SR3: Adventures in Steelport
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This thread will be a story pretty much based on the game from a 3rd person view on my Boss character. I will post first chapter (hopefully) soon and in the meantime, feel free to leave questions or comments or whatever, your choice.

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hey how boutr we do a co-op story? u post ur side and I post mine side, first we post where our characters come from and who they are. Then througout chapters our charcaters meet eachother then go there own way and meet eachother again. What u say? PS: mine will b in first person BTW.

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Sorry geemontana, I'm kinda flying solo on this one. As an idea though, you should start your co-op story with a buddy or ask anybody to join you on that. Again, sorry pal.

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actually dw I found a better forum

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When Good Heists Go Bad... Part 1

A few years had passed ever since the Third Street Saints of Stilwater rose to their former power after taking out the Brotherhood, Ronin, and the Sons of Samedi. Rewind 5 years before that and the Saints were number one in Stilwater after destroying the Carnales, Vice Kings, and Westside Rollerz.
Now, the Saints, partnered with Ultor, are at the top of the world with commercials, energy drinks, and soon a movie. However, they're in for another adventure as a new threat approaches...

Stilwater National Bank

Inside the bank, in an elevator, there are two men and a woman. One of the men, whose wearing a bag, presses a button, and soon the elevator moves up. One of the men pulls out his phone and watches a commercial featuring the energy drink of the Saints, Saints Flow. As he finishes watching it, he looks up and says,

"Japanese commercials. Easiest money you'll ever make."

This man is Josh Birk, mostly known for playing the title character on the show Nyteblade. The other man and woman with him are Johnny Gat and Shaundi. Johnny is infamously known for his number of murders, and is also known for being a psychotic, gun-toting badass. Shaundi was formerly a drug "enthusiast." Nowadays she has her own show, I Wanna Sleep With Shaundi, a dating show and has really cleaned up well.

"Grand larceny’s right up there. You ready for this?” replied Gat, who puts down his bag and opens it and pulls out two 45 Shepherds and hands them to Birk.

Birk then grabs the guns and twirls them around for a bit. After a little twirling, he stops and says, “No worries-I do my own stunts.”

Shaundi replied while adjusting her voice-changer, “You’re just a ride-a-long, man.”
After tuning it she said, “So don’t get all Hong-Kong style in there.”

Josh then said in a defensive tone, “I am a Method actor. If I’m gonna play a Saint with any degree of emotional truth,” Josh then adjusted his voice-changer, “I gotta make it real.”

Soon the elevator stopped and the doors slid open. A man wearing a mascot costume of Johnny Gat stood there holding a K-8 Krukov, %#?!** the rifle and said, “Trust me Birk, it’ll be real.” This man was Dante J. Estevez, simply DJ, but most of the time was called Boss by the Saints. Yep, he is the leader of the Saints. He rose from a lowlife gangbanger to well-known and respected leader. And now, the Saints are robbing the bank.

As DJ stepped in, he pressed the button and soon the elevator began moving again. As Johnny and Shaundi grabbed some oversized Johnny Gat masks, Josh noticed that DJ, Johnny, and Shaundi were all wearing the same thing. Confused, he asked,

“You’re robbing a bank dressed like yourselves?”

Johnny replied, “Hell yeah, who doesn’t wanna be Johnny Gat?”

Josh, sort of knowing what he meant, said, “Ultra-post-modernism. I love it.”

A few floors before arriving at their floor, Shaundi asked DJ, “I’m cool with the Saints movie, but do we really gotta drag this **** actor around?”

DJ, rolled his eyes under his mask said, “Cut Josh some slack, he’s just researching his part.”

Shaundi replied with disgust, “Ugh, I hoped he signed a wavier.”

As the doors slid open, DJ walked first, lifted his rifle into the air and fired two shots. “Alright, people.”

As Birk, Gat, and Shaundi walked in, Birk ran in and jumped on a desk, twirled his guns and shouted as he stopped and pointed his pistols at the receptionist, “NOBODY MOVES, NOBODY DIES!”


Josh looked at Johnny and said in a apologetic tone, “Sorry, jumped his line. Can we go again?”

Ignoring Josh and Johnny, DJ sat on the desk and said to the scared citizens in the bank, “You all know the drill.”

A few minutes later…

Everybody was in a line except for the robbers. A man walked to the Boss and asked Shaundi as he walked, “Can I get a picture with the Boss?”

Shaundi looked at the man and DJ as she said, “Say sleaze.”

Meanwhile, Josh was, well, “asking” a teller to move in line.

“Get in line, @#%**!”

The teller, who was a old woman, gave him a ugly look and refused to move. Shaundi noticed and yelled at Birk. “Hey-don’t be a ****.”

Josh turned away to face Shaundi. “You call yourselves gang bangers? You’re a bunch of ****. We should all be up in their **** like-“ Josh didn’t finish his sentence as the minute he turned around, the old lady, armed with her own 45 Shepherd aim and fired.
Luckily, Josh managed to duck while shouting, “****!” The lady must’ve never used a gun as she hit a nearby cut-out of some green suited man.

DJ, Shaundi, and Johnny immediately turned to see the tellers one by one pulling out guns, aiming, and prepared to fire.

“Well, that’s different,” DJ said as soon as the tellers started firing.

Immediately, the Saints and Birk ran back to the desk for cover. As they hugged the little cover they had, Johnny looked to Boss.
“You got a plan, or are we just shooting all the mother****s?”

DJ looked to Gat and replied, “That is my plan.”

Johnny, under his mask with a smirk, said, “Works for me.” Noticing a nearby guard walking towards them, Johnny ran from cover, grabbed the guard, faced him the opposite way and readied his gun for the fight.

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When Good Heists Go Bad... Part 2

DJ sat behind cover for a few minutes. He waited a few more seconds before getting up, running to the opposite desk, leaped over and readied his gun.

As he began to fire at the tellers, he overheard Gat, who was holding a guard and pointing a gun at him.

"Where's the vault?!"

"Go to hell."

"You wanna play, motherf***er?!"

Yep, that guy's screwed, thought DJ. The last time someone told Johnny off, he broke the poor sap's arm and shot him in the leg.
As for the guard, Johnny turned him around and attached a grenade to him, and threw him towards a large statue that was near the tellers' table.
As he collided with the statue, the grenade went off, and the statue came towering down.

"Oh my God," said Shaundi, who was obviously shocked. "You couldn't wait to kill until we found out who these guys are?!"

"Eh," Gat replied, as he quickly shrugged before going back to killing the last of the tellers.

Josh, who came out of hiding under the desk they used for cover, yelled, "Uh...We're gonna die!"

Gat simply looked to Birk and replied, "What happened to I do my own stunts?"

As Johnny looked away, Josh tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, hey, do these," Josh said as he pointed at the dead bodies, he continued with, "look like squibs to you?"

Before Gat could raise a fist, DJ walked by as he reloaded and said, "Alright people, let's find the vault."

DJ proceeded to the doors behind the tellers' table and opened them. "Everybody still good?"

"Yeah," Shaundi, Johnny, and Josh replied unison.

Birk went ahead to another set of doors. He pulled the handle, only to find it locked. He backed up and yelled, "That's right, you f***ers!"
Josh then got ready to kick the doors, before shouting as the voice changer kicked in, "WE'RE COMING FOR YA!" Josh kicked the door, which was stronger than it looked, and rebound right off and fell backwards.

"Oh Jesus," Birk said as the kick got some shock in his leg.

DJ sighed and said, "Get up, Birk. Let's keep moving."

Shaundi said to Johnny, "You think you can-"

"No problem," Gat replied as he kicked the doors wide open.

All of them heard of a couple of whooshes before looking up to see to see a couple of men in black and red clothes shooting at them.
DJ grabbed Birk and picked him up as Shaundi and Gat covered them. Shaundi looked to Johnny and shouted, "I can't believe you launched that guy into the statue!"

Gat looked to Shaundi and calmly said, with a smile she couldn't see, "I can't believe you're still thinking about it."

I can't believe it's not butter, DJ thought to himself and chuckled as Shaundi replied with worry to Gat, "Do you want to know who these people are?"

DJ butted in, "Relax, all that matters is the vault. Let's find it, get the hell outta here, and THEN worry who these guys are."

As Shaundi and Johnny looked to Boss and nodded. They reloaded their weapons and pressed forward, with DJ leading followed by Gat and Shaundi, and behind them of course was Josh. Birk yelled as they ascended the stairs, "Is this what it's normally like?!"

Johnny said with a bit of anger as he fired at the incoming guards, "Normally the tellers don't use f***ing shotguns!"

Shaundi proceeded to join the conversation with, "Yeah, normally, banks don't look like a palace either. Did you see the statues before you blew 'em up?!"

With an angry sigh, Gat replied, "Will you forget the horses, these guards are packing military grade hardware!"

DJ looked at some of the dead guards' weapons and realized Gat was right. Of course the Saints had these guns as well, but usually bank guards used only a handgun according to DJ. With a little worry in his voice, he shouted "Seriously, who the hell are we robbing?"

As the Saints fired at the guards, DJ remembered the plan on how they were robbing the bank. He wasn't expecting much resistance, but the fact the guards were carrying military guns made DJ a bit nervous.

The Saints proceeded to the vault upstairs. DJ was following Shaundi, who said, "Alright the vault is this way so-"
Shaundi was cut off as a guard came out of nowhere, pushed her to the wall, and fought to take her gun away. Shaundi managed to get out of the guard's grasp and throws him into the wall. As the guard is stunned, Shaundi readies her gun a fires a burst of bullets into the man.

"Damn, nicely done Shaundi," DJ says in a tone of approval.

"Thanks Boss," Shaundi replied.

As both readied their guns, they caught up with Josh and Gat. Josh looked worn out as he bent down to catch his breath.

“I…I can’t breathe,” he said as he gasped for air. “Ugh,” Shaundi sighed in disgust, as she walked over and took off Birk’s mask. He breathes in a huge amount of air. Meanwhile, DJ walked over to Johnny who knocked on the vault door a few times.

“How does it look?”

Johnny looked back to DJ while replied, “There’s no way we’re cracking this thing. Ready for Plan B?”
DJ smiled under his mask and replied with a bit of joy, “You know it.”
DJ turned to Josh who finished catching his breath, lifted his arm signaling for him to come to his position while saying “Josh get over here!”

Josh perked up and jogged up to DJ and Johnny. “Got the tools right here homes.”
DJ then proceeded to open Josh’s bag, which contained some sort of charges.

“So, what’s Plan B, we drill it?”

Johnny chuckled and said, “F*** no, we blow it.”

“WHAT?!” Josh screamed aloud, followed with, “Not cool man!”

After getting the charges out of the bag, DJ stepped back, held one of the charges up and said,

“Alright, time to go to work.”

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can i join u on tht stuff?

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can i join u on tht stuff?

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