers, and Masako bears busted through the cemetery wall. They looked different though. They where all black with the Ultor symbol on them. They began opening fire on the Saints.

Emma dove out of the car barely avoiding a laser to the head. She took out her Kobra. The other gang members made a dash for any cover they could find. The firing stopped.

"Come out with your hands up and you won't be harmed." We hear somebody say over a loud speaker.

Bulls**t. Emma thought. If that was true they wouldn't of opened fire on them in the first place. While ducked down she made her way to the back door and opened it up. In the back seat was an annihilator and grenades. She had a few rockets laying around as well. She took a couple of grenades and picked up the annihilator.

Time to give these guys a piece. Emma thought. She made her way to the back fender and readied the Annihilator. After taking a deep breath she stood up turned and fired at the closest vehicle. The rocket streaked through the air and impacted on the Criminal blowing it up. They started opening fire again. She ducked. The other gang members where taking pot shots from their cover. They dropped a few of the guards who where outside their vehicles. Emma reloaded the annihilator when one of the bears drove up right next to her. She dropped the annihilator and took out her Kobra. The bears door opened up revealing a Masako team who wore pitch black gear and had the Ultor symbol on the chest. Emma wasted no time and opened fire on them as they tried to leave the bear. Her Kobra had special ammo .45 rounds. The round was like a hollow tip and was armor piercing. When it hit something it would explode sending tiny shrapnel pieces outwards. The guards screamed from pain as each one fell from the shots. After about five of them the bear was empty.

Emma ran up to the bear picking up an AR-57 prototype from one of the dead guards. It looked different. The barrel was larger then normal. (something like this

It must carry a heavier round. Emma thought. She tested this theory by shooting a few rounds at the attacking forces. The gun kicked a lot but was stable enough to fire in full automatic. One of the rounds impacted a what looked like a Luchadore. He fell down in pain as the bullet impacted. It left a large hole where it had entered.

Oh ya definitely larger. Emma thought. 

Wasting no time she hopped in to the Bear and took the driver's seat. She gunned it to where the Saints where hiding.

"Get in!" She yelled over the loud speaker. All of them got in except Viola and Oleg. Viola was know where to be found. She turned the bear around and started moving slowly towards the attackers. Oleg was behind the bear using it as protection from the bullets. The other saints fired from side windows on the bear. This bear was somewhat longer and larger then the past ones. Kinzie was controlling the turret and had deadly efficiency with it mowing down guard after guard.

"d**n girl where did you learn to shoot like that?!" Pierce questioned.

"Video games." Kinzie said blowing up and N-Forcer with the mini-gun.

"Less talking more shooting." Emma said.

After about ten minutes all the guards where dead. Emma and the gang got out of the Bear.

"Who the hell are these guys and why do they have the Ultor symbol?" Emma questioned. She kicked one of the dead guards.

"I don't know but we f***ed their s**t up for sure!" Pierce said.

We then see a Stag armor guy come out from behind one of the N-Forcers and make a run for it. Emma took out her Kobra and fired at him hitting his leg. We hear him scream from the impact as he hits the ground.

"We're about to find out." Emma said walking over to the guard who was crawling away. She turned him over and shoved the barrel of the Kobra to his forehead.

"Who the f**k are you?" Emma questioned.

"I'm just a soldier please don't kill me!" He said.

Emma pistol whipped him across the face then asked again only with more anger.

"I'll ask again and don't f**k with me. WHO ARE YOU!" Emma said in anger. She pushed the barrel with more pressure in to his forehead.

"I'm with Dex's army! He sent us to deal with you and the Saints when you where gathered here! Please don't kill me!" He said in a scared voice.

Emma pulled the trigger and stood up.

"Sorry no refunds." She remarked.

Kinzie walked up and asked, "Who's Dex?"

Emma looked at her then said, "A name I wish I had to never hear again." Emma looked around and noticed Viola was gone. "Where's Viola?" 

Everybody looked around but they all shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh well she'll probably head back to Purgatory anyways." Emma said. She looked over to her Blade. It was pocketed full of holes and was smoking. It then caught fire and blew up with more force then usual because of the rockets and grenades.

"D**n that was my favorite car to." Emma said.

She hopped back in the Bear followed by everybody except Kinzie and Oleg. Kinzie ran over to one of the untouched criminals and got in. She hot wired it with her computer. Oleg hopped in the back. They waited for the boss to leave first and they followed. They where heading back to Purgatory.

                                                                        ---Meanwhile in that undisclosed location from before---

We see Dex, Cyrus, and Killbane. They are watching the satellite images. Killbane and Cyrus look at Dex with oh s**t faces. Dex doesn't seem worried.

"No worries friends it's all part of the plan." Dex says. He spins in his chair and smiles evilly. The camera turns so we can see what he is smiling about. On their knees we can see Viola and Johnny. They both had their hands behind their backs. Johnny had a look of rage in his eyes. Viola had the same look.

"You won't get away with this!" Viola said. A Guard came over and slapped her. She began to cry.

"Dex tell your guards to leave the girl alone. If they want to beat up on somebody then beat up on me." Johnny said.

The guard happily obliged and walked over to him. He whipped him with his rifle then punched him in the gut.

The camera turns back to Dex.

"I think when the Saints get back to HQ They're going to find Steelport is ours and that their bank accounts have been depleted." Dex says.

We can now see Matt behind Viola and Johnny. He is being held at gunpoint and he looks very scared. He is clutching his laptop. Dex takes a sip from his whiskey as the screen fades to black.

                                                                                             ---End chapter Two---

Dex you evil b***ard. How will Emma react when she hears about this? Tune in to find out in chapter three! I'm going to go type the next chapter for the other story now lol.

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Attacking during a funeral?  Dex you motherf*cking piece of sh!t!  Imma gonna whip yo black ass and rip your nuts off with a claw hammer, but I digress.  Great chapter man.  I also see the AR-57 made an appearance in your story too (but my AR-57's based off the G36-C)  One question though, how does Gat live?

"Always follow your dreams kids, because if you don't, you'll become your parents. How f*cking depressing is that?"
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Attacking during a funeral?  Dex you motherf*cking piece of sh!t!  Imma gonna whip yo black ass and rip your nuts off with a claw hammer, but I digress.  Great chapter man.  I also see the AR-57 made an appearance in your story too (but my AR-57's based off the G36-C)  One question though, how does Gat live?

Aha! That you'll have to figure out later :P    The earlier part was a nightmare. They didn't know what happened to him because all they heard was gunshots in the intercom. Her mind made something up trying to figure out wtf happened. It's not a funeral just a visitation. 

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Still it's utterly disrespectful to attack someone in their weakest moment.  That's why I can't wait to see Emma kick the sh*t out of Dex.

"Always follow your dreams kids, because if you don't, you'll become your parents. How f*cking depressing is that?"
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Still it's utterly disrespectful to attack someone in their weakest moment.  That's why I can't wait to see Emma kick the sh*t out of Dex.

Oh there will be some ass kicking my friend. A lot of it lol. Dex isn't just going to get it from Emma either oh no but Johnny and ehem Troy (that's right he's returning) are as well. None of them are to happy with Dex and what he did to the Saints and what he is going to do. >:) Lets just say at the end Dex is going to hate his life lol.

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Hey everybody they finally have the character page back up! Here is what Emma looks like! Her normal hairstyle is lopsided. She just put on all the other stuff for the visitation to the cemetery.

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Here is chapter 3!

Chapter 3: Unprovoked Attack

*We are at Purgatory back in Emma's room. She is asleep. It is night time. She spent all yesterday explaining who Dex was to the people who didn't know.*

Emma woke up in her dream. Everything was pitch black this time. She couldn't move but she could tell she was just standing there. Suddenly a light turns on in front of her. Somebody is standing in the light. It's Johnny. He turns to her and smiles. Then the picture jumps back to the plane we see Johnny again this time in the cockpit. He says, "Right on I'll see you back in Stilwater." The radio gets shot up during the Stilwater part. Johnny turns around and unloads on the syndicate guard. Emma wakes up in her bed.

That was weird.... I've never had a dream like that before. She thought. Emma looked at her phone. It was 2:37 am. The same time as last time. She put the phone down and went back to sleep.

                                                                                    -----Later that day-----

Emma woke up and went to the closest putting on what she normally wore. This time she fixed her hair in the lopsided style. She grabbed her phone and Kobra and headed for the bedroom door. When she left her bedroom she can see most of the gang still crashed out around the room. The only other one up was Shaundi. Shaundi was on the balcony overlooking Stilwater. Emma walked up next to her putting her hands on the railing.

"I take it Viola hasn't showed up yet?" She asked.

Shaundi shook her head no. That meant something had happened.

"We better start looking for her then. Say what's up with you? Usually your one of the last people to get up." Emma said.

Shaundi didn't say anything for a while then she said, "I miss him Emma. I try to hide it but it got to me this morning. Two years and I'm still not over that he is gone."

Emma looked down to the city streets. Then she said, "Don't worry Shaundi we all miss him just as much. I knew him since the beginning. You know how hard it is to accept he's gone?"

Shaundi didn't say anything then she sighed and said, "Call it a woman's intuition but I get the feeling you liked him more then just as a friend." She looked at Emma. Emma looked at her.

"Is it that obvious?" Emma asked.

Shaundi shook her head no then said, "I saw the way you looked at him as we left the room in the plane. It yelled out I love you. I just never brought it up because it might open up old wounds."

Emma said, "It's ok Shaundi. Don't tell anyone else though. Everybody thinks I've gone soft. I'll admit it maybe a little but I'm still that tough b***h who killed Vogel all those years ago."

Shaundi chuckled, "Oh I know you are. I think Angel is just jealous that you tackled his ass and gave him a bloody nose."

"I would of broken it but then I would of messed up that pretty face of his and I don't think his agents would like that to much especially on picture day."

They both cracked up laughing.

"All right enough joking let's get to work to find out where Viola is." Emma told her.

They both walked in to the living room from the balcony. Emma said quietly to Shaundi, "Watch this. Works every time."

She went over to the T.V and speakers. She turned the tv on then muted it. After muting it she put on track 10 and cranked the volume all the way up.

"You might want to plug your ears." Emma told Shaundi.

Shaundi plugs her ears. Emma push's play then un mutes the stereo. She then plugs her ears. After five seconds a bunch of war sounds and gunfire start blaring in to the room. Everybody who was asleep jumps awake and takes cover behind whatever they can find. Emma turns the sound down and the track off and starts laughing her ass off along with Shaundi.

"Not cool." We hear Pierce say. His usually black skin is a whiter color then normal. It then comes back to normal. 

Emma walks up in front of all of them smiling then she says, "Now that I have all of your attention we need to discuss the whereabouts of Viola. Has anybody seen or heard from her?"

Everybody looks around and shakes there heads no.

Emma was about to say something when a special tv broadcast comes on.

*The tune plays then it shows Viola sitting in a chair. Next to her is Johnny and Matt. Behind them is Dex,Cyrus, and Killbane.*

"Hello citizens of Steelport and Stilwater. I come before you today on this occasion to tell you something. That would be I have taken over Steelport and Ultor. No Saint is welcome in Steelport. Any Saint found in Steelport will be shot on site. Now for a more personal agenda. Viola would you please tell the audience who you are?" Dex says.

Viola shakes her head no. Killbane comes up and slap her. She starts crying then says, "I'm the Saints Financial adviser!"

"Now you." Dex says pointing to Matt.

"I'm the former leader of the deckers and world renown computer hacker." Matt said in a scared voice.

"And everybody knows who you are but let them know anyways." Dex said pointing to Johnny.

"Hi I'm Johnny Gat. The guy behind me will be in a lot of pain shortly. See I plan to stick my foot up his ass!" Johnny said.

Killbane came over to him and punched him in the gut knocking the wind out of him for a second.

"Sorry about that viewers Mr. Gat is a little eccentric sometimes." Dex said.

"F**k you Dex. You where always a p***y." Johnny said.

Dex sighed and rubbed his eyes with one hand then said, "Please remove Mr. Gat Killbane. He's being more trouble then he's worth right now."

Killbane bowed his head to Dex and dragged Johnny off who was firing insults left and right until we can't hear him anymore.

"Yet again I apologize. Now to the business at hand. You see I plan to ruin the Saints emotionally, physically, and financially. Viola please tell the world the Saints bank account numbers." Dex said.

Viola shook her head no. A guard came over *$!*?% his gun and pointed it at her head. She changed her mind and the Saints numbers appeared at the bottom of the screen. There amount in bank was in the hundred millions. Once this information came up the number started going down very rapidly as people used the numbers to get the Saints money.

"Now Mr.Miller please lock out the Saints from accessing those numbers to security lock them." Dex said.

Matt typed on his computer and did just that. Emma tried accessing her bank account on her phone but it wouldn't go through.

"Thank you. Now guards drag these two off to the brig please. I may need them later." Dex said. Two guards came over. Before they are dragged off we can here Viola yell, "I'm sorry I had no choice." The guard slapped her and dragged her off.

"Now here comes my favorite part. Mr. Temple if you would take the spotlight for a second." Dex said to him. Dex stepped back and Cyrus stepped up.

"Thank you Dex." He clears his throat, "If you would please change the camera feed to channel two." The camera feed changes, "As you can see one of our snipers has a birds eye view on the Saints leader right now. All I do is push this button. "We hear a click, " That sniper now has permission to fire!"

Emma dove but it was to late. The bullet impacted her shoulder and sent her to the ground she got up holding her shoulder. We can hear Cyrus laughing and he says, "Run all you like. We have the building surrounded!" Emma yelled for everybody to get the hell out of here and she would cover them. They did just that and ran for the basement to get in whatever they could use to get away. Emma ran to her room to get some grenades and came back out. She took cover behind the kitchen counter top Kobra ready in her un hurt side. Moments later a Masako team repelled through the balcony windows first throwing in flashbangs. Emma waited a couple seconds popped out and fired. She hit one of them right between the eyes and he dropped. The other 4 started firing at her position. We can hear VTOL's hovering just outside the Balcony windows. The door to the hallway opens up and in comes a Luchadore. He sees Emma and she puts a bullet in his head. He drops followed by yelling behind him saying she is in there!

Emma pulls a pin from one of the grenades and throws it in to the hallway. We here somebody yell, "S**T!" then the grenade blows up followed by screaming. nobody else came through the door. There where still the 4 to deal with inside the room. She peeked out of cover to see were they where. This is followed by a bullet hitting the ground next to her.

To close. She thought. Two of them where on the left the other two on the right.

She pulled another pin on a grenade and tossed it over the counter. It explodes. After the explosions she gets up rolls over the counter and takes cover behind a wall opening to the left. Two of the guards died by the grenade the other two are moving towards her. She blind fired two rounds. They both miss. This is followed by the two Masako firing rounds back at her. One ends up bouncing off a wall and impacting her leg. She grunts from the pain. She tries to stand up but the round in her leg was to painful to walk on. She pulled herself up and fired at the two Masako. She dropped them both. She got up hopping on one leg while dragging the other she started to make her way to the center of the room when the VTOLs opened fired on the room. One of the rockets blew up next to her and sent her flying. Her vision was blurred and her hearing was gone from the explosion. The VTOL's kept firing until the roof caved in covering Emma in rubble. She started to black out. The last things she remembered was seeing that Johnny and Viola where alive after that the part of her dream with Johnny smiling at her was stuck in her head before she blacked out.

                                                                                           ----End chapter 3----

Oh no what happened to Emma? Will she be ok? What about Dex completely destroying everything they had? Does Dex think he has won? Tune in to find out in chapter 4!

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